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I’ve been doing my best to avoid posting in the tags lately because this place has attracted a lot of haters and negative Nancys! But things have gotten a little out of hand in the last few days. I especially did not want to make this post, but too many people keep pestering me with the same questions about Daniella Filler, so I’m just going to address this topic and hopefully people can stop freaking out.
For those of you who don’t know, Daniella Filler is a model who works for an agency called Richards Models. Last March, when Cole was in Vancouver filming the pilot, he and DF did a photoshoot together. If you check out Cole’s IG page, and go to his photos from March 2016, you’ll find them. He’s tagged both Daniella and her agency in these pictures, so it’s strictly a professional shoot. Do people honestly think that Cole would take advantage of a model he was assigned to work with by a company he works for? Cole stayed in Vancouver for less than a month when they did the pilot, so how the hell did he find the time to have a gf, which he clearly abandoned once filming was done and he went back to NY/LA! Please, people, start having some common sense.
Yes, Cole and Daniella are friends. She hung out with him and some of the cast last December when they all went roller skating. However, what you don’t know is that Daniella is also an aspiring photographer. Without disclosing too much personal information about her, because people seem to be going to her pages and sending her hate, which is just WRONG, Daniella has started up a photography portfolio, and Cole has been helping and teaching her photography. She even accompanied him to his photoshoot in February with adeezia_adhel: the one of them in the snow (again, you can find these pictures on his IG). DF also took photos of the model and uploaded them to her own personal photography account. So people seriously need to chill out and stop assuming that every girl Cole is seen out with is a girl he’s banging.
Also, if people look at the photos of DF and Cole hiking the other day, you’ll notice they both have their cameras with them. They were clearly there taking pictures. And if you want even further proof that there is nothing going on between them and nothing ever did, I’ve linked a screenshot of one of Cole’s photo captions where he discusses perverted photographers. Cole is very professional. He did not take up photographer to f*ck models. That would make him a creep! And we all know he’s not. Sorry if this was abrupt.

*Oh, and before I forget - that apparent “hand holding” picture people got worried about was not that at all. Cole went closer to DF because he was moving out of the way to let the other guy through.

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Did Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette love each other? What do you think of Marie's relationship with Count Fersen?

Well first off, I apologize if this gets long.  (Which it will)

Did they love one another? Absolutely. There is no doubt whatsoever that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette grew to love one another very much. Yes I say grew to because it did not start out that way. They had a typical arranged marriage, and Louis was brought up to abhor anything Austrian. They didn’t have that romantic love at first sight sort of story, but I think it makes it all the sweeter that their love developed over time.

I love this line from a post someone else made, where they said

Louis was basically the ancien regime-equivalent of the nerdy loner in the science club who somehow ended up dating the prom queen and never recovered from the shock.

It just seems so fitting, as yes they were complete and utter opposites but they loved one another nonetheless. Louis XVI was infamous for the fact that, unlike his predecessors (And indeed his own brothers) he NEVER took a mistress. It was practically unheard of for the King of France not to have a mistress, but he remained devoted to her and her alone.

Here’s some quotes from various sources I thought might help prove my point:

In obvious ways they were strikingly different: Louis beginning to put on weight, Antoinette slim; he steady, she quick; he reserved, she open; he with few close friends, she with many; he awkward, she majestic; he seeing the dark side, she the bright; he a keen reader, she bored by books; he unmusical, she happy with harp and clavichord.

But at a deeper level they possessed traits in common. Both had a lot of heart: they felt for those less fortunate than themselves, they loved their children and were happiest when with them. Both had a sense of duty and wanted above everything to do their job well.

Louis and Antoinette - Vincent Cronin

[Marie Antoinette] ran to [her husband,] threw her arms round his neck and hugging him tenderly, told him: “I feel, my dear husband, that I love you more each day. Your honesty and frankness charm me; the more I compare you with the others [note: his brothers] the more I know how much more you are worth.”

—Ambassador Mercy to Maria Theresa, 19 December 1771.

… [Louis XVI] spoke to his august consort in an infinitely cordial and tender manner, saying among other things that he loved her with all his heart and that he could swear to her he had never had the least feeling or sentiment for any woman, but for her alone.

—Ambassador Mercy to Maria Theresa, 17 June 1779

… kissing Mme la Dauphine, he said to her, “But do you love me?”

[She] answered, “Yes, you cannot doubt it, I love you sincerely and respect you even more.”

