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Hey guys, I uh I just wanna say that Im going to be taking a lil break from tumblr n stuff. Im just, not in a good place right now, I can’t draw or even get out of bed to be honest, and just, I can’t function properly right now, too many bad things are happening all at once and I can’t handle it. Honestly I lost my inspiration to make comics or anything a long time ago…

That being said, I am forcing myself to finish up the last bit of commissions I have left, and then moving on to my Patreon, cuz despite me being dead inside, I still need money for bills

For my patreons, though I will be posting this on the site too, you guys can contact me about your rewards via discord, I made a little group thing so you guys can check it out when I’ve posted the info

Thank you guys for understanding and always being there for me

Art things I wish I knew earlier #6

Remember to slow downnnnn when drawing. 

The result of an art piece is 80% dependent on the first 20% of the time you work on it. I heard this from an really good artist (Clint Cearley).

Sometimes we rush things and don’t know why the result isn’t what we expected. Take every step slowly. Never sacrifice a lot of accuracy for speed. Some accuracy is okay for “happy accidents” but you should be thinking about proportions, form and contours while drawing.

So chill out. Calm down. Hit up some music. Walk away and come back to a piece once in a while. Trust me, you’ll be less frustrated! >.

Oh yea, don’t render + detail too early. I’ve made this mistake so many times… You’re gonna have a bad time

If you want a general/abstract process to fallback to:

Thumbnail -> Rough -> Line -> (Black and White) Values -> Color -> Accents/Highlights

Of course, Value -> Color in some traditional mediums is a bit tough, so I would do a thumbnail of the value in that case. 

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Guzma is one of those insanely talented people who’s skills for whatever reason just went unrecognized no matter how much effort he put in. Seriously. Notice how all those trophies are different? He competed in so many different things, and yet the best he ever got was 2nd place. That right there just kills me inside.

He was probably really charismatic and a lot of fun to be around as a kid, before things started going south and the constant slew of failures and disappointments, not to mention the *heavy implications* of an abusive father broke him down and made him into the angry, insecure person he is today.

His story is just so sad, and really hits close to home for me as I once had a good friend who was literally exactly like Guz. Super-talented-yet-never-recognized, with an abusive father and all. He too was bitter and angry the world. The only thing he didn’t do was start/join a gang, but I digress. I mean, not many actual, living people can endure that kind of stuff and still come out fine, so that really puts it out there what a great character design Guzma has. He’s actually very realistic.

Guzma deserves better.


One Tree Hill; season 7: It all just seems so fake. This idea that good things happen to good people and there’s magic in the world, and that the meek and righteous will inherit it. There’s too many good people who suffer for something like that to be true. There are too many prayers that go unanswered. Every day we ignore how completely broken this world is, and we tell ourselves that it’s all going to be okay, “You’re going to be okay.” But it’s not okay. And once you know that, there’s no going back. There’s no magic in the world. At least today there isn’t.

How To Be A Good Med Student In The Clinical Years

A doctor once told me that the best instrument we have is medicine is the retrospectoscope.  Basically he was saying that often it is easier to make sense of things when looking back from the vantage point of the future.  This is true of life too.  After being an intern for two months I suddenly understand what things make for a strong med students, and what things do not.  Unfortunately, I feel like I lacked many of the qualities that would have made me a helpful med student.  Though I cannot rectify my own mistakes, perhaps I can pass my advice on to future generations of third and fourth year medical students.  I now present, how to be a good clinical med student:

