too many emotions to this song

you know, i dont think there is anything i love more than that songs that come before the intermission. the song that ends act one. i mean final songs are good too but i just always love the song that ends act one. there’s just something about the melodies and the emotion that just builds to that end note and leaves you so eager for the next act. i mean think about it. non-stop, so much better, man up, one day more, and so many more. 

16 Thoughts While Watching Luhan’s SKIN to SKIN MV
  1. This is trippy from the very beginning
  2. “Luhan, fire is Chanyeol’s power. Give it back.”
  3. He looks innocent but I’m nervous. You never know if he’s going to sing about blowing flutes or homecomings.
  4. Baby…I wasn’t ready for this English
  5. Oh my gosh it’s getting better
  6. Can this be the song that starts 2017? Can we all make that happen??
  7. Everything is so soothing.
  8. So many emotions washing over me rn
  10. OH mah gah yes breathe on my thirsty behind
  11. I’m a muhfuhin’ deerboi
  12. ooohh and the echo effect too???
  14. Luhan you stay tryna get me in trouble
  15. Is it over??? *crying*
Don’t fall in love with someone like me.
I memorize words and listen to lyrics; I won’t forget what you said to me.
I write some of the most painful poetry; you’re wrong if you think I won’t connect words in order to describe you.
I don’t have a favorite song; I’ll play the one I made for you and me.
Nostalgia is innocent to me but it is painful; I hate thinking about us.
I take photos of things that made me happy; I don’t want to delete the ones of you.
I’ll tell you I’m alright and that I can handle it; oh god I want to die right now.
Don’t fall in love with someone like me.
I’m made up of too many wrong-doings and I live to find the emotions behind things. My music is too sad because my cells crave the grave feelings. I assume too much, and jump to conclusions faster than I blink. I don’t describe myself as human, because at this point I am nothing more than an organized chaos waiting to break.
So please, don’t fall in love with someone like me.
Don’t fall in love with me.
—  I can’t remember who I was. (r.n.g.)
Why a Hamilton? - Part 2

Character: Jefferson X Reader
Prompt: After Alexander breaks the reader’s heart, the reader and their “Dad” have an emotional conversation out in the courtyard, trying to figure out what is going on.
Word Count: 2,107
W/T: Slight cursing, mainly trying to work out emotions?
A/N: Okay okay, I know Thomas isn’t actually really in this one, but GWash is basically the reader’s dad, so I feel like this is a very necessary portion to the whole storyline. Also, you would think listening to the Hamilton soundtrack while writing would help, but it just REALLY make you want to write a bunch of horrible references to each and every song. (Aka, I put too many references in here I’m not sorry.) Hope y'all enjoy!


You have managed to collect yourself, but only just. Tears still stung your now red and puffy eyes, and your breathing still sounds slightly ragged. You had managed to hide yourself away among a ring of F/F, which made you feel an ounce happier, since they were your favorite type of flower. You run the fabric of your dress between your thumb and forefinger, still trying to calm down. The gentle breeze blowing in sent a shiver down your spine, but you refused to return to the room where it had all happened, afraid of not only Alexander becoming cross with you once again, but in fear that Thomas might do something irrational, making the matters even worse.

Sniffling slightly, you sit up a bit straighter and take in your surroundings, attempting to take your mind off of everything for a moment. Rubbing away any stray tears, you gently pluck one of the flowers from the patch next to you, holding the delicate plant gingerly in your palms. It’s petals drooped slightly in your hand, heavy with water. You find yourself reaching out to pluck another flower from the soil, and another, and another. One after another, until a small bouquet has formed itself in your hand. Absentmindedly, you reach out to grab another, but instead of the familiar petals, you are greeted with a darker skinned hand, offering itself to you. Surprised, you follow it upward, letting it pull you up from your seat.

“Thank you, Mr. Washington.” You mumble, furrowing your eyebrows at the sight of the President before you. “But why are you-” “I may have overheard you and Alexander from the hallway.” He replies, nodding his head to the side slightly. “He was that loud, huh?” You sigh, shrinking back into yourself slightly. “No, I’ve just grown to being able to pick up on Alexander’s voice from a distance. I have very good hearing, you know.” He jokes, holding his arm out to you. “Come on, let’s take a stroll. It’s not like you need to be anywhere anytime soon.”