The young prince seemed very moved by these words; he caressed Mme la Dauphine most tenderly…

—Ambassador Mercy to Maria Theresa, 12 November 1773

This princess, as virtuous as she was amiable, whom monsters later on accused of having never loved her husband, was absolutely in despair. As soon as she heard the King’s carriage entering the Cour Royale she ran towards him holding the Dauphin in her arms, then breathless and almost fainting she fell into those of the King who was no less moved than she was. Holding out one hand to his children who covered it with kisses, with the other wiping the tears from the eyes of Marie-Antoinette and Madame Elisabeth, Louis XVI smiled again…he kept on repeating: “Happily no blood was shed, and I swear that not a drop of French blood will ever be shed on my orders.”
Histoire de la Revolution Francaise (3 vol.) by M.H. Lemaire, 1816

“In fact the King did not get the measles and he did miss the Queen; their relationship became noticeably deeper following the birth of their child. Finding three weeks too long to be apart, Louis XVI made his own romantic gesture. He stood for a quarter of an hour in a private courtyard of the Petit Trianon while the Queen leant out of a window. No one else was allowed to be present at this touching encounter but it was learned afterwards that tender words had been exchanged on both sides.

Marie Antoinette - The Journey

On the morning of his execution, Louis XVI removed his wedding ring and handed it to his valet, Jean-Baptiste Cléry, saying:

[Give] this ring to the queen; tell her that I part from it with pain and only at the last moment.

I could add more but I think that’s sufficient enough.

As for the Fersen question, HERE are some posts by Elena Maria Vidal that sum it up. To quote the beginning of them:

Too often in the many articles about Marie-Antoinette that have surfaced in the last year due to the Coppola film, Count Axel von Fersen is referred to as the “queen’s lover” or as her “probable lover.” It is repeatedly disregarded that there is not a scrap of reliable historical evidence that Count Fersen and Marie-Antoinette were anything but friends, and that he was as much her husband’s friend as he was hers.

I can see why people are attracted to the idea of Fersen. He’s the dashing, romantic Swedish hero and people want to think that Antoinette found true love and happiness with him despite her tragic life. Well she DID find true love and happiness in her life, but it wasn’t with Fersen. It was with her husband, whom she loved more than anyone else and whom she stuck by until the end.


Title: The Chinese Botanist’s Daughters
Language: Mandarin (Subtitles)

Plot: The daughter of a famous Chinese botanist spends most of her time in their garden studying the plants and roots, until she meets their only intern, a young orphaned woman. Their days slowly begin to melt into one another but so much so, it is impossible to hide. 

Basic Review:

  • Although the film is set and filmed in South East Asia and the actors speak Mandarin, it is actually a French Canadian film. This might offer a little insight into the captivating cinematography used in the film. Seriously beautiful landscapes and settings.
  • The story is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship that developed between the two girls through their connection to nature. The actors have great chemistry and their love scenes are discreet and passionate.
  • The ending was unfavourable to say the least. It spiraled out of control and really left you feeling quite disappointed.
  • The overall message of the story is important and unfortunately the ignorant diagnosis is all too real in the lives of many same-sex attracted people. 
  • If you love enchanted, romantic dramas, this film is for you.

*Requested by: Anonymous

Five Minute Writing Challenge

I was tagged int the 5 Minute Writing Challenge by the lovely @changedmystars. I know I’m about 5 minutes late to the game but life, ya know? Also not too many people know I (attempt) to write fic. It’s something I do for me. This took me longer than 5 minutes (it’s about 1k), I didn’t want to stop, and maybe I’ll like flesh this out one day (or just add it to my ever growing list of fic ideas that I’ll never write). 

Thalia gave me the idea of like a Co-Stars AU so here is my stab at it…

He feels like he’s walking onto the set of Magic Mike. except there is only one stripper, well two including him, but he tries to ignore the fact that in about 20 minutes he is going to be basically naked and in a bed with LIAM PAYNE. Never mind the fact that there is about 15-20 crew members floating about. Luckily most will clear out when Harry is finished going over the scene boards. He’s been texting Zayn all week over the start of the film, and Z can tell he’s literally shitting bricks.

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something i hate about wlw films is how they keep pushing this idea that women who love women just can’t avoid inappropriate relationships/attractions. i’ve seen way too many movies where the woman falls in love with a married woman, her best friend’s girlfriend, her brother’s girlfriend or some other family member’s wife, her stepsister (the adult daughter of her mom’s new husband), her coworker’s wife, the woman who’s like 20 years younger than her and just got out of high school, or her married coworker… it’s insulting tbh. people act like wlw couldn’t possibly have a strong concept of family and propriety. like we just cannot be trusted around any woman. it’s like… “nah she’s not predatory, she just can’t help herself because there are so few wlw in the world so she just falls for whatever is around and screw whoever she hurts in the process”.

