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When I was sixteen I was mortified at the very idea that fanfiction existed. I was very confused as to why people put the lyrics to entire songs in their stories and had so many grammatical errors. I’m still a bit confused about that, but now I write fanfiction too. It still feels taboo though. Really taboo. Like if someone irl finds out I write fanfic it’s like okay. Fine, whatever. Not panicking at all what’re you talking about? But the second they ask to read something? No! Abandon ship! Jump off a cliff and burn my remains!

And on the off chance anyone that’s been apart of creating what I write fanfiction about or someone I have written fanfiction about ever found my stuff I’m pretty sure I would simply explode from embarrassment, creating a huge mess. My subconscious still sees it as a shameful, embarrassing hobby that must be kept secret at all costs. And I put it right there in my blog description that I do it. Oh God please have mercy on my soul.

21 Things you learn about tumblr:

1) Tumblr is a place of social justice.

2) Rape, sexual assault, harassment, abuse, self-harm, suicide, bullying, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc… Those are to be taken very VERY seriously. It’s not something to joke about.

3) If you are racist/homophobic or close-minded like that, this isn’t a place you wanna be.

4) People here say that you must not EVER speak of tumblr outside of tumblr, and that specifically includes mentioning your url on facebook/twitter or connecting your tumblr to them. And you know what? They’re right. We come here because tumblr is that place where we can express ourselves the way we want, and in a way stay safely anonymous from our own life outside of tumblr. Here (whether by posts, reblogs or tags) we reveal more of our identities, thoughts, secrets, insecurities, moments of insanity etc… than we would ever reveal on other SNS. If you’re interested in revealing yourself so openly to your social circle of family and friends outside of tumblr, if you’re ready for it, then I won’t judge you. Go ahead.

5) There are real people behind their computers/phones on this site. Real people who can have their feelings hurt. People have enough shit to deal with in their lives so don’t be that anon hater/cyber bully and make things worse.

6) Tumblr loves animals.

7) Your “I’ll just check my dash for five minutes” will turn to five hours of scrolling and reblogging.

8) DON’T fuck with superwholock. They will come for you.

9) Supernatural has a gif for everything. Don’t even try to test them, there’s no point.

10) Gifs everywhere.

11) No one really knows how to pronounce ‘gif’

12) I like your shoelace.

13) DON’T try to take credit for something you did not do. Always give credit to the artist/photographer/blog if you repost but still, there’s a reblog option for a reason.

14) There are too many sides of tumblr to count.

15) Science side of tumblr can explain anything.

16) Fandom side of tumblr can hijack any post.


18) No one spells Benedips Cumbercumber’s name right.

19) Harry Potter is a beloved.

20) Kpop fandom are in constant ‘too many feels’ mode and are always unable to can.

21) Once you tumblr… there’s no going back.

things that are okay

  • loving villains
  • villains being your favorite characters
  • finding villains interesting
  • finding villains attractive
  • thinking that the villains are just as important as the heroes/protagonists 
  • sympathizing with villains because they express sympathetic emotions or have a sad backstory
  • wanting a redemption arc for a villain because you are an empathetic person who believes in second chances, but understanding that the villain’s previous actions are irredeemable/inexcusable
  • understanding when a redemption arc isn’t given because that character is a villain
  • not wanting a redemption arc at all because that character is a villain

things that are not okay

  • excusing villains’ actions because you think they’re attractive
  • shipping villains with someone they are harmful/abusive towards because you think they’re attractive
  • erasing other characters’ storylines because you want the villain to be redeemed and because you think they’re attractive

Why do I always get more gratification from ships that go from “I fucking loathe you” to “hey maybe they’re not so bad I guess they have some redeeming qualities” to “holy shit this is my person” more than regular ships why is this trope so appealing to me

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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I know.

Can we take a second to talk about the I love you. I know. interchange in Empire?

I get in a lot of arguments with my guy friends about this. Bless them - I mean really - because they think they are being progressive. And its actually kind of heart warming to see. But, usually, the people who think Han is an asshole for saying I know instead of I love you, too chalk his behavior up to some kind of toxic masculinity. Han won’t say he loves her because he refuses to be vulnerable. Han is too arrogant to admit he has a weakness. Han is aggressive. Han is downright cruel at times. 