You smile slightly at that, looping your own arm between his as he begins to stroll forward, taking in the scenery. “Hate to admit it, but I’ve never actually been out here. I’ve always been locked up inside. It’s nice to have something fresh to look at.” He sighs. “Yeah.” You simply murmur, your eyes locked on your feet. “I really wish I could come out here more often. It’s so nice, even with the overcast.” Washington wishes, a faint smile creeping up in his lips. “Uh huh.” “The colors are of those lilacs are so lovely.” “I bet.” Washington narrows his eyes at you, a little fed up with your distracted answers.

“Here, look at these.” He says, pulling you towards a small cluster of vibrant flowers, their yellow cups and white petals contrasting beautifully against the deep green stem and blue accent flower. He leans down to get a closer look at them, leaving you standing there, watching the President of the United States get down on his knees to awe at a flower. “These are called sailboat daffodils. They’re a very miraculous type of plant, aren’t they?” He chuckles, uprooting one. “These have a very special place in my heart. First flower I ever gave to my wife. She absolutely loves them, they are her favorite.” Raising an eyebrow, you watch Washington hold the flower above him, examining it. “And?” You question, still holding the bouquet you had pulled from earlier. “I’m trying to get you to talk, Y/N.” He admits, his voice a little sour. “Tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours. You know you can talk to me.”

“Where do I even start?” You huff, falling backward onto a wooden bench behind you, feeling defeated. “Well,” Washington starts, taking the seat next to you, “ you could tell me the things you wanted to say to your brother but didn’t.” “What? You mean how he wouldn’t stop rambling about his debt plan during the debate? How he would constantly take things over the edge, verbally threatening Madison and Jefferson? How he didn’t even bother to take a break when you offered him one when he spilled his glass of water out of frustration? Or how he seemed to just zone out into writing something, as if his life depended on it?” You rattle off angrily, adding unintentional emphasis with your hand gestures. “Yes, there is that, which I couldn’t agreed with you more on, Y/N.” Washington laughs heartily, amused by your own words. “Glad your on my side with that.” You state, blowing a stray strand of hair from your face. “But what I was referring to,” He continues, catching your attention, “was when Alexander asked you if you had any feelings for Jefferson.”

“Oh.” You breathe, falling stiff at this sudden confrontation. You felt at a loss for words, once again. You didn’t understand why, though. You were never caught off guard by questions regarding others. You could lash back in a moment’s time to anyone. Except for this question. Every time it comes up, your body refuses to answer. It’s like it’s hiding itself away, locking the idea out. “Now don’t say every thing at once.” Washington chuckles, leaning himself against the back of the smooth wood of the bench. You feel like giving him a small glare, but you couldn’t bring yourself to. You keep opening your mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. Everything you want to say, waiting in your mind, but you’re unable to put it into sentences. You couldn’t form them the way you were wanting.

“How about I start you off?” He suggests, which earns him a rather confused look from you. “I hope you know how smitten Thomas is for you, Y/N. He talks of you all the time. It’s nonstop.” A best of silence passes, allowing for this information to sink in. “What… Uh, what kind of things does he say about me?” You ask weakly, your face heating up. “Oh? So you want to know?” Washington teases, nudging you in the shoulder slightly. “No!” You fire back, hitting him on the arm defensively. “I just… A lady has a right to know the things spoken about her behind closed doors.” “Those doors are anything but closed, Y/N. I hear it all of the time. He gushes about you constantly. How lovely your hair looked earlier that day when he caught a glimpse of you running something to your brother. How dashing his last name sounds with your first name. How you are so quick with your tongue that even he cannot keep up at times. You name it, he’s said it about you. Jefferson is helpless. He’s helplessly in love with you, Y/N.”

“You’re lying. You have to be.” You accuse, squinting your eyes at him. “Hardly. I rarely josh around, my dear.” Washington counters, his voice much more serious than before. “You mean…” “That he really does say those things about you? Yes. I’ve seen the way he looks at you when you waltz into a cabinet meeting with Alexander. His eyes just give him a very lost appearance, which is very rare when it comes to Jefferson. He is the epitome of confidence, so to speak.” “Feigned confidence.” You correct. “Sorry, feigned confidence.” Washington chuckles. Another best of silence sounds between you two before he gently places a hand on your shoulder, a rather reassuring warmth to it. “Y/N, do you remember the very first Cabinet Meeting where we all had our first encounters with each other?” He questions, his sudden change in demeanor causing you to look at him. You solemnly nod, unsure of where he was trying to go with this. “I know you and Thomas had disappeared off to who knows where for a while, because I covered for you when Alexander asked of your whereabouts. Would you mind telling me what went on between you two at that time?”

