too many feelings about this ship

Why do I always get more gratification from ships that go from “I fucking loathe you” to “hey maybe they’re not so bad I guess they have some redeeming qualities” to “holy shit this is my person” more than regular ships why is this trope so appealing to me

Send an emoji for your feelings towards OUR muses || Shipping Edition

❤️ - Our muse’s ship is one of my favorites.
💛 - I enjoy any/all interactions may be it harmful or fluffy between our muses.
💚 - I get jealous of other muses who get to ship with you.
💙 - I cant get enough of our ship! I hope you feel the same.
💜 - Could you send me more ship-related content sometime? Angsty or fluffy idc!
❣ - Is it okay if we do more than 1 smut thread?
💕 - I have too many feels for our ship I cant even!!!
💘 - This is my most favorite ship. Hands down.
💝 - Headcanon 5 things about our ship, please? C:
🎀 - You’re my favorite ship parter. I’m grateful for you.
<3 - How does your muse truly feel about mine?
✨ - I’m always enthralled with your shipping plots/scenarios. Mind headcanon-ing more? :)
🌟 - Your muse is the light of my muse’s life.
💫 - I hope this ship lasts for a long time.
💔 - I kind of don’t want to ship anymore. :(
🌹 - Can we start shipping again?
🌸 - Can you draw our muses together?

Percy, who’s been in chains and dungeons too many times already, making the connection to look for someone in the hold of the ship. 

Percy, who can’t get the keys to work, shouting through the earring about the person there, hoping that someone else will be able to get them out (he’s never been good with locks. That was always Cassandra. And Vax.)

The rest of Vox Machina, having fought dragons, but also having seen dungeons and captives and doing everything they can to save this mysterious soul, based on Percy’s plea. 

Keyleth, disreagarding the sinking of the ship to clear a path to the hold.

Vax, diving into the depths of the ship without hesitation, finding the lock and picking it in record time, pulling the prisoner from the cage.

Percy, seeing Keyleth begin to fall and catching her, going down together (or not at all).

Vax, former-prisoner in arms, dropping them off with his sister before swooping back out to grab his girlfriend and friend from the sea…

I just really love them all and how they work together, alright?

The Iwaoi Gap Seat

Can we just talk about this? Can we talk about how they (well, Iwaizumi in this case) deliberately made it a point to sit a seat away from Oikawa? This reaffirms so many Iwaoi headcanons of mine. Particularly the ones where they’re so cripplingly self-conscious of their feelings for each other. The ones where they’re too scared to breathe a word about it. The ones where they fumble and try to distance themselves because they’re terrified of shattering what they already have and obviously hold very dear.

Honestly though, no one else in the show is afraid to sit next to each other. Just take a look at this.

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TF2 Fanfic: The Apple and The Tree

Have a very short sad thing because I have a lot of feelings about the comic. No ships unless you want there to be.

Debris crunched and scattered beneath Sniper’s boots as he made his way outside. He strolled past the door, out towards the old covered bridge between the bases. Much of the top had been destroyed, but it was still in tact. Everything was a mess. Mann’s robots had torn the place to pieces, and it would take months to rebuild. For the moment, everyone was just glad it was over.

“How did you find me?” a voice asked, drowning out the sound of his heels clunking against the wood planks.

The question was finished just before a haze of reddish smoke billowed out of thin air, slowly taking form.

“Even if I couldn’t just follow the smell of your cigarettes easier than a prized huntin’ hound, I think we’ve known each other long enough. I know your preferred haunts, Spook.”

Spy let out an exasperated sigh. “What do you want, bushman.”

Rather than reply, Sniper moved up to stand beside his friend. When Spy did not grumble and walk away, he took it for a good sign. He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a battered cigarette carton. “Want one? I still owe ya.”

As expected, he was met with a disdainful look and a raised eyebrow. “I have my own, thank you,” he said tightly.

Shrugging, Sniper tapped out a smoke and exchanged the carton for his lighter. What possessed the Frenchman to need cigarettes that cost over two dollars each was beyond him.

“You doin’ okay?” he asked, words slurred around the cigarette he was trying to light.

“Oui, I’m splendid. Is that all?”