And… okay. I guess I can see where they’re coming from. But, to me, that is a really shallow interpretation of his character. 

I guess what I, and I think many people who ship Han/Leia, see in that interchange is that Han’s response isn’t motivated by his own feelings. His response has nothing to do with what’s he’s thinking or how he feels. 

It’s about validating how Leia feels. 

Which, honesty, I think she needed more at that moment than a mirrored declaration. 

Leia sacrifices everything for the cause. Her strength to put the rebellion before her personal interest is incredible. It’s her defining characteristic. It’s what we all know and love about her.

It’s also what she knows and loves about herself. By Empire, Leia has lost almost everything of any personal value to her. She’s lost her family. Her home. Her friends. Her position in the Senate. All she has is her own sense of identity. The only thing she can use to define herself anymore is her core values. 

Can you imagine how difficult it would be to let anything compromise that? 

Admitting that she has feelings for Han would be admitting that she has room in her heart for anything other than the cause. It would be admitting that her life is not solely defined by the rebellion that her family died for. It would be admitting that behind her emotionless, rational, militaristic persona is actually just a twenty-two year old girl with feelings, longings, and desires that are entirely selfish. 

Han knows this about her. 

Ultimately, it’s why Leia loves him. Because even Luke, her own twin with whom she shares a connection in the force, at times fails to see her as anything other than the princess. 

But somehow this dirty, cocky, smart ass, nerf herder is the one person who has ever managed to look into her soul and see past every single wall she has built around herself. 

Han knows her. She has never had to tell him anything. She has never had to pour her heart out to him. She has never had to make herself vulnerable in front of him. And yet, he still knows. 

I guess many people see that scene and they see a cocky smart ass being clever and evasive instead of sincere when he says I know

But that’s not what his eyes say. 

His eyes say…

I know you love me. 

I’ve known you love me for a long time. 

It hasn’t scared me away. 

It hasn’t made me think less of you. 

It hasn’t made me see you as weak. 

You’ve screamed at me, hit me, threatened me, insulted me, and done everything to push me away, but I still know that you love me.

And I know you know that I love you, too.

Because it’s taken an invasion of a base, a broken down hyperdrive, a giant cave dwelling slug monster, Boba Fett, a carbonite chamber, and Darth fucking Vader himself to actually make me leave you. 

And I know that you will do everything in your power to bring me back. 

The boku no hero academia fandom is so….so pure, god I have never seeing anyone complaining about the characters or the ships, reading the headcanons always make me feel heartwarming bc all the characters are beautiful cinnamon rolls, even characters we don’t know much about like Sero or Tooru, or Shinsou, everyone LOVE that kid (me too, he is so pure ) and he just appeared in the festival and a couple of times after that. How can a fandom love so much, so many characters, in so little time? It’s a bless :) 

Mi…Mineta…? no, i don’t know who you’re talking about, that filthy name must NOT been spoken in this SACRED HOLY FIELD WHERE THIS FANDOM LIVES

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Okay...first of all, i shouldn't have to even start talking about this 🙄😒

The Voltron fandom for the longest time have been way too toxic

with all the damn extra antis
and the shaladin supporters giving backlash in defense

this is toooo much

and now you’re including @bext-k and @joshkeaton ????

what is wrong with all of you??

not only are you harassing them






oh all of you are so quick to stand up to racism and sexism, discourse based on horrible opinions

but no
if someone has a completely different opinion than you on something as small as a non-canon relationship

“oh no, i don’t give a shit about how this makes you feel. what i’m saying is right. shiros a pedo !!!;!;; i’m so smart !!!.! you’re a pedo too for shipping it ?!!?:!:”

just stop okay?

this is idiotic and childish

you have no idea how many good people have felt the need to leave and just block themselves from something they loved because of antis stupid actions and words

i don’t care about who ships who
or who’s in that ship

because guess what?




