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Steven Universe + the diverse cast of female voice actresses → requested by anonymous

From top to bottom: Susan Egan, Estelle, DeeDee Magno Hall, Michaela Dietz, Charlyne Yi, Erica Luttrell, Jennifer Paz, Kimberly Brooks, Shelby Rabara, Rita Rani Ahuja, Aimee Mann, Nicki Minaj, AJ Michalka, Grace Rolek, Kate Micucci, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Toks Olagundoye

'Blurred Lines: Women, Fandom, and Misconceptions of Consent'

It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about how women need to support one another instead of tearing each other down because the world already does that enough. But the patriarchal world doesn’t just tear us down, it also violates and objectifies women, trivializing our humanity in the process. In spite of this reality, female driven-fandoms of female actors have become cesspools of this behavior. You probably think I’m out of my mind for saying that. I really wish I was. However, it is an undeniably growing phenomena in fandom that certain members, whether intentionally or not, engage in behavior that is both violating and dehumanizing for the very people who serve as the inspiration of the fandom in the first place. This is especially troublesome because the victim and the perpetrators tend to both be women. How did it come to this?  

Increased access to information in the digital age has created more ‘grey areas’ of what information is and isn’t appropriate for fans to engage with. The social media era has gifted fandom with treasure troves of information that fans previously didn’t have access to. This brings up two important questions for fandoms to consider: (a) are we as fans entitled to actors’ personal information because we can access it? (b) if the information is accessible, can we assume that the actor has consented to the sharing of that information? The answer to both of these questions is no.

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I know I’ve already made a post on my sideblog (this), but I had to make also a drawing for my queen’s birthday, which is today. In this drawing you can see most of her TV/Theatre/Movie roles. I’ve started this some weeks ago, hehe. I hope you like it! C: Happy Birthday to the talented woman you are, Louise Brealey!  Do not repost, please. EDIT: My drawing is also in the LooBFans’ video project, you can watch it here! Tweet: [x]