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im crying inside that person who made the raquaza joke has a robin amiibo hooooowwwww

Ah, Robin(scientific name Taktikos Erithacus rubecula). Known for their distinctive coloring and desired for their rarity, they were hunted to the brink of extinction around 2015, and are thus rarely seen in the wild.They are withdrawn, yet intelligent and subsist on a diet of mostly bear meat. Capturing one may seem difficult as they are near impossible to outsmart, but once you learn how the Robin thinks, they are surprisingly easy to attract.

A crude Robin trap can be made like so. Open fields are the best place to find Robins in the wild, so it is suggested you look for them there. Make sure that the text in the book is not too big or the book is not short, or the Robins will be uninterested.

It doesn’t take long to attract a Robin.

Robins have been known to pair up, so where one is, more will surely follow.

A simple trap can distract the Robins for hours at a time, but for their own safety, so not let too many gather in one place, or it will attract one of their natural enemies.

Who is known to indigenous peoples as “Tharja”

(seen here in the famous 1967 film)


I don’t really feel there has been a big vampire film recently, although it’s a subject and a genre that has definitely been explored and in some people’s eyes perhaps overdone. I haven’t done extensive research, but I don’t think there’s been too many vampire films as funny as this. It’s always funny when people ask me why I was attracted to it because what most people wouldn’t understand is… I don’t go out and go, “Oh I want that part,” and then all of a sudden I get it, you know? I’m constantly auditioning all the time, even while I’m working, to get a job that I like.


I wish there were more films with age gaps (not just a decade or so… full on age gaps). These relationships and acquaintances happen far more regularly than society wishes to admit. Many people think that age gap relationships are disgusting things, that it’s based on sex or the younger person being more attractive - that it’s just a man preying on a young girl. It’s not the case for many. Sure sex can be a part of the relationship - but the intellectual side can be just as important.

Having an older partner can be an amazing thing, theres a sense of comfort, freedom… for some people, they just connect with those from a different generation. People my age are too immature and childish, I feel like I’m dating siblings rather than partners.

I love seeing films that convey a relationship of any kind between age gaps - like Lost In Translation. I’m fed up seeing teen boys and teen girls get together in Hollywood style relationships. Give me the real world! :).


Hey everyone,

This is a rather personal post and I wasn’t going to make it but I think I should.

A few days ago, I received an Anonymous ask from a user who claimed she had previously been a victim of domestic abuse, and that my “I fuck…hard” edit ( ruined her day by appearing in her dashboard, and that it is very wrong of me to be promoting such a thing, i.e. “rape culture” as I recall she described it. I deleted the ask straight away so that last part is just from the best of my memory.

So let me be clear, everyone.

I am a young, progressive, open-minded Australian boy. I do not, have not and will not ever endorse any form of sexual abuse, be it in a domesticated setting or anywhere at any place at any time. Yes, I’m a big fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m also very protective and very caring of all the women in my life, as every other man should be.

And yes of course there’s the argument that EL James’ trilogy of books and it’s film are promoting abusive relationships and so forth, but I personally disagree with this statement, as do many others. 

And the thing is, I know I insist on repeating this point, but I am a heterosexual male fan! I’m very sensitive too! Does anyone think I would be attracted to something that promoted and/or justified the sexual, physical and emotional abuse of women? Absolutely not.

I’m surprised my edit (which I actually really liked) even got that attention, I thought most people on tumblr didn’t know I existed!

Thankyou for reading

I love you all, and have a nice weekend.

- Nathan,
The True Submissive

Outlander author Diana Gabaldon took a break from working on the ninth novel in the wildly popular historical fiction series and stopped by EW PopFest on Sunday, where she spoke to EW’s Lynette Rice (who wore a fantastic Outlander cloak!) and answered fan questions about all things Claire and Jamie. Read on for our eight best takeaways from the lively Q&A.

How she got started

Gabaldon says she’s known since she was eight years old that she was a writer: “Eight was about the age age I was when I realized that people actually produced books, they didn’t just spring out of the library shelves.” But she certainly didn’t begin Outlander thinking it would become a literary (and television) phenomenon.

“I wrote the first book for practice; I wasn’t going to show it to anyone,” she said. But after having an argument with a man about what it feels like to be pregnant, she shared a piece she had written describing the feeling in detail. When people encouraged her to expand upon it — “this is like heroin to a writer, to have people actually want to read what you write” — she shared her work, piece by piece. “I discovered that, given the indescribable nature of what I write, the only way to sell it is to give people free samples.”

