too many carpets


Yesterday I went to the Doctor Who World Tour in NYC and this incredible thing happened - I got to meet Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, and present them with a portrait I did of them! (More photos at my Twitter and Instagram!) OH MY GOSH prepare for some rambling storytime now

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Polaroids from Bafta Scotland 2016, red carpet. 

Too many people were at the red carpet, didn’t have the chance to take more polaroids other stars, only have Caitriona, James, and Peter. They were really nice to say yes, and stood a bit further for me to take the pictures. 

I love Peter’s expression! That’s the fun of Polaroid, when I took it, it was too dark to actually see what face he pulled. But after a few minutes, when the picture came out, it was such a great surprise! And he asked my name, so nice of him. 

Cait was busy signing but when I asked if I could take a Polaroid of her, she said ‘sure, I love Polaroid!’, and she stood back at the perfect distance for it. Although……I was too nervous and excited and my hand was very shakey when I pressed the shutter. So glad it turned out beautiful! 

James and Peter didn’t see the result of the picture, they signed when the picture was still blue. But Cait saw it, as I waited till the end for her to sign. I love how she took the picture, tilted it and signed that way, lol. 

(Please don’t repost the pictures elsewhere, as if I want to, I would post myself. I saw pictures I posted on Twitter from the night posted here, without my permission, I can’t say I’m happy about that, even though I don’t make a fuss about it. Thanks for understanding.) 


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