  1. Show up.  This seems obvious.  When you are there to work, then be there to work.  It is so frustrating when medical students are mysteriously absent all the time (only to be found later in the cafe or cafeteria) or when they are there but totally disinterested in what is going on.  I understand that sometimes as a medical student things get slow - like when the interns are putting in orders and notes or when there is a slow call day.  But at least bring something to read.  Don’t play Pokemon Go.  Don’t spend all day on Uworld.  Make an effort to learn real clinical medicine.
  2. Take initiative to learn.  When I was a third year I would wander the hospital to find learning opportunities.  I made friends with the telemetry nurses and they started a folder of good tele strips to give me each day.  I would go to other teams and see if their patients had good exam findings.  I found the cardiology fellows and asked if they had good patients with murmurs.  There is so much learning that can happen if you are willing to experience it.  Now, referring back to number 1, make sure you always let your residents know where you are.  Personally, I would be ecstatic if my students went to hunt down murmurs rather than playing Pokemon Go. 
  3. Read your patient’s chart.  This can be very helpful and will make you look like a star.  Residents are busy taking admissions and sometimes don’t have the time to hunt down records that are three and four years old.  You can stand out by doing that  Look at a patient’s past hospital notes or their specialty clinic notes.  For example, you might be able to alert the resident that an old echocardiogram demonstrated a below normal ejection fraction, which in turn might change how much fluid the patient is given.  Or perhaps you found that during a hospitalization in the past the patient became delirious and needed a one-to-one sitter.  Find ways to add information in a helpful, non-prescriptive, non-judgmental way.  I guarantee your reviews will benefit.
  4. Read about your patient’s condition.  Even if you just browse Medscape, UpToDate, or some other curated source, make sure you understand the basics of your patient’s primary diagnosis.  If they are there for heart failure, read over the basics of treatment.  If they have autoimmune hepatitis look up some info on diagnosis and prognosis.  These things will get noticed, especially when you ask intelligent questions on rounds.  Do not be like a med student I had who, when asked, reported for 4 straight days that he had not read about his patient’s disease.  He instead responded he was too busy with Uworld so he would get a good shelf score.
  5. See your patients.  I literally had students who, on rounds, tried to present without actually having seen the patient in the morning.  This is a huge no-no.  Get to work early enough to see your patients, review their labs, and their overnight events.  
  6. Practice your presentations.  Even if it is on your own or with other medical students, spend time working on your presentation skills.  Heck, even ask the residents to watch you.  I would be happy to do that for any of my students.  Unfortunately, none have taken me up on that offer and instead bumble through their presentation each day making the same mistakes.  By the end of medical school you need to be able to make a good presentation. 
  7. Spend time working on note writing.  Compare your notes to your residents’, your attendings’, and the specialists’.  Everyone has a different style.  Look at lots of notes to determine a style for yourself.  
  8. Forget all the step 1 stuff you learned.  I find many students perseverate on the terrible stereotypes and patterns they see on step 1.  Not all black people with cough have sarcoidosis.  Not every patient with acute kidney injury needs urine eosinophils.  These are good associations, but realize that step 1 has little overlap with real clinical medicine.  Take those associations with a grain of salt. 
  9. Don’t just look for zebras.  I cannot tell you how many times students opt not to follow a patient because the case “doesn’t seem that interesting.”  The majority of medicine is made up of mundane and common diseases such as heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, cirrhosis, etc.  It is pretty rare to get the exciting cases, like disseminated histoplasmosis or a crazy paraneoplastic syndrome.  A lot of learning can happen on cases that are “bread and butter” medicine.  Make sure you follow those cases too. 
  10. Be gentle to your interns/residents.  The transition from 4th year to being a doctor is swift and brutal.  It is easy to criticize when you aren’t the one taking 5 admits.  Find ways to help your intern/resident, because in return they will help you.  I learned this lesson the hard way my 4th year, when I unintentionally threw an intern under the bus while trying to look smart.  Afterwards she took me aside and reminded me that she controlled much of my fate while I was a student under her.  I learned my lesson and we went on to become very good friends.

The clinical years of medical school are daunting.  You constantly feel like a tap dancing monkey, trying to impress people you barely have time to get to know.  But personally, I am not looking for someone who knows everything about everything.  That’s why you are in school.  The best thing you can get out of third and fourth year is how to do a good history and physical, how to write good notes, and how to triage patients.  The best students are interested, willing to learn, and know their patients well.  If you keep that in mind, the clinical years are much simpler.  I promise, if you follow your patients you will learn much more than just doing qbank questions.   

Best of luck on your clinical rotations.  Don’t make things too complicated.  At the end of the day have fun, treat your patients right, and keep an open mind.  The learning will happen whether you recognize it or not.

OKAY SO a pile of tracer thoughts I guess

She has precisely One Billion little scars and scuffs from doing all sorts of silly shit. As a toddler. adolescent. TEEN. adult..
She continues to gather MORE…from silly and not so silly things (like WEAPONS)
Also, chipped tooth.
Which lbr she probably got from smacking herself in the face with one of her pistols trying to do a new twirly trick once

Her goggles are prescription!
Her eyes aren’t like, too bad,but Still.
She wears goggles all the time instead of her actual glasses bc
A. She thinks they’re Cool
B. The Tan Lines are Strong

She collects model airplanes…she has So Many….

