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Murata stream update: the arrival of an egg so amazing it brings you to tears :’)

EXO as people in a group chat.
  • Xiumin: Leaves everyone on read.
  • Luhan: Sends pictures of his cat.
  • Kris: Asks for fashion advice. Doesn't take it.
  • Suho: Sends EVERY lame joke he finds. No one is amused. Only reason he's still in the group is because he's group admin.
  • Lay: Never online. Always confused what the conversation is about.
  • Baekhyun: Recounts every stupid thing he's done. Ever.
  • Chen: Speaks entirely in memes. CAP LOCKS.
  • Chanyeol: Too many emojis.
  • D.O: Kind of just stalks the conversation. Only comes out from hiding when someone points out he's just reading.
  • Tao: Comes online occasionally to talk shit about someone.
  • Kai: Always complaining that he's hungry.
  • Sehun: Sends pictures of his dog.
Happy (A Boyf Riends One-Shot)

Notes: I spent FOREVER on this. And I know it’s very clunky at parts. But I hope you enjoy this.


Michael always thought that you should be happy with yourself and who you are. Who cared what other people thought? As long as you, yourself, was happy. Why the hell did it matter?

Which he knew that this kind of out-look on life wasn’t shared by his best friend. But Michael understood. It’s easy to see what others think and ignore yourself. That didn’t mean that Michael didn’t try to change that.

So what? They were losers. Weren’t well liked, weren’t popular. To Michael he was just happy to be himself and to have Jeremy. Jeremy was the best person in the world. Michael knew that the day that Jeremy defended him all those years ago.

Michael could always be himself around Jeremy. That he could tell Jeremy anything. Jeremy didn’t care that Michael was living by himself, that he was gay, or that he was Filipino. So in turn, Michael accepted himself.

But when Jeremy fell out of the formula, Michael didn’t expect that the equation would break completely.

Jeremy got what he wanted, his own formula, the squib. Jeremy had gotten what he wanted. And Michael couldn’t lie with the fact that he was glad that Jeremy was happy.

Jeremy was better off without him? So be it. Michael could live with that. Michael could live with being the loser. But as the days went on. He would periodically check his phones for texts. Weeks, he would somehow show up to his house after school before turning back. Months of him just trying to TALK TO-

So, it turns out being the loser wasn’t as great without someone being one with you. Michael always considered himself lucky to have a friend as cool as Jeremy. But it looked like that luck ran out for him.

It always seemed to do that.

Now, Michael doing research wasn’t because he thought Jeremy would come back to him. Well, mostly. He knew Jeremy was changing himself. To be chill. And those moments when Jeremy looked like a single bit like himself, there would be a second of shock. Then Jeremy would be sitting straighter, voice lowering, and barely have his eyes open. Not giving a care about the world around him.

He also began to notice Jeremy not eating as much as he used to. Sure, Michael was barely at lunch or the rest of the day anymore (spending it at 7/11 rather than sitting next to a lab partner who ignored you sounded a lot better). But was it possible for Jeremy to get any skinner than he was?

So it started with just asking once, curiously, cautiously, on a server. But then it grew, the stories, the news articles. It was all there. No more bullshitting. Michael didn’t care anymore about having his best friend back. He just wanted him ALIVE AND-

Well, it never seems to work that way. Sneaking to the party? Easy. But talking to Jeremy again was the hardest thing he had to do. And no preparation could’ve helped him with what happened.

“Get out of my way.”

“Or what?”

“Move out of my way. Loser.”


With a capital L.

A title.

He was no longer Michael, no longer His Favorite Person, no longer Player One.


Michael used to always think you should be happy with yourself. But what was even the point if not even your best friend liked you anymore?

He wished that he burned along with the house.

He wished that the firefighters hadn’t find him.

He wished that Jeremy would’ve came to see if he was even alright.

If Michael died, maybe someone would give a damn.

But Michael didn’t die, but he tried. The burns covered his arms, they didn’t even look natural anymore. It didn’t really matter though, his arms were already ugly enough before.

