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How are you two so bad at this.

In this scene, we have embarrassed outrage covering up a true motive, honesty so misleading that it encourages the worst interpretation possible, blatant lying, and a thunderstruck realization that this conversation has somehow gone very badly, but not badly enough to be worth clearing things up.

By golly, it’s glorious.

I love this scene and everything it chooses to be. Ymir argues for Krista’s safety. Kristoria notices and calls her on it. Ymir strongly objects. Kristoria rightfully points out that if she’s wrong, Ymir has no reason to stick around. Then self-esteem issues the size of Wall Maria (and about as functional) pick up and Kristoria asks the direct question: Is Ymir bothering with her because of her family?

Yes, of course she is.

But don’t worry, it’s not like, a service thing; Ymir’s exactly where she wants to be.

The beauty of it is that Ymir is attached to Kristoria because of her family. She joins the army looking for someone who’s known the exact same pain she has, and she finds Krista. Krista, who never would have existed without her wreck of a family.

Everything Kristoria has lived through calls Ymir to her, and that’s so much easier to say than that Ymir cares for everything she is.

But that isn’t what’s communicated. On Kristoria’s end, all she hears is that the person closest to her is only sticking around because of her blood. It’s entirely by choice, but she isn’t there because she likes her or anything.

So Krista comes out to play, and lies about how okay that is with a smile.

Now for Ymir to feel really guilty and offer any kind of clarification to make things better never.


A,B,C or all of Above

  • Teacher: *taking roll*
  • Teacher: Kuro Honda?
  • 2p Japan: here.
  • Teacher: Allen D. Jones?
  • 2p America: WASSUP
  • random student: what does the D stand for
  • 2p America: *smirks*
  • 2p Japan: don't
  • 2p America: it's D for Daniel
  • 2p Japan: stop
  • 2p America: AS IN-
  • 2p Japan: shut up
  • 2p America: -DAMN DANIEL

I Want You Babybird by xxsweetgrassxx

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This is always going to be one of my favorite scenes.

When I first read the manga, I decided that Krista was my favorite character the second I saw her. In a series wrought with horror, she was the tiny moe one in the top ten. I spent my entire binge read hoping that she’d get an awesome story to go with that contrast.

Utgard is my favorite arc in the entire series, and more favorite aspects of it are incoming, but this is the moment that makes all of the future ones for me.

Attack on Titan is a series about humanity’s pursuit of freedom–of life, essentially. Our Heroes fight desperately for it, laying down their own lives for the greater purpose of humanity thriving. Their deaths are always, always tragedies, and they litter the setting.

Kristoria, as defined here, is the character who can’t see the tragedy of her own death. Her happy ending isn’t an ocean, or a world without titans. Her happy ending is mattering, and she’s given up on life providing that.

imagine like a Falconers Face-off thingy where it’s one of those quickfire round of questions like:

interviewer: who is grumpiest in the morning?
Falconers: Guy
Interviewer: who eats the most?
Falconers: Tater
Interviewer: who spends the most time on their phone?
Falconers: JACK

which Jack finds odd because he’s never really been like attached to his phone much before but now he’s constantly texting or calling Bitty and the reality sinks in like ‘oh, i haven’t been subtle at all’

Falconers: We know what he’s really up to
Falconers: Little Jackie’s in lo~ve
Falconers: Shows on face
Interviewer: is that true, Jack?
Jack: *groans*

FIRST SPOKEN WORDS- The Lunar Chronicles Edition
  • Cinder: It's not like wires are contagious.
  • Kai: I'm sorry. I didn't realize anyone was back there.
  • Iko: Cinder! I've got it!
  • Scarlet: Accept!
  • Wolf: Thank you.
  • Thorne: I'm sorry. It seems you've stumbled into the wrong jail cell. Do you need directions to get back to yours?
  • Cress: Hello?
  • Jacin: I don't suppose you killed her?
  • Winter: My Queen?
  • Bonus: Queen Levana: My dear Prince Regent, may I be the first to offer my condolences on the loss of your father, the good Emperor Rikan. May he forever rest in peace.
  • note: they're in order of appearance, not when they spoke first in their respective books

anonymous asked:

You know I hate to admit it but the reaction of Historia to the letter was something so insensitive, I mean those of the 104 cried more for Reiner herself cry for Eren and knew him 1 month ago is the most insensitive I've seen, I do not know if Ymir is dead or not but if in fact this was planned for her at least a better reaction osea that girl gave everything for the other and she only dedicates a tear as if it were a pet and only says "silly" and of course it was when falling in love From her


Historia and emotions still have some… problems.

She isn’t an empty shell, and she’s not high on parental validation, and she’s willing to act on her own will, but she is still a long ways away from the confident soldier who shouts out her determination to live for herself with a smile.

Then here’s the first sign of Ymir she’s had in months, and she’s just checking in to say, “hey, probs dead, btw here’s my tragic backstory; marriage would’ve been cool.”

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This is the episode where I started getting really nitpicky about the anime’s choices (I am allowed my pettiness), which is unfortunate for me, but this moment, man.

You have Kristoria out in the frozen cold, fully expecting to die. Daz is screwed based on her ability to keep him alive. She’s not going to abandon him. Consequently, that means that she’s going to die as well. Forget that there’s another person there who might be able to help; they’re both absolutely dead, and she’s going to keep on marching until reality picks up on that.

Then Ymir pops up, and in seconds, her motivation is cast out into the open and dismantled, and her personal history is being recited to her on a whim.

(You know, the personal history that leads to someone else dying because of her.)

They’re in the middle of a blizzard, with Daz quietly dying at their feet, and Kristoria halfway through her latest suicidal stunt. Nothing good is happening here. Every awful thing about Krista is completely exposed.

But she listens to this girl talking about her tragic, tragic life, and the thing of it is, Ymir already knows all of this, and she’s sticking around.

At this point in the manga, the panel where Kristoria smiles and asks if Ymir wanted to be her friend is the happiest she’s ever looked, and it still holds a rank.

One of the manga’s prevailing themes is how cruel the world is, and how much beauty can be found in the midst of that cruelty. Historia Reiss’ life is a collection of miserable tragedy at every turn, but in this one moment, where she thinks someone might want her, and she might have a friend, you can see all of the life Krista hides springing up.

There is the slightest, most minuscule chance of anything good happening here, and every terrible thing that she’s suffered through and perpetuates falls away next to the sheer hope of something beautiful.