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Holding On

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Pairing: LadyNoir/various other names for these two dorks based on who has a mask at the time

Summary: Ladybugs are known for their reputation of bringing about good fortune, but when something proves to be seriously wrong with Tikki, Marinette is going to need a lot more than just good luck on her side to save her kwami. Can a certain Chat help without finding out his Lady’s true identity? In the end, will it even matter who she is behind the mask? And to think it all starts with a broken yo-yo…

a/n: I was going to try to leave this exclusively on FF for reasons (mostly just so it’s all in one place easy to find) but a few have asked I post it on here as well considering they don’t enjoy FF’s format. oh well, maybe soon there’ll come a site that everyone can agree is enjoyable to stare at for hours at a time, haha. for now, hope you guys enjoy this chapter<3 

LadyBlog Post #362

Good morning, Ladybloggers! This is your favorite reporter, Alya C, checking in before the first bell of the day to say that the search for Ladybug’s true identity continues. I have a good feeling about today, and not just because I woke up to an actual ladybug crawling along my windowsill (for the sake of staying professional, we’ll keep talk of “fate” out of this). My reporter senses tell me that today will be the day I find a solid clue as to just who this masked character is, and then we’ll know for certain the girl that protects Paris along with her feline partner. Until then, stay tuned for a video log and be sure to subscribe so you get notifications of when I livestream! Ladybug is never too far away, and we ALL know just how much my camera loves her. You definitely don’t wanna miss her in action. In the meantime, I’d love to hear any and all of your theories if you have any ideas! Feel free to shoot me a message.

Chat with ya later, Buggers!

xo, Alya

There was a ladybug on his desk—a real one this time too, not just the charm from Alya’s cellphone that tended to fly off its cord whenever the girl would swing it around.

The blond allowed himself to slowly tune out the teacher one fact about the Roman Empire at a time, his eyes following the path of the tiny insect as it made a slow, lazy trek across his notes. Its dotted pattern was taking his mind to other places, and to one masked figure in particular.

Adrien rested his head against his hand, lounging against the top of his desk and invading Nino’s space. The other boy didn’t seem to mind, as he was too busy using his tablet to research the release date of an upcoming album to notice. Adrien began to let his mind wander as the tiny insect’s spots made his eyes lose focus, and he was soon daydreaming about bounding from rooftop to rooftop in the heart of Paris on all fours.

Although he knew it was wrong, he found himself crossing his fingers for an akuma spotting so that he could have an excuse to transform during the school day.

He flexed his hand without thinking about it, feeling the ring that weighed heavily on his finger. Plagg was hiding out in his locker, no doubt making the boy’s science notes smell anything less than aged cheese and not feeling at all sorry for it. The sprite would probably be all too pleased to hear about Adrien wishing for an akuma attack, never missing an opportunity to tease the boy about his obvious crush on Ladybug.

A tiny sneeze from behind the blond snapped the boy out of his thoughts.

Just in time too, by the looks of it.

“Mr. Agreste, could you please repeat what I just shared with the class?”

Adrien looked to his friend, hoping his eyes could convey the level of panic he was currently feeling inside, but the other boy only shrugged helplessly. Nino hadn’t been paying attention either, thanks to that damn tablet.

His teacher was smiling patiently at him, although Adrien picked up on the fact that it looked a little tight at the corners today. She must get tired of having to constantly call for his attention, but he knew that she would never say anything outright about it; not when his father was at such a high power and a call home could result in her punishment, not Adrien’s.

Which he found completely unfair.

“Sorry, ma'am,” he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck and felt his cheeks warm. He figured the least he could do was pay better attention. He sputtered a quick answer that he hoped would please the teacher and was relieved when it seemed enough to work.

“Bless you,” he whispered once she turned back to the board, not exactly knowing whom he was saying it to until he turned slightly in his seat to see a blushing Marinette. He smiled politely as she stuttered a quick thank you that left her even redder than the barrettes that she used to pull her hair back.

“Th-thanks,” she squeaked, her mouth hidden behind her hands as she was still reeling from the second sneeze that had occurred while Adrien had been talking to the teacher. The crinkles by her eyes were the only thing that gave away her smile. She dropped her gaze from the blond’s shortly after for no apparent reason that the boy could figure out.

Adrien turned back around at Alya’s knowing smirk, ignoring Nino’s quirked brow as he returned his attention to his notes only to find that the ladybug was gone.

He let out a long sigh which luckily went unnoticed by his friends. While it would have sounded dumb to explain out loud, the boy had been secretly happier about the random ladybug than he should’ve been. The romantic side that he normally reserved for Chat Noir had been nagging at him since he’d noticed the tiny thing, trying to convince Adrien that it’d been a sign that his Ladybug had been thinking of him.

Just for fun, the boy looked to the glass windows-his eyes sweeping over the reflection of his classmates as he toyed with the idea that one of them could be his partner in civilian form.

A soft beep sounded out, breaking the silence of the classroom as all the students had turned their attention to the graded tests their teacher had just handed back. Thanks to the woman’s infamously brutal grading system, both Adrien and Marinette went unnoticed by their distressed peers as their hands flew simultaneously into the air.

May I be excused?

Ladybug ran her hand along the yo-yo once, sliding her fingers over its smooth plastic as she swept her eyes over the view of the city. Her heart was racing with a mix of excitement and adrenaline of being up so high, and she hoped she never took the sight for granted. Down below, she could see Chat leaping from one rooftop to the other on all fours as he hurried to their predetermined meeting spot, the boy not yet noticing his Lady from her high perch.

She shook the loose hair that fell into her eyes that the wind had pulled free from her barrettes, tucking a piece behind her ear. The girl took a deep breath, steadying herself as she prepped for the jump. It amazed her how freefalling towards pavement never phased Ladybug, but the high dive at the local pool still gave Marinette a heart attack every summer. She backed up a few spaces until she figured she had enough room for a running start, and then once she reached the lip of the building’s edge, she pushed herself off in one bounding leap… and the ladybug flew.

Or, rather, fell through the air—gracefully.

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Starkiller Science: Chapter 15

Summary: An evening that was to be spent training you in the Force is suddenly cut short when Kylo’s rage toward Stratoveer boils over.

Characters in this chapter: you/reader, Kylo Ren, Dr Talia Minoross, Finn, General Hux, Captain Phasma, Dr Amena Sayeed, Dr Talia Minoross, Captain Ardeus Stratoveer

Ships: Kylo Ren x reader, Hux x Dr Talia Minoross

Word Count: 3946

Playlists:Youtube, 8tracks

A book was leaned against your door a few mornings later, a page ripped from the flyleaf in the back and folded like a bookmark into its centre. You pulled out the note, reading Kylo Ren’s atrociously bad hand-writing.

When would you like to have our first training? -KR

A tiny smile played at your lips upon seeing the letter, and you placed it and the book into your purse as you made your way down the hall and toward your office.  You would have to find a nearby Storm Trooper to deliver a message to him once you were settled into your work for the day.  Finding a Trooper for the job wouldn’t be difficult; it would be convincing them to risk their lives in speaking to Kylo Ren that would be a challenge.

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