too many bellies and too many legs

To all the fat or chubby girls that are self-conscious:

Go to the closest mirror and look at yourself. Look at those cute chubby cheeks. Poke them. Aren’t they amazing? They are so cute and beautiful.
Look at your eyes - maybe they look boring from far away, but if you get a close look you see the galaxies in them. Go! Look at it! They’re gorgeous!
And your hair! Oooh your hair! It is sooo pretty! Look at it! It doesn’t matter if it’s straight or curly or something in between. If it’s smooth or very messy! It’s so beautiful!
Now go further - look at your body. At your sweet chubby arms. Do you know how many people they have comforted? How many soft and warm hugs you’ve given people? Oooh I’d love to be hugged by you!
And your belly - is it big? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter. Poke it. Isn’t it soft? It’s so nice to sit on your lap when you’re like some soft and amazing pillow! You are just all soft and sweet and aaah I love you so much!!
And your legs. Do you think they’re too short? Too long? Too fat? Nah. Your legs are amazing! Think of those cute little fluffly animals with fluffy legs or paws. Do you think their legs are ugly? No. So why should yours be?
You’re gorgeous.
No, maybe you are not skinny, maybe you are not the standard model. But you are so beautiful and pretty.
Stop looking at what’s wrong, and start looking at what’s beautiful.
Because there is so much more.

anonymous asked:

I know cats that lay on their back with belly up show complete trust with their owner but I really think my cat is too fat to get on her back so she just lays down and kinda turns and stretches out her legs with some belly exposed. Does this mean she doesn’t have complete trust in me

No, I’m sure your kitten loves you and trusts you. There are many ways cats show their love/trust. Even rolling near you or purring may show that she loves you. Maybe your kitten is too fluffy to get fully on her back or don’t feel alright doing it. There are so many cat personalities out there, you can not say that they are all the same. 
The cats are most vulnerable while sleeping, they always choose secure and trusted places to sleep. So if that’s on your lap or even somewhere close to you, know that it’s a way of trusting you.
Even if your cat doesn’t trust you completely (because of different reasons) you can always gain her trust by loving her and taking care of her. They sense the people who adore them and every positive feeling. 

Imagine you've been captured by a witch Part 5 (Final)





Your fear had been realized. The man hadn’t stopped at three. Like before, he tried to keep himself satisfied with your mouth, but you could tell when he was slowly starting to become more frustrated. With so much time before you had to give birth, you knew that he was going to snap more than once. You were already carrying three, you couldn’t imagine adding more to that number.

In an effort to save yourself from that fate, you had been pleasant with him over dinner one night. You forced yourself to call him ‘sweetheart’ and ‘my love’, though the very thought made you wince. You brought up how three was a special number for those who used magic, so three children would be good for him. Then, very carefully, you suggested that he accelerate your pregnancy using a time spell so you could give him his children sooner. It sickened you to say it in such a way, as if your pride was based on what services you provided him, but it seemed like the only way to convince him.

He stopped eating, watching you for a moment. He beckoned you closer, and hope swelled in your chest as your thoughts drifted to having your body return to normal. But there was also a slight twinge of fear. Giving birth was a difficult process that you had already been through once with things much smaller than human children. Multiples were even harder to deal with.

You got up from your chair, albeit slowly, due to how heavy your belly was. You approached him, trying to look eager to please rather than eager to get away from him.

He placed a hand on your stomach, murmuring words in another language. Halfway through the spell, however, you noticed that it wasn’t the same spell he had used on you in the witch’s house. You stepped away from his touch, but were struck by overwhelming tiredness.

“That…that wasn’t…” You staggered, but the man caught you, helping you lie down on the kitchen floor. You stared, mind fully aware of everything that was happening. It was your body that was sluggish and nearly unresponsive.

“I told you before,” He growled, climbing over you so his face was an inch from yours, “That I would watch you swell day by day with our children. Did you forget? Should I remind you of what I want?”

You shook your head slightly, “No, I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

He straightened, on his knees next to your hip. He glanced to your abdomen, his gaze dark, “I think you need to be reminded.”

