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A doodle of the Altertangle AU but with Asgore as Rapunzel.

Altertale and Altertangle belongs to @friisans

47 baby goats in video proves you can't have too many baby goats

Release the goats! 

It’s breakfast time at the goat cheese farm, Sunflower Farm Creamery, and these kids are excited—all 47 of them. That’s right, 47 baby goats!

No matter what kind of baby goat you like, you’ll find a favorite in this video. There’s a baby bottle-drinking goat. There are jumping-on-bags-of-pine-shavings goats. There’s even a hopping-on-mommy’s back goat. 

According to the farm, “It is a wild couple of minutes of yelling until everyone finds each other and gets a good long drink and then quiet and playtime for the kids!”

Seems like all kids are a handful, even the goat kind.

Tiny doodle dump!!
I got a little distracted from graphic novel work and drew some tiny scribbles on my notepad. I’m actually really happy with them.✨


So i had an idea to draw out Lammy’s parents 💖

Teh design for Lemons is belong to @hedgiemuffins

I might make more drawings of them later ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯


Lucie and Za: From Fear to Freedom and Family

Many people think of pygmy goats as a pet breed, but like their larger cousins, they are often slaughtered for meat. Goat meat is extremely popular globally, so although you may not have personally eaten it, there is a huge demand for it. And out of all the goats raised in the U.S., more than 80 percent are raised for meat, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service. Many goats are sold at auction and end up in city live-slaughter markets.

Za and Lucie on the mend (we don’t have pictures of their arrival, since they went straight to Cornell for care).

And auction and slaughter were the fate designated for Lucie and her daughter Za when the person who’d raised them decided they had too many goats and needed to “downsize.” The pair was slated for a trip to the New Holland Auction in Pennsylvania — but luckily, they ended up at a horse sanctuary. And these two were not goats who would have wound up as companion animals, since they are terrified of humans. And their rescuer was even more concerned over their fate, because Lucie was very pregnant.

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“People think that the suicidal are sitting there suffering in their own pain all day, just stewing, sitting there getting ready to express it. But really, what the suicidal are doing is watching Wheel of Fortune. Perhaps having a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Maybe another bowl. Somewhere in the middle of the second bowl, the meaninglessness of the entire universe begins to close in on them.”

-The Mountain Goats

This quote was all I could think of when I heard the news and that it might’ve been a suicide.

Rest Well, Robin Williams.

And thanks for everything.

Trickster (Gabriel Imagine)

A/N: I know I said I’d have this in the morning but I didn’t wake up in the morning because I am lazy. So by morning, I meant afternoon. This was such a great request and thank you to the lovely person who requested it! I had lots of fun writing it and I hope you like how it turned out! :) 


Words: 2880

Warnings: Lots of swears!!! Sorry guys. I also am really corny with my sense of humor. Sorry again. And lots of fun friendships!! 

Request: hi! i was hoping i could request a one-shot, one where the reader is a trickster and she doesn’t know the brothers and they are trying to hunt her, thinking she is gabriel. she gets annoyed at them and sets them up in a trick and somehow meets gabriel and they become friends? and the brothers meet her and stuff? thanks so much, ilysm and your blog is amazing xx

– – – – – –

For the third time that week they had managed to track you down. It was becoming rather bothersome and really hindered your schedule, but the Winchester brothers really lived up to their reputations.

You had no idea how they had caught wind of you but the point was that they had and it was time to keep them at bay. After all, you weren’t really hurting anybody. It was all in good fun. Sometimes accidents just happened.

The dinner party you’d snuck into had been big and very open, a little too fancy for your liking. The couple hosting it happened to be your next big target, two people that thought they were the most powerful couple in the world; they were about to get a big newsflash while you sat back and mooched off of their dessert trays.

Their toast was about to happen, the husband was about to stand up on the stage, you were about to make a bunch of angry goats stampede into the event, everything was so set to happen, but of course the Winchester brothers had found you again.

You ducked behind a pillar and watched as they entered the party with determined looks on their faces, the older one tugging at his suit like it was bothering him somehow. You smiled at that and realized that if they weren’t so annoying, you probably would like them a little. They passed the pillar without so much as realizing you were there, so you followed behind them at a safe distance, picking up on their hushed conversation.