But he was surprised to see Rich at the hospital the day that Michael was allowed to go home. Rich was a mess. He looked around nervously, his body tensing several times a minute, despite being in a full cast. Michael could see all the pain in his eyes, his face.

Michael then remembered his Mountain Dew Red, the one he had brought with him to the party. For Jeremy. Still in his pocket.

He remembered walking in, Rich looking at him with panic in his eyes. Michael took off the cap.

“Rich, I know it’s hard for you right now. But I NEED you to swallow this.” Michael said. Rich looked at the bottle, and nodded frantically.

Michael slowly poured the soda into Rich’s mouth. He knew he needed more based on how long he had his Squip. Drinking half the bottle, before his head snapping down. Michael almost freaking out when Rich let out a huge yell. He backed away as nurses came to check on him, taking this as his opportunity to leave.

Michael hoped Jeremy wouldn’t end up like that.

Michael didn’t care for the medicine they gave him. Let his arms rot. It’s nothing compared to what he feels already. It didn’t really matter anyway.

It turns out that no one knew that it was him who was left in the house that night. More people were focused on Rich and about him not being drunk when he set the place on fire. Really, Michael didn’t give them a reason to notice. He showed up to school that next Monday morning, big red hoodie covering his new burns. Jeremy didn’t spare him even a look. Michael didn’t know if he was relieved or disappointed.

But somehow despite his ignorance to his medicine, they already healed within two weeks. Well, healed to be scars a color paling to his skin that he knew would be there forever. But as he stared at his horrid limbs, he saw the almost ruined pacman tattoo. He was surprised to even see it intact. But faded, and holes in the yellow face.

Michael knew that Jeremy always wore those long sleeves to cover his half. Who knows, he might’ve gotten it removed by now. Michael wouldn’t be surprised. It was all just pointless now. The tattoo, the video games, their friendship, his silly little-

No. It was all worthless. Worthless to Jeremy. Worthless to him. So worthless… y'know? Michael was tired of looking at it, his arms were damaged enough anyway. While he was at it, needed to burn some stuff too.

But Michael didn’t expect to see Jeremy’s dad. He didn’t know how he knew but he just, he had to get rid of it, rid of all of it. Rid of all the memories, the emotions, the feelings. He had to get rid of-


God, Michael just knew that he loved that boy more he could ever love himself. He had to get up, get his pants on. He knew that maybe Jeremy would never feel the same. But Michael had to support him.

Michael kept one new bottle of Mountain Dew Red with him. Even as he walked into the auditorium, sitting in the front row. Michael wasn’t looking forward to him trying to talk to Jeremy again after the show. But he was excited to see Jeremy in the show. He bet Jeremy would be great. This was pretty good for a school play.

Too good.


Before Michael had time to think about what he was doing, he got out of his seat and ran to one of the doors that led backstage. He couldn’t help but shout to his appearance, was he high? Maybe. But Jeremy’s face and hearing his own name on Jeremy’s lips. Made Michael the happiest he had been in months.

But Michael didn’t expect Jeremy to run after him. He thought he was gonna get one of Jeremy’s special hugs that Michael hadn’t had in so long and-

“Look out!” He heard Jeremy yell. He snapped out of his thoughts as he moved to see that Jeremy was trying to push him.

“Dude! What the hell?” Michael questioned.

“It’s my Squip dude!” Michael didn’t know how happy hearing the word ‘dude’ could make him.

“What do you want me to do?” Michael asked.

“Get me to drink it! Force it!” Jeremy yelled coming closer. His walk, however, was powerful unlike Jeremy. The way Jeremy’s body held himself scared Michael to taking a step back. But Jeremy grabbed his arm. Michael winced, almost dropping the bottle, pain shooting up him as Jeremy’s hand held him in tight grip.

“Michael? What’s wro-” but suddenly Jeremy’s face stopped. It was his face, but Jeremy wasn’t there. This face was confident, sneaky, and not anyone Michael had seen before.