The chronal accelerator has a good range, so she can take it off and move a fair distance around it, but she has Mad Anxiety about removing it at all. So she hardly ever does unless it’s like. Absolutely necessary

She’s Smort…..real handy with the mechanics of stuff

She lives on a diet of like. Soylent…Nutrient Drink type shit. And some fruit.
She isn’t really into The Joys Of Eating these days..
Sombra is always trying to tempt her to eat a Real Food anyways tho (“when’s the last time u chewed something???”)

But she DOES seem to like a variety of warm drinks….and dark chocolate
really dark, like 85% (tracer likes milk chocolate)


Sim Request 1 - For @loniden

Requested: Lea Mejia, a snob. genius, and evil sim who aspires to be good at many things at once. Hope she fulfills your requirements!


hair / top / bottom (sad valentine) / cardigan / sandals / choker / buns / skin 1 / skin 2 / eyes / eyelashes / eyebrows / eyeliner / water liner / lipstick / lip cleft or scar or whatever you wanna call it 

I’m sorry if I forgot anything too heh

Private download]]

tag me in pictures too!

Also it’s the third time I’ve had to remake her

You Talking in Your Native Language while Cuddling with Them: BigBang

| BTS |


“Kad tu žinotum kiek daug tu man reiški…”
If only you’d know how much you mean to me.”

“I’m making it a point to learn Lithuanian from now on. What did you just say?”


“я люблю тебя так сильно.”

“Oh, you thought me that phrase, once. I love you lots, too.”


“Tu es un homme si doux.”
“You’re such a sweet man.”

“Honey, your French might be seducing me…”


“Jūsu prieks padara mani laimīgāku.“
“Your happiness makes me happier.”

“I hope it’s a good thing that you just said..”


“Bebé, incluso si eres arrogante, todavía te amo.”
“Baby, even if you’re arrogant, I still love you.”

“¿Qué quieres decir con arrogante? Incluso aprendí español para ti, mocoso.“
“What do you mean by arrogant? I even learned Spanish for you, you brat.“

Thank you, Google Translate, for being there…

You guys got any more requests?

My Problem With SuperGirl

The show is incredible for having so many STRONG female leads but they’re all WHITE female leads.

As a black girl who watches and adores the show, I can’t help but wonder why no one looks like me.

This show is suppose to inspire little girls right?

If I am being honest, shows like this don’t inspire little black girls like me in fact I spend my time wondering why black women aren’t good enough to be amazing shows like this with a strong lead.

Please don’t hate me. I am just stating my opinion and it’s valid.

If you’re a white girl, watching this show, it’s amazing because you have so many people that look like you, doing amazing things, and I can’t share that same experience that I wish I could.

I will still watch because the show is great and I support ALL women but fuck, for once can POC be part of this too!??

Drafting: Four Methods For Highly Anxious Individuals

(This is a revised version of an old post you might have seen elsewhere.)

Is writing really fucking painful for you? Do you finish a draft of a story maybe once every forty years? Is your computer littered with outlines and abandoned beginnings? Maybe you’ve been told to “write a shitty first draft” but have no idea how to do that because writing takes so much out of you that you can’t do it without at least trying to make it goodbut when you do, you inevitably give up and hate yourself.

Chances are, you’re drafting in a way that doesn’t respect the way your mind works. You’re either 1) forcing yourself to deal with too many things at once, or 2) you’re stifling the free, imaginative, playful part of your mind with premature critical evaluation. Or, most likely, both. But you can’t just make yourself stop doing this spontaneously. You need a method of writing that interferes with those habits. Think of it as mental ergonomics. If your back is sore and your neck is stiff, you need a different chair. Similarly, if writing is agonizingly painful, you need a different drafting method.

Here are four methods you can try—or adapt, experiment with, and combine. (Nobody practices a pure version of any method.) For simplicity’s sake, I’ll talk as if you’re faced with drafting a single scene:

1) The Pitch Meeting Method

Don’t write the scene in the actual narrative voice of the story. Instead, write as if you’re describing what happens to somebody you know, somebody who’d be interested and excited about it. You could, in fact, actually address it to someone. Or write as if you’re writing a really long headcanon post.