That night. One of the best nights of your life. The night you met Thomas Jefferson. “We simply, talked.” You begin, recalling the night. “About what? That I can’t tell you. But it wasn’t a forced conversation. It was back and forth between us, his wit against mine. His words attempting to best my own. There was something unspoken about it, something that seemed almost otherworldly. He took my hand at one point, I didn’t fight it. The warmth from him was something I didn’t realize I needed until that night. We had snuck back to my house, a stitch in both of our sides from laughter. He took me all the way to my front gate. Alexander and Eliza had to have been asleep by then, it was very late. And yet, we couldn’t end the conversation. We stared at the stars, we exchanged multiple embraces. And as he bid farewell, he left me with a single kiss, planted upon my own lips, and a letter slid into my hands.”

“Y/N.” Washington interrupts, startling you back into reality. “Hm?” You answer dreamily, still shaking the memory. You met his eyes, and watched his expression grow into a soft, understanding smile. “You two are meant for each other. You love him just as much as he does you.”

“But it’s never going to work. You heard Alexander back there. He refuses to let me near Jefferson.” You argue, your voice filling with hurt. “Oh, why is he like this? Why can’t he just…just… Stop being so overprotective! I can’t keep living under his roof! He’s nothing but my brother. He should be supportive of my choices, not controlling!” You spit, abruptly pushing yourself off of the bench, pacing around in front of it. “I can love who I want, damnit.” You breathe, clutching the bouquet of F/F’s in your hand. “Now now, there is no need for a brilliant young lady like yourself to be using foul language.” Washington warns, attempting to get you to simmer down a bit. “Then what do I do? If I stay the way I have been, Alexander will very much disown me as his sister. If I do as he says, I’ll lose Thomas. Oh, what do I do?!” You plea, turning to Washington, a sense of helplessness washing over you.

He blinks for a moment, his eyes deep in concentration. “If I were you, I would try to mend these loose ends you have lying everywhere.” He says slowly, carefully choosing his words. “I think the reason why Alexander is so overprotective of you is because he feels that he needs to fill the fatherly figure roll of your life, seeing as you haven’t had one since you were young.” You stifle a laugh at this comment, it’s utter ridiculousness off putting you. “You honestly believe that Alex is trying to be my father and my brother at the same time? That’s just… so ridiculous it’s right.” You realize, your eyes widening as you glance back up at Washington. He nods, agreeing with you. “And Thomas obviously sees this, too, otherwise he wouldn’t constantly be badgering Alexander the way he does. It’s a way men try to assert dominance, so to speak. Thomas wants to be in your life, but Alexander doesn’t want to be pushed out of yours completely. You have to find a compromise.”

“But I don’t have a plan! They just, hate each other. How am I going to fix that?”

“Convince them. They both seem willing to do anything for you.”

“That’s brilliant!” You exclaim, rushing towards Washington, wrapping his broad shoulders in you arms. He chuckles quietly and hugs you back, standing up. His body radiates warmth, making the growing lump in your chest tighten even more. You squeeze him tighter, closing your eyes. “Thanks Dad.”

“Uh-I mean-uhhh.” You stutter, pulling back in embarrassment, you face burning. Washington’s laughter bellows from him, his face lit up. “It’s quite alright, Y/N.” He chokes out, trying to compose himself. “I would very much welcome you to my family if I were allowed.” “Heh, that would make this situation a whole lot easier, huh?” You wonder, smiling sheepishly up at him as a couple of raindrops begin to fall from above. He glances up, obviously feeling them in his bare head. “Yes, I do suppose that if you were a Washington, this entire situation could have been avoided.” Washington suggests, beckoning for you to follow him inside before you became drenched.

God, why did you have to be a Hamilton?

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ur congratulations animatic literally makes the experience of the song 10x more emotional i love it so much (also im happy to see from so many of ur anons that u got them into hamilton too!)

heck tysm!!! im rlly proud of it tbh so ty :O!!!!

