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bonus : in the end he did it

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clears throat. sasunaruhina

heres a not so well known ot3 of mine

so theres a biologically narusasu kid and two biologically naruhina twin sisters (if kishimoto thought i’d forget how he accidentally confirmed trans naruto and hinata hes dead wrong,) but no ones keeping tabs tbh its just that they have the sharingan and the byakugan or at least some watered down version of it (and whisker marks) so its p obvious but as i said everyone is everyones kid and sibling

hinata is reforming the hyuuga clan + has a genin team w sasuke that practically lives w the family, and naruto and sasuke are reforming the System w the help of sakura, who, before anyone asks, married ino

+while naruto is romantically involved with both of them, sasuhina are mostly friends

+yes, the pasta necklaces are made by the kids


I saw one of these powerpoints in the sp tag but i wasn’t satisfied with it so i got inspired. what year is it

i wanted to go into more detail especially about craig and those guys but i spent WAY too much time on this already so WHATEVER HERE IT IS

viv reached 100 !!

thank you to everyone single one of my followers!! im hella lazy and too tired to be trying to do blog rates (that im sure my five active followers would participate in) so i’m just gonna roll with this! tagged below are any hp mutuals (with a couple exceptions:)). friends or anyone i’ve actually talked to are in bold :))

okay please ignore the title idk what im doing i just started this blog less than two months ago just ignore me 

oh and my awkward spaces its 12am and i havent done hw this is my way of procrastinating..

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I'm surprised no one said this yet. Naegi gets his ahoge cut off and no one in his class recognizes him. They're all wondering who this stranger sitting in Naegi's seat is. Naegi is oblivious.

A/N Hinata version here

Naegi Loses His Ahoge and Everyone Loses Their Shit

Ever since Naegi got his haircut, everyone was staring at him strangely.

That’s the weird thing. All they did was stare but nobody approached him. They were all whispering and talking with each other in hushed tones but nobody tried talking to him at all. Did he look that bad? He could take brutal honesty, seriously. It was better than being ignored like this. But he wasn’t going to be ignored for long since it looked like someone was finally approaching him.

“Who the fuck are you?”


Naegi was too stunned to reply accordingly which pissed them off even more.

“I said who the fuck are you?” Mondo repeated as he cracked his knuckles threateningly. “Better talk before I make you talk.”

“Violence is prohibited, bro!” Ishimaru yelled from the sidelines.

“Relax, it’s not like I’m going to beat him up…” He paused. “Too much.”

“He’s totally gonna beat him up. Poor guy.” Leon commented.

“Um… I think he’s too scared to talk. So why not try a different approach?” Fujisaki timidly suggested.

“Good idea, Chihiro! Let’s send out our friendliest!” Asahina seconded.

“Unfortunately, Naegi is absent today.” Sakura remarked.

What? WHAT?? Absent? But he’s right here! Guys, he’s right HERE!!

“Oh, yeah…” She tilted her head in thought and then her eyes widened as she gave light push to her fellow classmate. “Then how about our runner up!”

“Me?” Maizono asked her incredulously but didn’t turn her down. So she then walked to Naegi and asked, “Excuse me but you’re sitting in our classmate’s seat. Are you a transfer?”

Naegi blanched. Were they really serious about this? This has to be a joke.

“It seems that he remains unresponsive. How unfortunate.” Celes commented.

“Move aside. I’ll do this before we waste any more precious time.” Togami commanded as then he glared at Naegi. “A peasant like you has no place here. Get out.”

“Y-yeah! You heard h-him! Get going!” Fukawa seconded from behind him.

First he wasn’t recognized and now he was getting kicked out? All because he got a stupid haircut?? Is this even real???

“Guys… it’s me… Naegi, your classmate.” He weakly tried to explain.

“Eh? Naegichi? Is that you?” Hagakure asked in disbelief.

“Impossible!” Yamada firmly objected. “You lack the tell-tale characteristic of his! I refuse to accept that you are the same person when you’re clearly lacking a ahoge!!”

Aaand that’s it. He just confirmed his suspicions. Just how exactly did everyone see him? A walking ahoge?? Nobody recognized him just because of his haircut. Well sorry for wanting to try something new.

He wanted a new look, not a new identity.

“Hold it.” Kirigiri interrupted. “It’s still too early to confirm or to deny his claim.”

Naegi internally screamed. Not Kirigiri too!