Write the way you talk. Use your usual slang and vocal rhythms, and get all of your enthusiasm in there, everything you envision, everything you want for this scene. You could even do this out loud and record it, if that’s easier.

Let your desires run wild, even if you don’t yet know how you’re going to fulfill those desires. Say stuff like “and this part is really emotional!” without worrying about how you’re going to make it emotional.

When you’re done, go back and find parts you can elaborate on. Make the description as detailed as you can.

Once you’re happy with this description of what you’re going to write, start writing it. Translate your “sounds like you” prose into a voice more appropriate to the story. But don’t change it too much. Don’t kill the energy your own voice adds.

2) The Expanding Outline Method

This one’s similar, but it works better for folks who like to think structurally.

Make an outline of the scene. Maybe it starts with only a couple of items: two very general things that happen in the scene.

Now take one item and break it down into several items. Then break those items down into several items. Zoom in closer and closer to the action, breaking actions and events down into their constituent parts.

You can include non-event, non-external items like “Character feels [x].” You can even include things like “The reader feels [x].” But go back later and add detail to those where you can. Just keep making your outline more and more specific.

Now, following your outline, draft a prose version of the scene.

3) The Anatomy Textbook Method

For this one, you start with the scene itself, not with a plan for the scene. But don’t try to write the entire scene fully fleshed out in one go. Rather, start with a single element you’re most comfortable with. The dialogue, for instance. Or a description of the action in a bare-bones, stage-directions sort of way. Lay down a skeleton of the scene, and don’t worry if it looks a little…sparse.

Now go over it and add another element on top of that skeleton. Description, maybe. Or more details that flesh out your bare-bones description.

Keep doing this until you have a complete scene.

If you think you tend to leave a certain element out, dedicate a “layer” to that. I’m often quite sparing with characters’ emotional reactions, for instance. So I might go over the scene and do nothing but add in my character’s internal reactions to what’s happening.

You can divide the scene up however you like. The point is, each time you go over it, only focus on one element at a time.

4) The Sourdough Starter Method

This is probably the weirdest, and it might sound like the hardest, but it’s quicker and easier than it sounds. You just have to get comfortable with making a mess.

Start writing the scene, in all its nonsensical, inarticulate glory. Feel free to hate both the form and the content; just keep your head in the scene, walking your mind carefully through what happens, even if you think what happens is stupid. Don’t worry if what you write is boring or wrong or irrelevant, because you’re not actually going to use most of this.

Now read through what you’ve got. It may help to print it out. Go through what you’ve written and mark anything you kind of like or that seems promising. And if rereading what happens has given you new ideas about what should happen instead, write those ideas down too.

Review the promising bits and the new ideas. There might not be much, but that’s okay. Now, start the scene over. Wipe the slate clean and write it all again from scratch. But this time, include those good bits you discovered in the previous version.

You’re not revising that version. You’re using it as a petri dish to grow ideas for the scene. And then you completely rewrite the scene, this time with a little more focus and a better sense of what will work.

You might only do this once, but some people do it several times. It sounds labor-intensive, I know. But remember, each time you write the scene, you’re just barfing it onto the page without much critical scrutiny. And that scrutiny is mostly what makes writing feel so hard.

So those are four methods you can try. I’m sure many more exist. If you’ve tried or know about any, please send them to me!

Next post: the theory of shitty first drafts

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I want to contribute something to the Ajin fandom that isn’t just a shitty meme. Can we talk about the helmet thing?

Notice who’s wearing a helmet. Kei.

That means that Kai gave the helmet to Kei, who will come back to life if he dies (and keep in mind that KAI KNOWS THIS), and he went without one even though he’s human and once he’s dead, he’s dead.


