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i was asked for (mainly) tolkien blogs recs. so, these are just some of the blogs that i follow. people can feel free to add more blogs or their own blogs to it if they are mainly tolkien blogs. (can never have too much tolkien)


pushing daisies AU, a conversation (for more context click here, but in summary, dirk can’t touch jake because if he does jake will die)

i spent too much effort on this comic, then slowly lost it

I was just like “what do I ship in this game?”
I enjoy drawing these so if you have any pairing to suggest, maybe?


another comic because the croissant thing did really well - I had a whole page of Boris doodles I did trying to learn to draw him better, and this was one of the thingies. quote vaguely from Invader ZIM because I’m a weeby shit.

(…casually uses @doodledrawsthings ‘s henry HC because I’m too lazy to design my own and theirs is the best anyway)

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Why gay? What’s Chojete?

So, who is who…

They’re from @amnesiachara that’s a blog for @ask-the-asterisk‘s Chara (duh) ( Really cool blog, check it out, 100% will protect all the babies there, go follow)

And, this peep that y’all know already

“Whaatt?? Two Charas??? Whaaaa???!!”

Oh yeah, sweet Chacha.

So you’ve probably seen the word Chojete around. That’s just the ship name for these two dorks, that might seem cute but actually went through a lot of shit before. Starting with Choco’s reset //warning really old art// and other tiny arcs and events im too lazy to tag ( Still check out their body swap tho, it has major stuff for both sides, /Red’s  - /Choco’s )

And where did the name come from? Well. Red used to have a crack nickname long ago, Rojete, back when we started to ship them. Choco x Rojete = Chojete. //lmao

It all started with this harmless post and became stronger with rps and headcanons.

Tag is #chojete for both blogs, you can find all that gay shit there.

-Min OUT.

Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

Also, huge thanks to you babes for liking my fics, moodboard, and my music I post on here as well as sending in lovely asks <3 Literally your support and love keeps me going and makes my days brighter, and ilysm!! 💕💕

So, for this one (because the other one was a fail) I’m not going alphabetical, and I’m gonna make sure you’re all tagged this time! (big shout out to @placebophan for helping me with that! ;)) Just tagging my mutuals I see a lot as well as interact with! My besties are bolded, and my pals are italicized 🌸

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1. Who kills the spider? Connor screams, then tries to act tough while Evan calmly picks the spider up and walks it outside.
2. Who reads while the other snuggles up to them? Connor loves reading. He wears reading glasses, which Evan finds obscenely adorable. Evan likes to snuggle while he quietly watches a documentary or naps.
3. Who likes to eat with fork more that a spoon? Evan likes forks better because they just make more sense. They’re the best utensil for a variety of foods. Connor caught Evan eating soup with a fork once and had so many questions.
4. Who laughs at funny words? It depends on the time of day. Around midday, it’s Connor who’s cracking up and sending Evan weird words and their definitions because he’s bored. At 3 am, it’s Evan who rolls over and whispers them in Connor’s eat, then laughs for a solid five minutes and the confused look on Connor’s face.
5. In high school what would their stereotype(s) be? Examples - nerd, jock, band geek ect If we’re going by Breakfast Club definitions, then Connor’s the basketcase. He’s the crazy kid who really isn’t that crazy, he’s just quiet and mean and people assume he’s dangerous. Evan is a nerd, through and through. He’s mostly an academic nerd, but he used to be a band nerd for awhile. He’s also secretly a theatre nerd.
6. What type of parents would they be? Connor is the cool dad would is concerned for his kids, but also eggs them on sometimes. Evan is the helicopter dad who just wants the best for his kids, but he spends almost all of his time worrying about them.
7. What is their favorite show to watch together? Something light and fun, where neither of them have to think too much. It’s not that they hate shows with a deeper meaning; it’s just that when they watch actual tv shows, they want to escape a bit. They both were really into Stranger Things for awhile, and now they’re watching New Girl together.
8. Do they like the food network channel? Evan finds the competition shows a little too stressful sometimes, but Connor loves the Food Network. Chopped is his show; he’s always prepared if he and Evan don’t go grocery shopping.
9. Who likes to walk their dogs while the other lets the dogs walk them? Evan runs with their dogs in the morning before Connor wakes up. They listen to him pretty well, but occasionally they end up walking him instead of the other way around. Connor really is a dog whisperer, so he’s got them under control when he walks them when he gets home from work.
10. Who is the more relaxed one? Neither. Neither one of them is more relaxed. Well, Connor might be a touch more relaxed, but not really.
11. Who likes to be out in nature more? Evan Hansen is a certified Tree Fucker Hugger. He would live outside if he could. Connor is mildly allergic to nature in general, so he prefers the great indoors.
12. Who initiates cuddling sessions? Usually Connor, but if Evan is really sleepy, he’ll be the one to start their cuddle sessions. He’s just usually a little more reserved when it comes to initiating things at times.
13. Who is always running late and always gives the other a running late quick kiss? Evan tries to leave on time, he really does, but his life is a mess and he’s usually running a little behind. Connor’s always there to demand a kiss as he helps Evan into his jacket on his way out the door.
14. Who bakes the other a cake and puts a playful insult on it? Connor likes baking just as much as he loves cooking, so he bakes all the cakes. He usually writes “Happy Birthday, Nerd,” on them jokingly, and Evan kind of loves it.
15. Who would wrap the other in a blanket when the other one has a bad day? Evan has a habit of just wrapping Connor up always, because Connor is usually too lazy to grab a blanket even if he’s shivering. Evan gives Connor the fluffiest blanket they have on bad days, and sometimes curls up around him if he’s open to cuddling.

