too mainstream to say that but

femme/femme couples are beautiful and lovely!!! you’re not just for the straight male gaze or just a porn category!!!! you’re 100% valid in your relationship and sapphicness!!!

butch/butch couples are gorgeous and amazing!!! despite whatever society says you’re not too masculine and you don’t have to conform to mainstream gender roles!!!!!!you’re 100% valid in your relationship and sapphicness!!!

femme/butch couples are wonderful and awesome!!!! you’re not stereotypical or “basically straight”!!!!! you’re 100% valid in your relationship and sapphicness!!!

single butch and femme women are delightful!!! you don’t have to be in or even want a relationship to be a great wlw!!! if you do want one i know you’ll find the perfect person for you and have such a happy life together!!!! you’re 100% valid in your sapphicness!!!

btw, this post and any other post i make totally and unquestionably includes trans girls and nb girls

not to be dramatic but it’s rly breaking my heart to think about how much support taylor would be getting right now if she was literally any other celebrity of her fame level.. like she’s going through an incredibly public sexual assault trial and the only people i’ve seen supporting her or offering her well wishes are her hardcore fans. 

if the entire trial was kept undercover then i wouldn’t be saying this - because i’m sure she does wish it was more private, and i do too - but it’s not. the fact is that it’s a mainstream news story, almost every publication is covering it, and people are silent. even the coverage itself is for the most part not at all sympathetic. and i feel like a huge contributing factor is that taylor’s not a popular person to empathise with lately, it doesn’t fit the current narrative of who she is, so it’s easier to just ignore all together 

it’s just very disheartening to watch this happen and realise that support for women going through something like this is apparently conditional upon what the popular public opinion is of them at the time. this isn’t about shaming people who aren’t talking about it because it’s definitely a mob mentality thing and individual people aren’t to blame at all - i’m just really sad for taylor and i hope the people she’s close to are offering her all the comfort she needs

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Ur gay lol


No, but really, I find my gayness to be the biggest blessing in the world. But so many queer people don’t feel that way!! That’s why I love “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience” - it’s a chance to celebrate living loudly & proudly, & to showcase perspectives that aren’t traditionally represented in mainstream media. That way… if someone says “ur gay lol” to some kid in a less supportive community, they can feel like it’s totally a compliment, too. :]

So to retaliate against all my saltiness, my brain brought up something quite pleasant that I hadn’t noticed before.

Sexiness is practically non-existent in the Halo universe.

Like, probably the closest thing we have to sexy is Cortana, and she’s not even portrayed as sexy, she simply has the appearance of a nude, young woman. Yet her nudity is never brought up. She’s considered beautiful, not sexy. 

Halo has few female aliens (which they make up with a near-equal ratio of male/female human characters), but those few female aliens we have seen don’t even have breasts or “feminine” traits. We had a book cover featuring a female Sangheili and her chest was completely flat (which is a blessing, considering Sangheili are based off reptiles.)

Armor is completely gender neutral, and it wasn’t until the Spartan VIs that the armors appearances gained more personality. And even then….

One of these Spartans is a woman, can you guess which?

And then there’s my favorite bit: the topic of beauty. Sexiness doesn’t play a role in Halo, but beauty most certainly does. Of course, we all know Cortana’s considered beautiful, but you know who else is considered beautiful?

This is Isabel, a new character to be featured in Halo Wars 2, and this is the commentary given by Craig Drake, who painted the game’s posters:

“I’m elated to contribute my visions to the Halo Wars 2 universe. It was an honor to depict Decimus’ crushing brute power as well as Isabel’s intelligence and beauty.”

By many accounts, Isabel would probably be considered pretty, not beautiful, but Halo says otherwise. 

The majority of Halo’s women are not conventionally beautiful; they’re old, they have eye bags, unfull lips, and “too” big noses, all the traits that mainstream media teaches us are ugly. And yet not a single one of these women are deemed ugly by the narrative. They’re all unique with vibrant personalities, all beneficial to the story - their appearance does not define them and yet they are all so beautiful.

Halo has done a quite a few shitty things to their women [side-eyes Halo 3 and Halo 5], but they have such a progressive and natural way of depicting them that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other video game, and it’s why Halo will always be my favorite. 

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Social media is THE outlet of today's teen, and while already vulnerable, easy access to potentially harmful information can increase that vulnerability. What can teenagers do to promote more mental health support across social media in an informed, compassionate way?

I think that there is so much others can do to support mental health. No gesture (or post) is too small. You never know how a positive message will change someone’s day for the better. Yes, there are people who say that this is “slactivism” but when you go on Tumblr and YouTube and see these incredible communities of people coming together to support one another, there is real progress being made. These communities are starting to permeate mainstream culture and are providing a ton of visibility to marginalized groups and the experiences they have. I would say continue to share your stories, continue to identify spaces where young people can be their authentic selves, online and offline. Continue to share your gratitude when someone’s post turned your day around and share it with others who may need to see it too. This is how we can continue to grow our community and let others know what an incredible resource social media can be.

First, take responsibility for your own behavior online. Second, call out questionable or harmful behavior from people that you know online. Third, if you’re comfortable, model honesty and vulnerability in an effort to allow other people to feel safe.

The fact that Harry answered the question about teenage girls with the knowledge that whatever he says will have a big impact due to his position, and he was considerate enough to not just brush it off or answer casually, is so so important. He knew he had the opportunity to give an argument that could change some, if not many, point of views.

The fact that he’s aware about the derogatory stuff that’s said about teenage girls, and took the responsibility to say something that’ll not just add to that treatment, but how wrong it is even though it’s so “mainstream” in pop culture.

Instead of saying shit like “yeah teenage girls act too cool” or the typical of “intelligent girls don’t wear makeup - girls who wear makeup aren’t intelligent” tone, which is basically what most celebrities like him spew from their mouths, he decided to say “Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you.” is very significant in showing what kind of person he is.

Goth vs Mainstream Over 40 Years

So its always kind of bothered me a bit that some goths like to really dump on modern goth styles and trends when in retrospect, goth has always mirrored the mainstream in terms of fashion in some point or another. Right from the very beginning goth was borrowing from the mainstream and vice versa. So i thought that i would break down 4 decades of goth fashion and their comparisons to popular trends and mainstream fashion to show you that goth has never been as original as you might think and that change and evolution is inevitable in all subcultures that involve fashion.