Juno Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "Yeah, I'm a legend. You know, they call me the cautionary whale."
  • Taurus: "I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while."
  • Gemini: - "That's a wise choice because I knew this girl who like had this crazy freak out because she took too many behavioral meds at once and she like ripped off her clothes, and dove into the fountain at Ridgedale Mall and was like, 'Blah I am a Kracken from the sea!.'"
  • - "I heard that was you."
  • Cancer: - "I'm going to really start looking like a dork soon. Will you still think I'm cute if I'm huge?"
  • - "I always think you're cute. I think you're beautiful."
  • Leo: "Look, in my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you, the right person is still going to think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kind of person that's worth sticking with."
  • Virgo: - "Wow your shorts are like especially gold today."
  • - "My mom uses color safe bleach."
  • - "Go Carol."
  • Libra: "Yeah I came as soon as I got that ultrasound goo off my pelvis. It was crazy actually, my step-mom verbally abused the ultrasound tech and we got escorted off the premises."
  • Scorpio: "Well, honey, doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream..."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm gonna stop wearing underwear. Raise my sperm count."
  • Capricorn: "I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever."
  • Aquarius: "As boyfriends go, Paulie Bleeker is totally boss. He is the cheese to my macaroni. And I know people are supposed to fall in love before they reproduce, but - I guess normalcy isn't really our style."
  • Pisces: - "You're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try, you know..."
  • - "I try really hard, actually."

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

I’m 30, so I’m a bit of an old fart as far as tumblr is concerned. I don’t have my own tumblr- I stick to browsing a few favorites, and I admit I gravitate towards the trans inclusive side of wlw tumblr. This blog seemed like a good a place as any to tell my story. :)

I came out as a trans woman when I was 18, although it took me a while to accept the word “lesbian”. I knew that if I had just accepted the way I was born, I could live a relatively complication free life as a cis straight male. However, it wasn’t me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t force myself to be anything else.

Once I came out, things got bad. Getting a girlfriend was the least of my concerns given everything else going on - too many things to list. Let’s just say my family was not accepting (to say the absolute least!) and I faced plenty of trauma the years after I came out.

Now, I’m married to another lovely trans woman. We had been friends since before she came out, and we’re raising two lovely kids together (a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl). She had said kids with her ex wife who tragically died in a car accident about a month after the birth of her daughter (which I did my best to help her through). Before this, I had babysat the kids so they already like me.

If I had stayed a straight guy, sure, I would have had more societal advantages, but I’d be miserable denying who I am. Life isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. :)

Is Leafy Good Or Evil?

This has happened to me too many times when people ask what team I’m on with Leafy: Team Good or Team Evil? How about this:

 Team I Don’t Give A Fuck

You watch who you want and if they did shitty things, they learn. Everyone makes mistakes and he never has once said he was perfect. In fact he’s said multiple times he’s far from perfect.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Kaneki and Touka might end up together? Of course, right now, things are pretty akward between them, and they have many unsolved problems too but, once they fix it (which im sure ishida will do), do you think touken might have the chance to be the end game? Do you think their feelings are mutual? I'm 100% sure Touka is in love with him but Kaneki is always so subtle.. it is hard to guess.. What are your thoughts? Thank you for giving me some of your time, i hope you have a good day

Hey Anon :)

Aaaah, hard to say, hard to say.  There are only a few things I can say for certain and it is:

  • that Kaneki used to find Touka cute in TG and Sasaki found Touka beautiful in :Re.
  • that Touka developed a crush on Kaneki during the second half of TG (best proof being when she asked Nishiki if he gave presents to his girlfriend for her birthday too + when she said she felt happy that he said he wouldn’t leave her alone) but I’m not sure if after 4 years we can still say she has the same crush (though she did build :Re for him so…).
  • that Kaneki wants for Touka what he should want for himself: a peaceful life away from violence.
  • that awkwardness is best defined by the relationship between them.
  • that Touka will have a big role to play towards Kaneki’s development.
  • that Ishida likes to draw them together.
  • that, no matter if they end up becoming canon or not, the only way for it to work is if they both walk a huge step forward in both their character developments.

So, aside from Touka’s crush in the second part of TG, there is nothing I can be certain of when it comes to their current feelings, especially in Kaneki’s case since he’s got all these issues and that Touka didn’t really do the wisest thing when she punched him because…

…Communication will now be difficult. :/

That being said, I’m 100% sure that Touka will have a pretty big role when it comes to making Kaneki face his issues [x] [x] and she’s not TG’s heroine for nothing + since their relationship is so very awkward that means that Sensei definitely intends on making them interact more, until they can get rid of this… tension between them. 

Lastly, I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to mention that there might be some kind of parallel between the story of Hikari and Arata, and the one of Touka and Kaneki, seeing as Touka is very similar to her mom and Kaneki has been said (and drawn/written) to be similar to Arata so… this might or not be made on purpose by Ishida-sensei.