Sniper had anticipated the snideness, too. Spy was a pain, always had been. He sighed and leaned on the railing to take a long drag from his cigarette. “Y'know I saw me folks when I died.”

The man beside him remained motionless and disinterested. “Good for you.”

“Yeah. Y'know, it was. ‘Cause it don’t matter if I was adopted, they’re the ones who cared.” He chanced a sidelong glance at Spy, who was still feigning disinterest. “So in the end, it don’t matter they never told me the truth. I forgive 'em.”

Spy bristled. “What are you getting at, Mundy?”

“I think y'know damn well what I’m sayin’.” He let a long cloud of smoke pass his lips, staring through the haze at the water below.

“…I gave him what he wanted.”

“I know ya did. And I think he knows that,” Sniper said.

At last the Frenchman turned to him, his eyes just a bit wider, nervous even. “Excusé-moi?”

Sniper straightened back up to meet his gaze. “Look I know he ain’t Engineer or anythin’, but the apple didn’t fall that far from the tree, mate. Kid ain’t stupid.”

“I know that. What’s your point?”

“I’m sayin’ it ain’t too late, all right? He don’t really believe Tom Jones is his dad,” Sniper insisted. “You gave him a nice illusion for his death bed, but if you’re regrettin’ it now, do somethin’ about it!”

For several long seconds, Spy just stared at him. Maybe, just maybe, he was actually considering what Sniper had to say for a change. Deep down, Scout had to know the truth. All he was waiting for was for the stubborn French prick to grow a spine and tell him to his face.

Just as Spy seemed to soften, the walls flew black up. “You were just hallucinating, Sniper. Not a one of us is going to Heaven.”

An ENTJ’s take on INFJs as friends (for the funsies)

based off of personal experience

- Feelings™
- why so many hugs
- huge fucking nerd
- cinnamon roll
- hits me with school supplies when I say something too sarcastic and mean or when I hit on her
- people ship us for some weird reasons
- I have to protect her from the big kids
- weird screeches for days
- Ni stare™
- “go say hi to *random person*” said with a creepy voice
- needs to vent about fiction
- I had to block her multiple times to avoid spoilers
- tries her best
- becomes the victim of trolling (ENTP is my accomplice)
- Mom Friend™
- overanalyzes everything
- casual cuddles
- gets scared easily and I have to be a human shield

Please stop...

I’ve seen countless posts in this fandom portraying the straights as the bad guys. “The straights say it’s platonic love”, “In your face straights” and many more. STOP, because it’s not okay!! It’s not the straights who hate on Victuuri, it’s the homophobic assholes. I have quite a few queer friends who actually aren’t quite convinced that Victuuri are in a romantic relationship . But I also have many straight friends who are genuinely happy because Victuuri is canon. Believe it or not but this is pretty offensive. YOI NEVER, not even once has it mentioned anyones sexuality in the show. Why? Because that’s not what’s important. The deep and meaningful relationship Victuuri has is important! Please, don’t post things like that because it can really hurt someone’s feelings. I’m hurt too when hardcore fanboys call queer people disgusting for shipping a male x male or female x female pairings in anime. Please don’t make this about someone’s sexuality. Thank you.
(before you get offended by this post thinking that another straight is offended, let me tell you that I’m a bisexual myself)

My opinions on Riverdale so far:

— cheryl um don’t pull a brallie this is not the fosters what is you and jason like no

— jarchie is vv cute

— jughead is my little smol bean

— where the fuck is jughead going to live now, and i feel so bad for him too

— veronica’s mom is a snake

— can archie be any hotter ???

— i love archie he’s my husband

— jenifer gibson you snake what is your deal

— jughead and betty; i mean i guess… they are sorta cute but idk about romantically… it doesn’t strike me

— veronica and archie’s kiss omg fuck me up parents

— secretly shipping josie with archie lowkey they are cute idk

— betty’s mom you snake

— there are too many snakes on Riverdale

— betty my little angel ily

Finally watched Emerald City and here are some incoherent thoughts on that

So many feels in this episode.

First of all: Lucas openly upset/mildly annoyed at Dorothy for not being more concerned about her safety because he’s literally caring for the both of them was too much.

And then that whole scene with the little girl. Who are you child??? I, too, would hug a handsome stranger upon sight, but who are you????

