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He cheats on you

Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff

Words: 1485

Warning: cheating, some sex and angst.

Tags: @pizxagordon

Request: I don’t know where to request the prompt since [noob alert!] basically i’m a noob 😂 but please number 12! He cheats on you. Thank you so much. And i Love your works so much <3

Notes: the gif doesn’t fit at all but I just couldn’t find any good one.

“Do you think he will like it?” You asked Wanda as you bite your lip.

You two had decided to spend Saturday morning shopping since everyone else in the facility was hangover or too lazy to do anything. So you just headed to the biggest mall in Atlanta and started shopping using Tony’s credit card. Of course, he was unaware of this fact.

“Of course he will. He will drool all over the place the second he sees you wearing that”, she winked.

Wanda had insisted on walking into Victoria Secret’s store and there you were, checking out the sexiest pieces of underwear you had ever seen. You couldn’t even imagine yourself wearing one of those, not even for your boyfriend: Clint Barton. Would he really like this thing? It wouldn’t really cover you, it couldn’t even be considered a piece of clothing for fuck’s sake.

“I don’t know…” You mumbled looking at the bra and its matching tongue. You weren’t even the tongue type, you thought they were extremely uncomfortable.

“C’mon! Live a little, tease him, play with him, he will love it”, she said.

“How do you even know it? Have you been into his head?” You asked narrowing your eyes at her.

“Look, you know I don’t do that without people’s permission. But…sometimes, some things sneak in”, she told you with a wink. “So when I tell you that Clint will love that, you just listen to me and take them.” You sighed and looked at the clothes again. “It’s on Tony anyway”, she added making you laugh.

You ended up buying them, just like Wanda bought some other sexy stuff. You wish you had her confident but you were the shy one when it came to sex life. You didn’t have many boyfriends, actually Clint was your second one, and you weren’t the type of girl who had one night stands, so it could be said that your sex life had been short. Clint never cared about it, he even said he liked the fact that not many got to touch your body in the past.

“Ok, let’s go home. I’m exhausted”, Wanda said when you came out of Primark.

“I agree” you nodded checking your phone. No words from Clint since you left the complex.

You two went to the parking lot where you had parked Tony’s Audi. Of course, he didn’t know that either. You were the one driving since Wanda had been the one taking the car when you left the HQ.

“Do you want to watch a movie now?” She asked.

“I was thinking about showing what we bought to Clint”, you said biting your lip as you blushed.

“That’s my girl! You have to tell me everything afterwards. Well, not everything, please”, you laughed shaking your head as you drove to the highway that would take you the complex.

Once you got there you found Tony waiting for you at the parking lot. He started yelling at both of you for taking his car without his permission. Luckily for you two, he hadn’t noticed the detail of the missing credit card. Otherwise, you would be long dead by now.

“Where’s Clint?” You interrupted Tony. It wasn’t the first time you took one of his cars without his permission and it wouldn’t be the last so the lecture made no sense at all.

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Tony said crossing his arms. You raised an eyebrow trying not to smile which made him huff. “Training with Natasha”, he replied.

Smiling widely you winked at Wanda and hurried to the elevator. You just couldn’t wait any longer. You wanted to know if he liked what you bought, if he thought you looked sexy and hot wearing that underwear. You prayed Wanda was right and he liked them. When the elevator’s doors opened at the gym you walked out and looked around for your boyfriend.

He was nowhere to be seen but you heard some strange noises coming out of the showers Tony made built next to the gym. You put the bags down and walked to the showers, the noises getting louder and louder. They were groans and moans and gaps.

“Damn Nat”, you froze when you recognised Clint’s voice.

This couldn’t be happening. He wouldn’t do this to you. Probably it was just someone whose voice was too similar to Clint’s. That was all, because Clint loved you, and he would never cheat on you. Slowly and afraid, you walked into the showers and gasped as you saw Nat pinned against the wall, with Clint pushing against her over and over again. They weren’t even hiding. They were just…there.

“Clint?” Your voice came out like a whisper, but it was loud enough for Nat to open her eyes and spot you.

“Clint!” She exclaimed.

The tone in her voice made the man stopped and looked back, his eyes meeting yours and widening. Before he could react you had already dropped your bags and turned around, running to the stairs since you didn’t want to wait for the elevator to come back down.

You ran up four floors to your room and locked the door before you took a bag from the closet. You could take many things. You could take some lies, you could take some fights but not this. This was too much. He had humiliated you. He had cheated on you with Natasha, someone you thought it was your friend.

Without hesitation and with tears running down your cheeks, you started throwing as much clothes as you could inside of the bag. You knew not many clothes would fit in there but you just would come back in a few days to pick everything up. There was no way you were going to stay there with him after what you had just seen. Where would you go? Maybe Fury could send you far away from there, on a long mission.

