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It’s a boy at a grocery store that makes you want to change your life.

It’s shoulders seemingly free of burdens,

It’s the carelessness that you often dream but never can quite paint on your face, not even in your restless sleep,

It’s everything you want to be.

Then you see a razorsharp boy and you see that effortless swipe of a credit card all over again, supermarket lights like a halo.

But you find that this boy is like fire and he destroys, destroys, destroys everything in his path with a smile made for machine guns and it takes you a while to understand how his fire can warm the deepest part of your soul and make vines grow around your bones.

Maybe it’s the way he looks at you with eyes like the edge of a knife, 

And when you hear the sound of his laughter-

quiet, private, only for the ones he loves with his whole impossible and reckless heart-

you think

Lovely, beautiful boy.


The boy you love has beautiful hands and every finger is attached to the strings of your heart.

He doesn’t play with it,

But he sometimes moves those blessed parts and it feels like a caress between your lips.

You look at his straight back and the way he holds his head- high, high, high

And you wonder if you dreamt him,

If only you could dream life itself.

You look at the boy you love and you rediscover kindness,

You look at him in the universe of your childhood room and rediscover how your heart can beat not for panic, not for grief,

But for love.


Characters as Demigods
           ↳ The 100.


Every Gale&Katniss Moment
↳ 17: I was completely unprepared. You would think that after all the hours I’d spent with Gale — watching him talk and laugh and frown — that I would know all there was to know about his lips. But I hadn’t imagined how warm they would feel pressed against my own. Or how those hands, which could set the most intricate of snares, could as easily entrap me. I think I made some sort of noise in the back of my throat, and I vaguely remember my fingers, curled tightly closed, resting on his chest. Then he let go and said, “I had to do that. At least once.” And he was gone.


Planets of Star Trek TOS

So I’ve somehow ended up with a mess of headcanons for a Solangelo Superpower AU. 

Will + meeting with Nico:

-Will’s a completely 100% definitely and totally normal pre-med collage student. He just has a vague interest in all these superpowered people running around on the news lately. But that’s normal. To be interested in superheroes running around. 

-Except those are LIES. He is very aware that he has healing powers. He’s just hesitant to get involved because he doesn’t know the first thing about fighting and healing powers aren’t going to help him with that. 

-Naturally, he does end up involved when he stumbles across one of those heroes/vigilantes (Nico) seriously injured and heals him. 

Will’s family: 

-Lester Papadopoulos owns a record company (idk Apollo Records or something). 

-Lester really gets around and had five kids with different people: Lee, Michael, Will, Kayla, and Austin. 

-Lee and Michael died in accidents.  

-Kayla’s other dad is trans.

-All the siblings are glad they got their mothers/other dad’s last name.

-While none of his kids live with him, Lester takes them all on vacations together a few times a year. The siblings are pretty close because of this. 

-There’s also Aunt Diana, who Will’s only met like once. The siblings don’t know that their aunt is actually “Artemis” the leader of an all woman vigilante biker gang. 

-Whenever Lester and Diana met up, she like “Kayla would fit in great with the Hunters” and Lester is just “nope, not happening”.

The Seven + Nico and Reyna: 

-They are the superheroes running around making the news. 

-Percy has hydrokinesis. 

-Jason has control over wind and lightning. 

-Nico has control of shadows and can talk to ghosts. He’s good at investigating stuff because of that.  

-Hazel is basically an earthbender. She can also curse gems with bad luck. At first she has little control over this aspect of her power but gets better over time.

-Leo has his firepowers. And while it’s not a superpower per say, he’s still good with technology and mechanical stuff.  

-Frank keeps his shapeshifting. 

-Piper keeps her charmspeak. 

-Reyna has empathy powers with sharing her strength/aspects. 

-Annabeth actually doesn’t have any powers. It doesn’t stop her at all. She got involved when she figured out Percy had powers back in middle school. 

-Rachel has prophecy powers but doesn’t fight. She’s part of their support team though.

-Chiron is also part of their support. Instead of being a centaur, he’s actually a former teacher in a wheelchair just trying to watch out for these kids. There are probably X-Men jokes. 

-Nico and Bianca were victims of this group called The Lotus Hotel that kidnapped kids and did experiments on them. They eventually used their shadow powers to escape. 

-Bianca joined the Artemis’s biker gang but ended up dying shortly after. 

-Thalia is still part of the Hunters and is the groups go between when they work together. 

-Hazel was a victim of a group affiliated with The Lotus Hotel. Nico was the one to rescue her. They adopted each other after that.