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Park // Colby Brock

Prompt: Im too lazy for one …. :)

Warning: Swearing, cuteness

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She was so gorgeous. Here I am laying next to literally the perfect girl and I dont even have the balls to ask her out. She was totally my type and literally everything about her is just so perfect.

She’s gorgeous, sarcastic, funny, and so many other things. Nothing can describe how perfect she is. I was supposed to film with Sam but I forgot and I’m guessing he did too. He also I guess rescheduled the midnight game for another night.

I sighed and stood off the couch and turned off the TV. I picked up Y/N bridal style and carried her to her room.



I rubbed my tired eyes and sat up looking around my room. I stood up from my warm bed and dragged myself down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning sunshine.” Sam looked up from his phone. He was sat at the kitchen counter as Colby was looking around in the fridge.

“Morning Sam.” I rubbed my eyes once again. “Where is everyone else?”

“Work and other things.” Colby answered but didn’t bother to look at me as he grabbed a gallon of milk from the fridge. “The normal thing that adults do you knoww.”

“Oh.” I replied simply. “Is there any coffee?”

“Uh yeah Elton just made a fresh pot, it’s over there.” Sam pointed in the direction of it.

I poured myself a mug of hot black coffee and took a sip. “You don’t add sugar or anything?” Colby asked with a look of disgust on his beautiful face.

“Nope.” I shake my head and sat in the seat across from him.

“I am going to Kat’s today and Colby is going where ever he’s going, are you okay with being here alone for awhile?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, of course.” I nodded and took another sip of the warm beverage.

“Okay. Elton is probably staying at Amanda’s and I doubt Corey will be home until late tonight so you’ll have the house to yourself.”

“That’s great, I get to binge watch some shows.” I grin but really I just wanted to be alone do I could cry. Something I haven’t done in a little while

“By some shows do you mean Teen Wolf perchance?” Colby asked and I nodded.

“I was planning on watching American Horror Story.” I said. “But Teen Wolf seems morr appealing.”

“Okay well, we’ll seen you later.” Sam said and Colby kissed the top of my head before following Sam out.

“Yep.” I nod. “See ya. Have fun at Kat’s and you too with whatever you’re gonna be doing Colby.

“He’s probably gonna masturbate all day.” Sam said and my nose scrunched up in disgust.

“That’s gross, Sam.” I cringed.

“Very. But also a little true” Colby agrees.


Sam and Colby left about an hour ago and I was all ready to just lay on the couch and watch Teen Wolf but my phone rang.

(Italics: Gwen / Bold: Colby)



What do you want, Colb?

Why so grumpy?

I was ready to watch a show but you interrupted me.

Well, I’m bored and have nothing else to do or go alone soooooo come onnn

Fine, are you picking me up?

Yeah. Be there in an hour.



I hung up and jumped off the couch. I ran up the stairs and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair.

I put on my normal makeup and some red lipstick then grabbed a fast outfit. {Above} I left my hair down in its natural waves and headed down the stairs. I still had about 30 minutes until he got here.

I’m here. I looked at the text and smiled. I grabbed my purse off the couch and walked out the door. I opened the passenger door and slid in.

“So, what are we doing?” I asked as I buckled my seatbelt.

“I was thinking maybe we can just go to a park or something. I haven’t been to one in awhile.

“Okay.” I nod and he drives away and off to the park.


“This is gorgeous.” I say in awe as I look around the park. There was a huge gorgeous lake next to it as well.

“I know I love it here.” Colby smiled and dragged me over to the swings.

I threw my flannel onto the ground and sat on the swing. “Can you push me?” I turned to Colby and he nodded and began to push me softly.

Soon I was pretty high and the wind was blowing my long hair around.

“So Y/N, tell me about yourself.” Colby continued to pump his legs but looked at me with his beautiful eyes. You and Colby had only started talking like this about a week ago and it was great.

“What do you want to know?” I asked and turned my head towards him.

“mmmm favorite things, passions, everything.” He smiled at me.

“Uhm I really like to read, I love music, one of my passions is most definitely acting or singing. I used to do a lot of plays in high school and I loved it.” I say. “Oh and my favorite color is probably black or navy blue.”

“You like to act?” He asked.