“So, it was you. I had my suspicions, but best friend killing himself over a fight? A little cliche if you ask me.” The voice, it wasn’t Jeremy’s. Michael almost had tears coming out from the pain he was in.

“Y-you bastard.” Michael muttered.

“Imma cut you a deal. If you drop that bottle, I’ll give you what you want. Everything you wish for.” The voice said.

“W-wish?” Michael asked.

“Ah, Michael, Michael. Don’t think I didn’t notice. I may have had Jeremy blocking you, but I could see it. You love him.” Michael didn’t say anything, he needed to focus.

“I can give him to you.” Focus. Pull away, you need to save him-

“Michael.” Suddenly, everything was frozen. It was his voice. In that tone that Jeremy used when he talked about-

“Michael.” His face, so relaxed. So happy to be here. With him. The grip on his arm loosing. Another hand coming up to his face.

“Mikey, I…” That nickname, he hadn’t used it since they were kids! He didn’t know that he missed it so much!-

“I love you.” God. I was like everything Michael hoped for. Wanted. Dreamed.

“Jer…” Michael didn’t notice the many tears streaming down his face.

“Put the bottle down Michael… lets go get stoned in your basement!” He smiled, his grin… it was… off. It wasn’t as big. His eyes, almost too green and not enough blue. His hand on his cheek not having the slightest of shakiness.

This. Wasn’t Jeremy.

And it broke Michael’s heart in more ways than one.

“Mikey…?” It sounded so confused and worried…

Michael brought his hand to Jeremy’s. Held it, trying to memorize the feeling. It warmth. “I’m so sorry Jer-Bear… God, you almost lost me.”


But before anyone knew it, Michael twisted the cap off took Jeremy by the neck and put the bottle to his lips. Michael stared forcefully into Jeremy’s eyes.

“Jeremy! If you can hear me!! Swallow it!!!” He felt Jeremy’s hands take his arm again. Squeezing it tightly as Michael let out a yell of pain.

“Jer!! C'mon!! I know you are in there! Snap out of it!!!!” Jeremy’s eyes for that slight second flickered blue as he heard Jeremy swallow, then going limp.

Taking the bottle from his lips. Both of them collapsing, Jeremy on top of Michael. Then, Jeremy shooting straight up, and like many other students letting off a scream. All Michael do was hold Jeremy close before the ambulance came to get him.

The couple of days that Jeremy was in the hospital, Michael didn’t want to see him. All the guilt. God, he almost let everyone get Squipped because of his silly little crush.

God, he didn’t deserve to live.

But his legs carried him to his room anyway. To see him. He wanted to hold that hand again. But he couldn’t. Jeremy, Squiped or not, had a better life without him. But the one day that Jeremy woke up, Michael couldn’t resist coming over.

“Dude, what happened?” Jeremy asked.

What happened indeed, Michael needed to skip that part. “Oh man, it was genius! They were communicating with each other - they were linked! Which means… when you consider the kind of high frequency sonic disturbance needed to wipe a system that powerful…”

“Michael. My head still hurts.” Oh. Maybe not that much detail.

“Right, ah… turns out we didn’t have to destroy every Squip. Just the one. And the rest… boom boom boom!” Michael said imitating explosions. Hoping to make Jeremy at least smile.

Jeremy didn’t, he looked at Michael with a confused look that made Michael question if he was remembering what happened.

“I don’t get it. After everything I did…” Michael’s hand immediately went to his arm to rub it softly. He could still feel each scar through his sweater. “You were still there for me. Why?”

Because I love you.

“I can’t take all the credit.” Michael forced himself to say. “Your dad can be shockingly persuasive.”

“My dad?”

Michael was glad to see Jeremy’s dad wearing pants. Having a serious discussion with his son until…

“… Who is this Christine person?”

Right. Christine.

The one, Jeremy, he…


“H-hey Jer? M-Mr. Heere? I g-gotta go.”

“What? Where?” Jeremy asked, surprised.

Michael took a deep breath, and gave a smile. “I’ll see you later Jer.” And walked out before anyone could stop him.