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Hey! :P "...I cherish those moments when taemin bares a piece of his soul to us" Then what are your favorite moments out of those?

in no particular order:

1 — when SHINee won Artist of the Year back in 2013 and he couldn’t hold back his tears;

2 — when once again, during an important moment for the group - their first concert in Tokyo Dome - he choked on his words out of sheer emotion;

3 — whenever he sings songs you can tell mean a lot to him; especially ballads. the first swc dvd I watched was the swc3, and I remember choking back on tears during Selene 6.23 because not only the song is beautiful but taemin is beautiful, makes it even more beautiful, with the way he lets the melody flow through him freely, gives it a new meaning with his voice, his lips, his eyes, his everything. 

4 — when his guard is down (around friends, fans) and he is just… himself. when he allows himself to be childish and playful:

when he, a fairly reserved person, is touchy and affectionate with people he trusts; when he smiles so big he drops all attempts at covering that beautiful smile up with the back of his hand; when he’s simply there, not acting, not even trying, just being. 


Solas is in the Fade conflicted with his emotions, the spirits try to help… sort of. 

I Won’t Say I’m In Love -Hercules - Disney


If there’s a prize for rotten judgement

I guess I’ve already won that

No Dalish is worth the aggravation

That’s ancient history, been there, done that!

[Spirits:] Who’d’ ya think you’re kiddin’

She’s the Earth and Fade to you

Try to keep it hidden

Harel, we can see right through you

Boy, ya can’t conceal it

We know how ya feel and

Who you’re thinking of


No chance, no way

I won’t say it, no, no


You swoon, you sigh

why deny it, uh-oh


It’s too cliche

I won’t say I’m in love

I thought my heart had learned its lesson

It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming get a grip, Wolf

Unless you’re wantn’ her to cry her heart out



You keep on denying

Who you are and how you’re feelin’

Dready, we’re not buying

Falon, we saw your mask crackin’

Face it like a grown-up

When ya gonna own up

That ya got, got, got it bad


Whoa: No chance, no way

I won’t say it, no, no


Give up, give in

Check the grin you’re in love


This scene won’t play,

I won’t say I’m in love


You’re doin’ flips read our lips

You’re in love


You’re way off base

I won’t say it


He won’t say it, no!


Get off my case

I won’t say it


Boy, don’t be proud

It’s O.K. you’re in love



At least out loud,

I won’t say I’m in love



So I made a post about this a little while ago, and Maroon 5 gives me too many feels like 99% of the time and it’s probably not healthy. Thinking of this song as Eremika added a lot of emotional feelings to what was already a pretty emotional week, so this is probably the most emotional story I’ve written in a long time. 

Anywho, yes, this song is based on Maroon 5′s Daylight, and I’d like to thank @daydream24-7 for being my 4 AM salt bud earlier this week :B & for being perpetual M5 trash with me and @a-heartablaze for lowkey killing me with the headcanon that Mikasa carries on Eren’s child as a legacy, and I really can’t agree with that more. 

Also, s/o to my sis ( @jaegsae ) for being my beta read and forever crying partner for this story <3



“Eren…” a voice calls out to him, softly.

A small sliver of the sun’s rays grazes over his face, as he squints his eyes and nuzzles his face into the back of her neck in response.

No… it’s a dream. I’m not getting up.

“…Eren…” the voice returns, with a hint of urgency.

This time, he opens one eye, using his hands to slowly push himself up from the bed, peering through the near darkness to pinpoint the voice’s source.

But, it doesn’t take long, and he soon meets the owner’s gaze, his icy blue eyes shining in the light of the small lantern he holds.

Eren shakes his head, eyes already taking a desperate and sad appearance. Armin turns away, nodding his head slightly, unable to look at his friend when he seems like he’ll shatter into a thousand pieces any second.

It breaks Armin’s heart.

The brunet leans back towards the bed, wanting nothing more to submit himself to its warmth, to her warmth and forget about the world around him.

And though he hates doing this more than anyone, Armin beckons him again, pleading “Eren…”, hoping that he’ll oblige and get up this time, for even he doesn’t know how long he’ll be able to maintain his composure.

Eren mumbles back in response, “…no…”

“Please, Eren…” the blond returns, already feeling his throat clench up, “Don’t make this harder for me…”

“…Five minutes…” Eren trails off, squeezing his eyes shut and pulling the girl’s warm body towards himself.

