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Gay Pride Month is coming to an end. Any notable gay people you would like to write about?

Wow. There are just so many. Alexander the Great was gay, Julius Caesar was bisexual, Sir Francis Bacon was a gay man and the first “modern” scientist. Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were gay and da Vinci almost went to prison for it. Sir Issac Newton was asexual. The great Anthropologist Margaret Mead was a lesbian. The great historian Jan Morris was trans. 

Alan Turing the father of modern computing and who might have contributed more to the winning of WWII than any other single individual in history by inventing the Enigma Code Machine which was every bit as important as the atomic bomb was gay and in fact convicted of homosexuality and later committed suicide because of it. 

You couldn’t begin to name all the writers, actors, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, dancers, designers and other artists. There are just too many of them.

Hour by Hour, LMM/Reader

Prompt: A late night attempt to buy pot leaves you with the strange roommate of your dealer.

Words: 2,155

Author’s Note: Inspired by this audio of Lin admitting to have…dabbled in college. No actual drugs are taken in this fic. Just the idea of it is enough.

Warnings: Mentions of drug use (pot) and they drink one beer.

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It wasn’t the most dignified of setups, to say the least.

 And it wasn’t something you participated in regularly. But when late night remembrances of long overdue essays and questions of what your future held creeped up on you, you found your way to J. You knew his full name was Jonathan from many shared classes, but he insisted you call him J during your transactions.

It was only a five minute trek from your dorm to his, which was nice considering the late hours he often operated. If his light was on, he was open for business. He had always insisted it was just a side business, but you knew firsthand that tuition wasn’t cheap and you certainly couldn’t blame him for capitalizing on artists’ craving to…experiment.

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Everything Has Changed Part 3

Characters : Jared x Reader

First part here - Second Part Here

Warning : Swearing?

A/N : okay, you all asked for another part, and here it is!! By the way, Jared is SINGLE in this fic. So please NO HATE! I love Gen so much. Enjoy!

“J, can you-can you help me?” Jared muttered, fumbling with his tie.

Jensen placed his beer down and chuckled to himself. Walking over to his best friend. “Dude, you’re going to have to learn how to do this shit.” He stated, helping him with the tie. “What if I wasn’t here?”

Jared shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “I’ll learn. One day.”

After only a few minutes, Jensen finally fixed his tie and removed the creases on his shirt. “There.” He exhaled.

“Thanks. I better go. The wedding starts in an hour.” He groaned, reaching for his shoes.

Jensen plopped down on to the couch with his beer in his hand. “Be safe. And wear a condom!” He cackled.

Jared rolled his eyes, quickly throwing his jacket over his shoulder and grabbed his keys. “See ya later.”

“Bye. And tell Y/N I said thanks for the invite.”

“I already told you, she just asked me-”

“her ex cheated and her sister paid for the plate, blah blah blah. I know. I was kidding.” Jensen grunted. “Go. Have fun!”

Jared took in a deep breath, and made his way out to his car. He was nervous. But wasn’t sure as to why. You two have been friends for at least 4 years now. He’s hung out with you many times. So why was he nervous?

Jared slipped into his car, and put the key into the ignition.

His phone went off and your name lit up on the screen.

“Hey I’m leaving now.” He muttered.

“Okay, cool. I’ll see you soon.” You muttered. “And drive safe, Paddles! I don’t want to find out you got a ticket again or get a call from the hospital. Got it?”

He let out a chuckle, his smile growing. “Alright mom. I’ll be there soon. Don’t worry.”

You let out a dramatic groan. “You know how much I hate when you call me that.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault, you set yourself up for it.” He stated.

“I hate you.” You groaned.

“I love you too.” He chuckled. “I’ll be there soon.”


There was a knock at the door, startling you as you hurried to get ready. Today was your sisters wedding. And though you should be excited, you couldn’t help but be nervous.

You touched up the last of your make up, and took one glance at the mirror. The black dress hugged your curves perfectly, and your hair was set in curls over your shoulders.

Running to the front room, you opened the door. Your eyes met Jared’s and for a moment, you felt your stomach flutter. He looked incredible.

“Wow.” He breathed, looking you up and down. It’s been months since he’s last seen you. Your friendship was more based off skype and phone calls, since he’s been busy with supernatural and such.

“Hey Paddles!” You smiled, taking him in for a quick hug. “Did you get taller?” You chuckled.