Of course we all know goth came from punk so obviously from the very moment goth stood on its own two legs, it was already borrowing style inspiration from its punk roots, but it didnt stop there.

80′s style

The 80′s were known as a pretty outrageous time for fashion and with pop music dominating the radio and television it was understandable that pop stars were a huge influence when it came to fashion. Madonna was definitely one of the most influential fashion icons of the 80′s and though she was a pop princess on the radio, some of her style often dappled in the darker side of fashion. she often sported fishnet tops, black leather and religious symbols. much like Siouxsie Sioux. Leather, spandex, lace and pointy shoes were all trendy in the 80′s, but not just in goth, but much of the mainstream as well.  Makeup was often bold in color and almost geometric in shape. And of course who could forget that hair? Goths in the 80′s went all out when it came to their hairstyles  but they weren’t the only ones wasting a whole can of Aqua Net in one day on keeping their hair gravity defying. Almost everyone in the 80′s at some point has backcombed, teased or crimped their locks all in the name of bigger hair.

90′s Style

Of course not every trend that was popular in the 80′s died as soon as the 90′s rolled around, and a lot of goths were still wearing looks that were common in the 80′s but much of goth fashion was becoming less punk and more romantic during the mid to late 90′s. The 90′s brought with it, a strange obsession with the occult. Shows like charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and movies like The Craft, began influencing certain fashion trends. Velvet dresses with combat boots became staples in both goth and mainstream fashion. 90′s hair became less styled and more free and many goth women began adopting the free flowing look that added to the mysterious seductress vibe. Makeup became less geometric. It was popular at the time for women to go linerless or wear darker more natural tones in a smudged fashion around their eyes.  young goths were ditching the pointy shoes to go with the more popular platform style that the 90′s was known for.

2000′s Style

I think most of us can agree that the 2000′s had some really hit or miss trends in both goth and mainstream fashion and I can comfortably say that the 2000′s is seen as a rather embarrassing decade by many goths now. This was the time that a lot of misinformed young people were flocking to Manson concerts and Hot Topic and were eating up everything that they thought was goth whether it was or not. Many of the so called “goths” you saw on TV in the 2000′s were what we today consider mall goths. Mainstream fashion was really all over the place in the 2000′s and i think goth fashion was too. Pop stars were experimenting with strange color and style combinations and goths started experimenting with neon. Rave fashion had evolved and trickled over from the 90′s into 2000′s mainstream fashion and into goth as well in what is call cyber goth. In the 2000′s baggy pants became popular with young people and goths began sporting Tripp pants and other forms of cargo pants. Skater fashion clashed with the mainstream as well as with goth and you would often see goth teens wearing Avrils signature eye look paired with a fishnet top and black baggy pants. Stripped stockings became popular and high fashion was borrowing  from goth more than ever. Thankfully romantic goth survived well enough that not every goth looked like a cross between a spice girl, a raver and a character from Invader Zim, but unfortunately there were a lot of misguided youths experimenting with a subculture that they didnt know enough about and with how many strange trends we blew through in the 2000′s its understandable why goth fashion was so all over the place.

2010′s Style

And suddenly we are stuck in this strange place between the 80′s and 90′s. Mainstream fashion in the past 7 years has really borrowed a lot from the past, especially the 90′s. But this time, its doing it in a simpler, more flattering fashion. The 90′s was cool right? Well if you’re a 90′s kid like me then you probably jumped right on that 90′s revival train like the rest of us and you’re riding it all the way through nostalgia town. Grungy ripped jeans, flannel and band Ts, chunky boots and tattoo chokers are all back in style and many goths are eating it up as well. But im going to give nu goth some credit here. Some of it is really nice. Black leather jackets, velvet, occult symbols and fishnets. Its almost like its paying an homage to 80′s and 90′s goth fashion. Of course a lot of nu goth style in 2010 was really ugly garbage but the style has improved over the years, encompassing other styles such as strega fashion and ninja goth. Witchy symbols are being worn by goths and mainstreamers alike. Long band T shirts over leggings and wide brimmed hats are everywhere. Shows like American Horror Story helped kick start the witchy fashion trend and everyone is buying it. I personally enjoy a lot of aspects of modern goth fashion because they remind me of the 80′s and 90′s. Even pointy shoes are coming back into style. Its possible that with the help of nu goth and mainstream fashion we may actually be able to kickstart a new generation of traditional goths and finally come full circle.

So goth has never really been original and just like every other fashion, its going to keep evolving over time and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Now that leather jackets and pointy buckle boots are coming back into style and more people are asking who Joy Division is after seeing one of their shirts hanging up in Forever 21, we are now closer to our goth roots than we have been in 2 decades. Goth fashion was always about experimenting and expressing yourself but even the best of us have fallen prey to trends, and thats not a bad thing. Fashion is something to have fun with, and if goth really does claim to be a subculture thats “all about the music” then it shouldnt matter how a goth dresses.

oregon gothic

•you came here for the green foggy forests. this is good— the trees have been waiting for you.

•taste the crisp mountain air, settling like young dreams inside your lungs. you will always struggle to breathe now, anywhere but here.

•the locals will tell you it’s okay to hike alone. do not hike alone. if you decide not to heed this advice, carry rosemary in your pocket so you remember who you are when the river calls you. stick to the trails. do not pick the flowers.

•in ashland, you walk past a tourist muttering a line from hamlet under his breath. you pass a tour group next. they are all muttering lines from hamlet.

•a stranger offers you pot. it’s all an illusion, man, he says, gesturing to the distant mountains. you refuse the pot. but all day you are haunted by the nagging feeling that yes, it is all an illusion.

•a runner disappeared on the trails two days ago. it said so in the newspaper you bought. you ask if they found her. she is one with the earth, you are told. she does not need finding. of course, you agree. that makes perfect sense to you.

•it is 1:30. it is raining. it has been raining for hours. the rain finally stops. you check the clock. it is 1:29. outside, it is completely dry.

•the girl who passed you on the street is wearing birkenstocks. you are wearing birkenstocks too. but you don’t own birkenstocks. you realize everyone is wearing birkenstocks. they are all the same color.

•you’re on i-5. you pass a sign that says portland: 99 miles. two hours later you pass another sign. it says: portland 99 miles. you try to remember when you started driving, but all you can remember is the sign that says portland: 99 miles.

