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Holy crap I drew art!! Shocking I know.

I feel like a bazillion years ago SailorFailures said it’d be an interesting idea if people took those fashion photosets where the models heads are cropped off and tried to pick what outfit a senshi would wear, and well, I found this photoset of Zuhair Murad’s dresses and…here we are!

The inners the outers and some villains for good measure. Dark Mercury made it in because she is my bae and PGSM is the greatest thing ever.

The Boy Who Couldn’t Hold His Breath Underwater…

I could not get this moment of the series out of my head, even though there were SO MANY beautiful moments, I saw Isak on the back of that bike in episode 4 and thought “…dear god he looks like a Caravaggio Painting!” (And don’t even get me started on the art historical/thematic implications of that visual reference…) And I knew I just had to draw it.

Anyway, so here it is! For some reason, it looks weird when I take it out of the drawing app but regardless,  Enjoy!

I might also make this available as a print eventually if anyone is interested

Imagine a Pride parade in Zootopia...

Some people say I stick too many LGBTQ Characters in my fan fictions (including my zoosona XD), to them I say “Screw you dude I’m going to add more!” And as it’s pride month I’m sure the two main characters of Zootopia Star of Ceartais would be at Zootopia Pride…

Robyn Wilde is Bisexual.

And her girlfriend Hannah Savage is a Lesbian. 

Mini adventures 1 | 2

The continued adventures of what happens when you combine Tora, a Mini Canach, and a Miniature Tonic. Now with friends!

Featuring Tora, Mini Canach, Ariscille, Fastion, and Ahtgast

Also in other news, hey look! I made a Characters page because this comic has too many bloody characters to keep track of! Wow! Neat!

people: Holly Blue should never get a redemption arc! She’s irredeemable!!!

me, who has loved Holly Blue since before I even watched her introductory episode: *nervous laughter*


Since people tend to re-post/upload my art everywhere, I decided to do a Fairy Tail “master” video, haha. 

Part II will come soon! :)

Movies with Aubrey Plaza

Okay so the ones I’ve seen:

The To-Do List: really good message about sexuality and first times, she’s acting great, I am really not a big fan of the 90s though, so that choice of setting was not my favorite thing. I did like seeing her in such an assertive emotionless role.

About Alex: I love her role in this, she’s really nice and I love the way they portrayed her, it’s different from what you see from her, and overall, she’s great. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie overall because there were too many characters and storylines for me to get really attached.

Ned Rifle: didn’t understand the story at all, maybe I’m just dumb. Didn’t understand why she acted so bad because her acting is terrible. And I say this as someone who loves her a lot. She was horrible. Terrible movie, never watching it again.

Addicted to Fresno: the movie is fine, it has really funny moments, I’m not quite sure I get the message it’s trying to send overall. I love her part, though, I found it was really good representation and it wasn’t like what you see her do a lot.

Safety Not Guaranteed: Incredible movie from end to end. Just perfection. The plot is great, the message makes sense, the acting is amazing. Her acting is great, and she’s the lead so we see a lot of it. Just flawless.


Oh no I’m having Seiya feelings again.  I didn’t intend for this to happen! I’ve been doing Stars photosets for a few days now and then this moment came up and….  Okay, the anime and the manga aren’t the same, of course, but they’re similar enough that looking at these caps has set off all kinds of feelings bombs in me.

A few years back (especially when most of the fandom I was a part of was on livejournal) it was really difficult for me to be a fan of Seiya’s character, because I ran into too many people in the fandom who pitted her against Mamoru, that it wasn’t just about shipping Usagi/Seiya but about tearing down Mamoru and Mamoru/Usagi.

Fast forward to a few years later, when the manga is now more easily available, when we have a more faithful anime adaptation of the manga, and more active UsaMamo fans, I’ve lowered my defensiveness and can actually look at Seiya’s character more objectively.

And I really, really hurt for her sometimes.

Because she can’t help who she loves and both times she’s fallen for the wrong person.  She loves Kakayuu, who clearly cares about her in return, but has her own special person that she’s still in love with.  And then Seiya’s feelings get tangled up and she starts feeling that way about Usagi as well… who also has her own special person that she’s still in love with.

That’s twice that Seiya’s fallen for someone who just can’t love her back, that it’s nothing she did or any fault with her, but that they simply love other people. And it’s hard for me not to feel for her, because both situations are ones where she wants to protect her princess (or the person who fills that role) when their loved one isn’t around.  Kakyuu’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, Usagi’s loved one was killed by Galaxia, and they’re gone, they’re not there for this wonderful, brilliant, special person that Seiya loves and I can’t help thinking of her wanting to help them, wanting to give them love, wanting to be there and support them in a much more personal way.

She sees them lonely and sad, she sees them “abandoned” by the ones they love and wants to fill up those empty spaces, because her loved ones shouldn’t suffer when she’s there and she could be that for them!