“Who cares? This is way too funny!” Junko cackled.

“Please take this seriously, sis.” Mukuro admonished her.

“Yeah, yeah. Sure. Oh, what EVER happened to POOR Naeggs?” Junko wailed dramatically and then discreetly winked at Naegi.

!!!! She knew! She fucking knew! But knowing Junko, she wasn’t going to let anybody know. Not when she was having so much fun watching this unfold. Naegi sighed. Trust his luck that the only person on his side… wasn’t really on his side at all. This was just too painful to deal with.

So Naegi quit.

He got up and walked out of the classroom. He skipped classes for a month just until his ahoge grew back. The school excused him as “missing” since even the faculty couldn’t recognize him and thus, no news was heard about him. When he came back to class, he let out a sigh of relief as everyone flocked to him in worry but most importantly, in recognition.

From time to time, he unconsciously checks his ahoge if it’s still there and if his identity is still in tact.

Ever since Naegi got a haircut, he decided to never get one again.

AU Highly probable future where everyone is kinda stylish except for Kyle. (I don’t understand anything about tumblr’s new post size but I guess the quality will be better if you click on it!)

I strongly believe that Craig would have long hair and a ridiculous catogan.

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Why is everyone sending supportive messages to Zelo? What happened?

He’s not feeling too confident in himself right now as a song writer, he’s been mentioning his mix tape for the pat couple weeks and he’s been working really hard on it but he’s struggling with himself over his work and it’s just to let him know that he is an amazing song writer and that we support him and that whatever he decides to make and drop for us, we will love it no matter what :)

the-lone-yaoi-fangirl  asked:

how dO YOU FEEL ABOUT FTM KAGEYAMA????? IT personally gives me life but aghhhhhh.... just imagine him stressing for weeks and not getting enough sleep and shit about coming out and then when he does he's so scared he's shaking help me... *whispers * you should draw it??? *slinks away in embarassmet*

ok but im 130% sure everyone in the team would be so supportive

(oh boy i got so lazy in the end, so many characters 😩)

evodog  asked:

Okay I love all of these ocs you posted!!! What's Auroras dealio? And her siiiide kicks? What's she deal with? Why they evil?

oh thank you !! (I need to start naming them in my posts more, because they all do have names, I’ve just been lazy with captions.) 

Aurora is the heir to a really big genetics company in my setting. She’s widely known across the city and everyone loves her, but she’s also very manipulative and sly. She screws people over all the time and uses them to steal information from potentially competition. She doesn’t really care about the science behind the company, she just likes the power. She doesn’t own the company, it’s her parents, but she’s going to make sure she gets it when it’s time to pass it down.

Vivian and Whitney do have their own stories, but they’re not as developed as Aurora’s. They’re not devious like Aurora is, but sort of goofy instead. Whitney’s a little more careful with her words and has better insults than Vivian, who’s loud and bursts out laughing every five minutes. They’re both very impudent though. They know Aurora’s deal, but I don’t think they’re super helpful ? Aurora doesn’t double cross them, and finds them rather useless in her schemes. They’re just good friends, unfortunately (lol) 

What the Fuck is a Logic Dive?

Hinata sped through the tunnel as he swerved and jumped from one path to another until he’d finally reach the logical conclusion.

Or at least that’s what it looked like inside his head.

Outside? Not so much.

“What the fuck is that bastard doing?” Kuzuryuu was the first one to voice out what everyone was already thinking.

“He looks like he’s having fun, don’t you think so?” Nidai commented with a laugh.

“He looks stupid to me.” Saionji snarkily pointed out.

“Usually I’d tell you to be more considerate but… well, you’re not wrong. Seriously, he looks like he’s goofing off.” Koizumi conceded.

“Ibuki thinks he’s practicing his dance moves of logic! Ibuki shall join him too she thinks!” Ibuki declared as she started swaying wildly and bouncing every now and then.

“A ritual? It would seem I underestimated his knowledge of the dark arts. Fufufu… let us pray that he summons a merciful beast should he be successful.” Tanaka laughed darkly.

“Hey, quit it! Don’t infect my soul friend with your delusional shit! He’s normal I tell you! Normal!” Souda firmly voiced his objection.

“I believe his movements are similar to one of Novoselic’s local species. If I recall correctly, that awkward swaying and unbalanced arms… yes, it is exactly as I thought. This is supposed to be a show of dominance.” Sonia carefully explained.