“Yeah uh, I like to pretend to be someone I’m not because it makes me forget how shitty my life is and I can live in the persons life that I am acting as.” I say.

He hummed in response and rubbed his chin. “What?” I ask as I noticed the weird look he was giving me.

“Oh nothing.” He smirked and jumped off the swing.

I watched as he pulled out his phone and began taking photos of me. I squealed and cover my face and I jumped off the swing and crashed into him.

His phone fell and so did we. “Well that was fun.” I laughed and looked down at Colby who was under me.

“If you call breaking every bone in my body fun.” He groaned and I Laughed, standing up and putting my hands out to help him up.


About an hour passed and Colby had already hurt himself about 5 times. I loved watching him fall off of everything around him.

“Shit.” I heard and turned to see Colby on the mulch. I laughed and held my hand out to help pull him back onto the play set.

“Alright I think we both have enough scrapes. Let’s go home now.” I said and he groaned, shaking my hand up and down since he never let it go when I helped him.

“Nooooo.” He whined.

“Yes come on.” I intertwined our fingers and dragged him to the car.

He groaned the whole way but once we got to the car we let go and got in. The whole way home we listened to music and danced.

Being with Colby made everything better. He was the one thing that could get my mind off of my dead family. I looked over and him and smiled to myself.

When we got home Elton fired questions at us, well mainly me.

“Where were you?” “Why didnt you guys call?” “I thought you were kidnapped since I know you dont leave the house alone.”

“Elton I’m fine, I was with Colby all day.” I assured him.

“Jesus did you guys beat each other up? You’re all covered in bruises.” Elton examined my legs. I looked down and back up.

“Yeah Colby likes to beat me.” I smirked and Colby started explaining what actually happened.

Elton nodded and I started up the stairs. “Wait Y/N. Do you want to film a video?” Elton stopped me.

“What kind of video?”

“We’re gonna go to suicide bridge. You down?”

“Yeah I guess.” I shrugged and went upstairs so I could shower and change.

When I was finished getting ready {outfit above} in warm clothes since I knew I’d get extremely cold later tonight I went and laid on Colby’s bed, waiting for him to shower.



I got out of the shower and walked yo my room with the towel on my waist. When I entered I saw Y/N curled in a ball. She must’ve fallen asleep waiting for me.

I smiled at her and quickly got dressed while she slept. “Wake up!” I yelled and jumped on her when I was fully dressed.

She screamed and kicked up, hitting me in the balls. I doubled over and fell on the floor in pain. “Shit Colby I’m so sorry!” She said and fell on the ground next to me.

“Kiss it and make it feel better?” I said with my eyes still squeezed shut.

“You wish.” She said and kissed my cheek instead of my balls.

“Yes I do wish.” I winked in pain.

“shut up.” She laughed and waited.

When my balls finally felt like they weren’t in my stomach she helped me up and dragged me down the stairs and to where Elton and everyone me as waiting for us.

“Were you guys fucking? We heard loud noises.” Sam smirked.

Gwen’s nose scrunched up in disgust and she shook her head. “I fell asleep waiting for him and he jumped on me and scared me so I accidentally kneed him in the balls.”

“Yeah accidentally.” I joked and rolled my eyes playfully.

“I can do it again if you’d like.”

“No please.” I put my hands over my jeans to protect me against any sudden blows.

“Alright you guys ready?” Elton asked as he picked up his camera. The room filled with “yes” and we all walked out to Elton’s car.


Once we got there Elton sat up his camera and we filmed the intro. While we filmed the into Y/N stood between me and Sam with her head down.

Y/N held onto the Ouija board with one hand and the other was laced with mine. Her hand was cold and she was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from fright or she was just cold but either way I held her close to me.

This was our third time being here and I felt as though out of us all Corey and Y/N would be the most scared.

“I know we’re descending into hell right now but 30,000 likes and Y/N and Colby will kiss” Elton smirked behind the camera.

“No we won’t.” Y/N denied and flipped Elton off. I wouldn’t mind kissing her but I also didnt want that to be our first kiss.

On the way down we saw a car and heard a few things. Y/N held onto me tightly but didn’t say she was scared to anyone. The last thing she said since the camera came out was her telling Elton no about the kissing thing.

