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So, here’s how lazy I am. I didn’t want to clear the grounds out of my already totally convenient Keurig because my trash can was at that “I’m too disgusted to put anything else in here” point and I really just wanted to drink something warm before I took out said trash. So, I walked a half mile to the gas station and a half mile back. It makes no sense, I know. JUDGE ME. 

No pressure at all if you don’t want to do one, don’t really do selfies, or have already done one recently, but I tag @junes-journey @the-fit-geek @englishrunblr @blackfoxrun and @theunstuffedpepper  

name tag ♡

rules: enter your answers and then tag 10 people! use the first letter of your name and then answer each question. real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you must use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice ;) tagged by @jaagaimo, thank you! ♡

name: lilja
a four letter word: love
a boy’s name: lance
an occupation: librarian
something you can wear: leash (i’m so sorry i couldn’t find anything else)
a food: lemons
something you find in a bathroom: lavender soap
a place: luxembourg
a reason for being too late: laziness
something you shout: look!
a movie title: the little mermaid
something you drink: lemonade
a type of car: lexus   

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Okay, I looked for one for days and I didn’t find anything. If you love Jared and Misha’s friendship, if you see them as your OTP, BROTP, or something more then this network is for you!


✿ mbf this loser
✿ reblog this please (likes only for bookmarks)
✿ No surveys because I’m too lazy for that.

What I’m looking for:

✿ Nice bloggers
MUST love MISHALECKI (as friends or as something else)
✿ Supernatural blogs preferably though multifandom is accepted as long as you post Supernatural too.

What you’ll get:

✿ More people that love this underappreciated ship/brotp
✿ New friends!
✿ Tag your edits/manips/headcannons/fics with the tag #mishaleckilovenet so they can be shared with all your new friends!

If accepted:

✿ You’ll receive a message from me letting you know you have been accepted.
✿ You will be added to the Network page!
✿ I will ask you to submit an icon and a small quote to go on the page.
✿ Please put a link to the page somewhere on your blog.
✿ Track the tag  #mishaleckilovenet


✿ I shall choose the members on April 21st
✿ I don’t expect this to get that many notes so if it doesn’t reach at least 20 notes I will pretend this never happened.
✿ If you have any questions send me a message!
✿ And that’s it! Yay!

And I'll Choose You (On the Devil's Playground): “Drunk”

1/6 to And I’ll Choose You (On the Devil’s Playground) aka The Amish Laura AU no one asked for.

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Hollstein

Word Count: 1320

It’s loud here. The mixture of mingling voices and blasting music makes it nearly impossible to hear anything else. You tighten your grip on the back of Lafontaine’s dress and they lead you and a worried looking Perry through the house looking for drinks.

You’re not exactly sure what exactly you’d been expecting when Lafontaine suggested going to the English party across the street instead of staying at the Amish one you’d been at until now. You’d been naturally apprehensive. In your modest dresses and bonnets, you’d stick out like a sore thumb. At least at the Amish party, you knew everyone there. They were the same kids you’d grown up with on the farm. Your parents all knew each other and you’d meet together on Sundays for sermon.

Of course they were the party versions of these people. High on whatever mixture of drugs had been brought for the night, drunk of the stale tasting beer and puffing through cigarette after cigarette. But Lafontaine wanted a change in atmosphere that you were wary of.

Lafontaine had then practically called you a scared baby after your protests and you were immediately on board because you were not scared.

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Patience and Locked Doors

Based off this prompt

Summary: Phil has a panic attack and locks himself in the bathroom refusing to come out. Dan sits outside the door and texts or something trying to calm him. After he finally calms Phil down, Phil unlocks the door and they cuddle.

Genre: fluff (maybe a lil angst? not much tho)

Warnings: none

Word Count: 973

A/N: wow I’ve been sitting on this one for like a week and I’ve just been too lazy to post it but idk here you go its like sort of angsty but mostly fluff tbh

Dan is sitting in the lounge, waiting for Phil to finish in the shower so he can straighten his hair before starting to film.  It’s been forty minutes since he got in, but it’s not unheard of for Phil to sit in his towel playing iPhone games for an hour after he gets out.  Dan really doesn’t want to rush him, but a video is more important than a new high score on crossy road, so he gets up and knocks on the bathroom door.

