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The squad

Characters: person with mic-Steamed bun, jail-Mo Fan, person face palming in the back-Wei Chen, person enjoying the money rain-Ye Xiu, person making the money rain-Su Mucheng, person on floor-Chen Guo, person praying-Tang Rou

The mosts of this year’s World Championship

Oldest players

  1. Cristobal Huet (41 yrs), France
  2. Laurent Meunier (38 yrs), France
  3. Alexander Egger (37 yrs), Italy
  4. Armin Helfer (36 yrs), Italy
  5. Anders Bastiansen (36 yrs), Norway 

Youngest players

  1. Clayton Keller (18 yrs), USA
  2. Jesse Puljujärvi (18 yrs), Finland
  3. Charlie McAvoy (18 yrs), USA
  4. Nicolai Weichel (19 yrs), Denmark
  5. Pavel Vorobei (19 yrs), Belarus

Tallest players

  1. Mathias Bau Hansen (200 cm / 6'7"), Denmark
  2. Victor Hedman (198 cm / 6'6"), Sweden
  3. Nick Bjugstad (197 cm / 6'6"), USA
  4. Oliver Lauridsen (197 cm / 6'6"), Denmark 
  5. Thomas Larkin (196 cm / 6'5"), Italy 

Shortest players

  1. Yannic Seidenberg (171 cm / 5'7"), Germany
  2. Tommaso Traversa (171 cm / 5'7"), Italy
  3. Simon Kostner (172 cm / 5'8"), Italy
  4. Johnny Gaudreau (174 cm / 5'9"), USA
  5. Niklas Roest (174 cm / 5'9"), Norway  

Heaviest players

  1. Oskar Osala (110 kg / 243 lbs), Finland
  2. Oliver Lauridsen (108 kg / 238 lbs), Denmark
  3. Mathias Bau Hansen (108 kg / 238 lbs), Denmark
  4. Dmitry Korobov (108 kg / 238 lbs), Belarus
  5. Jordan Greenway (104 kg / 229 lbs), USA

Lightest players

  1. Niklas Schlegel (66 kg / 146 lbs), Switzerland
  2. Peter Trška (70 kg / 154 lbs), Slovakia
  3. Johnny Gaudreau (71 kg / 157 lbs), USA
  4. Raphael Andergassen (73 kg / 161 lbs), Italy
  5. Tommaso Goi (74 kg / 163 lbs), Italy

Oldest team

France–  28.7 yrs

Youngest team

USA–  22.6 yrs

Tallest team

USA–  187.4 cm /  6'2"

Shortest team

Switzerland–  182.6 cm /  5'11"

Heaviest team

Belarus–  90.2 kg / 199 lbs

Lightest team

Switzerland–  85.1 kg / 188 lbs

summary of new adidas jerseys

arizona coyotes: another point at which white was not necessary. 5/10

anaheim ducks: looks like it had a mohawk in 6th grade. 4/10

boston bruins: stripes. trendy. nice gold. 8/10

buffalo sabres: bad stripes. not trendy. 5/10

calgary flames: look at what fame does to you. they get to the playoffs ONCE and this is what happens. their hubris will catch up to them. 3/10

carolina hurricanes: interesting. there’s hope here. 7/10

chicago blackhawks: still bad as always. stripes? decent. 1/10

colorado avalanche: the absolute madman. completely unhinged. off the chain. TRIANGLES. 7/10

columbus blue jackets: basic as hell. 4/10

dallas stars: i don’t know man. they still don’t have any silver. 4/10

detroit red wings: why did you have to do them dirty like this. 2/10

edmonton oilers: i am LIVING for these stripes. 9/10

florida panthers: ew @ that weird cream border. 3/10

la kings: better but still boring. they tried. 4/10

minnesota wild: the cream border is actually working, my guy. that’s the best shade of green, my dude. a masterpiece. 9/10

montreal canadiens: it’s…… the same jersey? 5/10

nashville predators: probably eats lime jello. disgusting. i feel like somebody needs to get sued. 2/10

new jersey devils: i dunno. pretty similar to before but with less stripes. 4/10

new york islanders: hm…….. too much orange. 5/10

new york rangers: still sexy. 7/10

ottawa senators: feels bad scoob. WHAT are those color blocks. WHY are they white. isn’t gold one of your colors? are we over that yet? 3/10

philadelphia flyers: i expected better but at the end of the day orange is orange. 6/10

pittsburgh penguins: someone did the absolute most. there is so much happening there. i think i want to eat it? 5/10 (?????!!!!)

san jose sharks: no bottom hem border? i’m disappointed in y’all. 4/10

st. louis blues: two different shades of blue… i hurt. but the gold stripes make up for it. 6/10


toronto maple leafs: boring but their logo is so good now and i can’t get over it. 7/10

vancouver canucks: we should delete them and then give the seattle expansion team blue and green colors. they’d know what to do. 4/10

vegas golden knights: not sparkly? put red in the logo or take it out completely? 5/10

washington capitals: i hate color blocks so much. 4/10

winnipeg jets: what is with teams and using like three different shades of the same color. where did the lighter blue come from. why. 4/10

Let It Rock

Summary: While still separated from Sam and Castiel, Dean again crosses paths with an old hunting buddy – and this time he isn’t feeling to negative about it. 
Pairing: Dean x OFC
Word Count: 2890
Warnings: Language, canon-typical violence, strippers.  
Challenge: @d-s-winchester‘s Bon Jovi Challenge; my song was Let It Rock. I’m exactly a month late with this … forgive me Ash! 

A/N: Part Two to an ongoing series, Promised Land. To be entirely honest, I have no idea what I’m doing with this series. Read the author’s note in part one for more info on the inspiration for this pairing! 

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