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Les Misérables medley - Performed by the cast from the current production in Jönköping, Sweden.

Like everyone else in the fandom, I heard the latest rumors about Ben Affleck wanting to leave and I remain as skeptical now as I was six months ago. Lately it seems we can’t go a single day without a negative rumor about the films. If it’s not about Ben Affleck, it’s rumors about Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon starting the entire film from scratch or nonsense casting shortlists and that’s when the films aren’t constantly trotted out and used as cheap fodder for stupid jokes and insults said by people who don’t even seem to know whom They’re angry at.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Things were supposed to get easier after Wonder Woman did so well. After a film we had to fight to support and protect from the same negativity and assumptions of failure and mediocrity blew everyone away, it should have been the end of it. But lately it just seems like things have gotten worse. People can’t praise Wonder Woman without insulting what came before and Zack Snyder and still assuming that the rest of the films are going to be terrible, ordinary problems that films face all the time are blown to apocalyptic proportions and it seems like we can’t get any break from the negativity and some people won’t be happy until this universe is over and done ewith and, if you think I’m being unfair, I’ve seen people upset about WW’s success because They want exactly that.

All things considered, it’s difficult to be in this fandom, no matter how much we love the films. It’s exhausting having to fight all the time against people who often show no regard for reason, logic or even facts and only throw out buzzwords like ‘’hopeful’’ and ‘’grimdark’’ as criticisms.

It can be difficult to forget just how much has been accomplished despite the endless steam of negativity.

Wonder Woman blew everyone away and is likely to be one of the big films of the summer, if not the year as a whole. Matt Reeves is coming on to The Batman fresh off the huge success of War Of The Planet Of The Apes. Chris McKay is doing Nightwing and seems genuinely excited about it. The films have shown They can get big-name talents like Doug Liman even if he had to leave and Joss Whedon and others like Guy Ritchie and Nicholas Winding Refn have expressed a desire to join as well.

Films we never imagined would get made are becoming a reality and the possibilities for the future are almost limitless. Batgirl and Nightwing are getting Their own films and many actors and actresses are angling for the roles.

Nicole Kidman just joined and other actors like Jessica Chastain, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rosario Dawson, Priyanka Chopra, Melissa Fumero and Elle Fanning have expressed a desire to join or said They are at least open to the idea. All signs show that the people behind the scenes aren’t buying into the doomsday narrative.

I know it’s not easy to be in the fandom. It’s difficult to have films you love so openly and frequently insulted, usually for stupid reasons, and it seems that too many people, including some Marvel cast members who should be more supportive, can’t open Their mouths without insulting the universe. It’s difficult to go from day to day not knowing if we’re going to have to fight against some new baseless rumor spread by people for clicks and believed by people who have forgotten Their sense of skepticism and having to live with people saying how it’s all going to fall apart and being seemingly gleeful at the concept, even as They claim to do so because ‘’They care’’.

But we have more going for us than those people want to admit. We have shown that our films can go the distance. That we have a universe where every major actor and director is someone who genuinely wants to be there out of love, despite all the negativity. That we know what these films can become if given the opportunity and we will fight every step of the way to make sure They get that.

I believe in the DCEU.

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Send me a musical and I’ll cast it with tumblr users

OMG okay I feel like I should do this with my BMC friends but there’s too many cast MEMBERS 

i’ll try??? ? ?

Michael: BING YAHOO @crowned-corvid​ obviously

Christine: FORK @squigglegigs​ PASSIONATE A LOT. LOVES PLAY REHEARSAL. 10/10


Jake: scribs @cryptidsp00n cause they can do everything

Rich: small, angry, bi??? me.

Brooke: GWENNNNNNN @funkacryptid CAUSE they’re both cryptid.

I ended up just doing characters that I knew someone actually fit and leaving the rest out rather than throwing random people in the role lmao sorry.