“…telling you, Dean. There were too many goats outside to be just a coincidence. They look pissed, man. We know who’s here and those goats are probably part of some weird plan,” the gigantic one was saying. You snorted at that, a gleam in your eye.

“Man, what the hell would Gabriel do with a bunch of deadly goats here? You’re losing your mind, Sam,” the older one, Dean, scoffed, his face scrunched up in disdain. “Let’s just find that prankster son of a bitch and kick his ass.”

Gabriel? So they weren’t looking for you. Or, rather, they thought that your mischiefs were being caused by someone else entirely. You popped another truffle into your mouth, very much satisfied with that outcome. Those tall losers wouldn’t be suspecting the tiny girl in the back of the room when it all went down, then. They’d be looking for Gabriel, whoever and wherever he was. You’d only heard of him once or twice before but you were impressed. He really knew how to make people angry and that was a valuable trait.

The two of them had gone quiet once the couple had stood up to the front, champagne in hand as they talked about all of their company’s accomplishments. It made you roll your eyes so far into the back of your head that you were mildly afraid that they would pop out.

Now. Now was the time to bring in the goats before you really lost your cool.

But then it all happened so fast.

The Winchester brothers were in front of you in seconds, eyeing you suspiciously, and then it just happened. Your goats came barreling in, making the most ridiculous noises you’d ever heard, but they weren’t alone. Somehow, a whole swarm of insects had managed to get in on the prank as well, looking like a buzzing black cloud as they descended around the couple and then around Dean and Sam. It couldn’t have worked out better for you and there was no better escape opportunity than that moment. You managed to gather a plate full of desserts before heading towards the exit along with a crowd of other guests, and in the front sidewalk by a shiny ’67 Impala, you saw a man that looked way too amused and out of place to be just another human.

The two of you locked eyes and shared a mutually entertained expression, and that’s when you knew.

“I’m willing to bet that you’re the Gabriel they’re looking for,” you greeted him with a huge smile, leaning against the car with him as more and more people tumbled out of the building.

“They can’t seem to stay away from me,” he chuckled, eyes glittering as he looked you over. “And I need to tell you, Y/N, you’re totally my idol. The goat thing was genius. I hope you don’t mind the bugs, though. They were mostly for Sam and Dean as a hello present.”

“You must be pretty genius too if they thought you were me,” you joked, noticing the tall pair emerge from the building with the couple in tow. The newlyweds had gotten the brunt of it for sure; you’d taken extra care of making sure the angriest goats tackled them down first. Looked like they’d torn and eaten most of the girl’s dress and the guy’s suit was just unrepairable. As for Sam and Dean…the bugs had gotten them pretty good.

“Dean, it looks like you’re getting hives,” Gabriel laughed, eyes twinkling in amusement at the sight of the brothers. Sam looked downright miserable and said nothing to the two of you, but he was sure giving you a classic case of stink-eye.

“Both of you, in the car, now,” Dean hissed, practically shoving the two of you into the backseat. You were giggling with Gabriel in the back, both of you silently agreeing that you couldn’t go easy on these guys.

Sam had turned to face you with a not-so-pleased expression on his face, jaw tight and eyes stern. “What did that couple ever do to you, huh? They’re traumatized for life. I think I am, too.”

“You have to admit,” you started, not even bothering to hide your smile, “it was pretty funny.”

Both Dean and Sam made noises of contempt and you could see that they were trying to maintain their composure.

“So, what’re you going to do to us?” you persisted, nudging Gabriel to let him know the plan was on. “You’re hunting us down, right? Trying to kill us?”

“Sure are,” Dean piped up. He looked pretty beat up; you would have to ask Gabriel what kind of insect he’d used earlier.

“Well, let the hunt begin!” you shouted joyously, and just like, you’d managed to warp the reality around them in just the right way. Out of nowhere, on the right side of the car, a large semi-truck honked loud enough for it to blare through your eardrums. The headlights were blinding you but you and Gabriel laughed it off as Dean hit the brakes hard and swerved this way and that to avoid getting hit. The truck disappeared in the blink of an eye, just an illusion you’d conjured up, and you and Gabriel both crossed your arms over your chests as the brothers turned to look at you two again, panting and about ready to kill.