He shrugged his shoulders and nodded. “No, maybe you’re getting shorter.” He winked.

You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue at him. You invited him in and closed the door behind you. “I just need to get my heels and we can go.”

Jared nodded as you ran back to your room. He gazed around the apartment, since the last time he was here, he was helping you move in. That was a year ago.

There were pictures all over. Some of you and your friends, and a few with him. The one that stood out to him the most, was the photo that hung on the wall by the dining room.

It was a picture of you and Jared with your snowboards. That day was cold as hell, but it was one of his favorites. Mostly because it was your first time and you kept falling. You two would always go and do things with a few other friends.

And he missed that more than ever.

“Okay, I’m ready.” You exhaled.

Jared cleared his throat as he flashed a cheeky grin.

He couldn’t keep his gaze off you, his cheeks hurting from smiling.

“What’s with all the staring? You’re starting to freak me out.” You muttered.

“N-Nothing. Sorry. Let’s go.” He hesitated.

For a moment, you eyed him but shrugged it off. “Thanks for doing this by the way.” You said, walking over to the door.

He flashed a soft smile and nodded. “It’ll be fun. Besides, I missed you. It’s been what-a year since we hung out?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

You followed him to his car, and he helped you in. Opening and closing the door for you. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

The drive to the church, was nothing more than amazing. Both you and Jared couldn’t stop laughing as you reminisced old memories.

“Remember when we went to that fancy restaurant, when you came out to visit me in Vancouver and-”

“O my god! Yea and the waiter mixed up the tables and I ended up with a ring in my champagne!” You cackled. “Which by the way is so tacky. I mean, that’s so cliche!”

“I know, but damn. We played that off so well. I swear, I think we could’ve won an Oscar.” He chuckled, glancing over at you. He loved watching you laugh.

“That was fun. You and I were engaged for a good hour.” You stated, looking up at him.

The car came to a stop as he parked by the church. “We’re here.” He muttered.

You cleared your throat, and gripped onto the clutch that contained your phone and money. “Alright, let’s do this.” You exhaled. “Get ready to meet my crazy family. Hopefully they don’t scare you away.”

He removed the key out of the ignition and locked his gaze with yours. A smile forming on his lips. “If I can deal with you, I’m sure I’ll make it through the night.”

You playfully slapped his arm, chuckling together. “Shut up Moose. If anything, I deal with you. Now let’s go before we miss the whole ceremony.”

You pushed the door open, and stepped out. The warm breeze trickled against your skin. “And so it begins.” You whispered.

Walking inside, you were greeted by your father. “Hey dad.” You smiled, giving him a quick hug.

“Hey sweetheart.” He muttered. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

You shook your head and sighed. “Thanks.”

Your father looked up and met Jared’s gaze. Scrunching his brows as he straightened his posture.

“Oh right. Dad, this is my friend Jared. Jared this my dad, Joe.”
Jared cleared his throat as he reached his hand out. “Nice to meet you sir.”

Joe was hesitant at first, but immediately flashed a cheeky grin and let out a chuckle. “Nice to meet you too, son.”

“Where’s Mary?” You asked, furrowing your brows.

“She and your mother are in the ladies room. Finishing up last minute touch ups.” He muttered.

“Alright, I better go see the bride.” You glanced at your date. “I’ll meet you after the ceremony. I’m kind of the maid of honor.” You shrugged.

“Don’t worry honey. Your mom and I will take good care of him.” Your father stated. “Come on boy, let’s have a drink.”

You waved good bye as they walked over to the bar. Jared glanced back at you, for a moment and smiled. “Thank you.” You mouthed.

“Y/N!” Your mom spewed from behind, catching your attention.

You turned on your heels and started toward her. “Hi.” You muttered.

“Good, you’re here. Come help me get your sister in her dress. I can’t do it alone.”

Jared and Joe sat at the bar, with a glass of whisky in hand.

“So, what do you do for a living Jared?” Joe asked, taking a sip of his drink.

“Um I am an actor.” He stated.

“Oh really? Anything I’ve seen?” He asked.

“I’ve been in a few movies. But right now, I am on a show that has such a great fan base. We are going on our seventh season.” He smiled, feeling proud of his work.

Joe raised his brows, his lips curving as he nodded his head. “That’s amazing. What’s the name of the show?”

“Supernatural.” He muttered.

