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Professor Xavier broadcasts his telepathic message to the world regardless of heroes, villains or civilians alike on working together to help in fighting the bigger cosmic threat Xodus the Forgotten Celestial. 

- X-Men ‘92 v2 #10


Some doodles to establish the demon!Gents’ horns, the designs on their eyes and the structure of Fallen Angel!Ryan’s wings, and some tiny angel!Lads. I made the first two sketches yesterday, and the third this afternoon. All of these concepts can change as this AU develops.

I think I can turn that drawing of Jack into an icon for fun.

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bless your soul for the last armitage post <333333333333333

You’re welcome, hun. Want more? I do

There is nothing wrong with me

Oops I forgot the best!


Disconnected/Chocolate Cover
  • Disconnected/Chocolate Cover
  • irwah aka Danielle

Okay so I’ve been talking about covering this for aaages and I’ve finally got round to it but it’s quite rough and there are quite a few mistakes so for that i apologise….anyway, I hope you like it and if you do please give it a reblog :D xxx