Michael was surprised on how easily the school could fix itself. How just a week later, it was like nothing ever happened. Sometimes Michael wished he could do that.

And he could, he had to. This is Jeremy’s first day back. Just be Michael Mell.

“Michael!” He turned to see him, Jeremy wearing his favorite sweater and shirt. It made Michael very happy inside.

“Jeremy! My man, how you feeling?” Michael asked. The way that Jeremy’s face lit up, Michael knew he must’ve been doing something right.

And he was.

They were friends again. And it was like nothing changed. Well, almost. Jeremy still liked to hangout with the cool kids. Which was fine, Jeremy was not on the bottom anymore. Michael was happy about that. But he couldn’t deny that he was much happier with the fact that Jeremy mostly just spent time with him. Like when they decided to play video games almost every day after school.

“And I think Brooke and Chole are thing? I don’t really know.” Jeremy did like to talk about the cool kids. Michael didn’t really mind… but he just didn’t know what to say about it.

“Then… um… go ask if they are dating? Or ask Jake and Rich? I don’t know what to tell you dude.” Michael said.

“I guess you are right. But, I don’t wanna be rude.” Jeremy being nervous was a welcoming sight for Michael. He was glad that he was back to normal.

“C'mon dude, they’re your friends. I’m sure they’ll understand.” Michael said putting a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder in comfort. Jeremy smiled his small smile that made Michael’s heart beat slightly faster.

“Hey, there having this celebration that Rich is finally getting out of the hospital. Wanna come?” Jeremy asked.

Michael pulled his arm back, and turned to pick up a controller. “I don’t know Jer, I not really friends with them.” He shrugged.

“Rich likes you. He… said that you helped him.” Jeremy said.

“Oh…” Michael remembered the memory coming back. “Yeah, it was the least I could do. I had a bottle on me and-”

“Why were you at the hospital?” Jeremy asked, he seemed nervous to ask. As if this was something he was meaning to ask before.

“I… was just…” Michael tried to find some excuse.

“Michael…” Jeremy said.

It was almost like when he said it when-

“Was what the Squip said true?” Michael froze. The controller going ridged in his hands.

“Y-you remember that?” He asked.

“Michael.” No, he couldn’t get distracted, he had to…

“J-jer, I was j-just there. I helped him out. E-end of story.”

“Mikey…” Michael felt himself freeze again.

“D-don’t use t-that name against me J-jer. D-don’t.” Michael said as he put the controller down with shaky hands. He then stood up from the bean bag.

“I’ll g-go get s-some food ok?”

“Michael, no.” Suddenly Jeremy stood up and grabbed his arm. It wasn’t tight, but Michael still let out a hiss mixed of the slight pain and surprise.

“Michael? What happened? What aren’t you telling me?!” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy, it’s not your problem. It’s just my stupid-” but before Michael could say more, Jeremy lifted the sleeve of his hoodie and-

“Oh god.” He only lifted it to his elbow. But you could clearly see the damage.

The scars from the fire and the scars from his pocket knife that he kept now in his room. Jeremy gently held his arm.

“Please tell me that this… is the worse of it.” Jeremy pleaded. God he was so innocent. Taking his left arm, no. That was the one that didn’t have…

Michael’s tears then leaked out. Man, was he that weak? To hurt himself just because his best friend called him a… a…

“You remember… they mentioned someone being in the house… after the…”

“Michael, you didn’t-”

Michael looked to the floor.

“Michael, tell me the Squip was lying! Y-you were locked in there! Y-you weren’t t-trying to…”

Michael swallowed.

“Oh god Michael.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What the hell do you have to sorry for!?” Jeremy looked into Michael’s eyes. Tears spilling out, if only Michael had just-

“God damn it, this is all my fault!” Jeremy said, looking to his arm.

“Jeremy, it was my-”

“Let me see the rest of them.”

Michael held a breath, but knew he couldn’t deny the request.

Michael took his arm away from Jeremy, to zip down his red hoodie to reveal only a black tank top. Taking off his hoodie.