“Ouch!” I heard Y/N screeched and I turned to her with concern. There was a cut in the middle of her hand and it was bleeding.

“Shit Y/N what happened?” Elton rushed over to her.

“I’m not sure.” She said snd showed the camera her hand. “Damn that hurt.” she laughed it off.

“Alright well if you’re okay then let’s get to our spot.” she nodded and we all continued our way.



We played the Ouija board and after a few questions we got to one asking if we were gonna die tonight.

“Fuck.” I groaned as I felt something go down my face and onto my lip. I was behind Elton since I didnt wanna play. I looked up and seen that Sam’s nose was bleeding.

“Guys?” I asked and they all turned to me. Elton’s flashlight went onto me and I wiped my nose and there was blood on my fingers.

“What the hell!” Colby rushed over to me and looked at my nose. “What happened?”

Everyone was freaking out and I was pretty calm, even though my nose was all bloody. Sam was pretty calm as well. Elton handed me something and I cleaned myself up.

After awhile of them freaking out and playing the game we all decided we would go to sleep. It was Amanda next to Elton and then Sam then Corey.

I sat up with Colby since I knew I wouldn’t sleep. I never sleep.

Colby soon passed out and I just stood on the wall with my head against it and eyes closed.

“What the fuck!” Corey shot up and was yelling over and over. We all looked at him with confusion as he explained that someone pulled his blanket.

“Guys can we leave?” I asked and grabbed Colby’s hand for protection. He held me close and looked at Elton asking if we could leave.

They all nodded and got the equipment and began running. We finally got to the top and made out way to the car. Once we got there we did the outro and went on our way home.

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Hi we don't roleplay but I wanted to let you know you're such an amazing writer and artist. I hope you're feeling well-adored and comfortable! Have a good day!

||\ Mun. hbbhbihbjbibijbjibijbijbbcj That’s very sweet, though I wouldn’t say I’m an amazing writer, I have so much to learn still. Also I still get then and than mixed up no matter how many times I’ve learned it? And this also goes for drawing? Because they’re both apart of the arts and I’m always learning. Thank you so much though!

But how about I share the good feels? That’s always a good thing to do!

@fire-hearted-father || @shadows-of-shimura || @uchiha-yuka (so many accounts, and they’re all good.)

Ok, I love Skye’s writing- I have and will continue to say that for as long as I can. Skye is a generally talented person and she has such a great mind. I’ve honestly enjoyed our interactions so much even if they seem limited. Regardless the way she can get these characters in a darker mindset is so amazing. Actually she gets a lot of genres right, but I am a fan and a very lucky friend to know someone of her caliber. Or so I hope I’m her friend otherwise fvhuuhv I’m just being a dork and over stepping boundaries.

Please, read her stuff, the vines are amazing and the stories on fanfiction are great and just. Just everything she writes is pure gold! So much thought goes into everything and it’s all easy on the eyes. 


A sweet darling babe from the raniest of villages. The Mun is great and has such a wonderful personality, like I’ve generally laughed a few times with her? She makes a day a bit better with her stunning personality. Also she’s a cutie??? Such a sweet babe. The muse is a sweet lil orphan babe who Kintsugi has adopted because all of her children are actually with her and no one got to live with poopy pants Danzo has worked hard in becoming a diplomat for konoha and her original village. Baby I’m blanking right now on the village name, I’m srry.

One day me and you will have a pizza parlor that is combined with a dog shelter and more. Animal loving pizza pals.


Mirin is such a beautiful and talented person. I will fight her for this. I pretty much already have today ffff. Cause she is. BUT ANYWAYS, I love the spin she’s done to the character Yoshino Nara. Honestly she’s given her such a depth that I just adore. Not only that she has her own characters that are so detailed and beautiful and go along perfectly with the narrative she’s given Yoshino. She’s also great with coming up with alternate verses and I swear most of my verses anymore are either with her or the person below. 

Mirin ur a beautiful Italian goddess please accept my offerings of love and admiration.


BUG FAM!!! My sweet Fumio, darling sweet little she’s actually a freakin giant but I digress I love her Fumio. She is a perfect ball of imperfections and she has an interesting backstory to her. The Mun is so bright! And honestly another one who can do well in dark subjects cause her fave genre is horror and I luv because we can bond even more now that we got blood borne to show us the way. We actually usually end up some how getting into politics together and I find that hilarious because we could be discussing the complete opposite of it and still some how mange to get on the subject.