How she comes up with her titles

Gabaldon is not yet allowed to share the full title of an upcoming collection of Outlander-related novellas she’s working on, but she did reveal that the title includes the word “seven,” for the seven stories within. (She wanted to call the collection Salmagundi, which is the name of an 18th-century dish meaning, appropriately, a collection of disparate elements, but alas, this was rejected by her editor.) The next novel in the Outlander series will be called Go Tell the Bees that I Am Gone, which comes from Celtic folklore. “Bees are very social insects, and they’re very interested in the comings and goings of the community,” she explains. “You want to always keep your bees informed.”

While she can just peruse a Welsh phone book (and has) to come up with new character names, book titles don’t come as easily. With the exception of Voyager, which Gabaldon says came to her quite naturally, coming up with her poetic book titles “is like pulling teeth.” She described her process as akin to polishing rocks: “When the book has reached a significant mass [and] I begin to see what it’s about, what are the elements, then I pick some evocative words that kind of have to do with those things and I sort of throw them in my rock polisher and try them out in different permutations,” she says. “Eventually things come out, and it falls into a rhythm.”

Engaging with her fans

Considering that her origins as a writer were based on interacting with her readers, Gabaldon finds it quite natural to be as engaged with her fans as she is. One fan wrote her that they had read the whole series 23 times; another gave her a Polaroid of an Outlandertattoo on her foot.

When she first met with the TV show’s Claire and Jamie, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, after a fan event, she assured them, “the people who read the books are intelligent, compassionate, civil, educated — great fans. I’d never been stalked, never had a bad fan experience. And I think that is because people with mental derangements don’t have the attention span to read [a book].” She followed up with a warning, however: “But on the other hand, anyone can watch TV, so when the show goes live, start looking over your shoulder.”

Her Outlander doppelgänger

Gabaldon has been quoted as saying that writers have no secrets, and “if you want to know anything about me, read my books — it’s all there.” Rice followed up the quote with the question that this naturally raises: Does that mean Gabaldon is a fantastic lover? Without missing a beat, the author replied, “I’ve been married for 44 years and I haven’t heard any complaints yet.”

As far as writing herself into her books, however, Gabaldon says her closest doppelgänger in the novels is Jamie — “He is what I would be if I were an 18th-century male.” Though she took evident pleasure in recounting a meeting with some fans, where they began discussing the loathsome Black Jack Randall. “I’m sitting there listening to this and sipping my tea and thinking, ‘you have no idea you’re talking to Black Jack Randall right now.’”

What she thinks of the TV series’ Claire

Outlander readers are fiercely protective of the novels in the transition to the small screen, and the Starz series’ portrayal of heroine Claire (played by Caitriona Balfe) has attracted more criticism than Sam Heughan’s Jamie. Many fans have told Gabaldon that the series seems to lack Claire’s sense of humor, which Gabaldon attributes to the series’ lack of first-person perspective. “Caitriona’s a great actress, but there’s only so much she can do with her face,” Gabaldon says. “You can’t film in somebody’s head.” Gabaldon isn’t too concerned about this difference between the two Claires, however: “Mostly, it doesn’t bother people. For those it does, well, they can just go read the book again. No problem.”

Why John Grey fell in love with Jamie

Lord John Grey, whom Gabaldon describes as “a seething mass of repression,” was such a compelling element in the Outlander books that he merited his own related series of novels. Thinking about how to navigate Jamie’s imprisonment in Voyager, Gabaldon decided to bring back the character from Dragonfly in Amber because she thought Grey’s hatred of Jamie but obligation to protect him would make for interesting conflict. Then she just upped the ante. “I said, ‘okay, this is going to cause him a lot of conflict.’ So I was thinking, ‘what if there was a lot of conflict?’” she recalls. “Not only does he hate him and want to kill him, but he’s also physically deeply attracted to him — which is also something he can’t act on.”

How she deals with writer’s block

“Anything I see, think, hear, smell, any writer will pick up ideas like that,” Gabaldon says of her process — though she isn’t immune to writer’s block. “When that happens, When that happens, I will usually go to my reference collection and flip through the historical references just for something interesting that I can use as a kernel,” which might be anything she can sense concretely. “Once I have one, I will write a couple of sentences describing it, and then take words out, put them back, move things around. And meanwhile, in the back of my mind is kicking up questions: What time of day is it? How is the light falling? Is the room warm? No it’s not, my nose is cold and so are my fingers. Get my fingers warm, there’s a fire. Where’s the fire? It’s over there. There’s a dog by the fire. I’ve never seen him before — like that.”