•the coffee shop is full of young people drinking lattes. we don’t conform to the mainstream, they assure you. they chant it in unison. you go to the counter and order a latte.

this was inspired by @otorohanga​‘s lovely/eery a guide to exploring abandoned farms and by the more comic gothic meme posts i’ve encountered floating around tumblr. not poetry, just me having fun. enjoy!

Honestly the CW is in many ways the embodiment of my issues with current attempts at “diversity” in the mainstream media when it comes to queer rep. I’m not going to sit here and say that television is still the same cis heterosexual landscape it was a few decades ago, there have been improvements, but movie studios and television networks alike are still really quick to pat themselves on the back for bare minimum efforts to provide meaningful representation while making sure they haven’t alienated their “core” audiences too much. The CW is imo one of the worst offenders of this - doing just enough to get noticed, but rarely anything of any real substance, and much less anything that would actually risk altering their key demographics.

On this network, “groundbreaking” queer pairings exist as side ships (i.e. Sanvers) or are axed when they become a threat to their real goals (i.e. Clexa). If you don’t think this is because the network doesn’t want to offend the type of viewer that would be scandalized by having to watch more than 5 minutes of non heterosexual interactions per episode, you’re much too naive. The CW doesn’t defy anything. The CW does JUST enough to get praise and then will course correct to the normal, and that’s partly because for some shows they prioritize catering to straight teenage girls that will throw a fit over not having m/f or m/m ships to salivate over, which is basically what’s happening with Sanvers and Karolsen in Supergirl. Healthy interracial relationship where the guy is actually pretty great? Nah, that needs to be axed so that your standard CW bad boy asshole can romance the female lead instead. WLW relationship with a coming out storyline? Good for diversity points, not worth doing much with really, priority must be on the patented CW bad boy asshole that they’re convinced teenage straight girls will swoon over. Supercorp? I love their chemistry, but not only do we know it’s never going to happen, it’s shameless queer baiting that they’re getting away with because they can use Sanvers as a shield to say that they’re not afraid of canon wlw romances (god forbid one of their shows has more than ONE wlw romance at a time though right?).

They don’t just care about straight teenage girls btw. The CW is making an active effort to reel in an older audience, and a more male audience too. This started with their first DC shows and is particularly the case for shows like, ahem, Kidz Bop Game of Thrones/Westworld/Terminator/Black Mirror (i.e. The 1OO). If the CW has to choose between providing meaningful representation to young queer audiences and retaining the older/male demographics they desperately want to court, BELIEVE ME, they will toss aside your rep no questions asked.

Hell, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened with Kidz Bop Grim Dark Shitty Sci Fi. I strongly suspect that Lexa getting killed off was in part because older male audiences wouldn’t have tolerated the continued presence of a non sexualized lesbian character that wasn’t there to tantalize them and/or be a moustache twirling villain. Even if Alycia hadn’t been cast as a main in F/TWD (which we always knew was a bullshit excuse to begin with), Lexa probably would have been killed off because her existence and role in the show were threatening not just the network’s vision of what they wanted their Kidz Bop For Adults HBO Rip Off to be, but who they wanted the main audience to be as well. This of course doesn’t even begin to touch the other characters/storylines that have been ruined probably for the sake of appeasing this audience, often with racist/sexist/xenophobic effects. They succeeded, BTW, the demo numbers for the show are higher in older demographics and their best ratings for episodes consistently come from male viewers. So brava CW, you finally have a product that can be 100% embraced by older male viewers that get off to gratuitous violence and shock value, with the added bonus that you managed to fool some other audiences into believing you were actually doing something daring or socially progressive.

The CW wants to have its cake and eat it too. They want to bask in the attention that comes from having any queer romance whatsoever while not doing anything truly groundbreaking with it. Because groundbreaking would upset their bread and butter as well as the new demographics they’re actually targeting. Groundbreaking would mean upsetting the status quo of the only audiences they truly care about.

There were lies you were told about WWII, Hitler being evil wasn't one of them

I remember a while back there was this immensely popular post with a gif of Hitler flattering his wife, that had tons and tons of notes from all these people gushing about how they had no idea Hitler was human too. When I criticized it, this older blogger claimed all these tumblr teens were taught in school to “dehumanize” Hitler, and now they were learning more than the simplistic narrative they were taught in school. It was, according to them, mind-broadening and important. The dehumanization of Hitler they claimed is a huge problem, and a bigger problem was young people thinking too simplistically about this complex person.

But this is the thing:

It’s true you are taught a simplistic and misleading narrative about World War II and the Nazis in school. But the problem isn’t that you’re taught to think badly of Hitler and Nazis, who committed mass murder, torture, enslavement, and other human rights abuses. The problem is you are taught that the US was the good guy and the Nazis were the antithesis to everything the US represented and now represents. You’re taught that the US came in and saved everyone in the name of freedom and democracy and crushed those Nazi fascists! And everyone lived happily ever after.

When in reality, the US invented eugenics which inspired the Nazis’ Aryan racial ideals in the first place. The Nazis modeled their treatment of Jews, Romani and other minorities after how the US treated Black people. Not only that, but the US refused the entry of many European Jews fleeing the Holocaust into this country. The US refused to help the Jews and other minorities targeted by Nazis. The US ignored pleas begging them to destroy gas chambers when they were so close within striking distance in Europe that they hit one accidentally.

What happened was after Pearl Harbor put the US at risk, they got involved and then they made up a story about why they were the good guys and why the Germans were the bad guys, about how they were now all about saving the world and the poor Jews. And the truth about antisemitism in the US (there were literal signs saying NO JEWS and shit, which you never learn about in school), about eugenics in the US, about the US’s deadly passivity for much of WWII, is actively erased, glossed over or explained away. And meanwhile, irony of ironies, the US sent thousands of Japanese Americans to internment camps–which of course were not the same as Nazi Germany’s extermination and concentration camps, but weren’t exactly the kind of thing someone who was ideologically opposed to Nazis would do. (You’re taught about the internment of Japanese Americans in school, but you aren’t encouraged to think about it as compromising the US’s alleged position as ideologically opposing Nazi Germany).