“D-Dominance? Eep!” Mikan gasped in fear. “W-Why would he do that? Is it something I did? I-I’m so sorry, p-please forgive me!”

“Nah, I think he’s just hungry. Just look at him, he’s all wobbly ‘cause he hasn’t eaten much since the party.” Owari nonchalantly rebuffed.

“Pardon me but I don’t think that’s how hungry people behave. If you analyze his movements closely, they seem to be tense and performed with an effort to be precise. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to his actions.” Pekoyama added thoughtfully.

“That’s it! That must be it! Of course, it has to be. I’m sure that he’s just getting in touch with his inner hope.” Komaeda commented with an encouraging smile.

“Inner hope? Eww, what’s that supposed to mean? No, wait. I don’t actually care so don’t answer that.” Saionji replied with a laugh.

“I don’t really get it either but… it looks like he might be thinking of something important… I think.” Nanami added with uncertainty.

“Damn right it’s important.” Monokuma stood up from his seat and placed a paw over his chest. “Our company worked hard on making that sadistically unnecessary new feature so you kids better not screw this up for us!”

“New… feature? What is this thing that you speak of? It’s only the first trial.” Sonia questioned.

“Ah, I guess it’s like that for you. Trapped in this narration and all. Sucks to be you who can’t break the fourth wall.” Monokuma winked at the cameras and then started dancing in a carefree manner. “Well don’t let this get to you much, just carry on with what you usually do. I don’t want to go through the whole magical girl transformation explanation again.”

“Magical girl transformation? What the hell?” Souda scratched his head in confusion.

“I’ve got it!” Hinata yelled as he finally returned to the trial. “I finally figured out what we’ve been missing all this time!”

“Who cares?” Kuzuryuu rudely intervened with a scoff. “Aren’t you going to tell us what you’ve been doing up there in lala land?”

Hinata blinked and tilted his head. “Oh, did you mean the Logic Dive?” He nonchalantly answered.

All eyes were on him. The room was silent.

“What the fuck is that supposed to be?”

