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21, male, 5'8", hazel eyes and brown hair. My favorite music is electronic dance music. I have too many favorite foods to put in one post. I am a homebody so I enjoy just sitting around the house, if that's what you're in to. Or if you're the outgoing type, then I wouldn't mind going places either. And in truth, I am bad at first date ideas. So I'd take you out to dinner at your favorite restaurant and then to see a show, movie, or something. Or just stay at home too. It would be your choice. :)

I’m fine with staying home for a simple lazy day date. But I do like going out and have a ton of first date ideas.

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Name: Rebecca

Nickname: Becca

Sign: Aries 

Orientation: bisexual

Nationality: American

Favourite fruit: strawberries 

Favourite season:  spring 

Favourite book:  im not much of a reader 

Favourite flower: tulips,roses,sunflowers,pansys 

Favourite scent: APPLES!

Favourite colour:  pastel purple

Favourite animal: Rats,deer!

Coffee or tea:  iced coffee, sweet tea

Average hours of sleep: sleep is for the weak! idk i stay up all night and sleep all day 

Cat or dog person: RATS!

Favourite fictional characters: Will Graham. Hannibal,Chiyoh, Negan,Bev Katz,Elias, Poe Dameron,Finn, Galen & Jyn Erso , Rey, Finn I have too many and im too lazy to type them all 

Number of blankets you sleep with: one to two 

Blog created: Over a years ago 

Number of followers: Well before I  turned this into a Hannibal blog I had 5,538 but now I have 4,306 but i could not be any happier with this blog I feel so much more welcome and i love all the fannibals ♥

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just seeing that last post, jihyun deserves so much more :(( i wanna see him happy omg how about some cute n fluffy v x mc headcanons please your headcanons of him are always so good tysm

i am drunk and inspired to write about v in specific (i’m sorry to anyone else in my ask i’ll get it done when im sober lolol) and thank!!! you!!! i love you.

  • v will let mc steal the blankets he will sleep on the cold hard ground for u
  • v and mc never have elaborate dates and honestly have probably just gone into a pet store and played with the pups in there and called it a date
  • the simple things are what matter to him. he could stare at mc with his poor vision for hours. mc can catch v gazing at them a lot and it’s kinda cute to be honest
  • the lightiest lightweight ever. he passes out after like two shots. goodnight sleep tight he just KOs and is dead to the world for a couple of hours.
  • hand holding while cuddling and hand holding while walking together and just… everything involves the senses with v. he’s so gentle and so sweet.
  • really into post sex cuddling, and is just overall king of aftercare.
  • owns a vinyl player and surprises mc every month with a vinyl of artists he knows they like 
  • he likes kissing mc’s jawline and cheeks and forehead a lot just as a sign of affection. 
  • usually the big spoon when cuddling but doesn’t mind being the little spoon
  • makes breakfast for mc in the morning all the time even though he can hardly cook for shit and always spills everything everywhere. even when he could see.
  • owns so many sweaters and some are ugly christmas sweaters that he shares with mc
  • trips over his own canvases a lot because he’s dumb and forgets he has his prints placed all around the house
  • asks mc to help redye his hair always and it’s the cutest thing because he buys chocolate whenever asking since he feels bad
  • owns so many pairs of sunglasses and lets mc wear it too for extra aesthetic
  • owns a lifetimes worth of tourist shirts from destinations and places he’s gone for work
  • always has nice smelling candles around the house and it always smells like vanilla or apples and it’s like a more pleasant and less pungent bath and bodyworks type smell
  • mc has to go grocery shopping a lot because v never refills his fridge. no one knows how he survives. he has the money for it. he’ll go camping in the woods for three days just for photos. but going to the grocery store??? he says he’s too lazy to.
  • the only food he’s a whore for is pasta. he’s usually got a light stomach but mc swears to god…
  • will only eat a half or two thirds of a plate usually and then he’s full
  • but the first time mc and v went to get italian for dinner and he ordered the biggest bowl of pasta and just downed that shit so quick it was terrifying
  • don’t fuck with v and pasta.
Jimin; Mutual

✉in which Jimin’s the roommate you have and let’s just say, feelings develop. 
❝yay! a full length request written out after a while, huhuhu! ♥
►2157 words | scenario, college!au
© (photo credit)

“Jimin!” He hears it coming from the living room and he snorts, hollering, “Bathroom!”