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I don't know if this will make you feel better but I googled the flight time from Toronto to Ohio. It's only one hour! Lol, I am THAT fan. I started watching Shadowhunters because of Harry too but really grew to love almost the entire cast. I hope he does make it to NYCC and most of all, I'm so happy he's getting more work. He's so talented and it's about time he gets the deserved recognition.

lol i did the exact same thing. it seems where he is filming in ohio is only a little over an hour flight away from toronto 

yeah i’ve been a harry fan for so damn long and was excited when i heard he was cast as magnus bane. but i too have come to love many of the other cast members as well. 

as for nycc, i mean it’s just me being a pouty child for a moment, but deep down if he wasn’t there i could never be too upset. i’m too proud of him for all his years of hard work. from being billed as simply ‘dancer’ in 2004 in  ‘you got served’ to being a main cast member on a popular show and cast in an action movie at the same time. i feel lucky to have seen him grow and succeed. 

// that was so powerful.

that was so wonderful.

and so emotional.

this cast is so diverse, sweet, talented and so brilliant.

during pierre and natasha, i could barely see them cause tears were just pouring out of my eyes. i looked around and i could see so many other people crying too, including cast members. denee and dave could barely sing because they were crying so much. i didn’t think i would cry during tgcof1812, but boy was i wrong. i was sobbing so hard my stomach hurt. i will miss this show so much, and i wish the best wishes to everyone in the cast.

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They're adding too many new cast members to Grey's, someone else in leaving.

Both Abigail Spencer, Kim Raver and the actress playing DeLuca’s sister are signed on for a few episodes. Kim Raver has another full time show and only signed on for three. Abigail is filming Timeless for NBC after her Grey’s stint.

So who are your referring to? The new interns? Besides Shane, Jo and Stephanie, how often did you really see the interns?

Remember Meredith’s and Cristina’s interns? They’re like background noise

i was asked the other day to talk about “too many cooks” on my regular blog - for anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a bit that premiered recently on adult swim, that’s basically a very, very long style parody of 80s-early 90s sitcoms and their intros, along with a bunch of other genre tv shows. you can watch the whole thing here - warning though for gore, violence, and cannibalism. not at first, but at about the 1/3rd point.

now, i could further analyze Too Many Cooks itself, and there’s a lot to talk about there, but what i want to specifically talk about is jokes where the joke, or at least part of the joke, is dragging the joke itself out, to the point that it stops being funny, then starts being funny again. you’re likely pretty familiar with it at this point, as it has rapidly become a staple of anti-humor and a lot of sitcoms and absurd comedies in general, usually playing off of the focus already on “awkward pause” or “cringe” comedy to enhance it.

but it wasn’t always this popular.

i want to talk just a little about the modern history of “dragging the joke out”, at least in regards to television, and how it relates to pretty much the core of comedy, playing with and subverting expectations.

i’ve long held that space ghost: coast to coast was one of the more important influences on TV comedy from when it really shifted gears into being weird all the way to now. it was pretty much the flagship, the mascot of adult swim for a good long while, and its distinctly weird, absurd, out of synch kind of humor. a show you’d flip onto late at night, and it’d just try to get you to stick with it by basically making you go “what the hell am i watching?”

one of the better remembered episodes is Fire Ant, which features Conan O'Brien, and space ghost jumping all over topics, from lighting himself on fire from pure anger over his rejected pitch for a cartoon starring teenage versions of daffy duck, bugs bunny, and himself, to remembering some bizarre, unreal version of his own cartoon, to having a speaker drilled into his skull, to, at the climax, following an ant that bit him all the way back to its home with promises of killing its whole family in vengeance.

not everyone has seen the original “long” version of Fire Ant, however, broadcast all the way back on december 10th of 1999.

in the long version, space ghost follows that ant,on screen, for about 9 whole minutes. no cutaway gags. no interruptions. over land, under water, space ghost follows the ant, humming to himself, occasionally repeating his promises to kill the hell out of the ant and its family.

you can watch part 1 here, and part 2 here.