MHA dub commentary ep 6

  • it’s been a week or so since i watched the dub and i’m remembering how much i loved Izuku’s dub voice
  • and how much i loved Aizawa’s voice
  • last time on MHA: Izuku only broke one finger this time
  • Uraraka’s voice i’m still kinda getting used to
  • lmao Aoyama what would a pretty throw look like??
  • meanwhile Bakugou is having an existential crisis
  • Bakugou. attacking a fellow student in the middle of class with the teacher right there isn’t exactly the smartest……
  • ………………… then again it seems like none of his teachers prior to this ever tried to stop him so i can’t exactly. blame him for trying. since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of precedent against it before now
  • either way that was dumb and you should really stop that, my child
  • thank god Aizawa is an actual competent adult and teacher, probably the first Izuku and Bakugou have had in their lives
  • thank god
  • i’m starting to really love Mic’s dub voice
  • it’s so dorky
  • oooohh gosh little Izuku sounds so cute ohhhhh my sweet child
  • it’s kinda funny how deep Bakugou’s kid voice sounds in comparison to Izuku’s
  • Izuku collapses from basic physical fitness tests
  • same
  • tho he also has a broken finger, so… not same, i guess
  • ok during the crowd scene where Aizawa is pulling up the test results, Bakugou is making this really hilariously petulant look at Izuku who’s in the back an cradling his poor broken finger
  • he’s just pouting so hard i’m skag;ashk
  • also what the fuck kinda fancy-ass hologram tech is that
  • Izuku’s having a mini breakdown and Aizawa’s like ‘lol just kidding’
  • Aizawa no
  • “That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it all on your tests.”
  • Aizawa you liar
  • Iida freaks out so hard from this that his glasses break
  • Izuku is no longer in this plain of existence
  • holy shit Momo is Riza
  • oh Momo you think it was just a joke but it wasn’t. it wasn’t. he really was gonna send one of y’all home oh my sweet child you have so much faith and trust
  • i like Sero and Kirishima’s voices
  • Momo sounds a bit old but i’m sure i’ll get used to her voice
  • “And go have the old lady fix you up.” 
  • Aizawa
  • Aizawa at least call her Recovery Girl omfg
  • how rude
  • Dad Might’s pride in his son gave away their connection to Aizawa
  • oh he’s so proud. and sucks at subtly
  • Aizawa just. fucking messes with him. he’s like “Oooh, it’s almost like you’ve been in his corner this whole time, huh?” and All Might is like “…FUCK”
  • what a dork
  • “It’s cruel to let a kid keep dreaming of something that’ll never come true.” i always found this aspect of Aizawa’s character super fascinating
  • “In your own strange way, you’re a kind man, Aizawa.” yes, yes he is Toshi
  • Recovery Girl’s office: *gross kissing sound* *horrified screeching*
  • i love the little Kamui Woods pez dispenser 
  • “YOU MEAN THIS COULD KILL ME?!” i just enjoy how horrified Izuku sounds here
  • oh Iida you think a bit of white lying is immoral. you pure soul you
  • “And yours is…. Deku Midoriya?” “DEKU?!”
  • i enjoy Uraraka’s nonchalantly cute mental image of Bakugou screaming “DEKU, YOU BASTARD!!!” as he prepares to run and blow Izuku up
  • “Plus, I think it sounds kinda cute!!”
  • oh Izuku my boy
  • Iida is so confused as to why Izuku would suddenly accept an insulting nickname b/c a cute girl called it cute
  • i love my square son
  • Uraraka is so confused right now
  • “I survived my first day at UA… even tho I kinda failed.” college in a nutshell 
  • i’m remembering how much i enjoyed All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god wha ta d or k
  • Izuku’s gonna cry just from getting lunch from that one chef hero lmao what an adorable nerd
  • “I. AM. HEEEEEREE!!!! ….. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!!” wha t a f ucking dork 
  • Kaminari has a pretty good voice
  • i enjoy how Tsuyu noticed that All Might was wearing his old costume
  • “I’m getting goosebumps, it’s so retro!!” omfg Ojirou you dork
  • i also like his voice
  • also what the fuck All Might why are you walking like that. why. just. just walk normally. are you trying to strut your stuff or what
  • jksa;ghka; All Might is so hammy i have a hard time not just. bursting into laughter with every scene he’s in
  • “Clothes make the pros!!”
  • he is just. so full of hammy lines
  • “THIS IS GETTING ME ALL RAMPED UP!! YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL!!” god he reminds me so much of those teachers who try so hard to relate to their students but just come off as really dorky and kinda desperate
  • please pause at the moment where they show the kid’s sketches and bask in Bakugou’s amazingly average drawing skills. also Iida’s really good sketches
  • i enjoy Toshi’s casual voice. i just. really enjoy it, especially compared to his over-the-top hammy All Might hero voice
  • Inko for best mom
  •  o h gm yd o they ga ve Mineta a l is p
  • he sounds like one of those creepy pervy nerds
  • All Might is struggling not to combust from noticing the similarities between Izuku’s costume and him
  • Tsuyu’s voice reminds me of something
  • i think i like it tho
  • “How much can we hurt the other team?” Bakugou no
  • everyone has actual questions relating to the situation at hand and Aoyama only cares about how awesome his cape looks
  • “NNGH…. I… WASN’T FINISHED TALKING!!!” same All Might i hate when people interrupt me before i finish talking
  • All Might’s reading from a fucking script b/c he’s such a newbie at being a teacher what a dork
  • also that fucking script is tiny in his hands. it looks like it was made for children. lmao
  • i enjoy the obvious video game style and references here
  • Izuku is freaking out so much at the idea of working with a cute girl what a dork
  • ohhh poor Izuku. Bakugou is just itching to kick his ass and he knows it
  • i like this scene. Izuku feels anxious but steadies himself and meets Bakugou’s glare and it surprises/pisses off Bakugou
  • the nerd is fighting back
  • the perspective of the top of the buildings seems off to me somehow
  • it’s kinda funny how All Might tells them that the success for this trial is to embody villainy, and (spoiler) Bakugou fails
  • hah, foreshadowing
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” aaannnd here comes the first inkling of Bakugou’s superiority/inferiority complex when it comes to Izuku
  • Iida is curious and kinda concerned about Bakugou, it seems
  • Bakugou why do you care about being rich
  • i always found it interesting how, despite Bakugou’s shitty behavior, his positive points inspire Izuku to do his best
  • “So it’s a fated battle between rivals?” Uraraka knows her shit. also i enjoy her just. randomly understanding MANLINESS stuff that shows up from time to time
  • Aaaaaand here comes Bakugou. boy has no chill
  • “Sneak attack, Bakugou? What kinda man pulls cheap crap like that?” Oh Kirishima if only you knew
  • whoa Mina’s voice is. weird
  • she’s like. not hyper-peppy enough for me
  • awww Izuku taking agency over the insult he’d been called for most of his life
  • it’s kinda funny looking back on these eps b/c i remember just how little sympathy i had for Bakugou when i first saw them
  • how the times have changed
  • ugh i love this music
  • so much about these two in that sentence 
  • oh these children
  • every time i see this ending theme i think ‘just grab a fucking bike Izuku”
  • “Hold on, I didn’t know Uraraka was a baseball player?!” i’m sorry but this like out of context is hilarious

