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⤿ “I think this thing is getting rid of the excess gas produced from its multiple stomachs… It’s farting!”

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After reading A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas last week, I can’t get enough of Nesta/Cassian. And there’s still not a lot of post-ACOWAR fics about them (I’m very impatient) so I felt compelled to write my own oneshot about them, which is posted over at AO3.

TITLE: Together

PAIRING: Nesta Archeron/Cassian

RATING: Teen and Up

LENGTH: Oneshot

GENRE: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

SUMMARY: Post-ACOWAR (and therefore, there are spoilers!). Nesta and Cassian talk for the first time since the events of the war, which ends up being more of a screaming match.

Now that that’s out of my system, I’ll have to go back to writing my Rogue One Jyn/Cassian fic.

Sidebar: There are too many awesome characters named Cassian in this world.

Some time ago I drew Charlie Weasley for the HP Zodiac Project, organised by the excellent @bloodyhellharry and @artofpan​. I’m actually a Cancerian, but there aren’t too many confirmed Cancer characters (check out what an awesome job @sarahcosico did with them!! <3 ), so I leapt on the chance to draw the two oldest Weasley bros, plus dragons (Bill Weasley posted here). Thanks again for such a fun idea! 

If you haven’t seen them yet, check out the “hp zodiac” tag for more works of art ✨ 

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Hi! I'm curious. Do you have any favorite NPCs & Followers in the DA games? I love Alistair, Leliana, Cullen, Varric, Cassandra, Fenris, Isabela, Bull & his Chargers & Bann Teagan 😊

OH gosh I actually have too many favourites - I love all you  mentioned there, plus (just off the top of my head) Wynne, Zevran, Duncan, Morrigan, Dorian, Anders, Sera, Vivienne, and even Samson and Calpernia. :)  Waayy too many awesome characters in the series.. I love them all tbh. :)

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right back where we started from (california here we come)

Because I am re-watching Season 1 of The O.C., and I realized that there were too many awesome ways to make these characters fit into that world to not write this.

Fandom: The 100 (TV)

Characters: Octavia Blake/Lincoln, Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Wells Jaha/Raven Reyes, Finn Collins, John Murphy, Jasper Jordan, Monty Green, Abby Griffin, Jake Griffin, Thelonious Jaha, Harper, probably a ton of others too

Rating: Teen

Additional Tags: Alternative Universe - The O.C., Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - High School, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Drama, Humor, classic WB/CW teen shenanigans

Warnings: n/a

Summary: When troubled teen Octavia Blake comes to live with the Griffin family, worlds collide as she and her street-smart brother Bellamy become entangled in the posh lifestyle of the Griffins and their friends and neighbors. Drama, romance, and more than a few laughs ensue as these teen delinquents try and find out just where they fit in the world. Or, The O.C. AU no one asked for.

Links: AO3 | FF

That is a really frickin’ big house was Octavia’s first thought upon the car pulling into the long, barely-lit driveway. If you could even call a palace like this a house. It was eight times the size of the rundown two-bedroom ranch her family had briefly lived in when she was seven, and ten times larger than the barely-affordable apartment her brother and she had been calling home. Well, it had been home up until last week when she had gotten arrested for using a fake ID at a club (goddamn Jasper and his supposed ‘top of the line’ forger). So, the fact that she’d spent the last six nights in a juvenile detention cell no bigger than the fancy black car she was sitting in, and now she was going to be staying in this place, well, that was unbelievable.

“Home sweet home,” her public defender said from the driver’s seat, turning off the engine and shifting to look at her. Octavia snapped her gaze from the villa-style mansion to Jake Griffin’s kind face. It was the same expression he had worn when he had sat across from the table in the juvenile detention center visitors’ room that morning. Wearing a presumably expensive, sleek black suit and an even sleeker smile, he had told her he could get her charges down to a misdemeanor, meaning a fine and probation instead of jail time. He didn’t stop there, though, no. He went through her grades (just above average) and her behavior record (not stellar), but he had smiled upon seeing her SAT scores, telling her that she had potential and how important it was to think about her future. I’m on your side, he had said.