As much as I don’t ship either Kakyuu/Seiya or Usagi/Seiya, they were never meant to be (and that’s fine, there’s often value in just having feelings for someone, without needing them to be returned!), whenever I really think about Seiya’s character these days, I start to feel a lot for her.

preliminary thoughts on alien covenant. no spoilers. might write a more comprehensive analysis once people have gotten the chance to see it.

made many of the same mistakes Prometheus did, unfortunately. Crucial plot hooks depended on stupid things the crew did. Similar story to previous Alien films, but that shouldn’t surprise you if you’re an Alien fan. too many characters too, which is a problem Prometheus had

on the bright side, much more interesting than Prometheus. David, in particular, was a more engaging character. A more even mix of old and new elements, aesthetics and creatures.

my initial recommendation? go see it. this film kicks ass in the third act, and the return of the xenomorph is great, but don’t expect this film to fix all the problems of Prometheus. it repeats many of them.

anonymous asked:

Which ChoicesCharacterXChoicesFan do you ship?

Can I ship myself with Ben? Please? 😂💕

And I can’t choose just one fan to ship with a Character! Too many to mention 😄

One is very clear though: I ship Whitlock AND @zahranamazis 😊

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Can you tell us about your magical girl teams?

.+:。 ( ╯ ✧  ω ✧;;;  ヽ)*:・゚✧ OH ANON HOW YOU TEMPT ME SO!! I am weak… I have sooo manyy…. and some are a little spoilery coz they’re unreleased or in storage meaning they’re totally disorganized… I won’t count the ones that I scrapped or repurosed into a not MG genre story/world, or the stories that fall more strictly into western superhero style with lead female characters/and or are mg twinged but not really full on magical girl genre.

oh god.. Let me see if I … can attempt to make some sense of these…  i’m sorry i don’t have a lot in the way of a cohesive team image for all of them, they’re scattered everywhere.


Bee’s sparknotes original magical girl series  guide! (below the cut)

* = tentative/placeholder titles

The Book keepers*: 7 members, 1 mascot. Fantasy in the middle, Amira, is the leader. Queer college kids with a literature theme and the powers of GENRE! These are our early stage outfit designs (courtesy of @dyemelikeasunset ) but there may be updates in the future <3

Starless: 12 members divided into 2 teams, 12 henshin-mascots. The one above is Vanessa, she’s a leader of one of the teams. Symbiotic alien magical girls! These characters used to be tmm fan characters too. I’ve redesigned the outfits so many times and the story itself isn’t very complete either so it’s just sorta chillin’ now. You can see the other leader Kristyn on Day 4 here, but it’s a bit outdated because she’s a wheelchair user. just imagine her sitting.. orz

Forecasters: 5 members, one mascot (right there!!! ^) Weather theme magical girls with some superhero flavor. An unreleased project that i am focusing on the most right now a lot and am too shy to share yet lmfaosdfgfgh sorry

The Cosmic Club: 3 members, 1 mentor, possibly a mascot later?? Jameela, in the center is the leader! Planetary powers and a “secret friendship club” feeling! a little bit of a mg x cartoon superhero x ppg fusion. They’re new so I don’t have a lot for them though but I REALLY LOVE THEM

Lilypad Princess: 3 members, 3 mascots; Susie (The leader) and Lily, Ziya and Sunflower, and Georgie and Viola. Susie was originally made for a fun magical girl prompt contest entry and I gave her some friends. General flower and element themes in a precure inspired way and feelgood childhood innocence. No story, just kind of a recent redesign experiment.

Cheers*: Team of 7. Lemonade/Leslie is the leader… My “drink tans” (Like.. OS-Tans, but beverages??) that grew a MG flavor over time coz i can’t help myself. All based off a beverage with vaguely associated beverage superpowers. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet.

Unlucky*: Formerly 5 members but i may add more depending if it even stays a magical girl story. Quinn is the leader! Originally lucky cat themed nekomata magical girls, but due for major redesigns coz i had no real story and it was kinda whitewashed when i made it. I love this set though and will probably rework it someday. 

TMM Fruit parfait: 5 members, no mascot coz m’ lazy. my most active tokyo mew mew fan character team! they don’t have a story, it’s just for fun. They’re all specifically fruit names though!

TMM Citron Bonbon: 5 members, 5 mascots. Cutie you see here is Mew Grapefruit, the leader! another new tmm fan team, they’re all citrus foods and have rodent dna becuase those are my favorite things. I have a bunch of backlog for these guys I’ll be posting very soon actually. 

I also have designs for MG teams with the following themes that haven’t gotten outta the development stages but i’ll include them here anyways i guess… 

Candy themed magical girls (early concept Spearmint, 2 other members designed atm)

Rainbow themed knights with academic specialties- a team of uhhh 8+ (this one is Canary) because it was shaping up to be a magical academy deal

disabled cyber-mech warriors… (Above is Shawntay, her codename is Neo Flora Cannon.) 2 other members.

they just don’t have fully designed teams yet because i have too many bigger projects to focus on so i haven’t gotten around to it hahaahhhhhhhh /falls over

Happy birthday, Peter!