“I don’t,” You protested, gathering all of your strength just to roll onto your side. You wanted to get up, but your muscles gave out, leaving you weak before him, “Please, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“You’ve grown so much,” His voice had a prideful lilt to it, completely ignoring your words, “How long has it been? You’re almost halfway done?” He grabbed your left leg, hoisting it over his shoulder while straddling the right. You didn’t have enough energy to turn your head, but you could hear the metal and fabric rustling. He entered you, the new angle sending shivers up your spine.

You closed your eyes, body jostled back and forth with each thrust. You wished that you could sleep through it, but your mind remained alert to every movement. The weight inside of your womb rocked against the floor. You put a hand over it, trying to keep it still, but the mass was too great.

He stilled, gripping your thigh and panting as he released inside of you. Your womb swelled immediately, causing you to groan as your dress tightened around your waist. You hurriedly pulled the hem up to keep the seams from digging into your skin, ignoring how the man’s touch wandered over your growing belly. He sighed, letting go of you. Your leg dropped to the floor, the momentum rolling you onto your back. You squirmed, gasping for air. Your stomach was too big. Four children was too many. You still couldn’t move much due to the spell.

The man stood, smirking down at you. You stared, fearful and exhausted. Sprawled out on the floor with your legs spread and your womb full of his children was shameful enough. But you still ached. He had been satisfied, but you hadn’t. He had done so on purpose.

Ever since you had been impregnated by the creature so many months ago, your breasts had ached. They had gotten bigger, now that you had been pregnant for such a long time rather than a few weeks. You had started to produce liquid, but only in small amounts. You kept it hidden, not wanting the man to notice. You were sure that he would do something to make the situation profitable to him while simultaneously humiliating you.

But he had decided to sneak up on you, cupping your chest with his hands. He paused, feeling how the material was damp, “What’s this?” He knew, he was just rubbing it in that he had found out, “Come here, darling, I can help you with this~” He took you to a room that had always been locked. You immediately tried to run once you saw what was inside, but he cornered you.

That had been weeks ago. Every day afterward had been generally the same. You tried to continue your day as usual, mostly trying to find how to escape, but the man would find you and usher you towards the room like clockwork. You were sat down in a chair that was slightly reclined. If you cooperated, you wouldn’t be tied down. But you resisted this time, resulting in some light fabric being tied around your wrists to keep you from getting up. Your legs remained closed and situated properly, but you had a feeling it wouldn’t last. There were metal stirrups that were attached to the chair. He hadn’t strapped you into them, but the way he was pacing around the room made you wonder if he was tempted.

He finally set everything up, tubes and bottles on shelves sorted out. He approached you, grabbing something from the table beside you. You tried to fight against the restraints, but nothing would budge. He placed one of the items over your breast, holding your shoulder still so he could situate it properly. The suction started, allowing him to let go of it and do the same to your other breast. You fidgeted and winced, the pressure building until milk finally dribbled into the tubing and dripped into the bottles.

He had said that, with you expecting so many children, it was important that you had enough milk to feed them. But he took far too much and you noticed bottles disappearing. You figured that he was using it for something. Spells or potions, most likely. He always made comments about how anything could be used as an ingredient.

You winced and gasped as the babies started to kick. It had started a few days ago. You hated the reminder of what he had done to you. There were times that you tried to hide that something was happening, but he always caught on eventually, rubbing his hands over your stomach to feel the skin move. He would go on and on about how the kicking would increase when he was nearby, saying that your children knew who their father was. It was a source of pride from him, but nothing but humiliation for you.

He approached you, lifting your skirt to touch your belly. It rested on your thighs when you sat down, forcing you to keep your legs slightly parted. He glanced to the pumps, squeezing your breasts experimentally. He clicked his tongue, “You’re not going to be able to provide for our children if you keep this pace, darling.”

You wanted to spit in his face and berate him for acting like that was his only priority. If he didn’t stash away half of it for other reasons, you would have been able to take more breaks. He adjusted something on the chair, letting you recline more. He positioned your legs into the stirrups, tying you down. You tried to fight against him, anger bubbling in your chest, “Don’t you dare.”

He paused, his hands on his belt. You could see the flicker of rage cross his features, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

He was trying to intimidate you, but you were too angry and too sore to hold back, “Putting another child in me is counterproductive and you know it. You’re hiding away half of what you force out of me. I shouldn’t have to do this. I’m exhausted! I was so close to going back home and you took that from-!” Your words were cut off by him entering you.