Honorable Mentions: aka Quincy is getting lazy but loves these guys a lot regardless.

@leafmedic || @icebloodedprince || @introverses || @foxkage || @fosphor || @paraxyt || @kikaichv || @anotheruchiha || @leucomystax || @pocketsystem || @zilveninde || @mita-rashi || @masterofwar || @thesunaroboticist || @tohomonai || @sunagakurenosato || @snakesage || - and so many more!

dating Peggy hc's!

request; ur headcanons are so good! can you do some peggy x reader headcanons? a/n; sorry i was super inactive for so long don’t hate me i was really depressed so i needed a break xoxo

•she’s an innocent baby protect her

•but she also has a dirty mind lmao

•ok hear me out,, i lowkey feel like she’s demisexual ok.

•cheek kisses galore

•she’s so clingy but in a good way

•sometimes it gets annoying cos you’re trying to work and she’s just hanging off of you and ur like ‘pegs let me work’ and she’s just like ‘no love me’ (i can relate)

•she loves kissing your nose too

•sucker for neck kisses

•but like on the nape of her neck yaknow??

•like when you hug her from behind and kiss the nape of her neck she will die

•such a softie

•her instagram is pictures of the both of you guys with soft captions ashshs

•she loves texting you cute stuff cos it makes her happy when she makes you happy

•she always buys you flowers

•if you let her do your hair don’t be surprised if she puts flowers in it

•you can’t tell the difference between your clothes and her clothes anymore

•she hearts thick thighs so much

•but if u have skinny thighs she hearts them too cos she can wrap her whole hand around them and yes she loves it

•small kisses on your tummy a lot

•eliza is obsessed with the two of you

•angie is too. she’s also lowkey jelly cos y'all are goals af.

•tbh who isn’t jealous of you two

•okay lemme tell you this now,, if you do the whole ‘lick your lips and bite them and wink at her’ thing she’s gonna drag you to the nearest closet/bathroom/bedroom.


•she is in the middle of being a giver and a receiver. sometimes she gives more than receives tho

•not too kinky

•kinda dom but also submissive

•can work magiC with that tongue ooh boy

•also really good with her fingers

•teeth kink (??)

•ok hear me out if you drag your teeth down her stomach down to her pussy she will fucking instanuT

•so many fucking hickeys on the both of you holy shit you guys

•lazy makeout sessions turn to lazy sex on the couch

•you’ve christened every room in your apartment

•sex in the shower is a daily thing

•she likes to go down on you while you stand don’t ask why she just does

•is the type of girl to wake you up with oral

•let her sit on your face pls she loves that so much

•you guys 69 a lot too tbh

•she sexts you a lot

•she sends nudes too holy shit they’re so hot

I Don't Know if this helps is is annoying but it's what I have so far and what I don't know

Tony Stark- Cat (Black Tuxedo)
Pepper Potts- Cat (ginger)
Steve Rogers- Wolf (American Grey)
Bucky Barnes- Wolf (Arctic)
Peggy Carter- Wolf (Eurasian)
Natasha Romanoff- Fox
Maria Hill- Fox (Artic)
Bruce- Elephant
James Rhodes- Dog (Doberman)
Wanda Maximoff- Crow
Pietro Maximoff- Crow
Sam Wilson- Falcon
Clint Barton- Hyena
Peter Parker- Rat (Domestic)
Phil Coulson- Mongoose
Nick Fury- Lion
Jane Foster- Otter (River)
Darcy Lewis- Chimpanzee
Eric Selvig- Squirrel (Grey)
Steven Strange- Magpie
T’Challa- Black Panther Lmao I’m not original. His whole family is black panthers.

Ant-Man—I still have not seen this because I am garbage so I’m just guessing. WHOA-OH LIVING ON A PRAYER
Scott Lang-golden retriever because I have been told he’s a goober. (Also that scene in Captain America where he is visually fan-boying I want to pinch his cheeks lol.)
Hank Pym- Koala (I mean why not honestly, pretty solitary and also dicks)
Hope Pym- Hummingbird?? (Busy, tough little shits.)