The US has used WWII to its advantage to create a particular narrative. It’s arguably a big reason antisemitism in the US changed and Jews started to achieve much greater access to whiteness. Associating Jews with whiteness dissociates Nazis from American racism and eugenics, despite how much mental gymnastics you have to do to ignore the fact white supremacy was at the core of Nazi ideology (people continually allege Jews were white in Nazi Germany despite the fact Nazis killed them, literally, to purify the white race). It takes the conversation away from the end result of white supremacy: genocide and brutality. Think about how important that would have been in the 1930s and 40s when the US was even more overtly racist than it is now. How would the US look: a nation where PoC, and Black people especially, were constantly exposed to violence and oppression? When what allowed the concentration camps in Nazi Germany to exist was a change to their constitution that allowed the deprivation of human rights in particular spaces, and all Roosevelt had to do was write an executive order depriving Japanese Americans of rights just as easily. Criticisms of white supremacy and human rights violations in Nazi Germany open up the same criticisms toward the US. I’m not the first to have that idea. Harper Lee tackles it in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Tumblr SJ who complain the Holocaust gets “too much attention” compared to other social injustices also seem to miss this point–they suggest it’s ~Jewish privilege~ or white privilege that explains why everyone cares more about the Holocaust, ignoring the fact that the mainstream narrative in the US about the Holocaust and WWII also often erases the long history of antisemitism in Europe and the history of it in the US. The narrative suggests Nazis arbitrarily decided on Jews as a scapegoat and ignores the racialization of Jews in Europe. There’s also an implication that with the end of the Holocaust came the end of antisemitism. Many aspects of the mainstream narrative around the Holocaust is hurtful to Jews. Ignoring the role of white supremacy in the Holocaust does no marginalized people any favors: as well as making it too easy to let the US off the hook for creating eugenics in the first place, it also erases Romani, who were targeted in the genocide, and are still definitely not racialized as white to this day.

The US is a racist empire (and I say empire because we currently live on colonized land and also exert worldwide control) and while I don’t like comparing Nazi Germany to anything, we’re not the opposite of Nazi Germany by any means–we certainly were not in the 1940s when we fought them. I don’t think the US is the same or even similar to Nazi Germany (as I said, I don’t like making lazy comparisons like that), but I think both the US and Nazi Germany have two terrible things in common: white supremacy and a government that has the power to deprive citizens of their basic rights at a moment’s notice.

That’s the story you’re not taught in school. That’s the mind blowing epiphany that actually matters.

Hitler being human is a fact of course. But he was a horrible, horrible human being, probably one of the worst in history. And making excuses for him being primarily responsible for wiping out one third of population of a people (Jews; edit: see here), 90% of the population of another (Romani), as well as countless other atrocities doesn’t make you interesting, edgy or counter-culture. It makes you downright despicable.

Sadly, it seems tumblr’s teens find the idea of Hitler flirting with his wife more interesting and mind-blowing than the idea that everything they were taught about the US’s role in WWII is slanted to mislead them.


1991 FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, dir. Jon Avnet

You’re just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That’s what you are. A bee charmer.

Two differing contemporary reviews of the film:

“The…trouble is the script’s implicit cowardice. Every attribute of the story of these two young women implies a lesbian attachment. For that lesbian love, Masterson rescues Parker, and that love warms their subsequent lives…But the screenplay omits any mention of this implied component.” - Stanley Kauffman, The New Republic

“[The filmmakers] show commendable tact and subtlety in the extraordinary friendship between Idgie and Ruth, allowing viewers to make up their own minds about the precise nature of the relationship.” - Abbie Bernstein, Hollywood Drama-Logue

FGT is a landmark film for many a queer viewer, presenting what appears to be a clear romantic storyline. It’s a nice change from the way lesbians are often presented in fetishized/oversexed ways in mainstream media, but in this case it may have been reigned in too much. It had to be watered down enough from its source material to qualify as a “women’s movie,” which is to say straight women, who the studio couldn’t afford to alienate. imo, the first reviewer is right - this is not commendable tact, it’s enforced cowardice.

It’s a shame we couldn’t have it all.

Bts reaction to their S/O wanting matching couple things but you are usually super shy

Reaction for @hope-on-my-street

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Jin would love the idea of couple items. He would also applause you for getting the courage to ask him, giving you thousands of kisses then taking you to the mall to go shopping. “AWW jagi of course I’ll get matching shirts with you”

Originally posted by jimiyoong


Suga wouldn’t be to fond of the idea at first, thinking it was just like every other couple. But he would end up getting it because he knew that it would take you much time just to ask the question. “At first I was gonna say no. Too mainstream for me, but because your my jagi I will”

Originally posted by nnochu


Jhope would be all for it. Right when you ask he would hug you tightly and kiss your face multiple times, then going to the store and picking out multiple things. He wouldn’t thank you until later that night saying thank you for asking him.”Jagi I know how much courage that took for you to ask me, but thank you for asking me”

Originally posted by gotjimin


I am a bit torn on how joonie will react. He will thank you for finally opening up to him enough to ask him that but I don’t think he would really care much for outfits. It might take a bit of the puppy dog eyes for it to work “Jagi thank you for asking but I am not to sure…Oh don’t- don’t give me those eyes. Ugh fine”

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Jimin would blush and hide his face before giving you a small nod with a wide smile. Once he realized that you had enough courage to ask him he wouldn’t say anything his smile would just widen.”ah..of course jag

Originally posted by taehyunglq


Taehyung would be much like hobi. I don’t even think he would give you an answer before pulling you out of the dorms and to the store. He would pick out multiple couple items and wouldn’t even realize that you got over shyness until later that night when cuddled up together. “Thank you for asking me jagi. It means a lot“

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Jungkook would be a mix between suga and jimin. He would probably blush and look away from you before mumbling a small no. But once he saw the look on your face when he said no he would quickly say yes and hug you. “Fine, next time dont hesitate to ask me something jagi. I don’t want you to be shy around me”

I hope you liked it . Reactions: closed Moodboards, text,and imagines: open


Another long hiatus that lasted 1 year and 2 months, reorganization from 5 members to 4. Upon its release, WINNER’s third mini album, “FATE NUMBER FOR” wiped out all doubt that surrounded them and recorded first place on the iTunes Charts in 21 different countries. Even now, two weeks since the release, “REALLY REALLY” refuses to drop from the top of the digital charts. We met with the two people who are at the center of all this talk, Kang Seungyoon and Kim Jinwoo of WINNER. We will suppress the urge to share all the details about how they were deeply natural with each other and how the melodies they hummed together matched so well. That is because it is unnecessary to talk about how WINNER is strong like they always have been and the fact that they still have much to show us.