Octavia had scoffed at that, and at his talk of college and big dreams. Where I’m from, having a dream doesn’t make you smart, she had said. Knowing it won’t come true, now, that does. Despite her conviction, she almost winced after saying it, because it would break her brother’s heart to hear those words on her lips, not when he had tried so hard the last few years to make Octavia believe they could make it out of Chino. Bellamy still believed, for her, but she had given up that dream years ago, right around the time her mother had started trading sex for favors from her brother’s probation officer. It hadn’t gotten any better when her mother had died last year, leaving Bell and her to fend for themselves. The dream of rising past their background was best left in her childhood, along with her fairy spells and jungle games.

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favorite character - neville longbottom

“In one swift, fluid motion, Neville broke free of the Body-Bind Curse upon;the flaming hat fell off him and he drew from its depths something silver, with a glittering, rubied handle—”

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Obviously you need to do Rurouni Kenshin first

Bah ha, just waiting for the ask ;)

male: Um, Kenshin. Duh.
female: Kaoruuuuu. Though Misao is a close second.
least favorite: Hm. This is hard; I pretty much love every character. Even the bad ones; the villains are so interesting and well done, even if you “hate” them, they are great characters! But honestly… I’ve never been that attached to Soujiro. He’s one of the most popular characters, and I’ve always been kind of “eh” to him. (I cried during his backstory arc, though. Just to be clear, still like him).
who resembles me: Megumi. I’m much more friendly than she is, but I really relate to her, and I know I can be pretentious and rude without really thinking through the consequences, like she does. Also science :).  
most attractive: Oof. Hard question. Um. Aoshi? There’s a lot to like there.
three more characters that i like: Uki. I love Uki. She’s adorable. Misao. She is my spirit animal. Tomoe. Tomoe 4ever.

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who is your favourite character from tokyo ghoul or tokyo ghoul:re?

TG has too many awesome characters, and I like pretty much the majority of them, but if I really have to pick, this is my top 4.

1) Kaneki Ken/Sasaki Haise

Well, I’m always partial towards the main character in most series I read, but Kaneki is special in that Ishida-sensei just put everything I love, wrapped it together into a single character and somehow manages to make him progressively more lovable as the series goes (I didn’t think that was possible~ XD;;;)

I probably can write essays on why I love him so much as a character, but I’ll save that for next time or this will become long~ XD

2) Amon Koutarou

I don’t know many people who like him (or at least as much as I do), which I can guess why. He is not the most complex of a character, in fact he is too straightforward, too uptight and his thoughts can be read like an open book - however, what makes him fascinating is his action. He often does the most unpredictable things (push up 8000 times in his subordinate’s house, anyone? XD) Some of my favorite scenes usually revolve around Kaneki’s encounter with Amon. Their respect towards each other despite fighting for different beliefs is one of the highlights of the series for me.

3) Nagachika Hideyoshi

Hide is perhaps the most original take of a childhood friend I’ve seen in my long years of reading manga. He is about as deceptive as his look. While the series hardly ever focus on him, I can’t help but feel he impacts the plot far more than many people give him credit for. I say he is like the anti-clown, the one who controls the other side of the chess, always fighting behind the scene in order to help Kaneki battle against his twisted fate.

4) Suzuya Juuzou

This is probably the biggest surprise in my list because I didn’t like him much at the start of TG. He at times felt like a randomly added crazy guy who has no bearing to the plot. But his tragic back story and his character development really made me appreciate him as the story progressed. If TG:Joker is any indication of how Suzuya will be in TG:re, I will be a very very pleased fan.

Borderlands Movie??

I’m screaming. I’m really worried but really excited. Totally normal but unsure which I’m feeling more.

PLEASE get awesome scriptwriters and directors who know the game well enough to stay true to its origins! That’s really, really, REALLY important and I cannot stress that enough. The story and lore and characters have to stay true.

NO replacing characters or changing an aspect of them. I don’t want to see Handsome Jack portrayed as totally sympathetic and ‘actually a nice guy’. PLEASE NO. We love him for the jackass he is. It’s just one of the many examples I can find but seriously, I’ve seen it all too many times and it’s painful to see awesome characters (though bad people) altered just to give a little more ‘appeal’ to the audience.

Yes everyone has their own thoughts on how they would’ve liked things to gone. Sometimes I wish certain things weren’t canon as well. But ultimately it all falls back to the fact that none of these thoughts would’ve surfaced without the existence of the actual story.

Keep and love your own headcanons, no problem. But love the canon story for what it is.

So please. For all who love Borderlands for how it is. Please. Stay true. Thank you.