“Do you really think that the witch was going to let you go?” His thrusts were slow, but deep. He was trying to keep his voice level, though you could still hear the slight waver due to his frustration, “She would have brought you right back to that cave. She has a lot of friends that could use those eggs, too. You would have been violated by every single monster in this world, and you would still be forced to cook and clean on your hands and knees,” He smirked, “You’re right. I’ve been selling some of what you make to some individuals that pay very well for fresh human milk. We need the money, considering how many children you’re going to give me. They’ve asked about you. They’ve offered me rooms full of coin in exchange for spending some time with you, to have you carry their children. I refused,” He placed his hands on either side of your belly, his thrusts becoming faster and more erratic, “Because the only children you’re going to carry are mine. I’m not going to let some fat old men force their children into someone as beautiful and sweet as my darling wife.”

He stopped, and a familiar heat against your cervix made you tense. Your womb expanded, the babies kicking in protest to having share room with a new addition. Tears escaped the corners of your eyes. You heard the pumps start a new, faster pace. You glanced down, seeing that milk was nearly pouring from your breasts. You groaned, knowing that you wouldn’t be let out of the chair until it slowed down. But your belly swelled again, starting another frenzy of kicks and squirming. You gasped and moaned under the added weight. It was too much. Your stomach sat heavily on your thighs, even though your legs were spread.

The man continued to rub your stomach, taking pride in how much life had been put into your body. He stepped back, but didn’t put your legs back down. He smiled charmingly, “I’ll come back to see how you’re doing in a little while. You should be alright for about an hour. Right, darling?” He ignored the way your face fell upon realizing he was going to leave you at the mercy of the breast pumps and the children still active inside of you.

“Wait, I-“

The door closed, but you were distracted by the pumps going into a higher gear.

You were overdue. You had been sure that, with so many children, your water would break early. But days had passed. Then weeks. You had never seen a woman with such a large stomach. Even when you were forced to carry the creature’s spawn, that size paled in comparison to what you looked like now. You grew tired from going up the stairs and you waddled around the house. The man thought that it was adorable, but you found it embarrassing. The largest dresses he had bought for you were stretched tight over your abdomen. Seamstresses didn’t make clothes big enough for women carrying four children, let alone six. He had made a smaller version of the breast pumps and placed it in the room you shared. He claimed that it would be easier to milk you while you slept. The opposite happened. As the suction increased and decreased, you were woken up each time. The whirring kept you awake. There were times that you begged for sex, just so you could fill the bottles faster and could finally go to sleep. But he always refused. He touched you, but it wasn’t the same.

He had grown more and more excited as time went on. He was looking forward to having heirs and students of magic that he could teach. He complimented your appearance and how sweet you were. You couldn’t remember ever being nice to him unless he was angry and you forced yourself to smile. He had an image in his head of who you were, but it wasn’t anywhere close to the truth.

But his excitement had turned into lust and greed. After another day of your body failing to give birth, he refused to let you sleep despite how tired you were. He manhandled you, forcing you onto your hands and knees. Your belly was pushed into the mattress, causing you to groan in discomfort. You moved closer to the top of the bed, bracing yourself against the wall behind the headboard. Leaning up and resting your stomach on the pillows made the position a bit more comfortable. The man knelt behind you, grabbing the pumps and attaching them to your breasts. He spread your legs a bit more before pushing inside of you. Your belly pressed into the pillows with each thrust. You swore under your breath. You wanted to get away from him, but you were too big and the tight grip he had on your hips made sure he could get as deep as possible.

“I thought about what you said before, when you wanted to give me three children,” His pace slowed. You bit your lip, knowing that he was trying to prolong the process, “You’re right. Three is a good number for those who use magic. But seven is much better. How many do you have now? Six?”

You could tell that he was just asking to hear you say it. You nodded, “Yes.”

“So one more will give us seven. Seven beautiful children from my darling wife. I couldn’t be a luckier man,” He rubbed the sides of your stomach absentmindedly.

The breath was knocked from your lungs as your womb clenched. You tensed, knowing that he would finally get what he wanted. But your water had yet to break. There was still a chance that he could add one last child. You kept your mouth shut, trying to mask the pain as refusal to cooperate. Maybe you could get a bit of revenge on him by denying the seventh child he wanted so much.