I saw you two at a restaurant the other day. It was the day after the release of your album and the music videos for “FOOL” and “REALLY REALLY”.




Oh, that was the day we went to eat nasigoreng and pasta!

It was fascinating. Your songs swept the charts and your music videos recorded ten million views in a day but you guys were eating lunch as if it was just another ordinary day. How did you feel?


The amount of attention and love we received for our debut album was unusual for a rookie group. We experienced many different things after that and after a long hiatus, we’re receiving so much love with our comeback so the greatest feeling we have right now is gratefulness.


Oh, could you wait a second? Song Mino just video-called me saying that he wants to be interviewed with us. Hello? Hello? Oh, I can’t hear him well so I’ll hang up.

(Laughing) Is it really Mino?


I just hung up (laughing) Like Jinwoo-hyung said, we received a lot of love with “Empty”, which was in our first album. Personally, I think I tried not to have much expectations for this album (FATENUMBERFOR). I put in the effort not to get excited even when our song got first place on the charts because it might drop soon after.

But even after 2 weeks have passed, it is still at the top of the charts. Is that satisfying?


It is very satisfying.


I am a little satisfied? We were in a situation where we had to prove to people that it was possible for us to overcome the unfortunate things that happened to us and I think that’s been proven to some extent. Also, how it does on charts isn’t very important to me. I’m satisfied that our fans are liking our music.

You talked about which song you liked better in your V LIVE, right? I like “REALLY REALLY” a little more than “FOOL”.


Seungyoon made that.

Seungyoon took part in writing lyrics and composing the songs, right? And Jinwoo shouldered more weight as a vocalist. How did you feel when you listened to the songs for the first time?


Seungyoon usually sings the guide. He knows the color of our group and the vocal tones of the members so he makes songs that suit those things. Seungyoon took a large part in bringing a song that matches my voice well. I practiced and thought about how I should sing it but it feels like I didn’t need to prepare something more than my usual singing voice.

(Laughs) Aren’t you being too thankful to Seungyoon?


I think the reason why “REALLY REALLY” is doing well is because all the members shine in it. For a group to get known by many people and to receive love, it is important for one member to really pull in the attention but the whole group getting shown is also important. I felt that this song could spotlight Jinwoo-hyung so I purposely put a lot of emphasis on Jinwoo-hyung’s parts. When someone thinks, “This person’s voice is pretty good,” then they can comfortably listen to the song while enjoying that vocalist.

Thanks to the start of the song, Jinwoo has also been called the “Where Are You Man” so it seems like what Seungyoon wanted is coming true.


I’m personally very happy because Jinwoo-hyung’s voice tone and singing method and his other styles balance the song.

“REALLY REALLY” is a feel-good love song because it is really honest. Have you ever taken the step forward to honestly confess your feelings like the song?


I did have a time when I was innocent.

Do you think honestly confessing to someone would be difficult now?


No, I think I’ll always be like that…


I didn’t write my experiences into the song. I just wanted to write the feelings I felt when I was very young. In a vague context. If you look at the lyrics, it doesn’t sound like a love story between adults. It has the vibes of a middle school student in a shoujou manga saying, “Where are you? I came because I missed you so come outside.” I purposely did not include the words, “I love you” in the lyrics. It’s not about loving someone, it’s about liking them.

Because you didn’t use strong words, it became a more lighthearted and innocent love song.


It is also my style. I’m straightforward on a daily basis but when I’m confessing my feelings to someone, instead of saying, “I love you”, I say, “I like you” like a tsundere.

So it’s something like, “I love… I love… No, I like you”. On the other hand, “FOOL” is a breakup song. Excluding dating, what is the most regretful thing you have done?


Hmm. You can say that we were at fault for our long hiatus after releasing our second album, “EXIT:E”. That is regretful to me. When I think about our fans who waited for such a long time, I become more regretful about that. I feel like I should’ve worked harder to do something. When I think about it now, I might’ve been blinded by the overwhelming response we got with our first album.


I regret small things. For example, if I had worked harder and studied a foreign language or learned how to play an instrument when we debuted, I would be really good at it now. I regret how I started learning how to play the drums but that has fizzled out now.

You learned the drums? Why?


There were no special reasons at first. But while I was learning it, I relieved stressed with it and my sense of rhythm improved too.

Talking about instruments reminds me about Seungyoon’s guitar. You were always with your guitar when you were on “Superstar K2”. What about now?


I always have my guitars in my room but it’s been awhile since I properly played them. There is a preconceived notion that playing the guitar means that the person does rock or acoustic music. Because of that, I felt that WINNER’s music was getting discolored by me. It’s possible for people to think, “Kang Seungyoon probably does this kind of music. He plays the guitar so he probably can’t do that kind of music.” I wanted to avoid those kinds of obstacles when I’m promoting as WINNER. It is not like I didn’t practice at all but in the past year, I haven’t purposely used my guitar.

There are many people who look forward to your solo activities. Is the music you are working on right now going to influence solo activities?


I think there will be some influence to an extent. Acoustic and rock music will not be completely gone. That type of music is one of the fields I can do. However, once WINNER solidifies as a group more, if I receive the opportunity for a solo album, I have an indefinite wish to title it, “Everything You Want” and include hip-hop, jazz, ballad, rock, and dance songs. I want to make an album that contains all kinds of music so that I can enjoy it, as the person making it, and so that people who listen to my album can enjoy it too.

Both of you are members who act. Jinwoo, do you have plans for any solo or acting activities in the future?


Hmm. Firstly, I’m still scared about challenging myself in releasing a solo song. I lack the certainty in knowing what song or style that will suit me best. I do think about continuing my acting. Since I started it, I want to properly work hard in it.

You made an unprecedented decision to perform in the Korea National Contemporary Dance Production of “The Little Prince” last December.


I really wanted to challenge myself in a new experience. When I was spending my days working out, taking lessons, practicing, and wanting to do something other than those things, I received a very good offer. I thought to myself that I needed to work really hard for it. The Seoul Arts Center stage is not a stage where even modern dancers perform on often. I also received a lot of stress because I was worried that I would be told “he’s like an idol”.