“I think I’ve heard of that. Well, too many more seasons!” He raised his glass up to Jared.

“Thank you.” They clinked there glasses together.

Jared felt himself grow at ease as he continued chatting with your dad.

“Drink up. Tonight is going to be one hell of a night.” Joe laughed.


An hour has come and passed and it was finally time for the ceremony to begin.

“Are you ready?” You whispered, handing Mary her bouquet.

“I’m nervous, but I’m so excited.” She smiled. “I’m going to marry my best friend.”

You let out a soft giggle as you squeezed her hand. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The song ‘A Thousand Years’ began to play, motioning for you to get into your places.

The doors swung open and it was time to walk down the aisle.

The bridesmaids made their way down, and you felt your stomach churn as it was now your turn. You hated being center of attention. Even though it would only be for a short moment, you were still nervous.

But as you started down, you looked up and met Jared’s caramel brown eyes. He kept you at ease.

He was mesmerized as you walked closer. The way your hair laid over your shoulders to the dress that hugged your torso and flowed down. You were beautiful. And Jared couldn’t tear his gaze away.

“You look amazing.” He mouthed.

Blood rushed up to your cheeks, as a faint smile formed on your lips.

Having him there made everything seem easy. For months, you were nervous about today. Worried about your family and the constant questions about why you were still single and when it would be your turn to get married.

You couldn’t be more thankful to have your best friend with you.

As you were up with the other bridesmaids, your sister stepped out. All eyes were on her, except Jareds. He kept his gaze on you.

You were flustered, blushing so much, you could feel the heat radiate off you.

“Turn around.” You mouthed.

“You’re beautiful.” He smiled.

You shook your head, chuckling to yourself as you both went back and forth. It lasted until Mary made her way down and was now standing beside the man she was going to marry.

Everything was so beautiful, breathtaking, and yet Jared wasn’t able to focus on anything or anyone but you.

He watched you smile, laugh, and even cry a bit. And though he tried to pay attention to the bride and groom, he couldn’t help but think that someday, he wanted nothing more than to be up there, with you right there next to him.

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So now the dust has settled and everyone who want to throw the toys out of pram has done so, what's your opinion on all the harry mention in Louis articles ( the first article, the sun and BBC)? Is there intention behind it or it's just in passing in your opinion. Does Louis & team has control over the tone / message or it's all the angle the outlets chose?

I loved hearing Louis talk about Harry. They’re my two faves, so I loved to hear him praise Harry and his talents as a performer, musician, actor and businessman. For so many years he has barely mentioned Harry’s name so it was great to hear.

And we already knew - from Harry - that it was he who called the hiatus, so I appreciated hearing Louis talk about that honestly too.  And I appreciated hearing how Louis experienced that.

Is there intention to it or is it just in passing? It wasn’t in passing; he was specifically asked about it (I know what you’re angling at here is ‘does Louis have an ulterior motive for speaking in this way?” and honestly I could not be arsed with indulging in that kind of pointless and groundless speculation)

And no, Louis doesn’t control the tone of an article or interview. Which is why we should concentrate on Louis’ words, not the editorial surrounding it.

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How do I play a canon character that had little screentime and has almost no information but their name/profession?

I know a lot of people struggle with this, whatever show the character was in. But some helpful tips to include:

  • Watch and rewatch all the episodes they were in. Look how the actor portrayed them. Think about the things they said or did during those scenes and take a mental note. It could be something as small as how they dress or sit at a table while they eat.
  • Watch/read any interviews the actor has done where they have mentioned that character. They could have some headcanons about them or the writer told them certain things that we didn’t see on screen etc.
  • Watch/read any interviews the writer(s) has/have done where they have mentioned that character. Ryan Murphy (Glee writer) for instance, sometimes has let slip on Twitter some things about various characters that were not mentioned in the show.
  • Check the fandom out. Do they have any headcanons about that character that you could use as inspiration?
  • If you only know what job they do - what skills do you need to get in that profession? What stresses will they have day to day? Is it a highly paid job? If not - do they have or would they need a second job?
  • If you only know their name - could you use it as a backstory to how they were brought up?

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DAY 2696

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug 27,  2015               Thu 9:07 pm

Birthday : Ef Lily d’ Pena and Sandeep Singh Sandhu .. wishing all the happiness that you can enjoy .. good health, and success .. from us all


There are so many DAY’s in the life of a lifetime that it is now becoming evident that there is a reason for a day almost every day … good 

But there is reason to be in mention of such in excess .. excess to sink in the information and the festival ..