He hears a huff and the door slams and he’s thinking fuck, what did he do wrong now? He finishes his business and makes sure his hands are clean, everything else in in place and then he opens the bathroom door only to come face to face with—“Where did you put my laptop charger?”

Oh… that… well…

“Oh, I… I uh…”

“Oh my god Jimin, did you—“

“I borrowed it! I borrowed it for a presentation and—“

“Where is it?” You grab him by the collar and he snorts, unable to hold back the laughter, “You look cute from here,”

“Jimin!” You shout, literally screaming at his face and your face is so red from the anger and blood shooting to your brain that it reddens your cheeks and he finds it irresistibly cute. “But really, look at you—acting tough but you look adorabl—what the fuck are you doing?!” You shove him away and his back hits the bathroom door before he stumbles out, advancing towards you as you hold up his phone and you’re going to smash it if you don’t get your answers.

“Where is my charger?! I have a presentation in an hour!”

“Woah woah woah, let’s not act so hasty now… put my phone down…”


“Okay…” he has both of his hands up as he backs away to where he is, somewhere towards the bedroom and you furrow your eyebrows and relax your arm, placing it by your side and he comes out with a charger but it’s not yours.

“Jimin, that’s not—“

“It’s still a charger!”

“You fucking lost mine, didn’t you?”

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NICKNAMES: Ari, Ari G, Riri, Riri G, Yani, Nani, Nana, Banana
GENDER: Female (cis)
HEIGHT: 5′3 and a half (that half is important)
LAST THING I GOOGLED: I was trying to find subtitles of episode 5 of Produce 101 (no subs yet *tear*)
FAVORITE BANDS: All the ones I post on my tumblr. Theres too many to list.
FAVE SOLO ARTISTS: theres a lot of these too….too lazy to type them all out…soz
LAST MOVIE I WATCHED: Beauty and the Beast
WHAT DO YOU POST: kpop, cats and pretty stuff
WHEN DID YOUR BLOG REACH ITS PEAK?: now I guess? but I used to get more asks not I get none :P
DO YOU HAVE OTHER BLOGS: I have one for art n stuff @xriannx and I don’t really use it much anymore but one for kdrama only @skdrama
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: because i love pyo jihoon and I couldn’t have the full name so I took out the i
POSTS: 28,799 atm
HOGWARTS HOUSE: idk it changes all the time
POKÉMON TEAM: cant remember
FAVORITE COLORS: pink, purple and blue.
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: ii have no idea. Its all over the place
LUCKY NUMBERS: I dont have one
WHAT AM I WEARING NOW?: A purple tee with a a detailed scene of a castle and a rainbow above with a unicorn in the front, a black zip hoodie and blue jeans with patch designs.
HOW MANY BLANKETS DO YOU SLEEP WITH: 1 blanket and a duvet
DREAM JOB: graphic design
DREAM TRIP: Theres so many places I want to go. I’ve already been to S.Korea but I’d like to go again and I really want to go to Japan. I’d also like to go to Iceland and see the aurora borealis. Also, I wanna go to  Budapest and Hawaii. Oh and I’ve been there before but only when I was really young but LA in Californai too. Ok I think I’m done…

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i just saw the worst post ever about reclaiming the word queer and im not gonna reblog it because its a fucking essay but apparently if youre lgbt and dont like to be called “queer” then youre a terf with internalized homophobia and you need to choke and die? thats basically what i was getting from it

i dont understand why everyone is suddenly insisting that gay should be replaced by queer because its a better umbrella term, i dont care what type of bullshit reasons you have for it, becuase youre just too fucking lazy to say lesbian or bisexual, i guess thats too many syllables. i fucking hate the word queer i hate it so much and i hate seeing it everywhere. it sounds gross to me like the word moist and i literally still hear it thrown around as a slur by ugly ass boys with sock tans and so if you insist on calling people queer when theyre clearly uncomfortable by it youre literal garbage. if someone called me queer after i told them not to do that id punch them square in the face because like? youre using this term to label others because it makes YOU more comfortable. if you like to describe yourself as that like obviously thats fine and i could fucking care less what labels you use. but the worst thing about it is that since they know people are uncomfortable with it they say it more just to piss them off. (esp on the post im talking about)and every other post in this hellhole is “wow i love QUEERS” “so many QUEER people reblog for QUEER positivity!!! uwu” like just say gay like fuck why is it so hard

Bad Writing Habits You Mustn't Fall Into!

