too lazy to tag everyone's urls

make a playlist out of your url!

i was tagged by @softbroganes uwu <3333 thanks ilyy

i tag @taeyomimi @brooderhood @zaniadracaenia @nunvil and literally everyone else in the discord (im too lazy to tag you all but im still luv each and every one of u smorch smorch) hopefully i dont flood it with ariana grande/hsm/red velvet fl;d’fgdfg

L - Little Little ~ Red Velvet

A - A Night To Remember ~ High School Musical 3

N - No Place Like Us ~ Cheetah Girls 3

C - Can I Have This Dance ~ High School Musical 3 / Cool Hot Sweet Love ~ Red Velvet / Chemicals React ~ Aly and AJ (IK THIS IS CHEATING BUT I LITERALLY CANT PICK

E - Every Time We Touch ~ Cascada

Y - You’re My Favorite Song ~ Camp Rock 2

P - Pretty U ~ Seventeen

O - One Last Time ~ Ariana Grande

O - Oh NaNa ~ KARD

wrow it physically hurt me that I wasn’t able to put my favorite song of all time Body Talk by Red Velvet ;(((( but asldfkjsalfd yeah it was rlly hard choosing these (cough C cough) but it was fun nonetheless and now i gotta finish my hw for school tomorrow ,kdjhfnsldfjksldf

i got tagged by @freyasgayplace whom i love dearly

rules: make a playlist of every letter of your url

(s)ex, drugs and violence - green day

(h)eart-shaped box - nirvana

(i)n the morning - keaton henson

(b)ike ride - the brobecks

(e)verything - bry

( r)obbers - the 1975

(o)de to sleep - twenty one pilots

(s)afeword - tv girl

(i) am everyone else - declan mckenna

(n)ovocaine - fall out boy

(g)irl that you love - panic! at the disco

i tag all other gay avengers bc yes i’m too lazy to actually write ur @’s

> 10 Question Tag                                                        

I was tagged by @inquisitive-simmer, thx ♥

Rules: Tag 9 people

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Height: 167 cm

Time right now: 4:29 p.m.

Last thing googled: whatsapp webapp xD

Favorite music artist(s): iron maiden, acdc, linkin park ;_; ….

Last tv show watched:  game of thrones or teen wolf, cant remember

What im wearing right now:  pyjamas and hoodie

When did i create this blog: In February of 2013

Do I have any other blogs: I have a CC Finds blog

Do I get asks regularly: Nope

Why did i choose my url: i honestly have no clue, its just the football team I “support” Sporting Clube de Portugal

Pokemon team: blue

Favorite colors:
gray, light blue & light green

Average hours of sleep: 7/8

Favorite characters: Daenerys & Tyrion from Game of Thrones

Dream job: Ethologist

I tag everyone who feels like doing this cuz im too lazy to choose 9 people xD

Hey guys! I just recently hit 2,000 followers which I didn’t even dream would happen but it’s pretty freaking cool so here’s my very first SUPER-WAY-TOO-LONG FOLLOW FOREVER!!! 


2009dan 2009emophan 

☽ A-E ☾

acidhowell achievementhowell adorable-tilly adoringoakley addictedtophan adorkablephan  adayinthelifeofphan ahmazingdan ahmazingphan ahoyphan always-troyler alfpacas alphaphil alwaystroyler alohahowell amazingtroyler amazinqphil amaziingphilip amazingdanisnotfire another-year-of-troyler analzingphil arcadelester asexualphil autumnlesterhowell awrfdan ayytilly ayytroyler ayoutuberobsession ayyytroyler beware-phangirl becauseofphil bitchphil blessyouhowell bring-me-the-phan bubblyhowell bubblelester but-troyler catandbear-savetheworld canthandletroyler christiannovellis cherryhowell chinfinitephan chirstianovelli christianfrickingnovelli christianscrew christianoveli cerealester come-fortheexistentialcrisis connnorfranta crownhowell cutesivan cuttheneonphan cuddlephan cutiephil danandphilstuff danalingphil danandphilhere dancuddles dancakes danfictions danhowell-and-phillester danhowellismypatronus danhowll danhowells danhowelll danhowellhmu danielhowellester danisreallyinteresting danisridingphil danisnotonfirree danlikesboys danlhowell danlsnotonfire danmakesphilhowell dannihowell dannhowell dannhowel danny-fire danosaur-the-philion danphilip danpng danphanphil danphils danthedork danthrusts danvhowell danvsphil danwoah danwasonfireonce danyul-filip danyouareonfire dansbody dansbutts dansboyfriendisamazing danscrotch dansdong dansderp dansdom dansfap dansflamingdignity dansgotsass danshowersnaked dansrighttesticle danswink danspotato danluster danghowell danteasers danisoutofcontext danyulphilup danscrisis dansnotnfire dans-sexy-butt damnhowellonfire damnyouphan damnitphan damnpeej damndanhowell down-the-youtube-rabbithole doyouphilme draculester drunkhowell electrichowell emojidan emojiphan

☽ F-K ☾

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☽ Q-U ☾

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☽ V-Z ☾

vampirephan vampireliguori vampire-phil versatyler veryphan waffleswithyoutubersontop welovetroyler whispersofphan whatwouldtroylerdo whyisdannotonme whylester whoistroyeanyway winktroyler wickedhowell wink-troyesivan wonderpeej wonderphan yaastroyler yaaassstroyler youtuberuinedmyouternetlife youtubersource youre-the-dan-to-my-phil youtubephanship youtube-land youtube-phandoms zestylester zombie-philip-lester zombielester zozeebo z-o-e-l-l-a


benwinstonisnotfireproof hoelikehowell deepcalum aguasloth


danisnotonfire amazingphil troyesivan

Btw i’m deeply deeply sorry if I messed up and forgot to add you or if I tagged your old url, i’ve been making this for awhile (since before everyone changed their url’s to Halloween themed, which would explain why a lot of them are probably wrong) and I follow way too many people so yeah sorry for my laziness but regardless I love all of these blogs a lot and tysm for 2k!