Guardians of the Galaxy
Peter Quill-Rabbit (desert cottontail) because they’re social animals and I can see him trying very hard to be friends (and also it amuses me to think of him putting his headphones on and his ears are big enough that the music escapes lol)

The Defenders–I have not seen any of these?? Except Luke Cage but I’ve only seen one episode of that so far.
Matt Murdock (Daredevil)-?
Jessica Jones-?
Luke Cage-?
Danny Rand (Iron Fist)-?
Frank Castle (The Punisher)-?

Fantastic 4
Reed Richards-Rooster (brown leghorn) because he’s a huge dick lmaoooo (Have you ever had to run in terror from a rooster? It is not fun. They are NOT NICE.)
Sue Storm-horse (American Warmblood) because they’re good at, like, everything
Johnny Storm-horse (American Quarter Horse) because good at short sprints (I know this is a stretch considering Johnny isn’t running and when he flies it’s definitely not short but I felt like making him a different breed would be too much of a stretch from Sue???)
Ben Grimm-Was a black bear. Now a brick bear.
Victor Von Doom-ocelot. I have no reason for this except Cats Are Assholes.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool)-a bat! (big brown [yes that is a type of bat lmao]) Like birds, instead of having wings for arms, he had bat wings that come out from his back.
Logan-I mean would a wolverine be too much of a cop out lol? This really sounds like him:  “a solitary animal, has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size, with documented ability to kill prey many times larger than itself.” WOLVERINE’S A WOLVERINE BAHAHA
Others-?(Too damn many and I’m getting lazy lol) (@Marvel I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH ALL YOUR X-MEN)

Abraham Erskine-owl (tawny) Owls have so often been seen as wise. It wouldn’t surprise me that this wise old man looked at pre-serum Steve and thought yes, this is a good man.

Tiberius Stone- Weasel
Brock Rumlow- Jaguar
Obadiah Stane- Rhino
Johann Shmidt(Red Skull)-badger. Badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. I assume he had to be strong and tough to survive his botched serum.
Arnim Zola-Coyote. Clever. Sometimes very dangerous.
Alexander Pierce-Moose. (Idk they’re huge assholes and I wouldn’t want to cross one. Ever.)

I’ve been on Tumblr for a while yet I haven’t properly introduced myself. Whoops, sorry.

I’m keeping my name private but you can just call me Cake! I’ve been inspired by so many people that I was like, “dude, i gotta make one too.”

Some of my favourite blogs/people who inspired me are:

I’m a 14 y/o Australian but my background is Vietnamese. I can speak a little Teochew because I grew up learning that language but I’m slowly forgetting it D:

I’m currently learning Japanese and software stuff so I’ll probably be exploring the studyblr community, asking for help :P


OH, have I mentioned that I’m extremely terrible at Mathematics? Gosh, not only that, but I despise it so much. I still try to do my best so I think I should survive. Maybe.

I tried to make my blog a bit more readable because if everything was small, there would be no point in looking at it :)

I don’t know what to write in my “About me” so please ask me questions and maybe I’ll just type up some things you guys want to know about me! You can talk to me anytime because everyone is welcome in the studyblr community :)

I will talk about anything with anyone so don’t be shy, okay? (Says the one who becomes a nervous wreck when someone compliments or talks to them)

See you all soon! 

(ALSO, I TRACK #THECAKESTUDYBLR *nudge nudge wink wonk*)

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INFPs!!!! Do you feel like losers too? I hate myself and I constantly try to find a way to change my type. I'm stupid, poor and ugly and too lazy to do something. It's like a curse

I’m sorry you feel this way about yourself :( I was stuck in this mindset for many years and I just learned how to pull myself out of it this year! Now I love myself unconditionally.
First, you can’t really change your type. So the only thing to do is improve yourself, work with what you’ve got. Your type doesn’t really define anything about you, it simply infers how your brain works when dealing with problem solving and thought processes. 
You can’t blame your shortcomings on an MBTI test result. What you can do is work on improving the areas you feel need improving. No one is born accomplished, no one is born knowing how to deal with every situation they will encounter. Everything takes experience and time, which leads to growth.
It’s okay to be lazy, but when it starts impacting your wellbeing you need to push past it! Easier said than done; pushing past laziness is like ripping a bandaid off of a hairy arm. It’s uncomfortable as hell but once you get past the first few agonizing seconds you’ve got it. 
What I’m trying to say is, you have to go through extremely uncomfortable and painful experiences to finally achieve the good stuff. 
Please show yourself some compassion. Be gentle, treat yourself like a friend. Be supportive. Please don’t underestimate yourself. You got this. Identify what is bothering you, identify what is possible to improve. And do whatever it takes to improve those things. I believe in you.