Radio Commercials Day .. ! Never ever thought a day would be dedicated for  its remembrance .. that in itself is a commercial .. !!

It is rather surprising that in the early years of our lives we never had it in us to seek the reasons and why’s of any act or deed. Now as age overcomes us there are several matters that explain themselves and its beauty plays before us in greater light ..

The problem is that you soon realise that far too much time has passed by and now time is limited to be able to accomplish that which could have been done years ago ..

So … simple issues like why and what and how which was entertained without question now bears meaning in its queries .. they are now bearing the legitimacy of a reveal and give us the strength of its actual use …

Knowledge is never too late to be acquired in our lives, and I find it fascinating that it comes to me, late yes, but there at least ..

There are two important anniversaries today .. death anniversaries .. of Mukesh the singer and Hrishkesh Mukherjee, my director in at least 9 films ..

Mukesh ji with his sonorous voice was a favourite of mine and there are occasions when we remember his old numbers from the earlier films, apart from being and having been recognised as Raj Kapoor ji’s voice for play back ..

Those numbers shall ever remain in our hearts and minds .. the words the tunes and the singing, all so lyrical and soulful .. we do not get to hear many such in today’s times .. strange .. for even today we remember the incidental music pieces that decorated each song within the verses, and do not remember one such music interlude from today’s works ..

Hrishi Da was god father to us .. his kind of cinema has disappeared and we miss that much .. but there are a few who endeavour to bring back those stories of old and present them to us .. if I remember correctly Hrishi da was the one director with whom I have worked the maximum number of films - 9 in number .. perhaps Ram Gopal Verma may beat that record, but that is a maybe ..

A master story teller, a master editor and one that worked within minimum cost and time .. but the characters he gave us were special .. be it Anand, Mili, Bemisal, Jurmana, Chupke Chupke, NamakHaram .. all had great moments for performance and depth ..

Chronically ill with arthritis and a constant pain in his legs he would crutch his way on to the sets, or hobble along, never ever giving cause for delay or give too much attention to his condition .. chess was his passion, and he had a few unit members that were his constant on the set players .. they played chess and he directed us in between moves on the board .. never missing out on any little detail for the film .. loved pets, dogs, many of them, some of great pedigree, and some he would just pick up from the street .. played the sitar, had pet names for all his favourite actors and never ever allowed us to give another take if we desired so .. ‘pay for that extra film you will use he would demand, if we insisted’ .. days of film then , not the digital chip and card that we now use ..

Books .. they continue to be given that extra attention as I reset my shelves from all over the place .. finding some extraordinary titles and some unusual locations from where they were bought .. markings on them of my Father’s and Mother’s hand .. time consumed hand, clean neat well formed alphabets and beautiful to look at .. hand writing they say describes character .. I know what that denoted for my parents .. !!

It is never too late to be organised in life .. never ! And I do that now .. organise myself, with myself and with my surroundings .. there are times when one must do things for oneself .. they are most satisfying ..

The track and field events at Beijing continue to attract, and this great athlete Usain Bolt continues to be a wonder  .. saw him clock the 200 meters final with utter disdain and a somewhat calm cool collected attitude .. no worry, no anxiety .. just a simple trundle down the measured lines of the artificial running track and .. home … breasting the tape and with the ease of a garden walk ..

Do watch some of the events .. you shall love the disciplined manner in which the medal ceremony is conducted .. the almost robotic manner in which all the support staff moves and appears .. especially the moment of the playing of the anthem for the winner at the podium .. the way in which the volunteers bring up the respective flags of each country is so delightful to look at … and then .. just when the flag of the country reaches the top of the flagstaff, they open up and instead of drooping down, start flowing in a breeze that catches their sails .. I believe it is a wonderful device of thrusting artificial air at the flags so they open up and fly in their complete form swirling in the winds .. to me it seemed like the very flagstaff had air containers on them which when the flag reached its maximum, would be opened up mechanically for the flags to fly in all their glory .. great idea and very smart thinking ..

And then when you get exposed to the documentaries made of eminent personalities, you get transported into their astonishing world, and suddenly feel so dwarfed in their presence .. there is so much work to be done and the need for  so much more to be attempted and to be achieved in life .. 


Amitabh Bachchan