The real Dunbonnet

One of the fans pointed out that Dunbonnet, which is a name that Jamie was called when he hid out in a cave in Voyager was a real figure. “I was at the time reading a lot of Scottish history, folklore, etc., etc., and I came across this mention of the Dunbonnet who had escaped from Culloden and had hidden on his own land in a cave for seven years,” Gabaldon says. While she knew that the figure had been real, she didn’t even realize at the time how perfectly he fit into Outlander, however: “Some time later, long after Voyager was published, I came across the Dunbonnet in another reference, and it gave an expanded version, and it told me the Dunbonnet’s name — which was James Fraser.”

Outlander book series to end with 10th novel

There’s a moment in the very beginning of the series when Frank, standing outside the inn where he and Claire are staying, sees Jamie watching Claire through the window. The mysterious occurrence has never been explained, and one of the fans at the PopFest panel asked the author directly whether the next book in the series, Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, would finally solve the mystery.

“It’ll be the very last thing in the last book, which I think is probably book 10,” Gabaldon replied. Check out the video above to hear it from the author herself.

So the good news, Outlander fans, is that you will eventually learn how that happened! The bad news — it might be awhile.

A Bigger Picture - NBD Anon


I think a few people have hit on very good points, yourself included, but I feel that we’re all just a little shy of the bullseye (this might land under the mark as well though I’m going to think aloud anyway because there may be someone out there who is better at putting puzzle pieces together).

I’ll tackle this by first writing a thought, followed by evidence, which will be in parentheticals.
Four key things to remember:
- SH is clever, and driven by money (separated these two for a reason).
- HW was a key player at the start.
- There is a PR war going on behind this narrative.
- Dorkybatch is only dormant, not dead.

We’ll begin with the “end” of Dorkybatch. A few years ago, he stated in an interview that he had hired a PR team (interview went something along the lines of “I thought I could handle it on my own, but I really couldn’t”). Up until that point, what we saw was the closest to how he truly is as a person. Without many filters to peer through; his authenticity is why many of us liked him and his fandom grew so large.  
Some are saying Ben himself and/or his PR is incompetent. I believe they are incorrect on both points: Ben has always wanted to play in the big leagues (interviews speaking of admiration for both Clooney and Pitt’s business models and industry autonomy) and so, naturally, put his trust in the people he hired. Not only has he now got more people breathing down his neck and trying to polish him in areas where rough actually suited him best, his team is trying to use the same formula they have used for other film and TV stars. This is the first big speed bump. His PR team either haven’t realized—or realized too late—that Ben DOES NOT FIT THIS MOLD. He is a film and TV star with a huge internet fanbase, and one that is particularly intelligent since many of his fans were attracted to him through Sherlock. Underestimating and demeaning us is their Achilles’ heel.  

Fast forward to The Imitation Game and the emergence of SH. Now there are three teams at play: Ben’s PR,  HW’s PR, and SH’s PR. I personally believe that Ben has agreed to having a red carpet girlfriend (appeal to highly conservative Academy voters, quiet the shockwaves from the interview where he talked about gay experimentation at his school).  As to why SH was chosen—two reasons. The prior connection with Ben through Burlesque Fairytales provides a neat continuum within the narrative, and I believe SH is indeed an escort (hasn’t held a notable job since 2007, and Instagram photos allude to a jet-set lifestyle. May have had a trust fund, but those do not last forever nor through living in one of the most expensive cities in the country). We have proven that SH’s and HW’s circles are connected enough to have nearly blended (check Wiki’s archives for Venn diagram), so it can be said that SH and HW had a history. SH sees this opportunity and jumps by way of telling HW that she carries a camera everywhere she goes (CDAN blind) and has proof enough to potentially ruin him, and definitely ruin his marriage. HW is not phased much because he simply attaches SH to Ben. There is also a payout, probably the first one, here at this point.

Meanwhile, people have been drawing similarities between Redmayne’s relationship and Ben’s. SH is made aware of this, and realizes that perhaps she could garner a larger payout if she somehow shows people that Ben’s relationship is not like Redmayne’s—in fact, it is one step ahead. Here, then, is the “pregnancy reveal (striped dress).” This is the second big speed bump: Ben looked baffled at this. There is video and photo evidence of him looking at his team/Karon with the classic gesture of astonished confusion—shrugged shoulders, palms facing up. His reaction, coupled with their interactions prior (or lack thereof; couldn’t say her name, reluctance to talk about anything to do with the relationship, awkward hand-holding) make me believe this:

SH and Ben have never been intimate with each other.
I repeat:
SH and Ben have never been intimate with each other.