While I know that all writers have their own style and habits and writing is fairly subjective, there are some bad habits out there. The only way to break them is to suddenly become aware of them! These habits are often the tell-tale sign of an amateur writer. They are little but distracting as hell and make your work frustrating to read. So, without further ado, here they are: 

  1. Too much in bold. Bold type is pretty rare to see in novels and works incredibly well when placed well. It’s used effectively in The Book Thief. But other than that, I’ve seen some bad use of bold type. Once so bad, I tried to see if the words made up a secret message or something, but no. It was just incredibly distracting bold print meant to emphasize certain words. 
  2. Too much in italics. Words are usually italicized for the same reason they are bolded - for emphasis. Too many words that are in italics on a page is incredibly distracting. Every time the reader comes across an italicized word, they must slow down the pace of their reading to understand the emphasis. It’s like a speed bump when reading. Treat it like that. No one likes to drive on roads with a ton of speed bumps. 
  3. One ellipsis (…)  is too many. When I see a page with more than one ellipsis, I cringe just a little. This is the poster child of bad writing habits! If italics and bolded type are speed bumps, then an ellipsis is a stoplight. More often than not, it’s a lazy stoplight too where the writer didn’t even finish their train of thought for that sentence. These can be used well, don’t get me wrong. But they are most often abused by young writers trying to be “thoughtful” or “serious.” My tip for you on these is do not use them unless absolutely necessary. Like maybe use it twice in 80,000 words. It’s mostly not needed.
  4. Caps always = shouting. This is a mistake if I ever saw one. Caps is shouting, yes, but use it sparingly. Consider the different degrees of loud sounds.  If it’s just above indoor voice, it doesn’t need to be in all caps, you can just say “he shouted” or even just by context and character reaction, the reader might understand the tone. Caps is more like bloody murder, going-to-die-painfully kind of voice. It is uncomfortable to read in all caps and naturally pushes the reader into the defensive. To use it effectively can make your work really come alive. 
  5. Said is dead." Said is not dead. When you use every different kind of dialogue tag, such as "investigated,” “whispered,” “yelped,” it slows down the action of the story with information the reader should be able to pick up on from the context of the story. When you just use “said” to clarify from time to time, it is a basic and short dialogue tag that readers will just skim right through. Don’t make all dialogue tags “said,” having a good mix is ideal. 
  6. Use ALL the adverbs! New writers, do not use adverbs. Just avoid them. Use them sparingly, but be warned, it’s like a drug or nail-bitting or any other bad habit, once you’ve had a taste, you just keep falling back on it. Be safe with your adverb usage. 

the thing that i love the most in this pic is that everyone’s lookin at the camera like they got some lowkey swag then we have the six in the back …,,,,…nice,,,amazing,,

Following up from this one here, I bring you another ship meme! I sort of feel like doing these memes helps me realize how best to portray them when I write fan fiction. >.,<;;

Who’s the cuddler:

This was a bit of a struggle but I think Mahiru might be drawn to the warmth of having another in his bed. He had a lonely childhood after the death of his mother so I think he is more of a cuddler and Kuro indulges him because Mahiru means that much to him. 

Who makes the bed:

Mahiru because a neat and tidy home is a good home. It promotes creativity, lightens stress and is overall something he had been taught to do.

Who wakes up first:

Mahiru. You’d be damn lucky if Kuro woke up before midday. After all he is a vampire.

Who has the weird taste in music:

I think Mahiru would. But he’d also just sort of go with the flow? Like I don’t think he’s the type to really think about music. He’s too busy doing things.

Who is more protective:

Mahiru thinks he is but Kuro. It’s definitely Kuro. Mahiru has challenged his view of the world too many times and make him truly rethink things that he just can’t bare the idea that something might happen to Mahiru.

Who sings in the shower:

Probably both of them. Kuro is your typical lazy bones and considering I, myself, am incredibility lazy and love to sing in the shower- I like to think Kuro does too and as for Mahiru, well if it’s on and he knows the words, isn’t it simpler just to… sing along?

Who cries during movies: 

Mahiru who, despite the more reasonable of the two is actually really gullible and all it takes is for somebody to tell it the scene was based on a real life story and he’s gone. Tears for days.

Who spends the most while out shopping:

Mahiru because he has to find the right shopping for the right price. He isn’t rich like some people he knows and he doesn’t have the luxury of mooching off of other people (cough-everybody who keeps intruding in his home).