aaannnnd that’s episode 6!!

there’s this one thing about Jude that I felt so awkward about, not being able to tell what it was all the time - and as soon as I knew it…I drew it…

can’t believe this took a week to color! I have so many complains for other characters too! and the details of all the clothing..agh! but I like all of these guys so I drew everyone~~yay!

and about the eyes - I think most of the tales protagonists have huge eyes - it makes them look so..full of courage and determined. they are also young in age but even Yuri has huge eyes- just one year younger than Ludger??

so that was my poking fun at Jude for today. hope the next one gets finished faster.

Song Tag!

I was tagged by the beautiful @little-panicking-discoball go follow them!

So 10 songs I love in no particular order

Heartthrob- Superfruit

March to the sea- Twenty One Pilots

All night- Kirstin


6/10- dodie

These four walls- little mix

Oh, ms believer- Twenty One Pilots

Sign of the times- Harry Styles

Invisible- Christina Grimmie

Imaginary Parties- Superfruit

Also give me some song recommendations I really need it!!!!

I tag everyone who sees this! I’m too lazy to put actual names down lol

rpbattleman  asked:

Above prompt 2. Hinata loses his ahoge because of Nagito and no one recognizes him, not even Nagito. Bonus points if Kuzuryuu tries to interrogate him cause he's worried for Hinata and doesn't want to admit it.

A/N Naegi version is here

Hinata Loses His Ahoge and Everyone Loses Their Shit

“So? Who the fuck are you supposed to be?”

An awkward wave of silence passed.

Until Hinata groaned and looked at them exasperatedly. “Are you guys serious??”

Earlier that day…

Hinata was just about to enter the restaurant and meet up with the others for the usual morning breakfast when a sawblade flew by dangerously close at him–

And consequently, it cut his ahoge off.

“What the?!” Hinata ducked, already too late as his hand reflexively went to his head as he checked if it was still there. He gave out a sigh of relief when he felt his hair in tact and no bleeding occuring. Well, mostly in tact. His ahoge got cut off but it’s not enough to make him mad about it.

But still, what the hell just happened?

“Ah, sorry! Sorry!” A person ran out to check up on him.

And of course, it just had to be Komaeda. Why else would there be flying sawblades in the morning coming from a restaurant? Only Komaeda could pull off such a stunt whether intentionally or not.

“What the hell did you do this time, Komaeda?”

Komaeda just chuckled. “Ahaha! Well the funny thing is–” He stopped in the middle of the sentence once he opened his eyes and saw Hinata. He just stared at him for a long time in thought.

“What? Quit staring, you’re creeping me out!” Hinata sneered at him.

“Excuse me but…” He paused and then smiled curtly. “Who are you?”

“The fuck?” He swore as he stopped himself from punching Komaeda right then and there.

And thus began Hinata’s identity crisis.

“Oya! Oyaaa! A new student!” Ibuki cheered as she bounced around him excitedly. “A transfer student in the middle of an island trip! Talk about dedication to the trope!”

As if he was a new student! And who the hell transfers during a field trip??

“New student?!” Mikan jumped in fear as she wailed. “P-Please don’t bully me!”

No, it’s actually the other way around. It’s the transfer kid that gets bullied and at this rate he might as well be.

“Eh? Which hellhole did you crawl from?” Saionji asked with her usual “You look suspicious and stupid.”

Okay, he doubted he looked like any of those adjectives but he wasn’t going to argue with the kid who had a track record of just adding more insults to injury.

“While I agree that he does seem suspicious, maybe we shouldn’t try to talk him down just yet.” Koizumi stepped in and placated her friend. “He might be dangerous after all and it’s always best to be civil at first.”