I cannot stress enough how much this particular piece needs to be taken off the board. As Family Anon said, “Ben is no monk,” but as Ballsy has pointed out with Ben not appearing in the Con DVD she went to, he is acutely concerned with his image.  Therefore, Ben is not foolish enough to let anyone “trap” him into a marriage or being a father; something he’s wanted for so long and, as he’s said many times, with the right person (interviews). Even if you choose to believe only the worst of his nature, it’s not rocket science to know how a condom works (no trouble of this sort with past girlfriends).

Going back to pregnancygate: cue SH’s smugness. Ben and HW cannot stop the wheels on this train as it was much too obvious. So instead of backtracking, they try to surge forward. HW goes with the flow on this one, since the major awards ceremonies haven’t come to pass and this rogue stunt may yet prove fruitful for him. Ben, however, becomes more pissy by the minute because his conscience (stunt goes against everything he’s said before about romance/relationship/family) is now fighting against his contract (bingate). Ben’s PR is strongarmed to silence by HW and SH’s antics, and this is where they begin fighting with each other and it really starts to show at the Golden Globes when there was an embargo on baby talk until after the ceremony concludes. TIG came up empty-handed and we have Ben shoehorning mention of the baby, perhaps as if his PR team has lost a backroom bet with HW/SH’s.

The fact that SH’s pregnancy is merely a ruse explains speed bumps four and five: inconsistent belly sizies (Ballsy’s fakepreg collage) and her reluctance to Ben’s touch around her bare waist at the BAFTAs (Socksie’s gifs). Yes, Ben had her hand around her waist in events prior. But the one thing that singles out the BAFTAs is that there was no fabric covering that area of her body. She had to resort to not only camouflaging a pregnancy in plain sight, (Socksie’s caps of odd horizontal back lines near her spine—costume-grade adhesive with a silicone cover and/or something sewn onto the front of the dress itself) but also to hiding a bigger bump with less fabric. The risk and weight made her visibly nervous, and angry enough to continually yank Ben’s hands away as well as snap at him during the event (Socksie’s gifs).

Shortly prior to the BAFTAs, HW has also changed his sights onto winning Best Picture for TIG. His quickness of doing this, as well as his nonchalance toward all other parties involved (reputation of playing dirty/saving his own hide) really rocked the boat. SH now has to fend for herself and use her rapidly waning cleverness try to reopen a cash flow that has been abruptly cut off (explains anger during the BAFTAs which occurred during an irrelevant speech, so possibly alludes to a conversation that had occurred prior to the event), while Ben’s PR has finally been cut loose… if only to pick up the pieces. Through it all, Ben miraculously has kept some of his heart—SH’s anger afterwards (hinted by Source 3) could also be attributed to disagreements over the out because they paint her in a villainous light. Ben has then agreed to try and figure out the best possible out for the both of them.

Speed bump six is the “wedding.” I put that in quotes because I cannot believe so many people have chosen to ignore the law.  Banns MUST be posted for all citizens of the UK, with a MINIMUM REVIEW PERIOD OF 28 DAYS. Stephen Fry couldn’t get away with a private wedding, and neither could the almighty George Clooney. Ben falls within their bracket in terms of profession and clout, and has probably received the least hate of all three—I’d reckon Fry would have more of a reason for concern because of his gay-rights activism, for example, but Ben has been the media darling until this point. The law is the immovable piece on this board. That said, this wedding was unquestionably for show. And, like all other milestones in this “relationship” (Ballsy’s timeline, happilyhardarcade’s blog) it was timed within 2/3 days of some major event, voting period, and/or voting cutoff. This wedding was also in the works for a while, hence the lovey looks at the BAFTAs; photos of those can be published when the news gets out to further push this narrative. Baity tweets too, all intentional. As for why his parents and some of his family were there?  Simplest explanation is best: Love. They love him and cannot bear to see his years of hard work be reduced down to near-nothings. Therefore, they will play along to keep up appearances until a satisfactory out is procured.

Let us remember that Ben’s twitter-vocal friends DID NOT congratulate him on the engagement, DID NOT congratulate him on the wedding, but DID congratulate him on his Oscar nom. I’ll let you figure out which event is authentic.