Who kisses more roughly:

I want to say Kuro out of preference but realistically, I think that unless Kuro is in some state of raw emotional asdfghjk!! Then it’s probably Mahiru. But if they’re both being really passionate, I can see them both being a little rough with one another.

Who is more dominate:

Kuro, physically because otherwise he whines a lot and Mahiru just finds it so much easier to be the submissive in bed but personality wise, it’s totally Mahiru. He’ll always encourage Kuro to go for it if it’s what he wants (even if he, Mahiru, gets all shy about it regardless).

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 

Fucking 10. 10 ALL THE WAY!

SanNami Relevant Quotes

//Yo! I never did something like ‘analysis’ before, even for Sanji. If I need to keep being in character for roleplaying him, somehow I just take it from popular quotes to make up his quality. I collect them here ( But yeah, lemme fanboying (?) a bit that I ship SanNami. Haha, fanboying?? Well, I’ve laughed at myself because I admit I ever thought both @mapofallblue and @pernanegra are girls just because of their shipping content, so why don’t I contribute some this time?

Quote #1

When I found this, I’m thinkin’ of:

D: I want to say this to Sanji! Why do you use “san” for Nami, who’s younger, and “chan” for Nico Robin, who’s older? Isn’t it the opposite normally? Hey Sanji-kun, that’s rude for Robin-chan!

-By Girl same age as Sanji

O: Yeah. Really. What’s that about? Maybe it’s Nami’s natural queenly-ness that makes him do it. But anyway, age doesn’t matter, ‘cause they’re all free. Probably just random.

So, keep that in mind, guys, if Sanji treats Nami like a queen and call her “Nami-san”, that isn’t because of senior-junior context like how Brook respecting everyone with “-san”. That’s because he is so gentleman and gentleman doesn’t treat other women the same way but her only. And I believe she calling him with “-kun” is for a reverse treatment that she enjoys it. Who woman doesn’t like a man treating her like that?  

Quote #2

Well, she never leaves him, she’s very determined to rescue him until…… he lied to her. Like Luffy, she knew he was lying. Then she said whatever his reason to lie to her, she doesn’t seem care anymore. So, don’t judge why Nami reacts differently from Luffy and expect she should’ve been understood. She’s a woman, while between Luffy and Sanji is more like a brother/bestfriend trust & loyalty (that a real friend will never leave you in any situation).

Quote #3

…and he has pushed her (and Luffy) away. The official quote when she slapped him is “Sorry, for overstepping our boundaries”. And that could mean she has given him all she have. Thanks to Luffy, that she was still at WCI mostly because of her captain’s stubbornness (like what Brook states). If she seemed to look more concern to Luffy’s well-being than Sanji’s situation now (after chapter 843), it’s very reasonable.

Quote #4

But yeah, they won’t ‘break up’ forever. C'mon, it’s never like they’re breaking up because someone has cheated over! And Sanji will let his nakama in to help, he has recognized his big mistake for being martyrdom. She will accept him back alongside everyone else.

“Mistakes are always forgivable if one have the courage to admit them.” –Bruce Lee.

Quote #5

This is the final one. We’ve seen how he treats his mother even when he was still a toddler. We will see he protects his sister because he’s too kind to ever let her die. And Pudding clearly wasn’t the one he’d love. In the end, he’d show he only loves Nami as the one (like the beginning). Bellemere (mother) and Nojiko (sister) are the most important persons to Nami, and she’d love a man who could love his mother and sister the same way.

Alright, guys, it’s just simple essay. I’m too lazy for writing more texts that I even still owe so many roleplay threads and most of them are with @konekonami *coughs* (somehow I’m writing like this to inspire me what thread/ask reply I should type) . But I’ll probably share more thoughts about SanNami later. But, it’d be mostly from Sanji’s side.

[TRANS] The Celebrity - Sungyeol

When we asked Sungyeol about his future 10 years later, he said the word ‘success.’ As an idol who already is at the top of the top, six years into career, isn’t he successful already? “Of course, even though I don’t deserve it, I’m receiving so much love right now, but I’m being greedy. A man’s greed has no limits, right? In my standard, I still have a long way to go. (Laugh) I need to think like that, optimistically.”

You’re barely on your SNS. Is there a reason why?
Because I might make a mistake. After reading that “There are more losses than gains when you’re on SNS” and “SNS is a waste of your life”, I put my phone down every time I want to upload something. And I’m not good at taking selfies, so I don’t like taking selfies either. I can’t seem to ever take a picture that’s to my liking, so I don’t upload any pictures.

