too many feels

It was months later in that same bedroom, Laura snuffled into her side, when she found out that Laura had nightmares. […] She woke to tears and fists clutched tighter to her fur than ever before. Laura’s face buried in her neck and small words whispered against her skin, “You’re here. You’re here. You’re here.”

Wishing On Imaginary Stars by the lovely @ariabauer

I swore to myself never to draw comics again because ugh I suck at it tremendously, but since @takemetolurch and I started this whole thing, and Aria killed us with feels…….here we go again.

ahhhhHHH I haven’t done the Ashbringer questline yet but I needed to use the target dummies so I ported to the paladin class hall and I’m just SO UNEXPECTEDLY OVERWHELMED WITH PALADIN FEELS RIGHT NOW 

I’ve seen pictures of this place but actually standing in here IT’S ALL SO BEAUTIFUL everything seems WARM AND COMFORTABLE



This hall is already so much better than anything I experienced in WoD I’m just so happy to be here in this beautiful place surrounded by all these familiar characters IM JUST SO GLAD

A collage of older (updated) and newer sketches featuring the Eighth Doctor and one of his first and dearest traveling companions, Charley Pollard.  Bottom right is lonely and wounded “Dark Eyes” era Eight, who could so desperately have used a hug from Charley if she’d been there….  Whoops, made myself cry again.  Colored version of the middle one HERE

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