You two are part of a company that is known to make the most “hip” content in Korea. There are sub-labels of YG that produce subculture content too. Is there something you find interesting in the mainstream right now?


DPR LIVE. I think he’s cool because he makes his own music, performs alone, produces videos alone, and just makes everything by himself. I also get inspired by what he makes.


I like DPR LIVE too and contemporary dance is fun too. It’s very liberating. I’m not saying this because I was in “The Little Prince”… (Laughing)

There are many WINNER songs that deal with loneliness and empty feelings. It is a universal emotion but are there times when you are more lonely because you are celebrities?


Yes, very often.


It can’t be helped because there are always limitations on what people do every day and where people can go.


I think celebrities are a little different from people who are recognized by others. We are aware that we are people who are recognized by other people, not celebrities. It’s not just about not keeping ourselves from drinking excessively or having harmless hobbies, we can’t easily do anything. In this context, we ended up growing apart from [non-celebrity] friends and the people who we can meet gradually become limited. It’s not like Jinwoo-hyung and I don’t contact our childhood friends at all but because we can’t meet each other comfortably like in the past, it feels like our surroundings are being compressed.


Once that happens, you naturally end up being alone most of the time. Even if I meet someone, it’s usually my members.

On top of that, both of your hometowns are far from Seoul. Jinwoo is from Imjado Island in Sinan and Seungyoon is from Busan. Do you guys like Seoul?


We really love Seoul! There’s so many things to do here.

(Laughs) That’s a relief.


There are many things to do but there’s not many things we can do. But I like shopping and I can do that to my heart’s content. Most of the friends I’ve met while working are in Seoul anyways so I’ve become comfortable with this city. It’s like my home.


There are really not many people on Imjado Island. I like Seoul because there are so many people. But I don’t like how there are many cars too.

You’ve been to many cities [in and out of Korea]. Is there a city you want to live in?


We went to LA recently. Seunghoon-hyung says he wants to live in LA because the weather is nice and it’s relaxing. But if I were to choose between LA and New York, I would live in New York. For now, I like being in a busy place. I feel like if I live in a relaxing place, I would get depression. I think that’s because I don’t have a peace of mind yet.


I want to live in Sokcho. Unlike my hometown which is in the west coast of Korea, the east coast of Korea has really blue seas. When I saw it for the first time, I was really surprised. I thought I was overseas! I want to live in Korea while looking at a clean ocean. I don’t really like busy cities.

Your choice makes sense.


But I still like Seoul best. New York is nice but Seoul is better.


That’s right. I like being in Korea the best.

I’m going to ask a heartwarming question. What are you to each other?


You go first because you’re the hyung.


Hmm… I’ve been with Seungyoon for a long time. I’ve received a lot from Seungyoon but I’ve never directly thanked him before.

Then can you two say thank you to each other while looking into each other’s eyes?




Thank you, Seungyoon, really! I want to tell my other members thank you too. Hmm. I’m really thankful for them.


I’m also thankful. I get lonely easily and even though we’ll probably live separately in a few years, I feel safe that my family lives with me. Jinwoo-hyung is more special to me because we’ve been together for the longest time.


When I look at Seungyoon, I feel really proud.


Hyung raised me like a parent. When I joined YG, he took care of me a lot.

When Seungyoon joined YG as a trainee, he was already pretty famous but Jinwoo didn’t feel burdened by him?


I thought he would act like he’s all that but he wasn’t like that at all. Almost to the point where I found it fascinating.


I really started from the bottom~

You two are more heartwarming than I expected. It’s a beautiful sight


Thank you!

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @goduandme5     

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Hey cliff! What do you think about kink/sexual elements in the pride parade? Are ppl against it trying to desexualize the queer community to make it more mainstream-palatable? Are they trying to make it more welcoming to young/unsure people who might be scared off? My gut says it's historically been a part of this community, but otoh, I don't want to make people uncomfortable with my sexuality, and on the third hand, gay people existing makes people uncomfortable so fuck it? Idk, basically.

Personally, I’m in favor of the sexual elements, because I am a horny bastard and I like to see oiled young men prancing down the middle of Main Street in leather harnesses.  Ummmf.  Sorry, it can’t all be Discourse.

…Okay, back on track.  I do feel sort of mixed about this, because maybe it is unwelcoming to young/unsure people–although on the other hand, sometimes it’s very welcoming to them.  Sometimes it’s safer to approach queerness from a less sexualized perspective, but sometimes it’s good to see affirmation that this celebration of your sexuality is a celebration of your sexuality, not of dry labels that should never be connected to anything so gauche as actually wanting to fuck people.

I think that’s the intended message to the mainstream, too–that our sexuality is sexual and you aren’t tolerating us unless you tolerate that.  Accepting queer people as “people who say they’re queer but never do anything upsetting like act queer” is not good enough.  Pride parades are meant to be in-your-face, are meant to be angry-sexual, are meant to say “you don’t like when we kiss in public?  then you’re really not going to like this.”  If they’re not causing discomfort, then they’re just St. Patrick’s Day for gays.

Of course I don’t think the whole parade should be sexualized–there’s a place in it for families, for asexual people, for unsexy community services like HIV prevention and rape crisis centers, and so forth–but the presence of sexual elements serves a real purpose and should be defended.

“We’re here, we’re queer, deal with it” doesn’t mean much if it’s just “we’re here, we’re queer but that’s just a word we use which has no particular consequences that you have to think about, I guess that’s pretty easy to deal with.”

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How can we make our voices heard? How can we make them listen?

The best advice I have is that you should tell your story. Make it personal. If being connected is essential when it comes to your livelihood, say so. Make the business case. Say precisely what an open internet means to you, how it has enhanced your life from an economic or social perspective, and state why strong net neutrality rules are necessary to protect such an enabling platform. You should let the FCC know what an open internet means to you by visiting and filing comments in the docket 17-108 (no later than August 16), but you should also let your federal Representative and Senators know as well by directly contacting their offices.

If you’ve already contacted your federal representatives and still want to do more, accept the responsibility of educating those who you come in contact with on a daily basis. They may not know what the term net neutrality is, nor understand what is now at stake.

Most importantly, no matter what, do not get discouraged or retreat into a state of silence and inaction. There are many like me who are listening and the role each of us plays is vital. We are not alone in believing that the FCC should be a governmental agency “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The FCC should always put #ConsumersFirst whenever it makes any decision.

