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hey @eightmonkeys , y’know that au where laurens lives??? i can totally dig that :^^)))

I couldn’t pick one for you, so have them all!!

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Just travelling with the FFXV boyz things:

  • Sitting/walking/running beside them wondering what the fuck you’re doing travelling with a prince and his entourage because lord almighty they are a mess sometimes.

  • Being in charge of the music in the car because they keep bickering and what album to play so they designate you as the mix-master-in-charge (well, really it’s Ignis that does it because there’s only so much of the JusMon OST he can listen to). Your taste in music is pretty good and you buy new albums for the car when you can so the driver doesn’t go insane.


  • Falling asleep in the back seat between Gladio and Noct and Gladio gently putting his arm around your shoulders to make you lean on him and get a good nap in because lord knows you didn’t sleep last night with Prompto constantly singing/humming ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ to the chocobo theme.

  • Punching Prompto because you can’t stop singing ‘I want to ride my chocobo all daaay’ and it’s all his fault GDI.

  • Cooking with Ignis sometimes and cleaning up because the boys are dumb and don’t do that a lot of the time. Ignis is very grateful. He always gives you a little smile and it’s wonderful. He also tends to cook your favourites the next day if you do! Prompto is onto your sly tactics. If you’re feeling really petty towards Noctis, you request meals with vegetables in them. The glower you get from the prince is always hilarious.

  • Trying to teach Noct how to cook and it is literally a disaster and you can’t scientifically figure out how or why because you watch Noct like a hawk through the whole process and it still tastes like shit in the end, like Noct what the fuck shitty sorcery is this don’t do it.

  • Being the subject of Prompto’s impromptu photoshoots because “This isn’t fair, you’re always so photogenic. I try to catch you off guard, but you look perfect in every photo!” You know he’s always trying to take a funny photo of you, that’s why you always keep an eye on the blonde and his camera as much as you possibly can. If you develop any kind of anxiety from photography it’s definitely because of Prompto.

  • Stealing the camera off Prompto so you can take photos of him because there’s loads of photos of everyone else and not him. Also, selfies with the spirited blondie.

  • At least attempting to get up and do a morning jog with Gladio, but boy he is fit and it is very difficult to get up at the ass crack of dawn and run on various terrain. You suppose there’s a reason he has a body like he does. There’s no way you can match up to him. Still, those early mornings aren’t quite so bad. When you’re too tired and give up, Gladio is always happy to give you a piggy-back ride back to camp. Can confirm, he gives the best piggy-back rides. Okay maybe you purposefully give up sometimes so you can get a piggy-back ride. Gladio doesn’t mind one bit.

  • Sometimes the boys playfully argue about who your favourite might be out of the group of them, but honestly, how can you pick? They’re all so wonderful in their own ways. Plus Noctis gets miffed when you don’t automatically pick him because he’s the prince. There, there, Noct! 

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im about to burst into tears i love andrew and neil so much. andrew can handle neil’s truth he will never flinch at his scars or his history. neil will never ever take advantage of andrew, will never do anything without explicit consent, without andrew saying ‘yes’ andrew will not let neil become his father and neil will not let andrew become his abusers they trust each other not just to treat each other right but to never let the other treat them wrong 

the more I think about the events of this season from Even’s perspective, the more I just want to wrap him in 300 blankets. I mean:

  • At the beginning, Even is in a relationship with Sonja but by his own account they’ve been drifting apart which is a shitty situation when you’ve been together since you were 15
  • Sees Isak at the first day of school and must be immediately gut-punched since he joins effing kosegruppa a full month later just to corner Isak in the bathroom and steal all the paper towels (smooth, Even)
  • Gets involved with Isak while still with his gf, which is clearly not a terribly great choice, and he has to deal with the fallout of that, but takes responsibility immediately and has a difficult conversation with Sonja so that he can be with Isak properly
  • Isak then tells him that his life is better without mentally ill people in it
  • I mean can you IMAGINE. I M A G I N E. you’ve been eyeing boy since first day of school, you broke up with your longterm girlfriend and boy is like “actually tho, mentally ill people need to get far away from me” 
  • So he pulls away because what’s the option, really? Even can’t wish away his illness and trying to is compromising himself for someone else. but how shitty it must be to feel that rejected for a part of you that you can’t help by someone you desperately want to like all of you for you
  • He gets texts from Isak but he doesn’t respond because he has to be strong. Nothing good can come of it. He cracks and leaves the drawings, because in a parallell universe where Even isn’t ill, they could be together and he could be what Isak wants or Isak wouldn’t care about his illness at all
  • Isak is like “stop sending me drawings if you don’t want anything more” and, like. Even has to choose whether to cut all contact or go all in even though he knows Isak doesn’t accept this part of him. 
  • And he can’t stay away
  • And he keeps it hidden, tries to desperately because he wants to be with Isak and it’s so good when they’re together and things are great and he feels on top of the world like they can just keep going and going
  • The Thing happens. And yeah, we know that Isak was hurting and confused and it’s terrible, but Even is the one who lives with it, who probably feels embarrassed and overcome and angry and frustrated
  • Even spends the week knowing that humans are always alone, like he’s always known
  • And then he has to tell Isak that he loves him, that he’s sorry, that in an alternate universe they’ll be together because Even would maybe be someone else or Isak would be different and they would be on the same page
  • “You’re not alone”
  • Slowly Even starts feeling like maybe Isak can love him for this too, love all of him, and maybe take care of him sometimes when he needs it and maybe that’s ok. He notices that Isak isn’t the same person who said those words weeks ago - that Isak’s actions are something else entirely and maybe he’s not actually alone

“We were born to be a team.”

I’ve not watched any yoi yet because I was scared about being baited and disappointed but now that I know the ending I’m gonna binge it tomorrow! So here, have some Zimbits being Victuuri.

Yes, they are wearing each other’s hockey colours… I thought it was cute.

I might clean this up and shade it at some point but as it is this has taken me all freaking day so I probably won’t.

I am thankful for

America: the strong and wonderful people who support, or keep in check, their nations.

England: the amazing variety of cultures around the world.

France: the unique cuisines of each and every culture and family. 

Russia: the soldiers that are willing to sacrifice their own lives to preserve innocence.

Italy: anything that can make a person smile.

Germany: our efficient and reliant workers, who keep the world running.

Japan: the creativity of every mind.

China: families and communities that support each other through everything.

Canada: human compassion.  

*Happy Thanksgiving America :) Happy Thurs. everyone else.