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YOOOO if you haven’t watched the trailer/actors’ presentations for the AO!! Stage Play (All Out!! the Stage), HERE IT IS!

I’m!?!? So excited wtf!!?!? They’re so handsome and pretty and ughh, I already love them.

If someone knows where can I buy a DVD version from outside Japan I’d appreciate it!

This would be even more perfect if there were some Ryōin guys, but I’m more than happy with the inclusion of Keijo and Sagami! (Besides from our lovely JinKou, of course.)

Also, on the official YouTube channel there are short presentations from each of the actors individually! Do check them out if you’re interested, they’re marvellous. (And the automatic translations from Japanese crack me up, but might get you pissed).

Actor AU (Continued)

((That’s right, I’m bringing back my first ever AU even though I’m pretty sure no one wants more))

  • Gene and Zenix are roommates irl and the both are big fans of MyStreet.
    • When they found out they were auditions for characters for Phoenix Drop High, they both we’re extremely excited.
    • The made the whole ‘If we don’t both get it, then neither of us do’ which they knew that would back out of last minute anyways.
    • They were thrilled when the found out the both got it.
  • Sasha was one of the makeup artists for the show and they thought she’d be perfect for the part, seeing as the fans already loved seeing her in Lucinda and Zane’s never ending snapchats.
  • When Aph said she wanted to bring a werwolf onto the show, Zane instantly thought of his friend that he met back in high school, Balto.
    • He had a scruffy feel and red eyes and he was a furry, everyone decided he would be perfect.
  • Ivy and Teony are the cutest couple ever and everyone loves them so much.
    • Whenever people hate on one of them for ruining a ship (i.e. ‘Teony and Ivy can’t be dating, Ivy belongs with this other character!) you better hold the others back because they will fite you.
  • Cadenza got told a lot to change her hair for jobs, MyStreet is the first show not to bother her about it.
  • Aphmau started the show on a whim with the last of her money and really didn’t expect it too take off like it did.
  • Dante is that guy at conventions who’ll start singing the Pokemon theme and everyone joins in.
  • Speaking of conventions, all the cosplays at A-con were made by Kawaii-chan, Michi, and Cadenza, along with a little bit of help from other staff members. 
  • Irene is an old actress who was and still is incredible popular, most known for her show the Devine Warriors 
  • She was Aphmau’s grandma, but Aph tries to keep that secret; she wants to succeed for her own talent, not because of who she’s related to.
  • Phoenix Drop High was not planned at all just all of a sudden a lot of people started asking to see them in high school.
  • When the show was starting out and no one really knew each other yet, Travis drama queen Valkrum had to make a lasting impression so he brought like six puppies to set with him. From that day on everyone loved him.
  • Laurance and Garroth live in the same neighborhood and they constantly bump into each other at their community garden.
  • Whenever they or someone in the crew seems down they’ll bring them flowers
  • The cast does charity lifestreams monthly and they do this thing where for every donation over a certain amount the donator can ask a truth or dare question to the cast. Here are some of the best ones:
    • Someone dared Katelyn to kiss Kawaii-chan and she didn’t hesitate for a second
    • Vylad had to speak in Lazytown quotes for an hour
    • Garroth cartwheeled into a wall
    • Balto dabbed, it was horrifying, Gene cried
    • Zenix did the splits, everyone was scared
    • Someone asked Zane is he could do impressions, very long story short, the answer was yes
    • Teony sang Bring me to Life
    • Aphmau was asked how many pairs of socks would she have to wear to fit into Aaron’s shoes; it took 17 layers.
  • When being interviewed during season three, all the guys were asked who looks best in the butler suit; every single one of them said Katelyn.
  • Never fall asleep on set unless you want Ivy to braid your hair
  • It’s actually kind of scary like Travis feel asleep for less than two minutes and she some how did a perfect braid.
MM Imagine: Bedhead

Imagine waking up with really bad bedhead and Zen helping tame it

You had a comfortable sleep for once, but now you have a huge mess of hair to untangle in the morning. You see Zen’s lips twitch into an amused smile, even stifling a small laugh at your plight. You throw your hairbrush at him, but he easily catches it. The actor walks towards you while you puff your cheeks into a pout which Zen kisses. He situates himself behind you, taking careful and slow strokes with your hair, afraid of tugging too hard and hurting you. The entire time, he admires how beautiful your hair is, and how gorgeous you are as a whole.

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When you see someone being an idiot and an ass about something/to someone and you check the op and they’re from your fandom/the same ship.. And you just have to close your eyes and take a deep breath to calm down… But you just can’t help but think “Dear god this is why we have such a bad reputation and everyone hates us”


Celebrating 25 years of Sooraj Barjatya
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Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]