The current Chairman of the FCC has made it clear that he has no intention of listening to the public, tech experts, or the startup community – he plans to give the big telecom companies that he used to work for exactly what they want: the power to control what we can see and do on the Internet. But here’s the thing: the FCC answers to members of Congress, and they answer to us. Lawmakers are extremely sensitive to pressure on Internet rights issues right now – many of them faced massive backlash after they recently voted to gut privacy protections. One of the most important things everyone can do right now is to submit a comment AND contact their legislators using a site like, or even show up at their member of Congress’ local district office and ask to speak to a staffer about their position on net neutrality protections. Voters from across the political spectrum overwhelmingly agree that companies like Comcast and Verizon should not be able to squeeze us for extra fees, censor content, or decide what we can see online. If enough of us speak out, our representatives can put pressure on the FCC to do the right thing and listen real people who will be affected by this, not just lobbyists from Big Cable.

To make our voices heard, especially the voices of people of color and others who have been discriminated against by mainstream cable news, we must first be willing to speak. Too many of us believe someone else is going to save the Internet. Too many of us believe it’s someone else’s job to protect our democratic rights, to say enough is enough when fake comments are submitted against net neutrality by robots. Too many of us sit on our hands complaining about the conditions we face.

The first step in making ourselves heard on keeping net neutrality the law of the land is to speak.

The second step is to parse out the lies from the truth. We know, for example, that companies like AT&T today said they were joining the fight for an open Internet, but for over 10 years AT&T has vigorously opposed net neutrality and spent billions to prevent it from becoming law. The other big lie being told is that you can have net neutrality without Title II. The courts made it clear that the only way to make net neutrality enforceable is through Title II protections. Without Title II we’d get watered down weak rules with no teeth and couldn’t protect a fly. Congress can’t give this to us, and they don’t need to because already have it. Folks should leave the Internet alone.

The third step to getting heard is letting the FCC know how you feel by submitting comments, raising your voice on social media, taking direct action where appropriate to directly confront decision-makers to tell them how you feel. We deserve the strongest possible protections. We got them and we won’t let them go.

hey i been kinda keepin quiet to myself but i’ve been thinking abt it a lot but i hope someday pb would introduce a fat love interest or just… more fat characters

we have like… 2?? 3?? fat characters across the books and they fall into tropes that fat characters often fall into in media (i’m mostly thinking about raj cause the other two aren’t central characters)

i remember when raj was introduced and feeling really disappointed as to how he was fitting into the tropes fat characters usually do (being the comedy relief character who loves food) and i was… worried we wouldn’t get much more. and i love raj a lot! i love his kindness and his complexities. i’m still disappointed he fell into those tropes at the beginning but i’m also really glad they’re taking him in a direction deeper than just “a fat guy who loves food” and i’ll always be grateful for that

and i could write forever about the importance of introducing fat characters who exist and are written beyond talking about their weight or food or jokes (often about weight and food) and being introduced as complex and as characters you could fall in love with. fat people exist and we’re so, so much more than just your funny sidekick that gets distracted by snacks and whose stories often revolve around our weight.

and i think a fat love interest would be way fun, especially because a lot of mainstream media likes to act like fat people are undesirable and not what people look for in an ideal partner. i want a fat love interest and i want to fall in love with them and feel a little less afraid of dating irl because i wear 2xl and believed for years no one could ever be interested in me (btw i’m not talking about ppl who fetishize fatness and curves. i can write abt that too but this is long enough)

ofc ofc i’m not expecting or trying to say pb Has to do this. i can do it myself, because i shouldn’t place the responsibility of representation on a company that’s already doing pretty damn fine in that department, but idk. it’d just be… really nice to see more of. fat people being amazing and not just as a comedy relief outlet. people who aren’t “conventionally attractive” getting to fall in love and be happy. yeah.

Who do rappers REALLY make their music for?

Drake makes music for black guys who act hard but are actually soft and they still go to their grandmas house on Sundays and mow their yard for free.

Joey Bada$$ makes music for teenagers now who wish they were teenagers in the 90’s but they’re pissed off because they have to deal Macklemore instead.

Iggy Azalea makes music for white girls who like black guys but are afraid to tell their dad because they would get disowned.

Yelawolf makes music for white people who wear camo and live in the country but are ashamed to say they like hip hop because their parents are racists.

Gucci Mane makes music for full grown men with learning disabilities and have 9 children with 3 baby mamas and owe outrageous amounts of child support.

Childish Gambino makes music for teens who don’t like hip hop but say they do when they’re at high school party’s just to sound cool.

Tech N9ne makes music for weird black and white kids who wear skinny jeans but are afraid to say they like ICP because they’re just too weird.

Tyler, the Creator makes music for 11-15 year olds who are shithead delinquents that are overly obnoxious and troll YouTube comments.

Kanye West makes music for himself and doesn’t give a shit if you like it or not because he knows you’ll buy it anyway.

Wiz Khalifa makes music for dudes who get stoned and starts freestylin’ at McDonalds at 2 AM and they think they can legit rap but really they’re just super high.

2 Chainz makes music for black guys who think he’s smart because he went to college and white guys who think he’s funny because he acts dumb on purpose.

Kid Cudi makes music for 24 year olds who haven’t figured out their life, overthink everything and can’t make decisions so they smoke weed to ease their mind but it just makes them lazy.

Pitbull makes music for people who were born in the early 2000’s that think hip hop started in 2007 and they only listen to the radio and don’t know what the internet is.

Lil Jon makes music for black people who hate dubstep but since he says 8 words in all of his songs, they’ll let it slide and say he’s a rapper.

Hopsin makes music for people who think mainstream hip hop is wack but they try to be deep and talk about it too much and force it down our throats so we end up hating it instead.