Now Michael couldn’t deny his slightly muscled arms. But that didn’t matter, they were destroyed with the pale scars that now decorated his body. And the darker scars that more towards his wrist. He held them out to his best friend for 12 years. He looked to the ground, nor bearing with the look that Jeremy probably had on his face.

Michael felt Jeremy’s warm hands caress his right arm. He knew that he wouldn’t find what he was looking for. All that was left would be the bits of yellow of what pacman used to be.

He the warmth disappear but could feel Jeremy walk between his arms until Michael could see Jeremy’s shoes only a couple inches from his. He then felt a warm hand on his cheek. He brought his eyes to Jeremy’s face as Jeremy’s other hand grabbed his hand.

Michael still had tears streaming down his cheeks to his neck, but Jeremy didn’t seem to care.

“I’m sorry.” Jeremy whispered.

“It was my mistake Jer, I did this to myself.” Michael said quietly. Bringing his other hand to where Jeremy’s was. Holding it.

“But I called you a-”

“Don’t say it. Please.”


“But, I’m sorry.” Michael said.

“What could you even be sorry for?” Jeremy asked with a hallow chuckle.

“I almost… dropped the soda Jer. I almost caused the freaking apocalypse.” Michael took a deep breath. “Just because he was saying all those things.”


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I-I thought it was so easy-”

“Why would you ever think that?!” Michael gripped Jeremy’s hands slightly. “You calling me that, in the same voice that you use when you talk about…”


“Christine.” Jeremy was silent. “Jeremy I couldn’t handle it, I would’ve done it. Believed him. Saying that I could have you. God… I’m so selfish. You even said that you…”


“You said that you loved me.” Michael whispered. “I could’ve thrown everything away just because you said that. God Jer. I’m so pathetic.” He loosened his hold so he could pull his hand away.

“No! You’re not.” Jeremy said, gripping his hand even tighter. “I almost just let him take over me. Because he made you so happy…”

“No… it was never him. The moment I realize led it was when he smiled. It wasn’t you. And… I just couldn’t live with it.” Michael said, looking into Jeremy’s blue, so blue eyes. “I couldn’t live without you.”

Jeremy didn’t say anything as he stared back at him. But before Michael could say anything else. Jeremy pushes likely to his toes to reach his lips.

Michael was surprised, but closed his eyes to enjoy the sweet moment.

But a moment became more as Jeremy moved his hands to his neck and opened his mouth slightly. Michael bringing his arms around Jeremy’s back, bringing him closer.

It was everything Michael dreamed of and more, he didn’t want to pull away just in case this was some cheap prank. It didn’t matter that his big glasses were pinching to his face, but that Jeremy was sucking on his bottom lip, letting out tiny moans, and playing with Michael’s hair.

But soon enough, Jeremy pulled away. Michael didn’t know how out-of-breath he was until it ended. Almost gasping for air. But it looked like Jeremy felt the same way.

“Michael… Mikey…” Jeremy chuckled. “I thought you hated that nickname.”

“No, it was just that other kids…”

“Hey. I get it.” He smiled, “I can’t live without you either. I’m sorry it took me forever to realize that.”

“Well, it looks like you’ll have forever to make it up to me.” Michael said, slightly pulling Jeremy closer.

“That I do.” And smashed there lips together again.

Michael wasn’t happy with himself, and it would take a long time for him to be. He cared about what people thought. But who cares? As long as Jeremy was there. Why the hell did it matter?


→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 3,182
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: none in this part
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: So, yeah… here’s the now official part 2! I’m really sorry for the delay, but I hope you’ll like it! :)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


━ 12:03pm
It must be because I’m very tired
But ur still hilarious
Night lol

With a heavy sigh, you lean back in your seat, a blush creeping up your cheeks at the realization you probably crossed a line or something with those messages you sent to him on Saturday night. You’d prayed throughout the whole day after you’d get a reply, and when that didn’t happen you’d checked your phone every twenty minutes on Monday and today every time your phone buzzed. It’s kinda lame.