Also Lucas’s face was too good when Dorothy asked him to take off his clothes. Dude was probably like “I’d love to, but maybe not now???”

And don’t even get me started on the whole music.

Lucas’s reaction to music was too pure and sweet for this world. And the major heart eyes dorothy was giving him was too much (she is literally such a cinnamon roll)

And that kiss!!!! I love that this show didn’t go for the whole slow burn thing. They just went straight for it. And it was so sweet and simple. But so powerful especially with that song and then sharing ear buds. And Lucas openly saying that the moment they were sharing right then was more important to him than finding out about his past. Like his literal words just made me melt. I mean “the man I am right now is the man I want to be.” Like cmon.

And then all the snuggles were happening and they just looked so warm and together under his coat.

Ughhhhh. This ship wrecked me

i’m done re-reading the scorpio races, as per tradition every november 

and now i’m having too many feels to function properly

these stupid deadly sea horses and stupid island with its perfect aesthetic

and these stupid precious ship who love their horses and each other and the island and the sea too much

with their stupid quotes about each other like: “i will not be your weakness, sean kendrick” “it’s too late for that” and “you swallow her with your eyes. i’m surprised there’s any of her left for the rest of us to see”


i wonder if i’m going to love this book this much every single time i read it and how can go on with my life every time i finish it

anonymous asked:

are there any perks of buying wings merch directly from the BTS website? is it like packaged nicely LOL or just regularly? if not i think ill get it from like, kpoptown

honestly there’s none, when I got my army bomb 2 it’s just in a box, there’s no bubble wrap :))) it’s ok to order from other sites! you might save for shipping too ^_^

Anonymous said: I think it’s funny that ppl really think bts hand wrote their own schedule. They have management for a reason. Wouldn’t you think that, given how many foods they said they wanted to try, places they wanted to see, things they wanted to do, if they got to choose, they’d stay longer in NYC?

I guess sometimes we get used to just think about simple things or our own feelings and forget that bangtan is on a really tight schedule. And that they’re not going to places for vacation, they’re on a concert tour.

Anonymous said: for the Wings tour in other countries, BTS probably didn’t bring the live band? But they probably used the recorded band backtrack?

from what I remember they did bring the band with them

Anonymous said: Do you have an idea of when the Sydney tickets for the wings concert would be sold?

sorry I’m not seeing any info yet on this

Anonymous said: Once the tour is over will big hit sell a DVD with the concert on it?

they most definitely will ^_^


1. this is a show about riley’s life. btw in case y'all didn’t know, she’s the lead female protagonist.

2. and by the way, riley isn’t “evil” and “out to destroy your ship” with her selfish acts of trying to help out her best friend.

3. lucas/maya are not the sole purpose of this show. this isn’t some austin/ally show or whatever. sorry to let so many of y'all down.

4. riley’s feelings about lucas matter just as much as maya’s do, but hey, since y'all love to discredit riley so much, might as well discredit her feelings for lucas too. they can’t possibly be real right? of course not, she’s only in love with the idea of lucas. lol. she knows nothing about him at all. maya’s ha hurs at lucas means it’s totally #truelove.

5. riley isn’t stupid. omg “surprise surprise.” she has just as many A’s as farkle so stop with your stupid theories about how riley is a “naïve fairytale loving child.” there’s more depth to her then that if y'all just took the time to crawl out of ma-you know what, nevermind.

7. stop downplaying riley’s insecurities and overusing her perfect life+family as an excuse for riley to not to be just as broken as maya.

In class
  • What I am supposed to do: Listen to the teacher, work, learn, communicate with people
  • What I do: Read/write fanfictions, draw my OTP, make sure that other people don't see me, cry over finales, think about non-real boyfriend

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Do you think Clear and Mizuki date in this au? I think they'd be cute together! Also I hope you guys (mun too!) had a good holiday and have an amazing new year <3

[[ A/N: We don’t really have much of a headcanon in this blog aside from Ren/Aoba (true route). Since this is mainly a Koujaku/Noiz blog, I don’t get many questions about other characters. However, if you ever want to ask a question with a set ship in the background, feel free to ask! Mizuki/Clear is totally fine, but if someone else asks about Mink/Clear or any other combinations, I’ll be sure to address it if you add it in your asks. ]]