“See you soon, guys,” Gabriel said, and then the two of you vanished from the backseat and landed yourselves in front of the ruined dinner party.

“We’re going to see them later, right?” you asked, and of course Gabriel nodded.

“I’m not done with them yet,” he told you, a playful smile on his face. “Never am.”

“Do you think they’ll leave town?” you asked him and he shook his head.

“After a night like this? There’s no way they’re skipping out without us in check. Those dicks are probably already heading to a bar.”

– – – –

You’d waited only a mere forty minutes before ending up in front of a grimy bar with Gabriel, the two of you laughing about some of the more long-lasting impacts you’d done.

“I knew you had something to do with the Revolutionary War,” he cackled, shaking his head at you. “It makes sense that you were involved with the Boston Tea Party.”

“It was definitely a party,” you smirked, snickering to yourself at the fond memory.

The screeching sound of tires made the two of you turn to see a very familiar car stopping in front of the bar you’d arrived at, the only one that seemed to be decent in town, and you waved at the boys when they stumbled out of their car and towards you.

“You!” Dean yelled, index finger directed your way. “That little trick you pulled makes me think you’re a real bitch!”

“Hey, don’t make me look bad in front of my new friend,” you shot back, clapping your hand on Gabriel’s back. “Gabe and I just wanted to come and talk.”

Gabe?” Dean snorted, glaring hard at the two of you. “Alright, let’s talk. Say, Gabe, who is this little hardass?”

“This is Y/N,” Gabriel introduced you. “I don’t even mind saying that she’s better than me.”

“So this whole time, it was you?” Sam questioned, stepping forward a few more feet. “Not Gabriel? You’re an actual trickster?”

“You bet,” you said proudly, leaning against the streetlamp in front of the bar’s entrance. “The best one, if you ask me.”

“She started the Boston Tea Party,” Gabriel added with a huge smile. What a nice guy.

“God, you’re old,” Dean commented, nose scrunching up. “But you’re also kind of hot. But mostly, you’re a little ball of pure evil. What the hell was that back there?”

Sam and Dean followed you and Gabriel inside warily while you explained your reasoning behind the little stunt you had pulled today with the help of your new friend. You felt watchful eyes on you as you ordered some drinks.

“Hold on, that diner down the street is still open,” Dean mumbled. He pointed a finger at you and Gabriel again, looking like he meant serious business. “Don’t go anywhere. Sammy, make sure they don’t go anywhere. I’m getting pie.”

“Ooh, pie!” That sounded wonderful. You and Gabriel had already finished off your stolen desserts from the dinner party while waiting for Sam and Dean and you were craving something sweet again.

“No,” was all Dean said, firm as ever, and then he was gone again. Sam said nothing as he watched the two of you, beer left untouched as you and Gabriel brushed him off and continued your conversation.

“Did you ever hear about Andrew Jackson’s funeral?” you asked Gabriel with a bright smile, hand resting gently on your own beer. Gabriel seemed to light up at the mention of it, already doubling over in laughter.

“No!” he cried out, not wanting to believe such a great story. “Tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with that damn bird that kept swearing!”

To your surprise, this caught Sam’s attention, and he immediately asked, “Wait, you did that? How did you do that?”

“You’ve heard about it, too?” you asked Sam, turning back to him with a gleam in your eye. “That’s still one of the best things I’ve done to this day. Some people said that the bird knew more swear words than most people at that funeral.”

“You taught it all those cuss words?” he asked in awe and it was very obvious that he was fighting off a smile.

“Are you kidding?” you snickered, putting your elbow on the table so you could lean your chin onto the palm of your hand. You flashed Sam your million dollar smile, letting him and Gabriel know your little secret. “I was the bird.”

Sam couldn’t fight it off any longer. He had to cover his mouth to hide the smile that had formed, but you could see the little twinkle in his eyes that gave him away. Gabriel was much more willing to show you how hilarious he found this new tidbit of information, and he was doubled over against the table, head buried in his arms as he laughed loudly.

“You’re something else,” you could hear him say.

Dean was back minutes later with a huge chunk of pie, looking much happier than he had been earlier. Your entire face lit up when he sat back down, the dessert just inches away.