Really, you have no actual reason to be this upset about it.

“Joonie asked me about you today in class”, Jeongyeon says when your professor seems to still be too busy shuffling through his papers to give a damn about what’s going on in his class.

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Fool’s Gold | Chapter 1 | Harry Styles PT AU


Story Page Here

Listen to Here I am Tom Odell
Here I am
Running up the seventh floor
Knocking the eleventh door
I'mma sick of trying

Word Count 6.4k

‘Who’s that?’ Niall asked nonchalantly his eyes still fixed to the screen along with everyone else. Apart from Frankie, the girl Niall had been happily calling his girlfriend for around six months, not a single person looked up to her from the screen. Olivia caught Frankie’s eye as she was giving Niall her ‘are you serious’ look and they shared a knowing smile and eye roll before Olivia walked towards the door. She kicked her jogging bottoms down her ankles, the elastic had ridden up where she’d been sat cross legged and it rested uncomfortably as she walked. She took another bite of the pizza slice in her hand as she pulled the door open, expecting some telesales person that she could fob of with a confused a look and an ‘I don’t understand’ in some undeterminable accent.

‘Harry.’ Olivia spluttered with a mouthful of pizza - ever the lady. She cleared her throat and swallowed the pizza, half chewed and scratching her throat a little as it went down. ‘Thought you weren’t back until tomorrow?’ Olivia grinned widely at his surprise appearance. Harry had been away for three weeks, in America, some convention thing that he went to every year and every year came back with crazy training ideas. He was in typical Harry attire. Too skinny black jeans that didn’t leave anything to the imagination, a white t-shirt, a little see through, and brown scuffed boots. You wouldn’t think he’d recently been on an eleven hour flight or that he was a personal trainer.

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only you

soma week day 5: you make me strong. please accept this canon-verse fluff offering of mine, along with something @soundofez is drawing, too! find it here

It’s Wednesday night and she’s never been this late. Moving through the snowy stillness to meet him at the halfway point between the lab and the dormitory, wearing layers of his thermal shirt and leggings (“they’re pants, Maka, pants”) underneath her suit, it all comes together. Maka finally understands what it meant when he followed her to Antarctica. Though none of it catches her unawares, she’s brought to a stop by both the clear thought and the sight of Soul a little ways ahead, waiting for her in the cold, looking up at the starry sky.  

Maka had always thought she would have to go to the ends of the world to find her soulmate, and now that she has, she hasn’t met anyone - she’s not sure she believes in those anyway, but the thought lurks in the back of her head. Of course, she hadn’t come here with the intention of finding her other half (she’s already whole, already whole.) Research had beckoned her, and Soul had tagged along, because – because, he had said, shrugging, and Maka had been fascinated with how his lips curled around the spoonful of ice cream he had stolen from her lax grip after she had announced the decision.


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MONSTA X Bodyguard Jooheon 'Salt and Iron'

anon asked: bodyguard drabble expansion for my baby joohoney pls? 😍 thank you!

A/N: Hi honey! I hope you like it. ^^ WARNING: Brief descriptions of violence.

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I did here.

On the surface, Jooheon seemed like a great guard. He possessed the stony exterior, the cold hard look in his eyes. But it wasn’t long before you recognized it was all posturing, that the tough front hid a tender heart. Although he knew all the tricks of the trade and was impressively proficient, there was a huge difference between being protective and aggressive. And in that gap lie the opportunity to get him killed. 

So you figured maybe bodyguard work wasn’t for him. There was no reason to lose someone as talented as he was, so you made him an aide. Your right hand man so to speak. When you explained the change in position he looked dismayed, like he’d failed. 

Not unkindly, you explained yourself. “Jooheon. You’re not cut out for that kind of work. I mean, even bugs scare you. Why did you want to be a guard anyway?”

Embarrassed he ducked his head. “My dad. He thought it would toughen me up.”

“Toughness doesn’t have anything to do with violence. C’mon, I’ll show you what I need and you’ll be too busy to feel bad.”

