too many dizzie feels

The Promise of the World Pt. 4 |AO3|

Pairing: Victuuri

Rating: T

Word Count: 3699


A small tug on Yuuri’s shirt causes him to jump but Yurio’s wide, blue eyes stare up at him pleadingly.  His voice is muddled, but Yuuri catches the gist of what he’s saying. “Let’s take a closer look!”

“No,” Yuuri chokes, shaking his head.  He feels dizzy, breathless.  There are too many people, too many things going on.  Too much noise.  His palms are sweating.  “I-I think I’ve seen all I can take.  Lets go home.”  The soles of his feet are taut, there’s a tightness to his legs, but his hands can’t stop shaking.

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