“Thanks, dude,” you told him very sincerely. In seconds, the pie had been stolen from right in front of him, now in front of you, a heavenly piece already in your mouth.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you right now,” Dean growled, back to his previous state of anger. Gabriel was still losing his marbles and Sam was having a harder and harder time containing his amusement, especially now that you’d gypped Dean from his pie, an offense you hadn’t even realized was an offense in the first place.

“Let’s make a deal,” you offered, leaving a small bit of pie for poor Dean once you’d gotten your fill. “I know you want me to be dead as hell, but I don’t want to be dead as hell. I also know that you guys are great hunters. If I help you with a big case, will you leave me alone? It’s annoying when you follow me around.”

Sam was leaning in a little closer now, eyes filled with a curious gaze as he looked between you and Dean.

“What kind of big case?” he asked you before Dean could deny your request. You shrugged casually, leaning back in your chair as you glanced between the two of them.

There was an up and coming guy, seemingly got filthy rich in less than a few years, all because of charity organizations. You’d been watching him for years now, saw how arrogant he was, and had also come across the surprising fact that he wasn’t all that human in the first place.

“A vampire?” Dean cut in, interrupting your story. You nodded swiftly in response, twirling a lock of hair around your finger as he looked to Sam. He wasn’t convinced. “How can we even trust you on this? I feel like you’re going to scare us half to death again.”

“I like tricking people, you’re right about that. But the one thing I’m serious about is humbling people. That’s the whole reason I prank them all in the first place. You guys were just special. And, like I said, you were annoying and in the way,” you explained, acting like it was the most simple explanation in the world. “So, what do you say? He’s a pretty bad guy. I just want to remind him that he’s not as high and mighty as he thinks, but you’ll probably want to remind him that he’s an evil piece of crap. We’d make a hell of a team, right?”

“Ugh, no,” Dean groaned, not at all happy with that comparison. “We are not a team. But I’m willing to look into it. I’m still mad as hell at you, though. Goats? Bugs? Really?”

“The bugs were actually me,” Gabriel interjected, raising his hand in the air slightly. Dean rolled his eyes but said nothing else about it. He looked to you, an almost innocent look in his eye as he asked, “Can I join in on this? I would love to see you in action.”

Simultaneously, you and Dean had answered him, you with a ‘yes’ and Dean with a ‘hell no.’ Sam was doing nothing to hide his unrepressed giggles, arms folded as he ducked his head.

“I’m coming and you can’t stop me,” Gabriel teased, standing up with you once Dean had done the same with his keys in hand. “Let me and Y/N walk you to your car, dearest dick.”

Sam followed behind all of you, looking like he really wanted to ask you something. The Impala gleamed even in the dim lighting outside in the evening air, and you took a moment to admire it before deciding that one last prank wouldn’t hurt.

“Get back safe, you guys!” you told them cheerily, Gabriel firmly planted at your side. “I’ll see you in New York in a few days, yeah?”

They were almost fully in the car, about to actually drive away, but bouts of intense, shrill screaming pierced the air before they could even start the car. Gabriel gave you a knowing look, albeit a little curious about what you’d managed to do, but he didn’t have to stay curious for long.

“A squid! You put a squid in my baby!”

If Sam and Dean had called truce with you before, it was all over now.

“That was the last one, I swear!” you called, but you couldn’t keep from laughing. You could see the nasty looking thing in the backseat, but just barely. Sam was freaked beyond belief now, eyes wide as he slammed the passenger door behind him.

“Are you serious?!” he asked you, eyes looking absolutely torn. He was paler now, definitely terrorized, and you almost felt bad when a tentacle smacked itself against the window and caused Sam to scream again, his knees buckling underneath him.

“See you soon, guys!” you and Gabriel called out, already on the verge of disappearing. You weren’t out of earshot when Dean yelled out to you, though, and it definitely made you interested in what would happen once you met up with them again.

“Oh, it’s on! It’s on like Donkey Kong!”

For the time being, there would be no truce. 

My shirt says “Whatever floats your goat,” which is a thing that I say which I picked up from a friend a few years ago, and which is also a thing that I had no clue any other person in the entire world said and yet apparently it is a common enough saying that I found this at JC Penny when I wasn’t even shopping for myself