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On the intelligence thing - how can you know if they're intelligent? Okay, I know I'm going to get a LOT of hate for this, but I see a lot of people say Harry is super intelligent, and I'm like - source? He avoids saying anything in interviews, nothing on social media, I can't even take his writing into account given how many other writers worked on the songs. Is there a masterpost on this or something? I'm not trying to be a dick (I never have to try, ha) I am genuinely curious

For me, the first thing that comes to mind is his sense of humor. He’s very clever. Puns in particular are usually mostly used by intelligent people. Also to me there’s an intelligence in the way he chooses his words very carefully. Sure he avoids answering questions but pivoting like he does is a skill that not a lot of people have.

Also I think his intelligence shines through in his talent. Anyone can have a pretty voice or be taught to sing, but there’s an intelligence to using it well and really letting the emotion shine through. It’s EQ rather than IQ but still important. It shows understanding of the human condition. Same goes for acting. Most talented actors (which I do consider harry to be) are wicked smart.

Also, this isn’t quite quantifiable so feel free to disregard, but there’s just something in his eyes. To me you can tell he’s always thinking. The wheels are always turning constantly.

That’s all off the top of my head. I’m sure I could come up with concrete examples from interviews if I actually sat down and tried but I’m far too lazy and my tagging sucks. (i.e. If anyone feels like making a masterpost of intelligent harry please feel free and link me to it!).

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I think the moment when Sam drags Dean back to the portal is the epitome of the difference between Sastiel and Destiel: Dean makes the heart choice (trying to go after Cas), Sam makes the 'smart' choice, dragging Dean to safety. It was a beautiful and painful moment and the best way to highlight the difference between Sam and Dean's relationship with Cas, just like at the end Sam follows the nephilim (smart), Dean just collapses in shock and grief (heart). Ugh it's all so beautiful and painful!

This ^^^

This is why I have a #sastiel v destiel tag, which I need to use better as I think I am lazy and just use #sastiel too often when it’s about showing the difference….

Platonic and amazingly brotherly / friendly Sastiel is my jam and I love them while I also love how much of an exposition it is to not platonic and not brotherly Destiel :)

INTP: *sees ESTP with physics paper*

INTP: Oh, I did that one. You know, I think I’m doing ok, but then I see one that I can’t do and think, well maybe it’s an A question, like an A+++ question, to test for really smart people or professors but then I think, well why would they put it as question 2? Is it actually really simple?

ESTP: Okay.