  • Lance: Guys, I wanna have a sleepover soon.
  • Keith: We all live together, what's the difference?
  • Lance: Friendship bracelets, nerf wars, making too many cookies, eating brownies 'til we're sick, talking about our darkest secrets and feeling too vulnerable so we pretend we fell asleep-
  • Keith: Sign me up.
Why I LOVED the Fairy Tail Ending:

The fact that Mashima took the time to allude the very beginnings, middles, and the continuation of their relationship made perfect sense to me. He dragged her away, in the very same way he dragged her (literally) back to Fairy Tail THREE TIMES (now four), and told her they’d always be together. 

I’ve stated millions of times that the reason I love Fairy Tail, and all stories, is that everything is up to the reader’s interpretation unless explicitly noted. The statement “We’ll always be together” means different things each person, and I feel it suits their relationship. No matter what Natsu, Happy, and Lucy will always be together. To exclude Happy would be one of the worst things Mashima could do, he’s as a part of their family as Lucy is. 

I loved the ending of Fairy Tail because Nalu wasn’t overly forced. The ending wasn’t a cliche kiss or wedding (and I am the queen of loving cliches don’t get me wrong), but it was so NALU. To expect Natsu to suddenly be making out and having babies with Lucy would be completely out of character for him (and out of character for Lucy to be honest. She comes off experienced and totally all about it, but I see through her facade). Romance isn’t all about kisses, getting married, and having children. Sometimes it’s the little things, instead of the big things, that the author sprinkles throughout the series that make the ship what it is. We’ve all made lists about our favorite Nalu moments, and why we love them, and it’s very clear that those should still all be taken into account despite how upset many of you are about the ending. (I’m not going to share all of these moments because this post is already getting too long)

A house isn’t just four walls and one room. It’s got to have a firm foundation to build upon, otherwise it will ultimately fail and collapse. Despite how long this series has been going on, I feel that Mashima leaving this as an open ending was his way of setting the foundation for their future relationship. By this I mean this first series for Fairy Tail in general, and their series of moments throughout the series. 

My final thoughts on this: Mashima himself tweeted awhile ago that he still had various projects in the works for Fairy Tail after this main story ends. This would include the continuation of the anime in 2018 I would assume, and whatever else it includes is still up in the air. So while many questions may still seem unanswered right now, the fact that he left it as an open ending is actually to his benefit. It leaves him with more space to grow and continue the series if wishes to in the future. 

I will end this post with my way of saying a big THANK YOU!! to not only Hiro Mashima for providing a wonderful story, but to everyone who has included me so kindly in this fandom. I have appreciated every single one of you, and I will continue to contribute as much as I can to the fandom even though the series is technically over. Have an absolutely beautiful day <3


Toriel: … Anyways…

sans: uh, tori, you didn’t say anything about asgore.

Toriel: Huh? Oh. Nevermind him~

sans: he lives around here by the way. and he shows up sometimes too. and i don’t know about him still being single, so only papyrus i guess.

Undyne: Unless he has something to say about it~



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Sooo are we not going to talk about Magnus crying in 2x15? Look at the tear streaks on his face, and the one dropping off his nose.

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Hey scotch I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I have been struggling with it for a while. I crave attention but can't handle social interactions👌💯Do you experience any abnormal amounts of anxiety? If so, how do you cope?


“abnormal amounts of anxiety” ……… dats me whole life……………. i got diagnosed w GAD when i was like, 14 i think. anyways as far as coping i rly dont have any healthy methods. i mean, i know that meditation and breathing things n that sorta stuff is supposed to help, but i think all i do is internalize it and on my good days im pretty good at ignoring it by essentially goin “LALALA SHUT UP I CANT HEAR YOU LALALALALA NOT LISTENING” in my brain until i tucker myself out and go to sleep :^}

I admit that it took some time for me to embrace the Merle/Davenport ship, but I’m pretty fond of it now.

I see it as something that developed slowly, maybe unexpectedly, but without a lot of discussion or big gestures. Something like a natural and inevitable progression, over time. These two men were the oldest in the crew and felt responsible for all of these people close to them who were so smart and capable but still so young and questioning, struggling and still learning. Because of that sense of responsibility they were in a category of their own among the crew, understood each other in a way that the others didn’t understand them. They were each other’s port in the storm, somewhere safe, someone to talk to, to be vulnerable around because they didn’t have to put up any front of confidence around each other.

