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Because cindersart has decided to start a war

Jason glares down the first years being a little too loud while working on what looks to be potions homework. They feel him staring and immediately clam up, hunching over their parchment and pretending to scribble away furiously. He shakes his head at them but lets it go, Godric knows he struggled with potions enough his first year. Slowly he winds his way through the library, throwing little waves or smiles to the students he knows and making sure no one from Gryffindor has any ideas about getting up to any trouble. As he makes his way towards a group of tables he spots a certained feather-braided bother, who he’s fairly sure is responsible for several student’s shoes tying themselves together.

Reprimanding Slytherin students isn’t exactly in his duties as a prefect, and he has no real proof it was her, but Jason decides to talk to her anyways. Just to make sure she knows he knows what she’s up to. Halfway to her table he hears the whispers coming from a table nearby, packed with a group of his least favorite Slytherin students. He realizes most of them are staring at Piper, tossing her disgusted looks. Jason stops, doing his best to make out the muted whispers coming from the group.

“Can’t believe she’s a pureblood.”

“Look at her, pureblood or not she’s still a taint to the bloodline.”

“Are people like her really purebloods? Her ancestors-”

Jason’s face feels as if it’s on fire and he tunes out the rest, afraid if he keeps listening he’s going to do something incredibly stupid. Instead he turns to Piper, watching her reaction as she hears the words. The students are being loud enough with their idiodicy for her to hear, and it’s likely on purpose. They mean to do this to her, eager to make themselves feel superior to anyone they can. Even if that’s one of their own.

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