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@Saito_Shuka: I got a few messages here and there from people who told me they got the magazine.
Thank you very much!!
Yep! It came out today! The special add-on to B.L.T. March 2017, 
‘Dressed up Seiyuu Special BOOK’, has been released.
I’ll be in your care ( ´›ω‹ ` ) Hehe

@whiteone “ngl i didnt recall ever gettin this dialogue so here’s a little thing…”

That’s why you kill her right away to at least get the rune/Madman’s Knowledge haha. Also, a little thing with Adella:

holy sHIT??


Besides it being way too small for two adults, a dog, and a newborn, here’s another reason to move out of the apartment - it’s glitchy as hell. All of these Sims are always in the building and none of them live here anymore. D:

anonymous asked:

can you explain why you love olivier so much?

WHY HECK YES I CAN ANON come and talk to me about Olivier always!  (Sorry this took me a couple days I wanted to make sure I had time to really give you a proper answer.)

I think she’s such an interesting character!  To be honest I love her more for what we don’t see than what we do, if that makes sense?  On the surface she’s a fierce, tough, badass lady with a sharp tongue who will take absolutely no shit from anyone.  (And what I think this series does really well in general is that the badass women are never presented as badass for a woman, they’re presented as badass period, which I love.)  These are all reasons that I love her, of course, and really fundamental to her character, but it’s the moments of compassion and mercy that we see hiding behind her cold exterior that really made me love her the most.  When she gives her soldier the broken watch so she makes sure that the search party comes back, when she shows glimpses of the love she has for her family and gets them to leave the country … I don’t know it just makes her so well rounded even if she isn’t hitting you over the head with any of the feelings she has.  I think she’s a truly caring and selfless character, you just have to earn her respect and her trust.

I also love that she’s a hardass on the Briggs men (and in turn they are Loyal AF and all truly respect her and like, want to do a Good Job™ ), but she also takes every possible moment to brag about them like a proud mama bear??  Like every time she’s sassing one of the central commanders she’s like ‘y’all are weak my Briggs men would never’ LMAO.

Also, the whole arc with Raven made me fall in love with her at least twenty times over HAHA #getfuckinrektRaven

I could flail forever and a day but !! that’s a small novel in itself just know that I love Olivier come flail with me.


the hamilton affair is bad

it’s historically inaccurate

it’s poorly written, skipping over so many important events. show don’t tell, elizabeth cobbs!

poc are just around for the white people to use as props and work out their own issues

eliza’s work after ham’s death is taken away from her (a ham biography is someone else’s idea)

“puffy and ripe”

If you are somebody that’s making fun of your problems with depressing jokes that’s a really good thing. It shows that firstly you acknowledge issues and you’re not too proud and you’re willing to talk about things, which is good, and that you accept them and that you don’t take life too seriously and you’re not judging yourself too harshly. I think people that ironically joke about things and themselves and whatever, they are the kind of people who are quite honest with themselves and that’s a good thing.

@danisnotonfire during his live show on the 10th of January 2017

Quotes from Dan (23/?)

Honestly, my admiration for Dan grows every time he does a live show.