too many freaking ways to spell it

30 Days of super simple spells Day 15

To protect a friend

“Its good form to take care of those who care for you”

Before we begin please take some time to Google occult + obsession as it can tie into step 5


Some foil (or another piece of paper)

For this spell we are going to be making a poppet. A poppet is simply a representation of the target of a spell that can be used in place of person in the purpose of a spell. DO NOT confuse these with voodoo dolls entirely different system and working here. If you decided to do this spell with more high quality ingredients and walk into a botanica or an occult shop with a voodoo doll you might be buying something reserved and consecrated for some other type of working. But you can always construct your own poppets or dolls to avoid this.

1. Construct your poppet (draw a body figure on a piece of paper) and cut it out. Write the friends name on the doll.

2. Place the poppet on a plate and surround it with salt, sand or dirt.

3. State “ Mighty earth protect my friend, keep them safe from end *touch head* to end *drag finger down to feet* so note it be”

4. Keep the doll in this state and repeated the chant as needed.

5. DO NOT FREAK OUT IF YOU HAVE TO MOVE OR DISCARD THE DOLL NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN IF ITS GONE. YOU WONT CAUSE YOUR FRIEND TO BE HARMED OR DIE BY TRASHING THE DOLL. Way way too many people get attached to dolls like this where they feel if they ruin the doll or mess it up or get rid of it that it means they’ve cursed their friend or whatever they were doing with the spell. Don’t fall into this trap.