hii so this a random follow forever bc i felt like i wanted to do one and just to thank everyone for existing. even we don’t really talk i see your urls on my dash and to all my followers thank you for still following me even if i post irrelevant stuff. i know i’m a really really small blog but i love all of you so much xx

im obviously going to follow them forever but im gonna tag them anyways

5sos-official  camerondallas  troyesivan  tyleroakley  connorfranta taylorswift  rickydillon  lukebrooks  

this is in no significant order okay and im too lazy af to arrange in alphabetical order

proxima-centxuri  shawnstolemymuffin  espinosas-cupcake  fuckingwilk  wtfwilkinson  5sos-5ever  stopitcalum  clinicalum  blamecalum  assholuke  kingoftheniall  doyougotabea  simmerdwn  dammitcal  dirtbagash  hotdamn5sos  fivesource  irwinsource  calumsource  ashtonsprada  calumfood  stahlinsky  baesiccashton  teenagedfricks  clifford69lol  calumthms  cashdarier  suptaylorcaniff  flechter  irwihn  johnsonsbae  mittenmuke  orghasmic  holyviners  ohmyviners  smuttyscribbles  camdawgdallas strongfordallas  blazedmendes  thestarsinourmagcon  jackgilinskywhores  smileygrier  wilkindamn  geekygrier  guitarst  heartbreakirwin  jacobflopsides jacobsmutsides  skatemaloley  mukenope  50shadesofcliffxrd  nobodymendes  daily-grier  hayestbh  girlinsky  alshtonirwin  magcon-sluts  c-a-m-m-i-e  vampettelovesthevamps  versacecam  fckyhthe1975 alltimevevo  everythingatlymas  maydayparadc  harrythighs  cashdarier

i hope that’s everyone and if i forgot you and you think you should be in this im sorry i forget a lot of things okay i love you though 🙈

well i hope you’re all dong well and if shit happens i hope it’s the good kind of shit 🙈

P.S. Happy Christmas !! x

Woah, this took forever! Apparently school is very time consuming. Anyways, here is my first ever follow forever! Love you guys <333333

Note: I’m not gonna list a whole bunch of people, only a select few will be in this list, so please please please don’t be sad if you’re not listed! I love everyone I follow (or else I wouldn’t be following you, duh)!!

Haha wow, I suck at spacing.

baes (hover over your url <3)

flusteredjensen​ ❤ freckledgadreel​ ❤  rubysblacksmoke​ ❤ huntandshout

faves in bold

ancientcas ❤ celestialcas 

charliebradbnry ❤classygabriel ❤ 

croatoan-catstiel ❤ crownlesscas ❤ 

cuddleswithcas deansmuffin ❤ 

deanwarrior ❤ draculacas ❤ 

fabulouscas ❤ fabulous-sliver❤ 

failingcasfaithchesters ❤

feathersforcastiel ❤ flipstiel ❤

fracturedcas ❤ ghostgabriel ❤ 

hauntingdean ❤ heroicdean ❤  

hvnterdean ❤ infectedkevin ❤ 

jenlovesdean ❤ jensen-ackle ❤

julydean ❤ kierensass ❤ 

lovesweethiddles ❤ luciferh ❤ 

mirthfulcas ❤ missingruby ❤

moondoorqueen ❤ moondorqueen

nerdycastiel ❤ ohellnovak

ozbradburypervydean ❤ 

prettydean ❤ princessjimmynovak ❤ 

punkgadreel ❤ casketcas ❤ 

radiantdean ❤ resurrectedsam

resurrectingdean rocknrolldean

salvagedean ❤ satinsammy

sexygabriel ❤ shotguncas

simonswings snuggydestiel

spoopy-castiel ❤ sufferingsam ❤

thankcas ❤ thecutestmoose ❤ 

thursdaycastiel ❤ tikistitch ❤

pumpkinarchangel ❤ undyingdean

winchhester ❤ woahchester ❤ 


 Heyo so i reached 2k followers and so i made a follow forever to say thanks to everyone who has followed me!   ( i was supposed to make it when i reached 1k but procastination kills)

(also sorry if i missed anyone or misspelled some urls)


20d0llarn0sebleed alexalltimeloww alexgaskarthhasruinedmylife aliensyndrome alltimehellalow alltimejuliaa alltimelowaremyfuckingheroes alltimesexwithjack allxlow aumichael awgaskarth awgaskarths baltimoresweethearts barakittykat bycottlove bakakarat caraphernope dammitbands dizzybluryvision dancingintheraiin edgeofbarakat   edgeoftonights

flykat forcenturies fueturehearts futturehearts gaskarth-omg gayisnotasynonymforjalex hailrian hesitantalien hustlerclique iammattflyzik jackbarakatjunkie jackshappytrail jagkcantdrive jagkx jalexaremyhomeboys    jalexsextapes lovlikewar lynngunn mistergaskarth officialalltimelow ohcalamity

paintingtadashi poppinjalex prettyparamore punk-roque                      punkrock-wont-leave-you-alone puppiesandpizzarolls scratchingvinyls sexygaskarth sleepingwiththekings
squidgy-squidgy-falalalala stayingyoungandforever stereobouquet


teenbarakat teenzack thnksfrthcenturies thxblackparade tommyh724   tongihtalive trippnout twentyonepilot ughbandmembers ughgaskxrth ughzackmerrick ukulelerapboy wetdreamsonlylastforanight you-cant-fill-these-shoes