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she made fanart too for @im-toxicixy ‘s AU X3c
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long time no see ART like real art man! 

Professor Xavier broadcasts his telepathic message to the world regardless of heroes, villains or civilians alike on working together to help in fighting the bigger cosmic threat Xodus the Forgotten Celestial. 

- X-Men ‘92 v2 #10

fave girl group songs

@rules: list your top 10 favourite gg songs and tag 10 people / i was tagged by @definitelythis thank you very much ♡

  1. f(x) - dracula
  2. bulldok - why not
  3. wjsn - catch me
  4. evol - get up
  5. glam - i like that
  6. berry good - don’t believe
  7. matilda - you bad! don’t make me cry
  8. mamamoo - decalcomanie
  9. clc - liar
  10. kara - pandora

also 9muses - dolls & secret - shy boy & oh!bliss - bunnybunny & tiny-g - minimanimo & loona - everyday i love you

edit: & red velvet - automatic & dreamcatcher - chase me & bestie - excuse me, how could i forgot those ;_;

i’ll tag @lunarmon @smalljino @hyunukhan @shin-jiho @miniminsu & @astroboyband if they wish to do it~

1. Your favorite faceclaims.

For other people, I just like seeing whoever people want to use, for the most part. RP is a great way to learn about new FCs you aren’t familiar with, so that’s one of the more fun things about it for me. I have a few I’m sort of personally averse to, but in general, I just want to see people playing who they like. For me, I choose a lot of Broadway actors and British actors I like. I seem to be very good at choosing people with no resources. Oops. My favorite of my own FCs is Tom Riley, and that’s mostly because he’s an awesome human being whose face I like looking at. :)

2. Your least favorite faceclaims.

Sometimes, it’s still weird to see YouTube FCs for me. Especially when they’re Buzzfeed people, maybe because I watch some of those videos. And there are a few FCs I’ve had bad experiences with: Austin Butler, Alexandra Daddario, Blake Lively, Phoebe Tonkin. Mark Salling too, and my bad experience with his FC was before he was revealed to be a completely terrible person. I still write around two of these FCs and I don’t mind it, but I do sort of cringe when I see certain gifs. Like an involuntary response.

3. Faceclaims that you are dying to use.

Carlos Valdes, Dan Stevens, Tom Felton, Zoe Tapper, Amy Manson, Sacha Dhawan, Eros Vlahos, Blake Ritson, Hattie Morahan, Vanessa Lengies, Jamie Parker. I’ve used a few of those in the past in RPs where it wasn’t so important that they have gifs and things, but if I want to use them on Tumblr, they’re pretty low on resources.

4. Faceclaims that you’re dying to play against.

Um… I don’t have a lot of these. Aja Naomi King? Against my Jack Falahee FC in particular, but I’d love to play against her in general because she’s just so cool. I can’t think of anyone else. I really do just like to see who people pick for themselves.

5. Your favorite original-verse OC (or one of your favorites).

Of mine? Probably Riley, who has sort of morphed into Gavin. He’s my Tom Riley OC, and he’s become my most developed and generally favorite muse I play. Riley started as a character in an LJ RP that was later moved to Google Docs and emails. It was in this superpower universe a friend of mine created, and when I wanted to try RPing OCs on Tumblr, he seemed like someone I could play with in any universe I wanted to drop him into. So far, that’s been true. And he’s totally different than me - more outgoing, really confident. Not that he’s completely confident, but he’s better at hiding his insecurities. I just love getting to write someone different and (hopefully) complex.

6. Your favorite fandom OC (or one of your favorites).

Most of my OCs were created outside of fandoms, so… I guess two favorites of mine are Ezra Berry and Dakin Rose. Ezra’s an older brother for Rachel Berry and Dakin’s a cousin to Marley Rose who lived with her and her mother in his teens. Ezra’s very much the non-creative black sheep… or at least, he feels that way. He and Rachel get along, but he feels pretty removed from that family, which is fun to play with. Dakin’s very connected to his family. He and Marley are close, and that’s a fun dynamic to play with too. More like siblings than cousins.

7. A favorite OC who isn’t yours (or one of your favorites).

I could be here all day. From my time at @oneredthread-rp through all of the great OCs I got to meet at @stuck-in-gleehab to the amazing OCs at Hazel Run, Havenoaks, and through 1x1s I’m writing with friends… there’s just so many. A few I really love: @bloody-gorgeous-rps‘s Chloe and Matt, pretty much anyone @catsroleplays creates, @tays-role-plays‘s Stephen, Victor, and Danyelle, @nataliedormerwrites‘s Darren, @laurcndersnwritcs‘s Laura and Mia, @natatrps4ever‘s awesome OCs, @lollipoprps‘s Daniel and Simon, @robyn-roleplays’s James… and so many more. Honestly, I keep thinking of people and realizing how lucky I’ve been to write with such creative and cool writers on this site. @evansrp‘s Sarah… @bextkwrites has some really cool OCs, @angieroleplays does too. Just so many gifted writers.


guys please help, I’ve listened to the outro song about 60 times and scrolled through a thousand comments and I can’t find the source
I’m gonna die if I can’t have closure.. it sounds so good

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Hello! Can you introduce me to Aqours seiyuus?

Of course Anon! Since it’ll be a looong rambling with lots of screenshot, I’ve put everything under cut. Everything is from what I’ve learned so far through the Nico Production Extracurricular Activities ~It’s A Trio! One, Two, Sunshine!! & Aqours Uranohoshi Girls’ High School Radio!!! + my own opinions + from fellow fans, so please do correct me if I’m wrong about some facts XD

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Some doodles to establish the demon!Gents’ horns, the designs on their eyes and the structure of Fallen Angel!Ryan’s wings, and some tiny angel!Lads. I made the first two sketches yesterday, and the third this afternoon. All of these concepts can change as this AU develops.

I think I can turn that drawing of Jack into an icon for fun.


Hey taylorswift! This is my swiftie family. We all love you so much and have attended the Fearless, Speak Now, and RED Tours together! We have been working on our costumes/posters all summer and can’t wait to see your spectacular 1989 Tour! We will be there on:

  • August 15th in Santa Clara: Section 102, Row 16, Seats 9-12 (but lights/glowsticks are not allowed at this stadium, so we will have a non-lit up version at this show!)
  • August 21st in Los Angeles: Section 206, Row 2, Seats 1-4
  • August 22nd in Los Angeles: Section 107, Row 16, Seats 10-13
  • August 29th in San Diego: Section 105, Row 8, Seats 5-8

By bonding over our love for you, we have become more than just family members. We are best friends. We are a team. And we cannot thank you enough for bringing us so close to each other. WE LOVE YOU forever & always!


Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

Disconnected/Chocolate Cover
irwah aka Danielle
Disconnected/Chocolate Cover

Okay so I’ve been talking about covering this for aaages and I’ve finally got round to it but it’s quite rough and there are quite a few mistakes so for that i apologise….anyway, I hope you like it and if you do please give it a reblog :D xxx

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bless your soul for the last armitage post <333333333333333

You’re welcome, hun. Want more? I do

There is nothing wrong with me

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