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A page in my sketchbook of different A sanses. We have cybertale sans, aftertale sans, and errortale sans. I live them all so much and I know I am absolutely terrible at skeletons and I am no where near as good as the original artists but I hope they find this and like it anyway!

Cybertale is by the incredible @snajey

Aftertale and Errortale are made by the amazing @loverofpiggies

I think they should make an American horror story: Anicent Egypt (the irony I know), and have all the main previous cast members be archaeologists of the 1930’s and looking at tombs of Egypt and Rami Malek is like some Egyptian Prince whose mummy is preserved from Ancient times. and when he’s a mummy he’s terrifying but when he’s human he’s like deadly gorgeous and seductive. I’m sorry guys, I’ve had one too many ceasers and thought of this so hash tag drunken sexy rami thoughts. #drunkensexyramithoughts