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BTS Lingerie They Would Like

Anon asked: BTS preferred lingerie looks🔥😘    

Now this is my kind of ask B) Thanks for requesting, and I hope you enjoy! Oh and for my plus sized people out there, I also included plus sized lingerie, cause I know some lingerie’s don’t work on all body types  -Spice

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this is like, 3 days late, but better late than never. it’s been over a year since asagao academy came out and hoo boy, that game changed me. it’s one of my favorites and i’m super glad that I eventually got to play it myself. I would’ve drawn the NB and HB boys in this, but it was too much work. a cupcake and candle with their jacket colors counts, right?

the café.

Words; 1,502

Pairing; seokjin x reader

Warnings; fluff

Requests;holy. what… how am I friens w/ such an amazing writer¿ how was I graced w/ your frienship?¡ I just don’t get it!! but honestly kaila I am so frickin excited for these (also I’d like to see Seokjins or Yoongis first bc they sound most interesting)” - @devinscissorhands

Please start with seokjin! !!” - @megneg22

A/N; so i’ve decided to start this au series with seokjin!!! mainly because he had gotten the most votes to be first, please remember that after this you may still vote for whose imagine you’d like to see next! all members are available, except for seokjin obviously :))) surprisingly, i really like this imagine and it’s probably my favorite i’ve written so far. i’m so glad to have finally gotten this started, so please anticipate! thank you for reading lovelys ♥

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For all your life, ever since your birth, you had wondered why you could only see the world in black and white. Is something wrong with me? You had always asked yourself whenever you heard people speak of the beautiful colors of the world. Only recently had you realized you weren’t the only one like that, and it was all just a matter of time. You were so desperate to see the colors everyone had spoke of and you know exactly how to. “I have to find my him.”

It was probably the most boring Sunday of your life, sitting on your couch and constantly stuffing your mouth like you had nothing better to do; because you didn’t. The lame drama playing on the screen in front of you didn’t help your boredom because all you saw were the constant shades of black and white in front of you. You would always admire the way others viewed these kinds of things, pointing out every color and every little detail. Only were you able to imagine the way everything looked, how it was always said that grass was green… and the sky was always the most beautiful shade of blue. Hell you didn’t even know what those colors looked like!!! It sounds a little sad, knowing that about half of the world’s population doesn’t even know what the color yellow is, or any color.

You had even seemed to notice the children around you pointing out colors, and you just thought they were the luckiest people in the world. They were lucky enough to have met their soulmate at such a young age, to have been blessed by the fact that their soulmate was easy to reach. You had no idea where your soulmate was or could be, he could be on the other side of the world but nobody knew that for sure. Finding your soulmate was all part of the adventure, and you couldn’t do anything but deal with it.

It was always good to know that someone out there had been saved for you, that in the end you wouldn’t inevitably be alone. You had read stories, telling of a reality without the soulmate rule, and how people would just end up alone for their whole lives. You were thankful, thankful that wasn’t how you’d end up because without this whole soulmate rule you’d have no one. Yet, the chance of being alone was still there. You didn’t realize it at first, but what if you did never find your soulmate? It was said that at least once every three hours, someone found their soulmate. You wondered how it felt, knowing that the first thing you’d see in color was your soulmate, how it felt to see the person you were destined to be with the way you should’ve always seen them.

Your parents were your first inspiration, and they still were to this day. They were the first pair of soulmates you had ever seen, and wow, you were just amazed by the love they shared. It almost seemed like you could see the way their hearts connected, two halves forming one whole soul. You wanted that, hell you’d do anything for it; if only you could search every man on Earth until you could see in color.

Your parents constantly told the story of how they finally got to see color, how happy they were… and every little emotion they went through. It was like every time they would bring up the story, they’d pour their whole hearts out each time. It always made your mind run wild, what did your soulmate look like? When would we meet? Where would we meet? There were so many things you wanted to know, you just wished you could see into the future; but that would just ruin the fun wouldn’t it?

