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Erwin  Week  2017

Day 2: Love/Loyalty

Erwin’s 8th Birthday, Levi has given him his first tea cup promising to be together every birthday.

Erwin was very excited and told his first: I love you Levi!
Levi: I love you too!

They are too young to understand the true meaning at the same time both know they are the most special person outside their family.

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I’m very happy to participate in the week of my beloved Erwin

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Frerard x Reader poly smut headcannons......?

1. gee is the big cuddlier so he’s the little spoon or the one in the middle, happy and loved and warm and he’s so cute you and Frank could just watch him sleep 

2. Frank loves making breakfast for you, slightly burnt pancakes, cheap coffee, and amazing hashbrowns. it’s great and you drink your coffee watching Gee smoke and frank eat 11 pancakes in one sitting

3. when the three of you go anywhere you always end up holding ends, sometimes you realize sometimes you don’t. sometimes you get funny looks, you’re too old to pass off as happy go lucky teens holding hands, you’re grown adults making sex jokes and gee kisses your hand and frank your cheek and you’re too lovely dovey sickeningly mushy and sexual to be just friends. people don’t usually confront you though, ask about your relationship or make comments. Frank and gee aren’t the tallest but with the hair and the makeup and the clothes, plus with you, you’re not really an approachable bunch. 

4. you love taking pictures of or with your boys, them kissing on your couch, them kissing your cheeks, all your hands in a mess of fingers, smashed together in a cuddle pile, frank half asleep and you smiling and Gee sticking out his tongue. You have a folder much bigger then every other, full of pictures of your lives together. trips and selfies and ugly blackmail photos, sweet and dorky and everything else. 

5. Frank likes to play the guitar in the evenings, after dinner and you’re all relaxing and his fingers strum out songs you all now. Gerard sings and your heart fills and you hum along and everything is soft and happy and you never want it to end. the sun gone and the stars out and the clock ticks, frank lays down the guitar and you’d ask him to keep going if he didn’t take your hand and gee’s and lead you all to bed

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Nervous wreck s/o meeting Todoroki's friends Also you're so amazing and all your imagines are a blessing and I wish you the best with your blog!!

Awwww you are such a cutie thank you dear. I hope you like the scenario, thanks for the request!