9 minutes of space ghost following an ant.

it was the kind of thing you could only get away with on a time slot nobody cared about, with next to no budget, with a network at the time that didn’t care what you did, just basically eat up broadcast time and don’t get us fined by the fcc.

space ghost would continue on to have an incredible amount of influence on comedy, especially tv comedy, despite its awful time slot, and its bucking of any and all conventional tv comedy trends. and “dragging the joke out”, though usually not nearly as long as 9-10 minutes, would become more and more popular among shows tools with telling a joke.

now, as for what such an anti-comedy staple of “dragging the joke out” has to do with the basic core of comedy itself, it’s pretty simple, and pretty important to its whole methodology working. a previous post has talked about “playing with expectations” or “incongruity” in relation to a very short joke in Airplane!, but how does it relate to such long, long jokes like in Space Ghost: C2C or Too Many Cooks?

with digging into this, you just about always have to define things first in terms of what, exactly, the expectations are. and the expectation in these kinds of jokes, in jokes in general, is “there’s no way they’ll drag this out for that long”.

but they do. repeatedly.

it’s extremely simple setup-execution, which leaves a lot of room for jokes within the joke itself (you can find over a dozen in Too Many Cooks itself), but the wrapping of all that still comes to “dragging the joke out”. so like with space ghost, where first you laugh because he’s following this ant for so long, or Too Many Cooks, where there’s entirely too many cast members, the laughter then falters some, because they’ve dragged the joke out now, you get it - and then it hits a point where the bit knows that you know that it has gone on too long, and then keeps going anyway. and if their execution, if all the pieces are right, you laugh again because it hit at that button in your brain that still disbelieves that they’d honestly keep going on and on with this one fucking joke. part of the punchline being that they know that the joke isn’t funny anymore, and keep going ahead with it anyway, making the new laughs not being the original joke, but that they dare to keep telling it after its expiration date.

this is what a lot of “anti-humor” or “experimental” or however you want to define it kind of humor gets around to digging into, our sorts of expectations and ideas about comedy itself. they’re not inherently funny, and they’re not always successful, but a lot of it is really about digging into the “rules” of comedy or what we expect out of comedy and seeing how it can twist and change it and flip it around.

it all still ties into those “rules” themselves, though, most importantly being, yet again, “playing with expectations”.

we don’t honestly expect someone or something to go ahead with the same joke for ten whole minutes, so when something does, it subverts those expectations, and, if it’s doing its job, it turns “alright, i get it already” into laughter again.

there’s a lot to dig into here in how “dragging the joke out” can be compared and contrasted with simply repeating a joke too many times, and yeah, there is a difference, but they all have their own methodology and purposes, but that’d be for another post.

what i want to cap this off with is how both the pieces of Too Many Cooks and Space Ghost Follows An Ant play with their own expectations they themselves set up all the way at the end, which is one of the bigger things you can do with dragging a joke out, because even if it’s predictable once you know the basic formula, getting lost in the joke itself, you stop thinking about how it’ll end. after a while, the brain just slips into “so is this gonna go on forever or what”.

both of them have very abrupt, sudden endings. space ghost finally finds the ant family he swears vengeance on, and they’re too massive to fight - so he demands to know what the ant’s parents are going to do about their child that bit him.

then the ant screeches and chases space ghost across the screen, smash cut to credits.

too many cooks, after spending all that time on the intro, ends up at about the only place it can: the actual show. the house is filled with every cast member, and the dad comes home with the old “honey, i’m home” line - only to be interrupted by the end of the show itself, with also a rapidly scrolling credits.

as i said, after awhile, your expectations transform into “this joke will just go on forever, right” or something like it, so the best way to subvert your expectations at that point is for the joke to finally end. and to end suddenly, abruptly, with little to no sense of actual closure.

smash cut to end credits.

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Looking forward to the new blog! Do you know if it's a filly or a colt yet?

Main character is an adult lady pegasus horse! But then the supporting cast is just like a mess of everything and it’s great and i’M PUMPED

but you guys will hear more about it SOONNNNN

There’s a particular bit of misinformation I often see floating around in SeraMyu trivia posts and on musical fansites/wikis that I’d like to address briefly.

“Yoda Shuusuke is the only male actor to have appeared as a female character in the entire run of the musicals.”

This is false. The performer credited as Yoda Shuusuke in several musicals, with roles such as Nephrite in Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu and Petz in the revision of Black Lady, is Yoda Karen, a trans woman. Please stop misgendering her.

I understand there’s no malicious intent and that people just aren’t aware (she transitioned after the Myus went on hiatus and I don’t honestly expect too many people to keep up with the lives of SeraMyu cast members), but please stop spreading this as an “interesting fact”. Thank you.