too legit to quit,

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

Utena spoilers and shit ahead. You’ve been warned.

In general I know that we as fans tend to think that Akio and Anthy are perfect little xanatosgambit machines, (and that the only flaw in their manipulations was that Utena was JUST TOO LEGIT TO QUIT) but the more I watch the series, the less I believe that.

Don’t get me wrong. They are fucking masters of the game. The framework of The Plan, most of the players involved, and how they were going to get their target from A to B was all down pat. They had done this shit before.

But I believe that a good portion of it was essentially impromptu. Anthy, in particular, had to roll with anything that was thrown at her for a long assed time. I’m willing to bet a lot of shit went down that was NOT part of the plan, and Anthy basically had to ad lib her way through it and put it back on course. 

There were mistakes.


And one of them was Wakaba.

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“ INFPs are so cute!”

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“ and innocent!”

“ They couldn’t hurt a fly!”

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“They’re always so kind, and such moral people too!”

“ INFPs are always so happy and sweet!”

“ They’re extremely loyal and loving in their romantic relationships.”

you guys

Darth Maul danced to “Too Legit To Quit” and honestly that fits

and then Kit Fisto came out when they started gangnam style

they got the best dancers to play the cantina band

at the very end Mickey came out wearing Jedi clothes and had some sick moves tbh

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Oh my god I love your blog and I love that you're so obsessed with henke, he's so amazing it might sound stupid but when I see a pic of him my heart skips a beat 😭😭😭

Omg thank you so much!!! 💚💚💚 the Henke obsession is too legit TOO LEGIT TO QUIT(sorry i jusy heard that song 😃) and there is such a amazing little group of Henkemaniacs on here!!! It’s not stupid at all, he’s amazing. Aside from all the talent stuff, he’s fucking adorable and his accent is the best. Whenever I see his fucking face I just can’t stop smiling 😻