“If you really want to meet your soulmate that badly, why do you keep lying around on the couch like that?” Your best friend Namjoon said, pointing at you.

You scoffed at him, “Maybe you should tell yourself that too.” You knew how lazy he was compared to you, and he was no better than you were. “I’m pretty sure you want to find your soulmate too.”

“If only my soulmate would find me first, it’d be less work for me” he replied, dashing into the kitchen to grab something to eat. You laughed pathetically at him as you shooed him away from you. He came back to plop down onto the sofa right beside you, holding a bag of chips out to you. “What color do you think these chips are?”


“Why do you say that Y/N?” Namjoon questioned you, tilting his head at your answer.

“Pink just seems like a really lame color.”

“How the hell does someone find their soulmate anyway?” Namjoon asked you as you two walked through a hiking trail, which happened to be lined by trees, all the same exact shade of grey. It seemed so boring to you, not getting to see the world the right way.

“I’ve seen plenty of people put up signs in public,” you replied.“But it makes like no sense. Why waste your time when the only way you would be able to know is if you saw color?”

“I don’t understand it, and neither do you. I guess it’s all just pure luck right?” You two continued walking down the trail, ending at a small little café in the middle of nowhere. You followed right behind Namjoon as you took step into the café. It was fairly empty, a cheerful melody echoed in the background of the room. The room smelled like coffee, and sweets and they filled your nose, making your stomach growl slightly.

Namjoon pulled you up to the counter and brought you face to face with a boy. He seemed to be the cashier, he wore a bright smile on his face as he asked for your order. You never really made eye contact with the boy, almost afraid you’d be blinded by his beauty. Your mind was going wild, this boy was absolutely beautiful. You had always wondered what it’d be like to date someone of your own choice, to rebel against the whole concept of soulmates, and that’s what you were thinking of doing now. You knew that concept had been left behind long ago; people just wanted to see color in their lives and you understood that. But it almost seemed like you’d give up color for the boy placed right in front of you.

“Y/N, what do you want?” Namjoon awoke you from your thoughts, causing you to look up at him and to the cashier. You smiled at the boy; you began to say your order… but something was off. You turned away, noticing something slowly fade into your vision. You turned back to the boy, and the look the cashier gave you was undecipherable; it went from surprise, fear, to happiness in just a few seconds. You were too caught up in his face to realize that you were seeing something you’ve never seen before. You had both fallen into a trance, stuck in each others gazes for a while with your jaws dropped to the floor. “Excuse me? Is everything alright?” Namjoon butted in to your moment, a look of pure confusion and worry clouding his face. You turned your gaze to him, and you could perfectly see the color of his skin; the color of his hair and the color of his clothes. You quickly turned around, facing the small windows of the café, noticing the trees swaying and the clouds in the sky in full color. You quickly turned around the point at the cashier boy, pointing a finger straight at his eyes. You quickly read the nametag placed perfectly on his breast pocket before finally saying the words you’ve waited to say your whole life.

“You’re my soulmate,” you both said in unison. Your voices seemed out of breath, as you were still trying to understand such a situation. You thought you’d be more prepared for this moment in your life, but apparently you weren’t. Ever since you were young, you had planned how you’d confront your soulmate, just like the way your parents had met each other; but all you could say was that you preferred this far better than anything.

You turned to face your best friend, giggling at the look of shock on his face. “Namjoon, I think I just found my soulmate. He’s a cashier at a café, and his name is Seokjin.”

robinsss in grandmaster outfits that I TRIED to accent with nohr and hoshido styles… it was a better idea in my head


First.. Congratulations for 4 million subs Jack!!

Second…. This comic(?? or what it is.. I don’t know) is not all happend in real video. I cut some part of the conversation off becuase I’m too lazy to draw and color it, so it will be properly when I put it in the comic.

I did this from these links

        OFFENDING THE IRISH | The Forest COOP w/ JackSepticEye - Part 3

        MARKIPLIER’S MISTAKE | The Forest COOP w/ JackSepticEye - Part 4

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