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Castiel WIP II~

Worked on it a bit more - for the short time I was home today :) @dragonpressgraphics (and incase you want a tag too @xbooksandtea ;) )

Professor Xavier broadcasts his telepathic message to the world regardless of heroes, villains or civilians alike on working together to help in fighting the bigger cosmic threat Xodus the Forgotten Celestial. 

- X-Men ‘92 v2 #10

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Tag you're it! Ship each member of bts with a mutual excluding yourself! Go!

oh!!! good question anonie!! :O ummm kinda difficult but these people just popped into my head!! @ggukgf for jk! @shesababymv for tae!! @jiminnsgf for min!! @namjooniewifey for joon!!! @lovelyhobs for hobi [this is was DIFFICULT I LOVE ALL MY HOBI MUTUALS SO MCUCJDJ PLEASE] @honeyboysgf for yoongi!!! @fourminute for jin obviously!!!!

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Hello! Can you introduce me to Aqours seiyuus?

Of course Anon! Since it’ll be a looong rambling with lots of screenshot, I’ve put everything under cut. Everything is from what I’ve learned so far through the Nico Production Extracurricular Activities ~It’s A Trio! One, Two, Sunshine!! & Aqours Uranohoshi Girls’ High School Radio!!! + my own opinions + from fellow fans, so please do correct me if I’m wrong about some facts XD

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Some doodles to establish the demon!Gents’ horns, the designs on their eyes and the structure of Fallen Angel!Ryan’s wings, and some tiny angel!Lads. I made the first two sketches yesterday, and the third this afternoon. All of these concepts can change as this AU develops.

I think I can turn that drawing of Jack into an icon for fun.


Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

in love with an angel, heaven forbid

He watches the wisp of smoke spiral up from the spark that lights red for an instant before fading into oblivion.

He stares, and stares, and stares, because really, there’s nothing much to do other than stare.

Prison is not Kaito’s first choice on a place to be, but he supposes that it could make a nice place to avoid the Ajin War that’s raging in the outside world. It’s peaceful, quiet, the worst he has to worry about is if the crazy psychopaths will stay away from him today or not. Hell, they even give free cigarettes.

(Not really, he just found a pack and a few matches lying around in a dusty corner, probably some other guy’s not-very-well-hidden stash.)

But he doesn’t want to avoid the war. Or rather his best friend is in the war and can’t back out, and so by default he can not back out. Even if said best friend wants him out. Even if Kei Nagai is an Ajin, what the media call a heartless beast with nothing in mind but to kill and draw blood, immortal bloodthirsty monsters with no morals that murder innocent citizens for fun. But Kei didn’t seem like a monster, last time he saw him. He seemed like any scared teen, jumpy and desperate and utterly lost. Of course, he did leave, eventually, and Kaito was left to the mercy of the police, but Kaito wasn’t dead, hadn’t waken up with a slit throat or a bullet through his head.

There was no way Kei… wasn’t still Kei.

He recalls a time when they were children, when the younger boy would look up at him with wide eyes and point excitedly at anything and everything he saw. He can pinpoint the exact moment on that exact day when he stopped looking at him with eyes like fire, can still see in his mind’s eye the look that Kei gave him that day, the words he said, the feel of warm tears against cold flesh, dribbling down his cheek as he watches the other go. No, Kei was still Kei, had always been Kei and would always be Kei, he’d just changed over the years, transformed into something colder and more practical and less moral. Not less human, but less… nice.

But it was still Kei, and Kaito would do anything to save him.

A shadow appears at his left, and he feels more so than hears a dull thud next to him. He knows it’s Kotobuki, but he can’t bring himself to turn around or even call out in greeting. Instead, he just waves the hand holding a cigarette vaguely in the direction of Kotobuki. Kaito considers himself a nice person, or at least strives to become a nice person, but this newcomer is seriously wearing him thin. He crushes the butt of the cigarette in the ground, tossing it carelessly aside, before turning to face the other, holding out the box of Marlboros wordlessly. Kotobuki accepts, lighting one and taking a long drag, and they sit in a not quite amiable but relatively peaceful silence.

Then, abruptly,

“Hey, what’s Kei Nagai like?”

Kaito pauses, thinks.

“Kei’s my friend. My first one.”

He doesn’t specify the tense, doesn’t specify how close of a friend, just doesn’t specify in general.

“He left you behind. Must piss you off, right?”
It’s a crudely formed sentence, blunt and direct and unexpectedly painful, like an unsharpened knife rammed into the ribs. He ignores the pain, and ignores the question.

“If he says he doesn’t need me, I’ll back off. But… ”

A pause. He stares Kotobuki directly in the eyes, so that his fellow inmate can see the flecks of gold in his brown eyes.

“If something ever happens to him, I swear I’m going to save him.”

He returns his attention to the spot on the ground he’s been staring at.

“God, you’re annoying.”

Kaito huffs.

“Is that so?”

There’s no reply to the sarcastic question thrown carelessly into the open, and so they lapse into another stifling silence. There’s a flower by the wall that Kaito notices finally after sitting here for half an hour, and he bends to pick it up. A lily, the brightly colored kind that one would only be seen at a funeral if the person’s relatives had hated him, probably. He plucks it from the dirt, thin roots brought out with the rest of the flower, and rolls the stem between his fingers, carefully. Devotion, he thinks fleetingly, despairing. Lilies are for devotion, but how can he show his devotion trapped in the scrutiny of prison guards and impossibly high walls that trap him like a flightless bird in a top-less cage? The leaves on the small plant are rolled up against the stem, already the bright greens bleaching out at the roots, but the petals still shine vibrantly, contrasting starkly with it’s dreary surroundings. Next to him, Kotobuki snubs out the spent cigarette.


The blond turns his head to the side lazily. Kotobuki isn’t looking at him.

“If, and I’m talking about if, something ever happens to Kei Nagai, and you want to get out of this hellhole… ”

He stares Kaito right in the eyes, something smoldering within those black pupils, and somehow the aura has shifted, even though Kaito can’t see anything different, he feels something in the air that is only present when Kei is around with his “black ghost”. His IBM.

“Tell me.“

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Hey taylorswift! This is my swiftie family. We all love you so much and have attended the Fearless, Speak Now, and RED Tours together! We have been working on our costumes/posters all summer and can’t wait to see your spectacular 1989 Tour! We will be there on:

  • August 15th in Santa Clara: Section 102, Row 16, Seats 9-12 (but lights/glowsticks are not allowed at this stadium, so we will have a non-lit up version at this show!)
  • August 21st in Los Angeles: Section 206, Row 2, Seats 1-4
  • August 22nd in Los Angeles: Section 107, Row 16, Seats 10-13
  • August 29th in San Diego: Section 105, Row 8, Seats 5-8

By bonding over our love for you, we have become more than just family members. We are best friends. We are a team. And we cannot thank you enough for bringing us so close to each other. WE LOVE YOU forever & always!