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Band of Brothers guys and what toppings they get their froyo?

well thanks now i really want frozen yogurt

Richard Winters: He’s cool with either chocolate or vanilla, but usually he’ll mix them. He’s also pretty light on the toppings, but he likes to add whipped cream and raspberry sauce. If he’s feeling ambitious, he might add rainbow sprinkles.

Lewis Nixon: Literal trainwreck. He likes the coffee flavor, but he’ll mix two or even three other flavors into it. He adds so much that the flavors are barely recognizable.  Loves M&Ms, chocolate and peanut butter chips, oreos, and hot fudge. Basically a chocolate nightmare.

Carwood Lipton: His two favorite flavors are pumpkin and peanut butter. He always puts the two flavors in separately. He doesn’t like fruit on his but adds granola, almonds, and a tiny drizzle of caramel.

Ron Speirs: Loves tart yogurt. If he adds anything, he’ll usually just get fruit (he likes pineapple and strawberries). He’s the sort of guy to just eat plain tart frozen yogurt deadpan in the middle of so many fantastic toppings. (”Ron. Don’t you want anything on that?” He just stares at them.)

Harry Welsh:  Will get kicked out of the frozen yogurt place. Will add everything. Literally everything. Mixes the weirdest flavors together (mint, pomegrante, pumpkin, and chocolate) and adds so much stuff that you can’t even see it. The type of person to put full-sized brownies and pastries in his yogurt. He’ll take like five of them, pick them out, and then eat them.

Bill Guarnere: Hot fudge disaster. Will get tart yogurt but just drowns it in so much chocolate that you can’t even see straight. Adds nothing else but hot fudge, caramel, and sometimes peanuts.

Joe Toye: Tart yogurt with granola and maybe a few strawberries. That’s it. (He’s kind of a health nut. Once Luz convinced him to try a bit of his yogurt and Joe almost had a heart attack.)

Eugene Roe: Loves the cheesecake flavor. He doesn’t like too many toppings, and is more than happy to just add granola and a few bananas, but sometimes he’ll try something sweeter. Tart yogurt grosses him out.

Joseph Liebgott: Has been banned from four frozen yogurt places because he needs to try every flavor before he puts it in his cup. He steals a spoon as he walks in and just… goes at it. He’ll never mix flavors, but he will add chocolate everything. Hersheys shavings, chocolate chips, chocolate sauce. No one can stop him.

David Webster: Sugar-free French Vanilla (”regular vanilla isn’t the same thing!”) with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles. Might put a bit of marshmallow cream on it if he’s feeling inspired. Never mixes flavors.

Babe Heffron: Why does he like M&Ms so much? This boy loves M&Ms too much. He also has a love-hate relationship with those maraschino cherries (Bill swears they’re the work of the devil but Babe just can’t make himself hate them). He either gets chocolate or strawberry, unless he spots a really cool flavor.

George Luz: He’ll mix the wildest flavors together, and is very outspoken over which taste good and which don’t. Always has the best recommendations, but his own cup is a disaster. He is determined to get every single topping in there, and tries his best. He comes away every time with a candy-drenched nightmare. Who let him into the frozen yogurt place again?

Skip Muck: Really, really likes strawberry yogurt, but never strawberry sauce. It’s raspberry sauce or bust. However, he will put a whole array of candies on top, from M&Ms to Oreos. Once even went with Fruity Pebbles, just for the experience.

Don Malarkey: Pumpkin yogurt (refuses to accept the fact that it’s seasonal, and will pout if he can’t find it), and also likes red velvet somehow??? Loves to put fruit on his. Bananas, kiwis, strawberries – too much fruit. He’ll complain if the fruit isn’t fresh. Then he drowns it all in chocolate syrup.

Alex Penkala: Mint yogurt with pistachios, almonds, and fruit pearls. On the plus side, no one ever wants to taste his.

Shifty Powers: Can turn regular vanilla into the best thing in the world. (He also really likes the pumpkin flavor.) He adds just the right amount of chocolate syrup, and puts a bit of granola and a bit of graham cracker on it. Then he adds marshmallow sauce. Everyone wants to try a bit of his, but he Does Not Share frozen yogurt.

Floyd Talbert: Strawberry, every single time. Refuses to experiment because “I know what I like”. He’ll add gummy bears just because he thinks they’re adorable, and loves maraschino cherries.