And it struck me how appropriate their endings were, in that sense. They’ve gone long periods without each other before, both with Merle’s repeated deaths and the memory loss, but I like to think that what they have endures. It’s a steady connection that can be relied on and returned to. Davenport sails, and Merle lives on a beach. They leave in different directions and they meet again in the middle, at a literal port this time, like the tide. And, like the tide, they always return to where they’ve been.

I wish Kallus hadn’t defected because then we could have amazing cross-faction shipping feels I am ALL ABOUT THAT y’all

I haven’t seen any of Rebels past season 3 and frankly I don’t think I care to, but I still think a lot about these two and still ship them pretty damn hard

Lance was never one to get attention from his family. The good child, they always said. Didn’t cause trouble at school. Didn’t start fights, for the most part. He got decent enough grades. He worked his ass off for exams. He tried. It was one of the only reasons he got into the garrison. But it wasn’t like that amounted to much.

He was a cargo pilot. Second best. A replacement. Something that could be left behind if he needed to. Days weren’t so good anymore. He was miles, a lot of miles, away from his family, one of the only comforts he had. At least, as much of a comfort it could be.

When he was promoted to fighter class, he thought, maybe this is my chance. They saw how amazing I was. They noticed.

They didn’t. And it hurt. “The only reason you’re here is because the person before you had a discipline issue and flunked out!” He knew this. He truly did. He wasn’t special. He was a ‘what-not-to-do’ human example made for the public. He was a joke.

He tried his best to act like one. Took the attention off of Hunk and Pidge so they wouldn’t get hurt, wouldn’t get in trouble.

And then he stupidly got them sent to space. On a sentient lion. Away from Earth.

He would be okay if it was only him. But he brought people cared for: His Hero, His Crew, His Attempted Imitation. He got his family involved. He left them. No word. No letter. No nothing. He was gone.

Lance loved the people around him. But sometimes he wondered: Did they care for him too? He understood that he craved a lot of attention. He understood that he couldn’t always get what he needed. But, a little conversation sometimes would be nice. Someone to seek him out, even if it’s just for a little help.

In this castle ship, everyone has paired off. Keith and Shiro. Hunk and Pidge. Coran and Allura. He finds himself slip out of their attention, out of their view. And it hurts. Because it feels like they’re ignoring him. But he knows they wouldn’t do that. Would they?

One day, it hurts too much. As they’re all sitting at the table, Lance can feel his anxiety bubble up. Everyone is talking about a new battle plan that had too many holes in it, but Lance didn’t want to be the one to talk about it. He couldn’t be the one to point out all of the flaws that were all too obvious to him.

He choked up. His anxiety felt like it was at his throat. His eyes starting burning.

“-Ance. Lance!”

Lance bolted up, staring with wide eyes. He swallowed nervously, ignoring eye-contact. “Lance, are you alright?” Shiro inquired, concern lacing his voice.

“Yeah, perfectly fine. I just feel tired.”

“Are you sure? You don’t look so-”

“Shiro, I appreciate the concern, but no, I’m perfectly fine and absolute nothing is wrong.”


My yoonkook story is going to be a gaming au! Normally, I don’t like gaming culture, but streaming culture I could adore! The two met online through overwatch during college, and had such a great dynamic in one game, they befriended each other. Little did they know, they went to the same school, so they decided to create a channel together to forget about struggles they’re going through in their real life. I’ll be working on some more comics of their interactions.

Other notes-
Other pairings are going to include namseok, onesided-sugamon, jinmin/vmin(can’t decide for now so we’ll see how it grows haha)

Feel free to send asks about this au– (jflaskdf sorry i make too many aus;; i just have so many ships i love;; i gotta make a storyline for each of them– I’ll try my best to answer them all– even without drawings because when I leaves asks in my askbox for too long I feel so bad about answering/not answering them;;;thanks guys)))