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Felix: Not that I’m not always here anyways….but why did you invite me and whoever this dude is over?

Misael: It’s Misael, but thanks for that.

Yasmin: Look, you guys were the only ones that weren’t busy right now, okay? Anyways we have an important mission for you!

Rhen: And by important she means entirely unimportant, but you’re still doing it so don’t weasel out of this, got it? Good.

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

so i saw that anon about autistic Hamadas and quite literally i slammed a door open eager to share pieces of my own Autism AU hah

bear in mind this is primarily Hiro k and these are somewhat based on my own experiences too as an autistic person it’s kind of a massive word duMP SO R RY

  • Hiro is diagnosed at an early age, somewhere between 1-2, and was brought in for testing after an incident in which the Hamada parents think they lost Hiro and go searching for him outside in a complete panic, only for Tadashi to call them and tell them he found Hiro in a closet playing with some toys at home, which was the first place they had looked.
  • It takes Hiro a long time to adjust after the passing of the Hamada parents, because too many things changed at once, leading to almost three months of sporadic meltdowns over the parents no longer there, an entirely different home/environment,  and Aunt Cass hates that she can’t help because she’s entirely new to the idea of raising kids, let alone a kid with a mental disability.
  • Hiro hates the cafe at first, the constant noise of the coffee machine and blender and people entering and leaving added with the normal traffic outside is far too much for him to process and deal with.
  • Hiro always starts to cry when something made of glass breaks due to the occasional fast-pace of the cafe, which eventually just turns into discomfort at the sound when he gets older.
  • Hiro doesn’t speak until he’s four, and previously before that is what is known as the dreaded Screaming Game.
  • Screaming Game is as follows: Hiro walks up to either Tadashi or Aunt Cass (eventually branches to others if he’s familiar with them long enough) and simply shrieks. If he is not answered back in turn, he’ll try two more times before he starts to have a meltdown
  • So there are only two outcomes to this game, neither desirable.
  • Either an hour with back and forth shrieks and screams with Hiro smiling, or an hour of shrieks and screams with Hiro crying.
  • Even after he starts to talk he doesn’t like to speak very much and it takes a lot of coaxing to get him to speak words.
  • A therapist suggests using hand motions/ASL to help him with talking
  • Hamada parents used to sing a lullaby to Hiro with added ASL as a part of his night routine, which Tadashi starts to do himself after they pass
  • Aunt Cass starts a routine of waking the boys up and saying ‘Morning noodles!’ and Hiro cries one morning when she forgets to say it before they leave for school
  • Hiro likes pressure on his back and shoulders, but absolutely hates it when pressure is applied to his arms
  • He has a particular thing with texture and food, he hates pretzels due to the dryness when eating them, hates bananas and mashed potatoes due to the mushyness when eating them, and peanuts/peanut butter bcs of how dry the nuts are when chewed and how sticky the butter is (he discovers the texture stuff after being told of his allergy and is all like ‘alright i have a good reason to never want that stuff in my mouth again’)
  • Hiro has a massive interest in robotics which leads to him growing super interested in mathematics/science and such
  • even though he’s incredibly skilled with those two subjects, he could care less about english and history (like when he graduates from high school he literally forgets what all he learned english/history wise besides basic knowledge bcs he just remembered all that stuff to pass)
  • Hiro started school from an early age, at first it was just preschool to follow along a program for autistic people but is placed into elementary once his intellect is realized at four
  • It sometimes got a bit messy with Hiro skipping grades and having an IEP along the way too and lots of debates with Aunt Cass and the school about having an autistic kid walking around in a high school when by age he should be entering middle school and his refusal to talk at first
  • Hiro hates social situations, and as a way to get him to work with it he’ll work around the cafe when he turned 10
  • Hiro actually grows and adapts a long way, becoming the nerd we all love.
  • Hiro can’t process things well when frustrated, and in turn will try to release it by either hitting his head or pulling at his hair
  • When he was younger he was consistently hurting himself this way because of his constant frustration to constants changes (other changes as listed previously, now added with going to school and having to socialize everyday there)
  • At his age in the movie he hardly ever gets frustrated enough to hurt himself (with rare instances such as when he brainstorms about an idea for the showcase)
  • Hiro is pretty familiar with ‘no more’ in ASL (first two fingers and thumb come together for ‘no’ and fingertips all coming together while moving in for 'more’)
  • Hiro didn’t realize that he would be expected to go to college until he was 12 and entering Junior year. He panics and isn’t sure what Aunt Cass or Tadashi will think if he says no
  • So when they bring it up he’s an anxious mess but firmly states that he really doesn’t want to go to college
  • Tadashi is kind of put-off bcs he was really hoping they could go to college together, but Aunt Cass helps him realize Hiro’s position
  • Ideally Hiro has been in schooling since he was 2-3 (started preschool) and while he is of high intellect he’s still just a kid that’s learned and experienced a lot more than normal people in about 10 years, and his autism is a whole other thing to put in all together so really they don’t blame him for at least wanting a year away from any sort of formal education
  • When he first got into bot-fighting, Hiro was primarily anxious because he didn’t want someone to recognize him as 'that weird kid that works at the Lucky Cat Cafe’ and doesn’t want to be treated different due to his mental disability
  • Luckily nobody recognizes him, and becomes less and less anxious about going to bot-fights, to the point where he develops almost a separate personality he falls into when there
  • When Tadashi finds out he is baffled that his socially anxious brother would willingly go to these places
  • Hiro can’t bear to tell him that it’s the one place he actually feels 'normal’
  • Hiro can hold a conversation with a stranger if it involves something within his interests
  • So when he goes to the students labs at SFIT and sees all of the work going on around him he’s firmly in an element that he loves and can talk with the people there
  • And the fact that he mainly talks and meets Tadashi’s friends keeps him at ease
  • Baymax was created by Tadashi as primarily a healthcare companion, but also included a database of mental disorders and illnesses so he could be a better companion to those such as his brother and people with things like dyslexia, depression, down syndrome, angelman syndrome, ptsd, and many more
  • There’s a separate healthcare file for Hiro detailing his autistic tendencies, including his sensory issues, warning signs to a meltdown, and scans of the official documents when he was first diagnosed
  • Hiro can be blunt at times, especially with compliments (one time when they were out getting groceries, Hiro saw a sumo wrestler and told him he was 'the biggest, most coolest guy he ever saw’ and Aunt Cass didn’t know what to do besides say 'excuse us’ and book it out of there with the two boys in tow)
  • Hiro stims with the robots on the shelf by his bed when he was younger, and now that they’re on the shelf he’ll put them in random orders when he’s restless or needs something mindless to focus on when his senses are overwhelmed, like by color or size or shape

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(*bows to you and your actual experience* Please, please add to this AU. I myself am not Autistic, so I am happy to let you add, as your additions are going to be way better - and way more accurate - than mine.

Also man, I didn’t realize that some of these things could point to Hiro having Autism in canon. After all, all of this is pretty much fitting with the movie, right?)

being chronically ill is being a fucking scientist. you have no choice but to learn how to isolate variables and you’re constantly doing experiments - except the lab is your own body. like, if you change too many things at once, you’re gonna have no idea why you feel sick(er) the next day(s)…but keeping things the same doesn’t guarantee anything either because how can you tell which thing has been the same for too long when things flare up? so you end up having to do all these micro-experiments every day hoping that your worse case hypotheses are disproven…