too many feelings

Okay so even after alex and maggie get together Kara is still salty because nobody hurts her big sister. NOBODY. So using her detective skills to try and detect away to make Kara stop looking like she will throw her into space, maggie starts bringing Kara potstickers and Kara cannot stay mad. Because forget boys Kara’s one true love is pot stickers.

Nothing anyone can say will convince me that MacCready isn’t a huge, sentimental romantic.

He calls the Sole Survivor knockout. Beautiful or handsome. It’s the opening dialogue if he’s romanced. Like asking what’s up. It’s not dependent on a big cutscene or on choosing a specific line in a dialogue tree.

He says grand, dramatic statements like I plan on walking this earth with you until the day I die and he means them. He doesn’t snort or get bashful like he thinks what he’s saying is ridiculous. He is sincere. This is actually how he feels.

Objects hold immense sentimental value to him. Yeah, he talks like he loves caps above all else, but does he really? Would someone concerned only about the monetary value carry a toy in his pocket for so long?

Lucy gave that to him even before she was his wife. He’s carried it through everything – and MacCready’s been through a heck of a lot. He’s held onto it because it has meaning to him.

I’m even mostly convinced that the scarf he wears with his duster is the same one he had wrapped under his helmet in Little Lamplight. Probably because it reminds him of being a kid, back when he thought of himself as a pretty okay person. Back when he protected people. 

So keep on talking about needing a cigarette, doing anything for caps, and killing for a drink, MacCready. As Deacon’d say, “Hello, Words. I’m Actions, and I’m speaking awfully loud right now.”

Which of my feelings are real? Which of the me’s is me?
—  Kay Redfield Jamison, An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness
Miyano Mamoru Blog Translation - Monday, January 18th 2016

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Title: 「Maji LOVE LIVE 5th STAGE」

Spanning 2 days,

the 「Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE LIVE 5th STAGE」

has come to an end☆

In this times live concert,

there was a really, really strong bond between the members☆

If it’s with all of these members…

We can go anywhere, and beyond…!!!!!!!

I thought that very sincerely…☆

I really love everyone!!!!!!!

Gathering enormously all of the staff and the cast’s love,

「Uta☆Pri」from here on out too,

will undoubtedly be amazing!!!!!!☆☆☆

Please by all means everyone,

follow along with us☆

And always,

spend a lovely time together with us☆


This time, Tokiya’s costume was like this☆

Elegantly wearing a long black jacket☆

It even has Tokiya’s purple mixed in☆

Also… Have you noticed…

That in fact… The very first layer of black shirt…

Is extremely see-through…☆


It was a very sexy, erotic shirt ( ̄+ー ̄) (lol)

For Tokiya’s solo song, 


I had a jazz dance with a chair and cane,

and danced with all my might♪

I also sang the anime’s opening theme, Shine (^_^)v

When I took off the Tokiya Purple jacket, it looked like this☆

Everyone got really excited, I was so happy☆☆☆

With Toriumi-san and Kishou-san, 

we performed the “Theater Shining” song, 


because “Polaris” is a scifi, robot action theme,


appeared in pilot suits☆

Although, wearing the tight-fighting pilot suit was a little bit embarrassing at first (lol),

With the special effects like for a hero, the tension was raised!!!!!!(≧∇≦)

The duet song with Suzumura-san, 


was accompanied by a live performance by pianist Nakamura Hiroyuki-san♪

「ORIGINAL RESONANCE」is a really high difficulty song,

And I kept saying to Suzu-san “I’m pretty nervous”,

but, when we actually sang it live…

It felt insanely good☆

My harmony with Suzu-san is too comfortable☆

I was really very happy to sing with Suzu-san (*^_^*)

And now!!!!!

We are!!!!!

The very best Uta☆Pri members!!!!!!

If it’s us,

we can go anywhere!!!!!!!!

We are really the best of friends☆

From here on out as well,

It is my hope,

that you will continue to support us m(_ _)m☆

To all the fans,

who got excited and had fun with us for those 2 days,

really and truly,

thank you so muuuuch!!!!!!!\(^o^)/

“Andrew refused and joined the dead-last Foxes instead. He never explained that choice, but everyone assumed it was because Wymack was willing to sign his family as well.”

Are we gonna talk about this??

So what, Andrew turns down Edgar Allen because he has no interest in Exy or college or life, really and Riko is Mortally Offended because no one turns down Riko Moriyama and lives to tell the tale (mostly because he murders them all) and Kevin is gutted and like Riko, wait, I’ll talk to him, get him to agree. But Kevin doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know how to appeal to Andrew if it’s not about Exy being exciting, being the best.

But WYMACK DOES?? Wymack makes the offer around the same time as Edgar Allen and instead of waiting for him to accept, flies out there to meet him. And of course Andrew is like Edgar Allen offered me a place, what makes you think I would join your team?

And Wymack doesn’t try to convince him, not like Kevin does. Kevin tried to appeal to Andrew; Wymack looks straight at him and fucking knows that the only person Andrew doesn’t care about is himself. Wymack just goes all quiet for a moment, and then asks, What would it take for you to join?

And Andrew, oh Andrew, he knows immediately. Because Andrew has plans, all these plans in various stages of fruition – how to get Nicky away from his family, how to distract Aaron from his mother, how to pay for Aaron to get through college when he wants to be a doctor, and he narrows his eyes, and says, You take Aaron and Nicky as well.

That has got to be the most ammunition Andrew has ever given anyone?? He’s just revealed exactly who and what he cares about?? And Wymack, aka Best Dad Fox Ever, doesn’t question it, just says Done. I’ll send over the papers.