Note: Not all things can be improved. Some things must simply be accepted. Being angry at yourself for not being able to change certain things, such as appearance, does you no good. Please take time each day to cherish your body, compliment yourself. Learn to be impressed by yourself. It takes a lot of time but it comes eventually.

Jimin; Mutual

✉in which Jimin’s the roommate you have and let’s just say, feelings develop. 
❝yay! a full length request written out after a while, huhuhu! ♥
►2157 words | scenario, college!au
© (photo credit)

“Jimin!” He hears it coming from the living room and he snorts, hollering, “Bathroom!”

He hears a huff and the door slams and he’s thinking fuck, what did he do wrong now? He finishes his business and makes sure his hands are clean, everything else in in place and then he opens the bathroom door only to come face to face with—“Where did you put my laptop charger?”

Oh… that… well…

“Oh, I… I uh…”

“Oh my god Jimin, did you—“

“I borrowed it! I borrowed it for a presentation and—“

“Where is it?” You grab him by the collar and he snorts, unable to hold back the laughter, “You look cute from here,”

“Jimin!” You shout, literally screaming at his face and your face is so red from the anger and blood shooting to your brain that it reddens your cheeks and he finds it irresistibly cute. “But really, look at you—acting tough but you look adorabl—what the fuck are you doing?!” You shove him away and his back hits the bathroom door before he stumbles out, advancing towards you as you hold up his phone and you’re going to smash it if you don’t get your answers.

“Where is my charger?! I have a presentation in an hour!”

“Woah woah woah, let’s not act so hasty now… put my phone down…”


“Okay…” he has both of his hands up as he backs away to where he is, somewhere towards the bedroom and you furrow your eyebrows and relax your arm, placing it by your side and he comes out with a charger but it’s not yours.

“Jimin, that’s not—“

“It’s still a charger!”

“You fucking lost mine, didn’t you?”

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Bad Writing Habits You Mustn't Fall Into!

While I know that all writers have their own style and habits and writing is fairly subjective, there are some bad habits out there. The only way to break them is to suddenly become aware of them! These habits are often the tell-tale sign of an amateur writer. They are little but distracting as hell and make your work frustrating to read. So, without further ado, here they are: 

  1. Too much in bold. Bold type is pretty rare to see in novels and works incredibly well when placed well. It’s used effectively in The Book Thief. But other than that, I’ve seen some bad use of bold type. Once so bad, I tried to see if the words made up a secret message or something, but no. It was just incredibly distracting bold print meant to emphasize certain words. 
  2. Too much in italics. Words are usually italicized for the same reason they are bolded - for emphasis. Too many words that are in italics on a page is incredibly distracting. Every time the reader comes across an italicized word, they must slow down the pace of their reading to understand the emphasis. It’s like a speed bump when reading. Treat it like that. No one likes to drive on roads with a ton of speed bumps. 
  3. One ellipsis (…)  is too many. When I see a page with more than one ellipsis, I cringe just a little. This is the poster child of bad writing habits! If italics and bolded type are speed bumps, then an ellipsis is a stoplight. More often than not, it’s a lazy stoplight too where the writer didn’t even finish their train of thought for that sentence. These can be used well, don’t get me wrong. But they are most often abused by young writers trying to be “thoughtful” or “serious.” My tip for you on these is do not use them unless absolutely necessary. Like maybe use it twice in 80,000 words. It’s mostly not needed.
  4. Caps always = shouting. This is a mistake if I ever saw one. Caps is shouting, yes, but use it sparingly. Consider the different degrees of loud sounds.  If it’s just above indoor voice, it doesn’t need to be in all caps, you can just say “he shouted” or even just by context and character reaction, the reader might understand the tone. Caps is more like bloody murder, going-to-die-painfully kind of voice. It is uncomfortable to read in all caps and naturally pushes the reader into the defensive. To use it effectively can make your work really come alive. 
  5. Said is dead." Said is not dead. When you use every different kind of dialogue tag, such as "investigated,” “whispered,” “yelped,” it slows down the action of the story with information the reader should be able to pick up on from the context of the story. When you just use “said” to clarify from time to time, it is a basic and short dialogue tag that readers will just skim right through. Don’t make all dialogue tags “said,” having a good mix is ideal. 
  6. Use ALL the adverbs! New writers, do not use adverbs. Just avoid them. Use them sparingly, but be warned, it’s like a drug or nail-bitting or any other bad habit, once you’ve had a taste, you just keep falling back on it. Be safe with your adverb usage. 