So honestly, besides the fact that they certainly do have a strong relationship and many things to say to each other (+ they have this sort of awkward tension between them ever since the Aogiri arc), I cannot make any accurate guess when it comes to whether or not something might happen between them, sorry.

Though again, Ishida-sensei does like romance which is why we have so many little pairings florishing here and there, and this tension between Touka and Kaneki is very real so… maybe. If that’s what Ishida wants then he’ll surely make it happen in the story. :)

Sorry I cannot be more helpful Anon, we’ll really have to see how things will develop once they get to talk. :)

Thank you Anon and I hope you’ll have a good day/evening as well!



  • When the audience is first introduced to Sun it’s when him and Blake have been hanging out for the weekend. Despite the joking manner in which he replies after Blake asks ‘So, you want to know more about me’ once she explains one of his first questions to her is, ‘Did you tell your friends?’ 

  • He was the one who came up with the plan to stake out the docks to see if the White Fang showed up, and even spent time gathering food for him and Blake.

  • He put his own feelings towards the White Fang aside to go with Blake to the rally.

  • Was the one who prompted Neptune to step in and help when the team tournament fight drew too close to the water.

  • He dispelled any insecurities the student group had during the fall of Beacon with a simple ‘I mean, come on’ when they were trying to decide what to do.

  • Let’s talk about when he was concerned and surprised as hell when Ruby took off out of the airship. And when he tried to talk Ruby and Weiss out of going after Jaune and Pyrrha. Boy has the sense to know when an idea is ridiculously dumb and dangerous.



  • Was the one who took initiative against the giant aquatic Grimm during the final stage of the fight. He was the one that moved towards the front of the ship first, summoning his clones to help Blake reach an altitude so she could make a decent strike at the Grimm. You can’t tell me that wasn’t 100% Sun’s idea when all they did was exchange a look.

  • Reassured the passengers that they were safe and to enjoy the rest of their trip.

  • Was concerned about the safety and well being of a close friend, going after her to have her back even if it meant going against a powerful organization that just helped taken down a Huntsman Academy. Observant enough to know why he should be concerned about a close friend going after a powerful organization alone considering the potential motivation she would have to do so.

    Long winded, but p much Sun had paid enough attention to Blake to know that she had so much motive for going after the Fang, and proceeded to mention three or four decent reasons to back up his assumption.

  • Called Blake out on why she didn’t go to her team instead of running off, and was willing to listen to what explanations she gave him. Asked questions relating to things he was wrong about so he would understand better.

  • Understood the potential threat the Fang posed in how they might go after Blake despite her not wanting anything to do with them for the moment.

  • Noticed when something was off in town and had the smarts to take a picture as evidence. Like, not only did Sun take a picture, but upon realizing how out of place the subject of the photo was, he went to alert Blake to a potential problem.

  • Realized that Ilia was protecting / after the scroll and changed priorities from capturing her to getting the scroll in his and Blake’s possession no matter the cost. And had to actually tell Blake to go after the scroll versus Ilia. 

  • Seriously. Sun had to have known that four clones at once would be a huge strain on himself, but he did it anyways to give Blake the time she needed to get the scroll.

HE’S SO MUCH MORE INTELLIGENT AND OBSERVANT THAT PEOPLE GIVE HIM CREDIT FOR AND I JUST. Sun Wukong is someone who is friendly, caring, and knows how to dispel doubts, but he also knows when to step up and be responsible and a leader.

Headcanons for Remus and work during The Dark Years

  • When with Magical employers, Remus would have been fired as soon as they figured out the complex formula that is Full Moon = Sick Employee.
  • Sometimes, it was, “we just don’t think it’s a good fit,” the polite, “we’re not making this about any… uh… thing, in particular” excuse to legally protect themselves. Other times it was just, “Get out of here, werewolf.”
  • He probably leaned towards Muggle work for that reason.
  • But even then, it wasn’t easy.
  • Depending on the company policy, the usual 30-90 day probationary period was what did Remus in a lot of the time. “Too many absences”, they said.
  • So Remus vowed to pull a PoA: he went to work the day after full moon, looking and feeling like death. It affected his quality of work.
  • Once, he even fell asleep on the job because he was so exhausted.
  • All things, of course, which are fireable.
  • So Remus just keeps trying. He pushes himself. And as a reward he gets some stupid illness like pneumonia, which makes him miss even more work.
  • He can’t win.