Beyond this point I don’t think I can piece together much more, since the full story hasn’t been revealed yet. But I can say that in regards to post-wedding photographs, two things stand out to me:
1) Handholding. As many have said, very unnatural. However, this isn’t the first time they cannot seem to hold hands. This made me think that it is intentional, and has been intentional throughout. This sham, after all, will always live on via the internet. When Ben finds true love, the woman in question will no doubt find out about this chapter in his history, but will also find that there oddly aren’t many shots of SH with the engagement ring in full view. She will also note, if she is particularly astute, that SH has almost always stood on Ben’s right side when posing for pictures, effectively hiding the ring, while Ben himself seems to constantly put his left hand in his pocket. This combination neatly explains what  many have red-flagged since the beginning—stiffness plus lack of chemistry causes disconnect. Disconnect was the key to what allowed many of us who felt something was horribly wrong to come out of the woodwork.  
And, the poncho. As Ballsy noted, SH has her right hand inside the poncho itself. Her perpetual use of pockets is not a coincidence. In fact, she has used pockets so often that those who have only peered at the surface of this rabbit hole write it off as a style preference. I don’t doubt that while SH may be wearing something to give the illusion of a belly, she is also positioning her hand to fluff out her clothes to maximum effect. Evidence of her non-belly is, ironically, apparent when she descends the stairs next to Ben—her poncho is flat.

Dorkybatch is not dead because I believe he’s taking pains to hide his wedding ring finger by holding all those books. The other pap pics show that he’s got a posse of people around, and they could easily have carried his things for him. This is another example of his conscience fighting with his contract (some others being left hand in pocket, pissy mood, bingate). He still has his honor, and still is holding out for the time when romance is not laced with ambition but instead laced with honesty.
I have never thought of him as perfect, but I believe he is a good man. I still support him. I understand why many have left the state of Benmark, but I hope what I’ve pieced together will help quell the anger and sadness aimed rather unjustly at him; please don’t blame him for the plans of other people, and the actions that are out of his control. Let’s just be patient, vigilant, and logical, and wish the best for Ben in this impossibly convoluted situation.

- NBD Anon


I cannot put enough wuvhearts under this post

anonymous asked:

Hello! I absolutely love your art! I was just wondering your opinion on something, if thats okay? How do you feel about fem!bilbo/thorin, fem!thorin/bilbo and fem!bilbo/fem!thorin? I love reading fics of bagginshield and dont get me started on BOTFA *crieshorriblyaboutacorns.* But I have had an idea for a hobbit AU with a fem!bilbo but I know people don't like that sort of thing, but I was just wondering what you thought of gender bending one character or both characters of a ship?

Okay, expect a rant. Before I begin: Even if I’m not a person for “genderbending”, I have friends who do it, and I have nothing against people who do it. I understand the reasoning, and know they don’t do it with a purpose to offend. 

So this is what I think about changing the both sex and gender to a character and make them cis!male or cis!female:

I’m all for female representation. Especially in The Hobbit, which offers a pretty unfair picture of women. But “it’s okay since the franchise is designed for men”, right? Anyway.

Changing the gender and sex of a character can be interesting and a good way to explore different paths of interpretation of a character.

However, it’s tricky. Personally, I think it’s not very good to change sex n gender of just one character in a pairing. I can see why it’s done, and I do think it’s interesting to explore the dynamics of the relationship, but one can’t help but be a bit upset that one should make a homosexual relationship straight. We don’t get much representation in The Hobbit as it is, sadly, so I do think it’s… I don’t know, feels a bit sour, I guess. I once read a person say that “genderbending” was pretty transphobic, because one doesn’t swap the mind to another gender; it’s only a change of cis body xand I sort of agree. Plus, the term “genderbending” is pretty bad as it implies that the gender is, in fact, determined by your genitalia, and I don’t like using it.

That being said, I know that changing sex and gender can be done for different reasons. When a person changes the sex and gender of a character because they don’t wish to ship them together as the same-gender, that is obviously wrong. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

Changing sex and gender of a character for the purpose of a pregnancy is understandable, but I think that also can be a bit meh. I understand that many mpreg fics have some very weird explanations going on for them(Magic! Fairies! Seventh light of Durin’s moon!) but changing a cis man into a cis female is not really good, either.

You could of course, change only the body, and so make for example Thorin a transman. But many people seem opposed to this idea (Man… with a vagina…?  But… no….). In fact, when speaking about “genderbending”, the discussion of making a character trans(or ANY GENDER EXCEPT THE ‘TWO OPPOSITE ONES’) very rarely comes up, which i think is funny considering that “genderbending” would be pretty much exactly that, if the term was employed correctly. “cisswap” would be a more exact term, since it’s what most people already do. 