i feel so inaccessible because i have so many fucking verses for percy like n.ier auto.mata, drake.ngard, 5, zes.tiria + bers.eria, superhero, werewolf, siren, mer prince, pirate captain, but i refuse to type it all up. i’m too lazy :^/ i’m like. hit me up u can get these verses on request but u gotta let me explain them oocly cos i’m too lazy to do anything else

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Hi, you have so many characters, but I don't know anything about them. I wanted to ask you before, but I always forgot. I'd like to meet your characters. If it doesn't take too much time xD

Welp Ask my ocs questions and you will know more about them, all my ocs names are in my bio and um I’ll draw the asks since I’m too lazy to type X3

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just seeing that last post, jihyun deserves so much more :(( i wanna see him happy omg how about some cute n fluffy v x mc headcanons please your headcanons of him are always so good tysm

i am drunk and inspired to write about v in specific (i’m sorry to anyone else in my ask i’ll get it done when im sober lolol) and thank!!! you!!! i love you.

  • v will let mc steal the blankets he will sleep on the cold hard ground for u
  • v and mc never have elaborate dates and honestly have probably just gone into a pet store and played with the pups in there and called it a date
  • the simple things are what matter to him. he could stare at mc with his poor vision for hours. mc can catch v gazing at them a lot and it’s kinda cute to be honest
  • the lightiest lightweight ever. he passes out after like two shots. goodnight sleep tight he just KOs and is dead to the world for a couple of hours.
  • hand holding while cuddling and hand holding while walking together and just… everything involves the senses with v. he’s so gentle and so sweet.
  • really into post sex cuddling, and is just overall king of aftercare.
  • owns a vinyl player and surprises mc every month with a vinyl of artists he knows they like 
  • he likes kissing mc’s jawline and cheeks and forehead a lot just as a sign of affection. 
  • usually the big spoon when cuddling but doesn’t mind being the little spoon
  • makes breakfast for mc in the morning all the time even though he can hardly cook for shit and always spills everything everywhere. even when he could see.
  • owns so many sweaters and some are ugly christmas sweaters that he shares with mc
  • trips over his own canvases a lot because he’s dumb and forgets he has his prints placed all around the house
  • asks mc to help redye his hair always and it’s the cutest thing because he buys chocolate whenever asking since he feels bad
  • owns so many pairs of sunglasses and lets mc wear it too for extra aesthetic
  • owns a lifetimes worth of tourist shirts from destinations and places he’s gone for work
  • always has nice smelling candles around the house and it always smells like vanilla or apples and it’s like a more pleasant and less pungent bath and bodyworks type smell
  • mc has to go grocery shopping a lot because v never refills his fridge. no one knows how he survives. he has the money for it. he’ll go camping in the woods for three days just for photos. but going to the grocery store??? he says he’s too lazy to.
  • the only food he’s a whore for is pasta. he’s usually got a light stomach but mc swears to god…
  • will only eat a half or two thirds of a plate usually and then he’s full
  • but the first time mc and v went to get italian for dinner and he ordered the biggest bowl of pasta and just downed that shit so quick it was terrifying
  • don’t fuck with v and pasta.

the thing that i love the most in this pic is that everyone’s lookin at the camera like they got some lowkey swag then we have the six in the back …,,,,…nice,,,amazing,,

Following up from this one here, I bring you another ship meme! I sort of feel like doing these memes helps me realize how best to portray them when I write fan fiction. >.,<;;

Who’s the cuddler:

This was a bit of a struggle but I think Mahiru might be drawn to the warmth of having another in his bed. He had a lonely childhood after the death of his mother so I think he is more of a cuddler and Kuro indulges him because Mahiru means that much to him. 

