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F1-drivers described with photos

Lewis Hamilton

Valtteri Bottas

Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen

Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen

Felipe Massa

Lance Stroll

Daniil Kvyat

Carlos Sainz Jr

Sergio Perez

Esteban Ocon

Romain Grosjean

Kevin Magnussen

Nico Hülkenberg 

Jolyon Palmer

Fernando Alonso 

Stoffel Vandoorne

Pascal Wehrlein

Marcus Ericsson

the further down the grid the sadder the drivers

Eight road trips

1. One particularly harsh Winter, the Trans-Siberian Highway briefly left its post to get a warm bowl of borscht. Since it had not had a drink since its construction, the Trans-Siberian Highway found that it was exceptionally thirsty and it accidentally drank all the borscht in Russia. This is why the Trans-Siberian Highway is infinitesimally more purple than you expect.

2. Hearing of this feat, the Trans-Sahara Highway conceived of a plan to curl up to its Northern end and drink the Mediterranean Sea. This plan, however, was foiled by excessive sand.

3. I hear tell that there was a substantial beer spillage on Australia’s Highway 1 in the 1980s. The tipsy highway decided to play the Hokey Pokey. Surprised travellers tell of hearing a colossal ‘Wooooaaaah’ noise and experiencing a confused period of high acceleration, followed by a brief vision of Alice Springs, followed by an abrupt jump backwards.

4. There was also that time that Route 66 got stoned and fell into the Pacific. Fortunately, this happened at night, so not too many drivers were inconvenienced.

5. Beijing’s ring roads occasionally shift position to prevent themselves getting too uncomfortable. Because of the many links between them, this is an exercise that requires considerable discussion and planning between the individual roads. You can often tell when they are about to do it by going out at dawn and listening for unusual noises.

6. The Pan-American Highway once went shopping for socks - or rather, one sock, because it only has one foot. Although it did eventually find a supplier willing to make a sock long enough, it was never able to satisfyingly wear the sock because it rubbed uncomfortably against the Darien Gap, and because the weave of the sock was too small to admit onbound traffic.

7. Whereas Toyko’s Yamate tunnel did not deliberately take a trip, but was instead hijacked by a nuclear-powered worm looking for a cosy place to live. The worm was uncomfortable in the tunnel and soon returned it.

8. One more to report. The M25, tired of endlessly circling London, will soon be launched into space in a bold bid to become one of Saturn’s rings. You haven’t heard about this? Well, there has been a lot of other stuff going on. It will be well past the orbit of the moon when it realises that Saturn is not so much small as far away. At which point we presume it will hijack a small asteroid and establish a pretend-Saturn at a more M25-friendly scale in the asteroid belt. I am not sure that London will be too unhappy if it does not return.

  • Me, on the day I get a new computer: I'm gonna keep it organized and make sure to clean out old files to keep it unpacked, and I'll be sure to not install too many drivers or software packages
  • Me, six months later: If my laptop was a sentient being then every waking moment it spent processing would be a nightmarish quagmire of suffering and despair. My registry looks like the Library of Alexandria after Julius Caesar was done with it. I have each version of DirectX installed thirteen times over. It takes Firefox the entire runtime of all 3 extended edition Lord of the Rings movies to open up in the first place. ihavenomouthandimustscream.wav
Birthday Celebration

Summary: It’s your birthday, and Kira and Malia are determined to make the best of it. 

Pairings: Kira x Reader, Malia x Reader, Kira x Reader x Malia

Warnings: lesbian threesome, oral (female to female), face-sitting, spanking, strap-on goodness, birthday sex

A/N: This is a gift to my lovely friend, Mar, who mentioned how much she would love to be in a threesome with Kira and Malia. I’m certain she isn’t the only one, so I wrote this for her - and for anyone else with that fantasy.

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Reylo Exile Headcanons

I made an earlier post saying I wanted Rey to follow Kylo into exile and the more I think about it…..

–Rey loves the planet that Ben gets exiled to, it’s lush and green and perfect

–Rey and Ben have a little cottage

–Rey tinkers on the cottage CONSTANTLY always renovating things in her own little way

–Ben has a garden, he wants to nurture life after years of ending it

–Ben knows that Rey loves his garden and she just looks at it never attempting to help plant anything. It’s his garden, he needs it and she knows it

My current celebrity crushes

I’ve done this a little while ago and it seems to have change a lot since. So, here’s my current crushes. (Trying not to put too many of them.)

Adam Driver - Yes, this guy. Kylo Ren from Star Wars The Force Awakens

Domhnall Gleeson - Bill Weasley from HP and General Hux from SW: TFA. You know, the Come to the Dark side, we have cookies T-Shirt should be change to Come to the Dark side, we have cuties.

Sebastian Stan - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier from MCU. YEP! Still love this guy!

Chris Evans - Steve Rogers/Captain America from MCU. Well… One without the other… Chris grew on me again.

Well… I’m pretty sure with movies coming up, some will pop up again in my list. But right now, these guys are it for me. I will say that Aidan Turner, Richard Armitage, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Robert Downey Jr, Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are still among my fav, but… Kind of dethrone because of Domhnall and Adam.