Also, if that wasn’t problematic enough, we also have the trope of transforming the 'weakest’ and most 'femenine’ man in the pairing(in this case Bilbo) into a cis woman, thus reinforcing the belief that in a gay relationship, there is a “man” and a “woman”, which is stupid and heteronormative.

When writing and drawing this “woman version” of Bilbo, many people tend to forget about his character attributes, too, as well as physical ones. People write her as if making Bilbo a cis woman suddenly makes him skinny, 20-years old and overly adventurous. Of course, cisfem!Bilbo is also extremely attractive, with no wrinkle in her face. This perpetuates the idea that women need to be slim and beautiful to even be part of a film. She is always shaven clean(for some reason, even when they are on the journey to Erebror), of course. Needless to say, this is not Bilbo Baggins. 

The two arguments reasoned above is why I think it’s much better to change sex and gender of Thorin instead of Bilbo.

In that I think it’s a bit problematic to change sex and gender of characters, it is infinitely better to change sex and gender of both characters. Going from cis!gay to cis!lesbian is still bit bad when dubbed “genderbending”, but it’s done for the sake of having the exact same relationship, but female representation(albeit, of course cis female representation.) Personally, I think making a gay couple lesbians is the only instance I’d not mind much changing sex and gender of a pairing, since it’s not robbing anyone of gay representation, even though, it still can be interpreted as transphobic. 

Here is some more reading for you to properly understand what can be wrong with it, and who are much more educated in the subject than I could possibly be.

So that’s what I think of it. Mind, if you like genderbend, I’m not saying you are transphobic, or if you change just one character, you’re not necessarily homophobic! I have done so in the past, before I properly reflected on it. I’m just saying that your actions can be interpreted as trans-and homophobic, even if you don’t mean it that way. 

Love Thy Selfie

I’m here on a follow up from articles that link ‘selfies’ to mental health issues such as narcism.

Growing up as a girl in the early ’90s-’00s, body confidence was not something that came in abundance. I can’t speak for every female out there, I’m sure there are plenty of us who were taught to eat, drink and sweat confidence from a young age, but one of these lucky people I was not.

Disregarding outside influences such as music videos, magazines and girls that were considerably more attractive than me, I just never felt fantastic in my skin.

This default feeling of feeling less than physically appealing is not uncommon amongst females of all ages either.

I know that many films show classrooms full of confident cheerleaders and gal-pals, whilst one weird self-conscious loner goes on a journey of self-discovery, has a badass make-over and then learns that she too, is beautiful.
Unfortunately this is not everyones reality (and in fairness, why the fuck should we get a makeover?).

I, at 25 years old have friends that cry because they feel ‘fat’, I know girls that have starved themselves because a boy once looked at their body, displayed to them in trust and intimacy, and told them they were a little chunky. I have seen strong and confident women confess to making themselves sick after eating a slice of cake.

There’s a lot wrong with society and how it makes women feel about themselves but taking a selfie is not one of them.

Occasionally we all have good days, we have those hours where we’ve just had a bath, done our hair, our make-up has gone just right and, typically, we aren’t leaving the house. Or maybe we are leaving the house but we know in approximately 4 drinks time we’ll look a little smudged around the edges.

So, 10 years ago, we’d feel good for this hour and then the feeling would wear off. You walk into a club and you suddenly don’t feel as sure about yourself as you did an hour or so ago at home in front of your bedroom mirror.

Imagine then, that you grab a smartphone and snap a picture of yourself looking this good. The picture comes out really good and you think “Wowzer, I actually look pretty decent for once!”.
Imagine the feeling of elation sticks around, because you get a couple of notifications throughout the night telling you that people ‘like’ your picture.

Is this ridiculously superficial? Maybe.

Riddle me this, did I as a young girl decide that I wanted to be judged solely on my appearance? Of course not, but it’s a reality.

Do I, as an adult think that the only thing that defines me as a person is my appearance? Of course not.

However, being pushed into a game that I never wanted to play in the first place, am I going to make myself feel as damn good as I can whenever I can?

Of course I am.

It may be few and far between, my main form of humour may be self-depreciating, I may consider modesty a virtue, but if you think I’m tapping out and not working on my self confidence in whatever way I can then you’d be wrong.

Thousands of girls take comfort in selfies, they’re cool to look back on two years later and think “damn, I looked super hot that night, that guy that was messing me about then is such a loser”.

Anyone who hates on women taken the power back and loving thy self by loving thy selfie is a big part of the problem, not the girls out there that are taking their self-confidence back one snapchat/instagram post/profile picture at a time.