You were worried. Worried? No, that’s not the word. Anxious? Maybe, but not that accurate…nervous? Closer, but still not it. How would you describe it? Oh, right…SCARED TO DEATH.
You were totally concious friends were one of the most important pillars of anyone’s life, it was a fact. Your friends meant the world to you, and their opinion had a huge impact on you. It was pretty obvious that Todoroki felt the same way regards some of his classmates. He talked about them quite frequently, about everything they did together, their personalities, how they helped him to feel more at ease with himelf. They were clearly important to him, and no matter how many times he told you how much you meant to him, you knew his friend’s words weighted a lot.
That’s why you were so paranoid about meeting them. That’s why you were feeling so self concious and scared as you walked towards his house that cold afternoon, and that’s why you almost ran away after knocking the door.
Gosh, you could hear voices from inside, they were already there! No no no no…you weren’t ready! You probably looked so stupid, your hair must have looked horrible, your breath must have probably stinked! If Todoroki hadn’t opened the door at that very second, you probably would have escaped.
“[name]” he smiled fondly, making sure no one from inside the house was looking as he pulled you in for a sweet kiss on the lips “you are here”
“I am” you giggled nervously, playing with the fabric of your shirt.
“Are you ok?” he caressed your cheek and tucked your hair behind your ear “you seem uneasy”
“I’m fine, just a bit nervous”
“No need to be. They won’t eat you, you know”
“I know! But…”
“No buts, just come inside already, it’s cold out here” he tangled his fingers with yours and made you walk into the house “don’t worry, I didn’t invite the whole class. Only my closest friends…and the ones I knew wouldn’t destroy the house" 
The truth was his father was gone on a long mission and he had the house to himself. Of course his siblings were still there, but they weren’t bothersome really. His friends had been insisting for ages they wanted to see how his house was and even more they wanted to met YOU. So he decided to kill two birds with one stone and organize a small reunion in his house where you could meet.
He guided you to the living room, where everyone was waiting for you and he let go of your hand as it began to sweat. He knew it would be much more uncomfortable if you too acted all lovely dovey towards each other, and besides he wans’t much of a pda fan himself.
"Hello” you stuttered as everyone in the room was suddenly staring at you “I am…”
“Don’t step on the carpet!!!” A man with glasses brutally stood up from his seat and pointed at you almost scaring you to death “you haven’t taken your shoes off! It’s disrespectful to step into someone’s carpet if you hadn’t…!”
“That’s enough of you, Iida” a girl of big eyes and brown hair gently put her hand on his shoulder and made him sit down. Then she turned to look at you with a big smile, although you were desperately taking off your shoes “Don’t worry, he is just really fond of rules. I’m Ochaco Uraraka, nice to meet you!”
You didn’t realize you were shaking until Todoroki grabbed you by the arm and you saw his hand vibrating to the contact.
“Hello” Another boy, much shorter and with a freckled, cute face stood up to greet you as well “I’m Midoriya Izuku”
“Hello” your voice cracked as you saw another girl approaching you. Her hair was black and on a ponytail, and you had to admit you felt something between jealousy and intimidation for her boobs.
“Yaoyorozu Momo” she extended her hand and you timidly shook it. But then she turned to smile at Todoroki “she is really pretty”
Pretty? She called you pretty? A slight blush covered your cheeks. Such a pretty girl had just called you pretty!
“Yaoyorozu! Don’t be impolite!” again, the glasses dude was at it “Beauty is an abstract concept! I mean, I’m not saying she is not pretty…cause she totally is…no! I mean, she is not pretty. Well she is quite a beautiful girl but I mean…”
He had to stop talking before the killer glance Todoroki threw at him.
“Hey, don’t be mad, Todoroki” the ponytail girl patted his shoulder" At least Mineta is not here to speak his…comments"
“Yaoyorozu! That’s mean!” Uraraka whined.
“Let’s be honest, who doesn’t hate Mineta??” that statement nobody could deny, so they just began to laugh.
You saw your boyfriend giggling, and you hadn’t even understood the joke, so you felt kind of left out.
The afternoon went on with you not detaching yourself from Todoroki’s side, everyone was talking with such a confidence you were afraid to even try to get into the conversation. The freckled guy, Midoriya, every now and then asked you questions or made comments for you to feel more at ease. At least he was trying, and he seemed normal. But whenever you felt like you could warm up something weird had to happen, like Yaoyorozu cooling her drink by using ice cubes she took out of her breasts. You’d have to ask Todoroki what her quirk was exactly.
“Excuse me” you suddenly stood up, not being able to tame your nerves anymore “I need to use the toilet”
You didn’t ignore the worry in your boyfriend’s eyes as you left, but you needed some space and the bathroom seemed as a good enough excuse.
You locked the door behind you and let out one hour worth of air from out your lungs. You had forgotten breathing was an important thing. Calm down, calm down. But what if they thought you were stupid? The glasses guy surely thought you were trash, and the ponytail girl must have believed you were plain and boring. And the freckled guy surely was tired already of trying to drag you into the conversation. Gosh! You were such a fool. What if they thought you weren’t worthy of Todoroki?
You took the time to wash your face and remember how to behave like a proper human being as you planned different things you could say or do to look more…interesting. Damn, you were doomed.
However, as you got out of the bathroom and headed towards the living room once again, you were distracted by their current conversation:
“God, Todoroki it’s just so cute how you stare at her” Yaoyorozu clasped her hands and grinned, sighting.
“Yes, you look at her as if she were the world” Uraraka followed “I wish someone stared at me that way!”
Todoroki plainly shrugged, as if it were an obvious thing.
“Congratulations” Iida added, giving him a thumbs up.
“She’s a bit shy, but so nice!” Midoriya looked excited, all of them…had been just so eager to meet you? For real?
“I’m glad you like her” Todoroki smiled, looking at the ground “she’s very important to me”
Everyone shared a common"AWWWWW SO CUTE" exclamation as you had to grab your chest for your heart not to escape with a jump having just listened to your boyfriend’s words. Suddenly you didn’t feel as nervous anymore. Suddenly you didn’t feel stupid. You felt loved. And you felt confident enough to keep up with the meeting.
So when you returned to your previous place on the sofa, everyone smiling at you as you came back and Todoroki’s hand slyly stroking your lower back, you knew you had nothing to worry about.

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Any fiancé/married fics? I read the one you suggested about Derek being a pro baseball player and Stiles is his fiancé. Now I'm kinda hooked.