“Open the door!” Clint’s voice echoed through the door.

His voice made you cry even more but you didn’t stop nor unlocked the door. There was no coming back from there. It hasn’t been just a kiss, which you may had been able to talk about, it had been sex. You took your stuff from the bathroom, your laptop and your charger and threw everything into the bag before zipping it.

When you unlocked the door you took a deep breath before opening the door and finding him on the other side. His hair was still wet but at least he was dressed. He looked at you up and down before he saw the bag and realised what you had been doing.

“No…no, please, don’t leave”, he said trying to come close to you but you didn’t listen.

Without giving him a second look you walked to the stairs again and started hurried down to the parking lot. You would need one of Tony’s cars but he would understand this time. You had to leave.

Clint was following you the whole time, begging you stay, to listen to what he had to say. But with every word that left his mouth your heart broke a bit more. When you got the parking, Tony was there. He looked at you frowning but got up as soon as he saw your face covered in tears and the bag in your hand. Seconds later, Clint walked in following you.

“What’s going on?” He asked walking to you.

“I’m leaving. I need a car”, you said.

“What?” He asked confused.

“Don’t leave. Please.” Clint said taking your arm but you just pulled away.

“Tony, please”, you begged him, trying to ignore Clint.

“It was mistake, babe!” Clint exclaimed.

“Yes, Barton, it was a mistake. A huge one. Now I’m leaving so you can go and fuck Natasha all over again”, you snapped without even looking at him

Tony’s eyes widened when you said that and he looked at Clint. He couldn’t believe it. Natasha and Clint had always been good friends but he thought the love Clint felt for you was much stronger than that.

“Tony…” you whispered.

“Take the Audi. I’ll call you later”, he said.

You nodded and walked to the closet where Tony had the keys of all his cars. You took the one you had left there some minutes ago and walked to the black car. You unlocked it and threw the bag to backseat before getting up. Tony was stopping Clint from coming anywhere near the car while your now ex was trying to walk pass him. Taking a deep breath you started the engine and drove out of the parking lot, trying to figure out a way to keep on going with your life, a way to fix your now broken heart and a way to forget about the man you had loved the most in your entire life.

It just occurred to me that phan have 9 plaques from youtube all in all

2 for amazingphil
2 for danisnotonfire
2 for danandphilgames
1 for danisnotinteresting
1 for lessamazingphil
1 for danandphilcrafts

those are a lot of plaques
what do you even do with 9 plaques

edit: i have just been informed by many people that danisnotinteresting has 2 plaques

they have 10 plaques

nice they could make a pyramid out of those plaques

i feel like ive asked for help with this before, but im too lazy to go check.

basically, i have trouble lucid dreaming. but not like, the normal trouble people have? that’s not me trying to be unique or anything, i swear. i’ve managed to get into 2, technically 3? lucid dreams so far, but they ended.. weirdly.

to cut straight to the point, there’s this odd pressure that kinda follows me around in dreams. i only vaguely recall it being present in my normal dreams, but when they turn lucid, it crashes down on me and hard. it literally forces me back down into deep sleep, regardless of how much i fight against it.

i feel like i know roughly the source of the issue? im a mild-moderate insomniac, i need to be drop dead tired before ill fall asleep. so i think my body cues have gotten completely screwed up somewhere along the way- i literally dont feel tired until just shortly before crashing, and then ill crash hard and fast.

this has been an issue my entire life. sleep has always felt closer to being put under anesthetic to me- i’ll just be laying there, and then poof, it’s several hours later. ive never felt the sensation of ‘falling asleep’, ever. if it wasn’t for all the people who insist you CAN feel yourself falling asleep (either as just a natural thing or something you actively focus on), i’d tell you its a bullshit and impossible concept. im still not convinced its a real thing tbh? it’s something that just doesn’t process in my mind.

anyway- the sensation i feel in the lucid dreams is similar to the feeling i get when im trying to force my body to stay up past it’s crashing point- there’s just this heavy pressure all around and i feel like im gonna black out at any second. i dont entirely know why that’s translating into the dreams though? something to do with like, my body feeling i need to be asleep but the dream making me feel like im awake or something along those lines most likely.

so, mostly what im curious about- has anyone else experienced this? or anything similar? do you have any tips on dealing with this? right now, the only thing i can think of would be to just. talk to a doctor and get this weird sleep issue dealt with, but ive never heard of this happening before so i dont even know if it can be? the only thing i can figure that would help would be slow-release sleeping pills that would mimic falling asleep normally (which i wouldn’t be opposed to, i hate this whole crashing thing in the first place).