“Phil, are you almost done? I want to do my hair and then film.”

Dan’s sure Phil heard him, but there’s no reply from inside the bathroom.

“Phil? Did you hear me?”

Again, nothing.

Dan listens carefully, and though it’s quiet, he thinks he can hear faint sobbing coming from behind the door.

He knocks and calls more urgently.  "Phil? Are you alright?“

Dan is getting worried.  Phil never ignores him, and the sobs are growing more clear. Unsure of what else to do, Dan gently calls out, "Phil, I’m coming in.”  Not hearing a response, he reaches for the doorknob and starts to turn it.  To his dismay, the door is locked.

Dan is stumped.  He can clearly hear his boyfriend crying in the bathroom, but the door is locked and there’s nothing he can do to open that door.  He sighs and starts to walk away.  He makes it to the doorway into the lounge, and then something catches his eye.

Phil’s phone.

Immediately, an idea pops into Dan’s mind.  He quickly grabs the phone, and with it in his hand, runs back to the locked bathroom.  Hoping that it fits, he gets on his knees and puts the phone in front of the door.  Dan holds his breath, and slides the phone under the door.  It fits, and he exhales in relief.

Now comes the hard part.

Dan unlocks his own phone and sends a short text to Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Are you okay love?

As it sends, Dan hears the simple music play as Phil receives the text.  All he can do now is wait, and hope Phil is able to reply.

A minute passes and then Dan’s phone buzzes.

To: Dan

From: Phil

S care d

Dan wants to cry.  Phil had had a panic disorder a few years ago.  Dan thought he had gotten better.  He certainly stopped having three panic attacks a week.  But this doesn’t matter.  Phil is lying on the bathroom floor, crying and shaking and hyperventilating and probably thinking that he is dying and all Dan can think is oh god I have to help him but he can’t help him because the door is locked and Dan has always been there next to Phil when he as his attacks.  Dan is clueless as to calming Phil down without being there to hold him and whisper reassurances into his ear.  This can’t stop him from trying, though, and so he takes a deep breath and texts Phil.

To: Phil

From: Dan

What’s scaring you? Is it something, someone, or just panic? I want to help <3

To: Dan

From: Phil

Don’t k niw jsu t real yl scar ed

Seeing this, Dan’s heart breaks a little.  His poor boyfriend doesn’t deserve to be this way.  

To: Phil

From: Dan

Is there anything I can do? I just want you to feel better

To: Dan

From: Phil

Ta kl ple as e

Talk. Dan can do that.

He hits the small microphone icon and speaks into his phone, “I love you, Phil.  Don’t ever forget that.  I know you’re scared right now, and I know you feel like you’re never going to stop feeling like this, but just remember that you’ve done this before and you’ve gotten through it and I love you a lot.  I’ll never stop loving you.  Just think about that.  My love for you is a solid thing.  It will never change, so focus on it.  Let it ground you.  You’ll feel better soon, I swear.”

The audio message sends, and Dan can hear Phil playing it through the door.  He hopes it’s good enough.

To: Phil

From: Dan

Replay that as much as you need.  I love you so much, Phil, I can hardly contain it.  I know you can get through this.

Dan sits opposite the bathroom door, and waits for a text from Phil that something else is needed.  He isn’t sure what else he can do, but he knows that he’ll do anything to make Phil feel better.

Ten minutes later, Dan is starting to get worried again.  He hasn’t heard from Phil, and he doesn’t know what that could mean.  He stands up, and is about to knock on the door when he hears a click and then sees the door open.

“Phil!  Are you alright?  I was so worried about you!”  Dan is still worried, not knowing what the aftermath will be like.

Phil smiles gently, and envelops Dan in a tight hug, which he is happy to reciprocate.

“Thank you so much for helping me out. I love you so much,” Phil mumbles into Dan’s shoulder.

“All I did was tell you the truth, silly.” Dan kisses Phil softly on the forehead.

The pair stay like this for a long time, hugging tightly and not saying a word.  Eventually, Dan whispers to Phil, “You know, we should probably eat something.  It’s 9:30 now.  Do you want to order takeaway and watch a movie?”

Phil smiles.  "Yeah.  I’d love that.“