Only a couple where they’re engaged, most of these are married!Sterek fics of a domestic variety, but I hope you enjoy them!  -Emmy

Originally posted by sssssssim

EDIT: We’ve had a couple of asks about which one is the baseball one anon was talking about. Here it is!

t’s okay to say no by WeirdV

(2/2 I 2,518 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Derek shot to fame before they got together. Sure, they’d been friends for a while, but Stiles never knew about his sports career. Not until he was too far gone, ready to move in with him, halfway to married.

Not that he had any regrets though. Not at all, because Derek was amazing, kind, loving, everything Stiles ever looked for in a man. If only he was ever home.

He’s lying on the bed right now, watching Derek straightening his tie and shrugging on his jacket.

“Do you have to go?” Stiles asks, he knows Derek has to go. He always goes, and he can’t make Derek stay home when it’s for a charity event. He can’t be selfish with his fiancé, not when there’s a bunch of people counting on him to help raise funds. “I’ll be back before you know it” he replies, walking over to him to give him a goodbye kiss.


Gray by BonitaBreezy 

(2,107 I Not Rated I Complete)

Derek finds a few gray hairs and it really messes with his head.  Stiles helps.

The Honeymoon Phase by stilinski_wolf 

(3,103 I Explicit I Complete)

Stiles and Derek just got married and are a little too lovely-dovey for other people at the airport. So they decide to find a utility closet to have some private time. At least, as private as they can get in an airport, anyway.

Have a Happy Teen Wolf Halloween by Niallerandhazzagirl89 

(4,537 I Teen I Complete)

The pack gathers for Halloween since they haven’t seen each other in months..Watch them go trick or treating in the costumes Stiles picked out and some humor that comes with it  and a Jealous and protective Derek that we all love

Just Another Day in Paradise by briewinchester 

(8,400 I Explicit I Complete)

Derek and Stiles enjoying married life and taking care of their kids.

Objects in the Rearview Mirror (May Appear Closer Than They Are) by      KeepGoing, lucianowriter

(14,644 I Explicit I WIP)

15 years ago, 3 years after Stiles and Derek FINALLY got together, they became the proud parents of twin boys, Simon and Daegen.

For 15 years Stiles and Derek have lived their life by teaching, owning a successful construction company, keeping Beacon Hills safe with their friends and raising two boys. Two boys with two completely different personalities which have worn out the parents on many levels. Daegen, the born wolf, is a ‘beautiful mess’ as Derek likes to call him; with deep emotions inside him and as smart and quick witted as his father, Stiles. Simon, the human born, on the other hand, seems to only care about sports and being popular, a lot like his father Derek was when he was 15. As the boys prepare to enter high school for the first time, they begin their push and pull into trying to go their own way in life with different interests and goals. But when tragedy strikes and the pack must band together for the first time in over a decade to protect their land and the people they love, it may be the one thing that can finally bring the two brothers together.

A story filled with secrets, memories, friendship and most importantly love.

This is the story of the new Hale pack.

Code Silver by captaintinymite (augopher) 

(15,541 I Mature I Complete)

After getting burned by his last partner, Detective Derek Hale, newly returned to NYC, kept his private life completely separate from work. So he was reluctant to share any details with his new partner, Chris Argent. He had a loving fiance, Stiles, who worked as an Emergency Room doctor at Emissary Medical Center in NYC. Everything was going great until one of his and Argent’s cases intersected with his personal life in the worst way.

Teenage Dream by matildajones 

(58,596 I Mature I Complete)

“I’m married. I’m married to Derek Hale,” Stiles says. Everything seems to hit him at once. He pushes aside the fact there’s a celebrity sitting right next to him, and then thinks of why the fuck he can’t remember him, why he doesn’t know who he’s married to, and how much time he must have lost.

After an accident, Stiles wakes up to what can only be a dream. He has money, he has fame, he has award winning actor Derek Hale as his husband. It quickly seems more and more like a nightmare because Stiles doesn’t remember getting any of it - and it’s hard to accept the reality that Derek can still love him.

We’re Just Broken by pompeiipilots 

(100,440 I Mature I Complete)

Stiles always knew his days were numbered. I mean, what do you expect from a teenager with dementia, right? But his days become more numbered than ever when after finding out he has cancer, that he wants no stone unturned, especially with Derek. As he ties up the loose ends before the last of his days, he is also helping a young werewolf they recruited to the pack learn his way, and also insuring that his missing piece from the pack will be replaced.