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Hi everyone! This is Whovian-ra here to let you know there has been a URL change. I am no longer @whovian-ra but am now @thnks-fr-th-fndms This post is just to make you aware of the change, I am still here I just wanted a new url. Also I may be setting up a side blog for my art so check back soon to see if thnks-fr-th-fndms-art is set up!

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18/07 and 21/07/17, black marker on two a5 papers

I got this really cool calligraphy brush/marker at the end of my 2nd stage Japanese course from my teacher/friend (THANK YOU AGAIN!). Well, it is signed as “calligraphy” pen and it was produced by Platinum, but here I am, doing very much not calligraphy with it. It’s really cool, though, I can do all sorts of thick and thin lines with it.

And it’s not waterproof, so I didn’t have that pressure to make this in colour, so I focused on the details instead. Usually when I know I’m about to paint something in colour, I often pass by making more details, because later I’m too lazy to colour them properly. Ew. Not this time, you lazy ass. Not this time.

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Anyone interested in a Twelfth Doctor rewatch?

I’ve really been wanting to rewatch all of Twelve’s episodes in order but I thought it would be much more fun if a group of people, or at least one more person, would like to do it with me! 

Starting the first week of August, I’m going to watch two episodes a week starting with Deep Breath, taking a break during the week of November 19 so I can watch The Day of the Doctor instead. There are 39 episodes and 21 weeks before Christmas Day, so if I keep up with the schedule and skip that week like I planned, it should bring me right up to the Christmas special, though the last week I’d just watch one episode.  

If you want to do it with me, you don’t have to follow the same exact schedule! Knowing my crazy life, I’ll probably end up going way off what I originally planned. The point is that I want to rewatch it all before Christmas, and it would be cool to have people to talk about the episodes with who are currently watching them too! I’ll probably make a post for each episode after I watch it, talking about my thoughts, and we can discuss things and all that good stuff. 

Anyway, if you’re interested just let me know! And even if you don’t let me know, feel free to comment on posts or do whatever. I just want to have fun with people love Doctor Who as much as I do. :) 

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🍓 fave fictional character: im a jane austen ho so it’s gotta be Mr. Knightley from Emma cause Mr. Darcy is too mainstream (who am I kidding im soft for both)

🍰 fave book: currently? letters to milena by kafka (not a book more like a collection)

🎃 fave game: all gens of pokemon and dun dun dun I LOVE NANCY DREW GAMES

🎈 fave sport: used to play basketball all of high school but to watch is cricket (im from a former colony ok?? forgive me)

🎠 last song i listened to: If You - Kyuhyun (The Best Hit OST // don’t touch me im so emo about this show i love it so much)

first language: hindi + kashmiri

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when you follow a mental illness blog and then they turn their life around and suddenly start reblogging nothing but #recovery and #positivity

like, i came here for memes about my suffering, miss me with that healthy optimism shit