And he was. Over the next year the two of you were together day and night. He pretty much became indispensable. All the energy he’d poured into being a guard now went toward helping you. Long hours led to meals shared and stories told. Sometimes it felt like the only one you could really be yourself with was him. It just felt good to be around him.

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Hello everyone! Cap here with a little special something for y’all to entertain you during the blooming month of May! 

Perhaps you’re like me and you don’t just have ONE favourite senpai/sensei in our lovely cast of boys! Maybe there’s two or even three you find yourself swooning over. If only you could smoosh together your favourite traits of em to make yourself the perfect man!

Well allow me to help you in that endeavor!


I will be accepting requests of SENPAI FUSIONS!

Send an ask in to our askbox starting with the words “Dear Captain” so we can categorize the requests for this event. Send me your requests for what two or even three senpais you’d love to see merged into one beautiful boy and I’ll make your dream happen!!

Alongside a lovely portrait of the new senpai there will also be a lil write up of just what kind of person the new assembly of boys will become!

I will be doing this event for the entirety of May so feel free to send in your requests to our askbox and I will be doing every single one! (so long as its not a repeat or too many senpais in one fusion) This event ends May 31st, 11:59pm EST where I will not be accepting any more suggestions but will complete any leftover requests until they’re gone!

I’m excited to see the interesting groupings you come up with!

-Cap owo>

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11 🎊 Well someone’s had their weetabix today lol!!! My 11 blog recs are:

🎊 @plumfondler - Her Sebastian Stan smut is the best, if you haven’t read Co-Stars then you definately need to catch up!

🎊 @mysaria - A wonderful person with a beautiful blog 💕

🎊 @gingerpeters - If I had enough self control to just post Evan Peters & cute cats then my blog would still be a pale imitation of her wonderful blog 😍

🎊 @always-an-evans-addict - Because I’m Team Cap for life 💕

🎊 @nerdimagines - I love her naughty headcannons for sooo many fandoms 😄

🎊 @marvel-lucy - Because even if she doesn’t like her writing, I love it and I’m sure you will too. 💕

🎊 @edwxrdmott - An absolute darling who definately doesn’t deserve all those shitty anons. How can they look at Evan and still send hate, fools!

🎊 @ahs-thetic - One of my favourite AHS blogs who’s work definately needs more love 💕

🎊 @angryschnauzer - Bucky x reader x nutella. Nuff said!

🎊 @saberghatz - My absolute favourite fan artist, very nsfw!

🎊 @lehnsherrcharles - Because I have so many Cherik feels 😭

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what did that spanish manga cap of majin vegeta say i gotta know


This one?

“Trunks, take good care of mom“.

It surprised me because, if I recall correctly, in the show (in the Spanish dub from Spain) he said he trusted him to take care of Bulma, which is more “formal“. I admit I never read the DB or DBZ manga at the time, I only watched the TV show, and Vegeta saying “mamá“ (mom) is really sweet to me…

*grabs box of tissues*

Originally posted by neogohann


Apparently what I wanted to do today after putting up an askwsbucky comic was … to draw another mini-comic.  orz

After that recent talk about Nat, I really wanted to draw Nat with her support network.  Because Bucky isn’t the only ex-soviet-assassin with nightmares.

(Too lazy to draw backgrounds but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

The Russian is Google-translated, so please tell me what I should fix!  [ETA: Thank you ladyowlett for fixing the translations!!]  In order, they are:

  • “Natasha?"  "Is she the target?”
  • “Where are my other guns?”
  • “Who?”
  • “Thanks.”

I’d like to think that in moments like this, both Clint and Bucky know not to address her by name – she’s had too many, and saying the wrong one might trigger something.

For previous Nat comics: Nat and Pepper, Nat and Steve, Nat and Clint (and Steve), Nat and Bucky [1] [2],and a cuddlepile

[Or you can check out my “spent too much time drawing Cap comics” master post for all the rest of it.]

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😰 (and you can't say Scott), 😦 , 😨

😰  - Anon Beatcha. XD

😨 -  how many roleplay blogs have you had active at once?

