too many dwarfs

Current DnD Campaign

notable characters from the pov of the player of the halfling

Ungus - Dwarf fighter; has daddy issues, doesn’t understand the word stealth, once set fire to a house and everyone keeps reminding him. De-facto leader. Doesn’t believe in gods, met two. Player has too many dice

Arosea - Half ling ranger; needs to learn to be quite, kinda competent at shooting arrows and not much else. Has a sorta good idea once in a while. Player rolls too many ones.

Lassie - Dwarf Barbarian; thinks the rest of the party is slightly weird, could drink most people under the table, smart for someone who screams and charges in. The smoothest barbarian one has ever seen. Player makes up for the minus in charisma.

Jessie - Human Bard; can’t play an instrument, did a joke so good the gods heard it, is being followed by the god of mischief; convinced the guard of a town he was some fancy pants noble. Everyone thinks he can fish. He can’t. Player has a joke website open.

God - Throws in a darlek, made silent hill, made the best inn in the world because the bard complained, has forewarned about the coming of fantasy brock lesnar. The DM.

start planning my funeral boys, this one’s a fuckin undertaking

Just throwing this out there.

At the many panels of hobbitcon, someone asked Adam who his character most liked and disliked. I believe the reply was basically ‘I think Ori likes Dwalin, alot. Fili and Kili too, because they are such nobel dwarves and he has a great fondness of them.’

Then later someone asked Adam and the rest of the panel something along the lines of what dwarf food customs and he said ‘cookies.’

Graham on a different panel was asked about the dwarf culture and he was like 'well, drinking, eating, whatever. There aren’t too many great dwarf playwrights knocking about… Ori. I think he would be a great playwright.’

I’m not saying dwori is canon.
But it’s canon.