We thought that you were the type of guy who’s too lazy to go on SNS. You seem like you would be too lazy to text too.
That’s right. My friends always ask me why I don’t contact them. I end up not contacting them because I’m too lazy to text, and it’s awkward to call them.

You’re playing the role of an emergency room intern for JTBC’s drama, <D-Day>. It must be difficult to memorize all the lines since there are many medical terms.
Because concert preparation, INFINITE promotion, and drama shoots overlapped, I didn’t have time to memorize my lines; I didn’t even have time to sleep. During the day, I was at INFINITE activities, we were practicing new choreographies for our world tour from 10PM till 4AM, and from 5AM, I had to go film the drama. So I gave up sleep to memorize my lines. I had a serious mental breakdown because I had that schedule for like a month. But I don’t usually make NG’s. I make sure that I memorize my lines before I go.

How did you manage it?
By drinking more than 10 cups of coffee everyday…I would’ve died without coffee.

Are you normally a perfectionist?
I’m not a perfectionist, but I would be ashamed about not having my lines memorized. So I obsess over memorizing my lines.

How do you practice acting? Is there a member who reads the script with you? (Woo Minkyung)
I record it ahead of time. While I’m looking at the script, I record my partner’s parts. I leave some room for me to respond with my line, and then I continue onto the next line. After that, I practice. It helps me memorize tremendously.

You said in another interview that you like suffering physically. We were curious as to why you were like that.
I don’t like being full. I like being hungry, so I don’t really eat a lot. You suffer when you’re hungry, right? (Laugh) I like physical suffering for some odd reason. But I don’t like just suffering physically. I think I’m weird too.

What are you into lately?
Water-skiing. When I have the time, I search for anywhere nearby that I can go to and go water-skiing in between shoots. I don’t really have other means to relieve stress.

Then you must like riding motorcycle too.
I hate it! It’s dangerous.

We can’t really figure out what your taste is.
While it needs to be physically straining, it also has to be fun and safe. Water-skiing is safer than skiing in the winter. And it hurts less to fall into the water.

Are you interested in camping by any chance?
I really like it. I’m going to have my own camping ground later on. Rather than planning things, I like leaving whenever I want and sleep wherever and drink.

You’re taller than expected. When has your tall height served you usefully? (Hong Jimin)
I know I shouldn’t say this, but I think it’s better to be on the shorter side. You have to reach farther when playing sports because your arms are longer. And when you’re dancing, if your arms and legs are long, you look like you’re flailing. I have to be quick with my movement, but it’s uncomfortable because the range of my movement is wider.

Is there a forbidden word or action that your company or your members set?
Nope. We’ve been set free. They didn’t allow me to dye my hair before, but that was only during our debut days and it’s all good now. But I’m the one who’s lazy now. I’m too lazy to go get my makeup or hair done, and I want to go on broadcasts without makeup on…I’ve changed.

Do you have an all-time favorite movie?
<Maundy Thursday> with Kang Dongwon as the main actor. I thought about becoming a celebrity for the first time after watching that movie. I was either a 3rd year in middle school or 1st year in high school but I was lying down on the couch, watching TV, when that movie came on. It was during the time when I was wondering what I should do about my future, after realizing that studying was not my thing since I sucked at studying. There was a scene where Kang Dongwon-ssi just weeps in, so I tried doing it too and tears just started coming out. Since then, I was like, “Oh? I think I might have a knack for this,” and while preparing to become an actor, I ended up here. That movie changed my life.

CR: The Celebrity
Translated by: togetherinspirit7

psa for killing stalking cus fandom somehow blew up overnight and lots of shit is going down
  • please use trigger warnings ! ! !  ( this should be super obvious given the content and im personally not that sensitive but you could ruin someone’s day just by being too lazy to add a couple tw tags to your post and that’s not ok. )
  • do not romanticize sangwoo/yoonbum’s relationship. it is undeniably problematic for so. many. reasons.
  • yoonbum is not a pure cinnamon roll too good for this world. he’s a serial stalker and has committed his fair share of crimes
  • neither is sangwoo!! especially sangwoo.  
  •  NOTHING that is revealed about their undoubtedly tragic pasts excuses all the fucked up shit they’ve done. n o t h i n g.
  • there is a difference between fiction and reality. as long as everyone knows that no one would want this type of relationship irl then we good. 

that’s the beauty of fandom but also remember to be aware and be considerate.