Gonna answer this one before the other. XD On Tumblr? 2. Alan and Virgil. I first took up Virgil on the side to sorta do some more prosey rp that the previous main Virgil-mun didn’t really feel up to, but yeah. Stuff happened. Basically. XDDD I still have my Alan account, but it’s fairly dormant now. lmao

Now… back in the golden era of RP on Livejournal, oh gosh… on my main game I had like.. to the cap of 10… then several on the island rp… and couple others here and there… uh. TOO MANY. Which is why I did scale back progressively. 

And now I’m not journal rping at all right now. Which is very strange. (One these days I might try again… I miss some of my old muses and stuff. DW is a very different rp experience. Multifandom jamjars galore! It’s can be a blast with the right group.)

😦 - what has been your worst roleplay experience?

Man… it’s been a heck of a long time since I first alluded to it. I didn’t think I could talk about it then… but.. man, it’s been 9 months since that post, so… YOLO.

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pimpastro  asked:

So, tell me, what are you thoughts on my placements :) Gem rising, Cap sun, Scorpio Moon/Mars, Venus Pisces, Mercury Aqua, Scorpio/Jup dominant Grassy ass mi armor 🌚💗

Alright of course but like can we talk about that… grassy ass…. I cracked up on that one way too much forgive me pls

Your gemini rising would make my virgo one really freaking happy because of our mercury vibe, also….. I don’t know how many times I’ve said this (and I’m sorry) but capricorns are just mesmerizing to me, I feel so attracted to them even though I feel like they never like me idc I LOVE U :“(((
moving on. (I feel like these get longer each time I answer but who’s gonna read this anyway so why not just go for it)
Your scorpio moon would make me…. want to get to know you more, which would certainly be a problem because ain’t nobody got time for opening up to me, I feel like I would really feel the attraction on the sexual level though, since I’m venus in the 12th house and you’re a piscean venus that would make me fall for you even harder - also your mars!!!! So I’d definitely go for Fuck


So I did the thing and finally graduated :) finished at 21 with a Degree in Construction Engineering and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I’ll still say I don’t know what I’m doing but I have a degree now!

Feels great to finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an engineer, a bunch of us also wore custom hard hats to graduation too instead of the normal caps!

I’m fortunate to have been working for a very good company already for 2 years and I’ve transitioned to full time this week, and I look forward to many more years here. One life achievement down, many more to go!

thegarnet  asked:

17 and jeffmads

Jeffmads + Time

Sorry, I am the world’s slowest writer.


Two months until Thomas returns from France.

The time can’t go quickly enough. James has a calendar with the day of his return circled in bright red. He crosses off each day as it passes by. They Skype almost every day; Thomas tells him about everything—the sights, the food, the pretty girls (“but I only have eyes for you, babe”). They miss each other so much. He doesn’t know how he’s going to be able to handle an entire two months apart.

Six weeks until Thomas returns from France.

James is a little ashamed to admit it, but he beginning to not mind the distance so much. The apartment is finally clean, thank god, he has lots of time to himself to do whatever he wants—whether it’s reading, or listening to music with the volume on full blast, or taking up both halves of the bed when he’s sleeping, or whatever else. And the best part? He hasn’t had mac and cheese from the box once in two whole weeks.

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there are times that he thinks
the boy with the lightning feet
and secrets in his chest
and lies on his tongue
like ammunition
ready to fire
was a warning sign
he had seen
way too many times before

he had seen him
in the shine of caution tape and
the carve of skull and crossbones and
the click of childproof caps and
the beauty in various other forms
of telling people to
before they get hurt

there are other times
that he doesn’t think at all
and the drugs numb his thoughts
and he hates it, loathes it
how dare something so
feel so out of reach

but one time he reaches
and finds one other outstretched hand
their fingers entangle
along with the heat of cigarettes on the roof
and the comfort of keys fitting inside palms
and the safety of ‘yes or no?’
and the beauty in various other forms
of finding
in each other

(and he thought perhaps he liked it.)