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Last Song I Listened To: ‘good girls go bad’ - cobra starship & leighton meester……..a total jam 

Top 3 Shows: roswell, veronica mars, avatar: the last airbender

Top 3 Characters: amy pond, steve rogers, locke lamora

Top 3 Ships: amy/eleven, hades/persephone, madelena/gareth

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Steven bomb 5, YD theory

So…I don’t think Yellow Diamond cared about Pink Diamond. Or maybe she did, but she cared about something else far more

PD was much younger than the other diamonds, that much is obvious. There’s also hints that BD and PD had a close relationship, like in the episode 3 gems and a baby and the most recent Steven bomb where BD even admits to still being torn up years later.

Now YD sings her song and al that jazz, and claims she cares. But she seems a little too hell bent on destroying everything related to PD. Maybe it’s a coping mechanism, but I don’t think so. Here’s why.

Pink Diamonds planet was unique. It was different than any other planet they’d found, apparently. And we know that PDs gems were strong and equally unique.
We also know that PD was beloved by many and held a lot of emotional sway, which YD obviously doesn’t understand at all.

Yellow Diamond was threatened by Pink. Yellow is most likely the second oldest Diamond, feared by all, and here comes this new Diamond. At first Pink is easy to dismiss, but on her first planet she creates amazingly powerful gems and unique resources for homeworld! And to top it off, she’s stealing the affection of the other diamonds, perhaps even getting special gifts (Pearl) from White Diamond herself.

I think Yellow Diamond played a role in killing Pink Diamond. My main idea is that she helped Rose shatter her, and Rose never told anybody because it would mean confessing she worked with a sworn enemy to kill somebody that was probably a lot less evil.

You know what i need??

A spinoff

a spinoff exclusively about domestic adventures of Doctor and River Song

Can you imagine them covered in flour, mess all around them while trying to bake?

Bickering while trying to decide what to cook and who cooks what for dinner because Doctor deems desserts appropriate dinner food.

River rolling her eyes when he loudly complains about the shows on History Channel, and sings along to the opening songs of different cartoon shows.

Doctor, covered in paint and a silly grin, repainting the doors of her cottage to match the TARDIS exterior to surprise River.

Doctor and River bickering over colour of curtains and sheets.

Doctor, with a TARDIS patterned apron around his waist, making dinner for River.

Candle light dinners because date….and because power failure

Cereal dinners because burnt dinner

Candle light cereal dinners with rain pattering on the window panes

Doctor and River just being Doctor and River

Music Matters!🤘🏼🎧

So, we all know the obvious factors that make a TV show great!  Like amazing actors, emotionally gripping story-lines, well-written scripts, aesthetically pleasing sets and talented directors.  However, one thing that doesn’t always spring to mind is the music featured within the show that can influence a viewer more than they realise.  There have been many times I have watched certain scenes from shows that may not be particularly emotive but with the right music added in, has caused a tremendous impact.  Even though there are more than too many to cover them all, here are a few examples  I could pick out for you…


  • Supernatural, using ‘Renegade’ by Styx  to intensify the ending scene to a very climactic episode.  When the brothers are on the brink of being arrested by the FBI, for all the wrong reasons.

Watch the scene here:

  • The Walking dead, stunned the audience with a Hozier song during the gangs departure from the enemy camp.  To conclude an episode in Season 6, Arsonist’s lullaby was played in a successful attempt to make an impact on the audience.

Listen to the song here:

  • The Vampire diaries, a show that has used a lot of very influential music throughout the seasons.  In particular playing ‘What if love’ by Rhodes and 'Hunger’ by Ross Copperman, in order to get the viewer feeling more heartbreakingly invested into this final scene between Damon and Elena.

Watch the scene here: 

  • Prison break, popularly known for its very hard hitting and emotional finale, and rightly so as it featured not only the shocking storyline but 'Lay it down slow’ by Spiritualised.  This song brought an even deeper sadness to the scene, but was also bringing a very relaxing and serene vibe as the main character Michael Scofield’s family visited his grave near the beach, celebrating the anniversary of his death. 

Listen to the song with pictures here:

Well that’s all for just now, let me know if you agree with my choices, or even disagree.  Also feel free to leave comments of any additions you could make to this short list of music based moments.