He doesn’t know if dangerous is better than suspicious for his credibility.

“Danger?” Owari piped up from her meal and then stared at him wildly. “You strong one, stranger? Let’s fight!”

Shit! He won’t survive if she took him on.

“AHAHAHAHA!” Nidai bellowed. “Don’t go getting into fights without me! I want to see what this new guy’s made of!”

He’s made of flesh. Weak and vulnerable flesh that would not last even a second if these two monsters came at him.

“Me too!” Teruteru grinned maliciously. “I want to see just what he’s made of as well. He looks toned~”

No. Just. NO.

“What’s with all this commotion?” Twogami sighed as he crossed his arms. “You commoners fuss too much over other commoners.”

Ouch? Sorry for being born ordinary.

And are we still ignoring the fact that either he’s getting shsl pranked or he’s surrounded by a bunch of idiots who couldn’t recognize him all because he lost his fucking ahoge.

“There is something familiar that I sense in him however…” Pekoyama tentatively held her sword. “I do not remember his face.”

It’s just an ahoge, guys! Quit acting like it’s his only defining character trait!

“So? Who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Kuzuryuu grunted at him.

An awkward wave of silence passed.

Until Hinata groaned and looked at them exasperatedly. “Are you guys serious??”

Seriously? These guys weren’t joking?? Not at all?? What the fuck???

“Fool! You have tresprassed sacred grounds and dare mock us??” Gundam dramatically shouted at him with a scowl. “The least you can do is reveal yourself to us, you fiend!”

He doesn’t even have the strength to translate that.

“Yes, it is what he said. For you see this is the first time we’ve ever had any other… guests.” Sonia commented warily.

He’s not a guest, he’s they’re fucking classmate!

“Yeah! Go away you side character!” Souda yelled at him.

Oh, like he’s one to talk.

“No, no, let him

“Pardon me.” A soft and familiar voice spoke as the owner of it tapped him lightly on his shoulder.

It was none other than Nanami. That’s it! Finally, someone who could end his suffering. Despite her tendency to zone out, Nanami was actually sharp. She’s definitely smarter than the rest of them so surely she’d recognize him, right?

“Nanami!” He smiled gratefully to her with tears in his eyes.

She tilted her head. “Oh? You already know my name? Well then that makes my introduction shorter… I think.”


“I figured that if you knew who we were, then you’d more likely open up to us as to who you are… probably.” She finished thoughtfully.

…What is this fresh hell he woke up to?

Hinata had enough dealing with this bullshit so he fucking walked away.

Alone, he tried not to think too hard about what happened today and about the possibility that his talent may have been SHSL Ahoge.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good porn star AUs for Sterek or really any Teen Wolf pairings twosomes or threesomes? I've been looking all over but I don't too many good ones. Thanks in advance!


Both are porn stars:

All’s Fair in Orgasms and War by bleep0bleep | 63k | Explicit


“We haven’t seen much of our favorite rock hard stud from Hale House ever since that indie twink dethroned him as champion in Orgasm Wars, but it’s just been confirmed that Diamond will no longer be working for the legendary studio famous for producing some of our favorite werewolf-on-human works. Don’t fret, Diamond fans, it looks like he’s been spotted cozying up to True Alpha Studios! Apparently he couldn’t get enough of that one human and then followed him home. Could it be true love? Keep your eye on this studio– us at AVN think we’re about to get a lot more of Diamond in a very new way!”


The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way.

Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll | 9k | Explicit

“You’ve got a hickey on the back of your neck!” A Neckz ‘n Throats story.

Prepared by ericaismeg | 6k | Mature

He gives him a cautious look, and Derek catches the way his eyes narrow as if to say dude, it’s your turn. Derek inhales a little too sharply and then the words, “I can…I can help you with that, if you want,” come tumbling out.

OR: Jackson refuses to work with Derek anymore, so he’s working with someone new today. Did Derek mention he’s a porn star? And this new guy is mouth-watering? Because he is and he is. Script? What script?

Derek is a porn star:

I want you (no, I mean your art) by ElisAttack | 9k | Mature

“Scott, remember that new encaustic painting I sold last week?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Derek Hale’s fucking a twink beside it.”

Or the one where Stiles is an artist whose artworks keep appearing in his favourite porn star’s videos.

Keep reading