Who makes the bed:

Mahiru because a neat and tidy home is a good home. It promotes creativity, lightens stress and is overall something he had been taught to do.

Who wakes up first:

Mahiru. You’d be damn lucky if Kuro woke up before midday. After all he is a vampire.

Who has the weird taste in music:

I think Mahiru would. But he’d also just sort of go with the flow? Like I don’t think he’s the type to really think about music. He’s too busy doing things.

Who is more protective:

Mahiru thinks he is but Kuro. It’s definitely Kuro. Mahiru has challenged his view of the world too many times and make him truly rethink things that he just can’t bare the idea that something might happen to Mahiru.

Who sings in the shower:

Probably both of them. Kuro is your typical lazy bones and considering I, myself, am incredibility lazy and love to sing in the shower- I like to think Kuro does too and as for Mahiru, well if it’s on and he knows the words, isn’t it simpler just to… sing along?

Who cries during movies: 

Mahiru who, despite the more reasonable of the two is actually really gullible and all it takes is for somebody to tell it the scene was based on a real life story and he’s gone. Tears for days.

Who spends the most while out shopping:

Mahiru because he has to find the right shopping for the right price. He isn’t rich like some people he knows and he doesn’t have the luxury of mooching off of other people (cough-everybody who keeps intruding in his home).

Who kisses more roughly:

I want to say Kuro out of preference but realistically, I think that unless Kuro is in some state of raw emotional asdfghjk!! Then it’s probably Mahiru. But if they’re both being really passionate, I can see them both being a little rough with one another.

Who is more dominate:

Kuro, physically because otherwise he whines a lot and Mahiru just finds it so much easier to be the submissive in bed but personality wise, it’s totally Mahiru. He’ll always encourage Kuro to go for it if it’s what he wants (even if he, Mahiru, gets all shy about it regardless).

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 

Fucking 10. 10 ALL THE WAY!

@cordiibus || cont

  What ? Okay, listen. Sometimes he was too lazy to put on a shirt. Especially in this heat. Would he say he like winter ? No, its too damn cold. He wasn’t the type to verbally bitch about the weather, but it was also kinda obvious when he was upset with it. Be it not wearing a shirt or wearing too many layers. Sitting on the couch, it just revealed a scar that ran down his side where his ribs were. Aubrey probably remembered when he got the scar. Probably. First motorbike incident back in … high school ? He forgot when it happened. Hurt like a bitch though. The scar was from the surgery after he broke his ribs. It was pretty shitty honestly, the memory, the experience – not so fun.The non-tattooed skin that was just a place for scars honestly. That was just the biggest one. When she touched it ? Nothing. Didn’t jump back or anything. Just stared, almost annoyed, because he knew that look on her face. Don’t get all emotional on me now, girly.he stated, lowering his head and trying to look at her face. It’s a fucking cool scar and I didn’t die. So stop lookin’ mopey and shit. It ain’t cute. Cue the kiss to her cheek.You can be mopey over the ones that fuck my face up. That’s fucking it. —- Don’t do anything gross either , like kissing it — ”  It was probably too late. 

Aubrey could remember this scar… and quite frankly pretty much all of his scars. She could remember very clearly how foul of a mood Ozemir had been, how he had pushed himself into doing things his body just hadn’t been ready or… and how much it had worried his Mothers because of it. What had prompted her to recall such a thing was beyond her… she had seen him shirtless countless times after all. So when he began to speak she merely hummed and shifted to look up at him through her lashes without raising her head. Typical Ozzy… she knew he wasn’t trying to be gruff or come off angry, and the kiss to his cheek? Certainly managed to pull a faint little smile on her face. Unfortunately for Ozemir, Aubrey wasn’t in the habit of following what people said all that often… or at least, more specifically, what he said. So even as he spoke of not kissing it, she was cupping his opposite cheek and pressing a kiss to where the scar was on his face, before smiling a bit at him. “I’m always cute,” was all she said, her smile growing.