Alright, can we take a second to talk about Mary and Joseph? (This is just about the canon game, I don’t know enough about the cult ending to speak on it so just pretend it didn’t happen.) I think Mary and Joseph’s relationship is really important to see, in that Mary is very obviously abusive to him, whereas women are never seen as such in media, or if they are, it’s just played off as the “bitch wife” trope. I know some of y'all are complaining that the female characters aren’t *represented well* (Amanda is a fucking angel godsend and so are Daisy and Carmensita and Val and the twins, but I digress), but I think you fail to realise how important it is that Mary is portrayed this way. So many times men are told that they aren’t abused, or that they need to toughen up, or that since their wife is hot, it doesn’t matter. There’s a strong belief in society that either women are just inherently bitchy and abusive marriages are normal, or a woman can’t be abusive, and if a man says she is then he’s weak. So many times it’s made into a joke in mainstream media. “She’s just a bitch that wants money”. “He’s just too much of a wimp to fight back”. But with Mary, it’s not like that. She is shown, pure and unabashedly, to be abusive and controlling over Joseph in more than one way. She takes his money, she belittles him for the people he talks to and the things he likes, she gets drunk and ignores their children, and almost every interaction between them is negative. And never does another character tell Joseph that he’s “overreacting” or he should just “be a man” or “get over it”. He does say it’s normal or he’s fine with it, yes, but that’s typical behavior of an abuse victim. To deny it or, even worse, admit that it’s happening but put up with it anyway. Not only does Joseph and Mary’s marriage show that a woman can be abusive to a man domestically without it being a joke or normalized, it also shows something else very important to recognition of abuse: It’s not always so obvious from the outside. Mary is abusive. We’ve established this. But playing two other routes before I played Joseph’s, I noticed that she’s a very good, supportive friend to both Robert and Damien (as well as being a polite acquantice to other characters, Amanda included). Sure, we see the potential cheating, drinking, and her general shitiness at the barbeque, but not much more is elaborated on in other routes, and she is mostly made out to be a good, if not flawed, character. The other dads certainly don’t think of her as a threat to Joseph’s safety, or they would try to help him. This just goes to show that domestic abuse isn’t so obvious to outsiders, and to respond “but they’re so nice to me!” when someone says they’re being abused is often misinformed and only hurts the victim more. An abuser may act completely different with their spouse and their spouse’s friends, it’s a form of gaslighting and getting more people on their side. I’m honestly just really glad that we get to see this kind of stuff, and it only adds on to the great wall of representation that we get in this game.

TLDR: Have whatever opinions you will about Mary, but please understand the importance of her abuse as a woman towards her husband, and the awareness that it raises about domestic abuse and how it works. Also PLEASE remember that she is not the only female character, and there are many wonderful, beautiful, stellar girls in the game that are portrayed in a more positive light. That’s all, thanks for hearin’ me out.

A Brief History of the Erasure of Hip-Hop, Rock N Roll and Black Music Through Anti-Blackness

This is a response to an Anonymous comment. I’m glad to see other black people noticing that we are losing Hip Hop music and culture to non-black people just like we did with Rock & Roll. For those who don’t know, when black people started Rock & Roll, white people did everything they can to block it’s radio play and success to ruin black artists and the music genre as a whole. They used to also categorize the music as negative and uncivilized, sounds familiar doesn’t it? That’s what plenty of them say about Hip Hop as well. The thing is, deep down a lot of white people enjoyed the music and it actually played a part in the civil rights movement because black people along with some white people were rallying for it to play on the radio and for the concerts to not be racially segregated (See Ray Charles, James Brown). But here’s some other deep things to know about it: 1) As a way to appease white listeners who wanted to hear Rock & Roll on the radio, music companies would use white singers to sing over the original songs by black artists and that would be the version played on the radio (See Little Richard’s Tutti Frutti, + his thoughts on Pat Boone doing it over w/ success). 2) Black artists had no say over white people doing over their songs. 3) White artists got paid way more than these black artists, even when most of them played a key role in writing and producing their own music. 4) This led to white artists getting the acclaim, praise, attention and credit for a genre that wasn’t even there’s. Keep in mind that Elvis Presley is regarded as “The King of Rock N Roll” when he himself was inspired by black music/artists and plenty before him made the genre what is today. All of this led to black people losing Rock & Roll and many white people will claim older white rockers as the “innovators and pioneers” of a genre created by black people. Many today also don’t know it was created by black people (Which says A LOT). But over time black artists themselves gave up on the genre which is just sad; they allowed white artists to knock them out under the guise of “it’s just music”. This is why Jimi Hendrix got the praise he did, because he was literally one of the last black rockers and made such an impact in a short mainstream career that lasted for only 4 years. Well today the same is happening with Hip-Hop. Too many black people are welcoming non-black people with open arms to a genre that has been inspired by our pain and struggle. Today many non-black people have no problem stripping and re-telling the history of Hip Hop, and they do it by stripping it’s blackness. (See Ben Baller, See “We Real Cool?: On Hip Hop, Asian-Americans, Black Folks, and Appropriation” By Kenyon Farrow c.2004) <— a piece of this was reblogged here btw*. Also never forget how when Eminem stepped on the scene, white people went out of their way to claim Eminem as “the Greatest Rapper Alive” even when a lot of them didn’t even care to listen to the majority of rappers, whom are black, simply because they are black. They also like to claim we only rap about sex, drugs and violence (to discredit us) when many non-black rappers do the same (See anti-black K-Pop/K-Hip Hop fans :) … The reason why this is so important to me and SHOULD be important to ALL of us who are BLACK (even if you don’t like Hip Hop) is for the fact that everything we do, own, and create is never respected. Everything we have never belong to us, and white people AND non-black POC have no problem reiterating that to us. Everything we create is hit with “It’s for everyone.” Our culture has become a universal grab all. That’s why the appropriation of black culture is treated as a joke while appropriation of other cultures is taken much more seriously. To make matters worse, these are the same people who hate us and do all they can to maintain a false sense of superiority over black people all while taking from us. It’s to push this idea that Non-black people can do everything we do and “better”… With that being said other groups are starting to claim they either “Created”, “Innovated” or “Pioneered” Hip Hop & Rap. (See Ben Baller, again). It’s at the point where I feel like they can actually go and claim such ignorance because many will co-sign the erasure of black peoples’ creations… Including cooning ass black people.. For the love of God I wish they wouldn’t speak. For example, I Saw a Greek dude on YT try to claim Greeks created rap… Got in an argument with a Mexican dude who tried to claim that Mexicans did rap before black people and we “stole” the credit because we speak English… Got into an argument with an Asian dude over black appropriation, our naturally kinky or “nappy” hair and the N word… I am begging my fellow black people to wake up! I am a 21 year old woman who loves my culture and blackness and I REFUSE to allow this nonsense! Stop begging for the acceptance of non-black people by way of erasing your own! Know your history, don’t allow them to rewrite it for you.