He was becoming more and more heated. His fingers dug into your hips, bruising the skin. You shook your head, silently begging every god you knew of to keep this from happening. But he stilled, a pleased sigh leaving him. You placed a hand on your stomach, hoping that there would be no growth. That hope was shattered as the pillows sank beneath you and your hand was pushed upwards. The weight keeping you from moving away from the wall. You cried out in pain as your womb clenched again. You couldn’t keep the labor pains a secret anymore.

He caught on immediately, putting you onto your back with your legs spread. He gave you words of encouragement, but you could only hear your heartbeat thick in your ears. The pressure worsened, tearing a scream from your throat. You squirmed. You couldn’t take it. Giving birth to the creature’s spawn had been so much easier. Your womb wasn’t as big and neither were the eggs compared to human children.

You couldn’t tell how much time had passed since the beginning. You had felt the need to push so many times, and yet all of your effort felt like it was doing nothing. You had been close to fainting several times, forgetting to breathe while trying to push due to the pain. The man held your hand and tried to soothe you in between contractions, but you ignored him. You wanted it to be over. You didn’t know how many would be born. There was the possibility that only one could be born and the others weren’t ready. On the other hand, they could all be born in slow succession through the night. Judging by how much your womb had grown since the beginning, you were leaning towards the latter. Both options sounded daunting, but you wouldn’t know until the first was out of your body.

Your water finally broke, gushing onto the wooden floor. A wave of fear coursed through your body. It was time. Your pushing would mean something now, but his children would be brought into the world. You put your chin to your chest, trying to remember to breathe during the process. The man was talking, but you didn’t acknowledge what he saying. You were too focused.

You only snapped out of your reverie when you gasped for air and fell back against the bed. The first baby was stuck, having moved slowly toward your entrance. You tried to keep it where it was, but it slipped a few inches back into your body. You cried out, the sensation reminding you of every single time the man had given you another child. You were so full. The other babies were competing to be the second born. Your womb was so heavy on top of you, but you doubted that he would let you move into a different position. He had moved between your legs, watching as you pushed again, causing the baby to crown. You were still hooked up to the breast pumps, the bottles almost full. You wanted nothing more than to hide in some dark room after being so violated, but that would never happen. He would never let you go.

The head finally left you, followed by the shoulders and the rest of the body. Your legs quivered, the feeling of emptiness dragging a shiver up your spine. But it didn’t last long. The pressure and pain continued, the second child moving into the birthing canal. The man had left to clean off the first baby and wrap it in a clean blanket. He returned, placing it on the bed next to you.

You fell back against the bed, exhausted. The last child had already been pulled from your body and cleaned. He had left you to deal with the afterbirth yourself. You were covered in sweat, aching from the effort and stress of giving birth. You were dizzy, barely registered what was happening as he sat you up, removing the pumps from your breasts and replacing them with two children. He had to guide your arms around them to hold them. You were exhausted, wanting nothing more than to lie back down and sleep. The babies latched on immediately. They slowly went from hungry and squirming to tiredly suckling, only their tiny mouths moving. Once asleep, they were replaced with two of the other children.

By the time the last was to be fed, your mind had cleared somewhat. You held the child without needing to have your arms moved into position. You glanced down, watching as the baby fed, its eyes closed. The man sat down next to you, kissing your temple. Once all seven were asleep, he asked you help move them into the nursery. It was in another room that had been previously locked, everything already prepared with seven cribs. It felt strange, to hold something so small in your arms. You admitted that they were cute, but you couldn’t deny the circumstances they had been born into.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the man lifting you into his arms and carrying you back into the bedroom. He set you down in a chair, cleaning up the bed and replacing the sheets. He helped you into bed, making sure you were comfortable before climbing in beside you. He kissed you gently, as if he was worried that you would break with any more pressure. You didn’t respond, keeping your eyes open to watch him. There was something wrong. You could tell that he was planning something.

As if he could tell what you were thinking, he moved you onto your back and climbed on top of you. He pulled a small orb from his pocket, showing it to you, “This, my darling, is something very special. Since you’re given me seven sweet little children, you’re prepared to take this,” He nudged it into your entrance. You hissed, your body still sore. After his fingers couldn’t move it any further, he thrust inside of you to push it past your cervix and into your womb, “It’ll fill you up quite nicely~”