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How about, in the dorms, they play the worlds biggest game of the floor is lava. Like, not even Tokoyami or Bakugou can resist the game simply because of childhood memories. They place cushions on the stairs so people can go to different floors. Just the kids playing the floor is lava


there are no friends. you have no allies. everyone is out to get you, everyone is out to win, and they will sabotage everyone else in order to secure victory. 

quirks are allowed. because of this, Uraraka and Tokoyami are some of the hardest to knock out of the competition. Uraraka can just make herself float, or make objects hover and jump between them. she’ll cancel out her powers and cause whatever poor soul who happened to be the floating armchair to fall onto the floor. Tokoyami, of course, has his Shadow.

Bakugou, Kaminari or Todoroki take Tokoyami out first. their quirks are the worst match up for Tokoyami, and just like in the sports festival, it all ends rather quickly. 

Kaminari is often taken out fast. partially because he doesn’t wanna hurt anyone with his quirk. partially because he’s just. naturally clumsy.

there are debates about whether Todoroki’s ice counts as lava or as an object. Todoroki insists that it should count as an object because it’s ice, but Mineta and Kaminari think it’s cheating and should be counted as him touching the floor.

Kirishima is REALLY DIFFICULT to knock out because he can make himself hard and block all attacks. he’s usually one of the last few in the game.

Sero can use his tape to bounce from object to object. the only way to knock him out is if you body slam him, or cut his tape mid-swing. he’ll also use his tape to grab onto unsuspecting people to make them stumble and fall to their dramatic deaths. he’s great at knocking people out.

Aoyama is easy to knock to the floor. it’s hard to use his laser indoors and he’s not as agile as the others. he’s usually the first to go.

Mineta is goddamn hard to pick off. his balls stick to ANYTHING and sometimes he’ll just stick to walls and stay out of the chaos. he’ll also throw his balls at people in order to knock them off their balance–they end up in really odd positions, stuck upside down to the side of the counter, or sideways on the back of the couch. either way, they can’t get off and they’re forced to forfeit. 

Momo is somewhere in the middle. she’s great at making objects to defend or help herself, but sometimes it takes too long to make them and she’s knocked out before she can dodge.

Shouji is VERY HARD to knock off balance. but he finds it easy to take people out (in non-harmful ways; even if it’s a competition, he’s not gonna accidentally hurt his classmates). HOWEVER, sometimes his size makes it hard for him to jump onto the smaller objects and he’ll fall over thanks to his own weight.

Tsuyu is queen. she’s super quick and agile and able to stick to anything, and her tongue makes it easy for her to sabotage the others. she is ruthless. (tho she apologizes after every ‘attack’)

Mina has AMAZING reflexes and is hard to hit. she’s usually taken out by her own misjudgement of where she’s landing, or someone accidentally knocking into her. 

Satou and Kouda, like Shouji, are also very big. both have a hard time finding balance when landing on smaller surfaces. Satou’s quirk doesn’t really help him here, and he IS getting better with his balance. Kouda makes up for his lack of balance by sending bugs after people who’re trying to get him out of the game.

Ojirou is goddamn hard to knock off balance with that tail of his. plus, he’s a martial artist, so he’s got a LOT of balance training. he’s usually one of the last few left. 

Jirou is able to use her sound attacks to vibrate tables and the floor in order to throw off the other student’s balance. she is, however, rather easy to knock out b/c it takes concentration to use her attacks, and she leaves herself open.

Iida uses his engines to fly from table to chair to pillow, but sometimes the momentum will make him trip. he finds the game great practice for his control, tho he does get frustrated since he lost a few times at first

Tooru. Tooru is fucking HARD to beat because she plays in her hero outfit (or less) and no one can see where she lands. the only thing they have to by by are her little reaction sounds (from jumping and landing) when figuring out where she is 

and last but not least, Izuku and Bakugou. these two. these two are the GODDAMN HARDEST OF ALL THE STUDENTS TO BEAT. 

THEY’VE BOTH GOT AMAZING REFLEXES, THEY BOTH CAN MANEUVER IN THE AIR, AND PARKOUR IS GODDAMN THEIR MIDDLE NAME. not to mention they’re both SO FUCKING FAST that no one can ever knock them out. fuckers can dodge like no-one’s business, and it frustrates the entire class.

the game almost always ends with these two trying to beat each other. Bakugou gets especially pissed because Izuku learned most of those moves from him, so it’s like he’s fighting a goddamn copy of himself. 

they usually end in a tie. they’ll slam into each other and the’ll both get knocked to the ground. they also have the exact same amount of wins and loses. 

that doesn’t stop the other students from trying to win, tho. they wanna beat Deku and Kacchan because they’re so amazing, and with each game, it gets harder and harder to knock everyone out. 

Bakugou and Izuku actually love this, because it means more training and fighting each other at their best (well, as much as they can in a game like this)

Aizawa and All Might usually watch from the corners to make sure no one gets seriously hurt. they’re so proud of their kids, tho, because this training is so good for them. it’s harmless and great for honing reflexes and attacks.

also, they just love to see their kids improve. what proud dads


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1. Drink: orange juice my dude

2. Phone call: my dad

3. Text message: irl friend

4. Song you listened to: Love Song by Miss A

5. Time you cried: last night

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When you see someone being an idiot and an ass about something/to someone and you check the op and they’re from your fandom/the same ship.. And you just have to close your eyes and take a deep breath to calm down… But you just can’t help but think “Dear god this is why we have such a bad reputation and everyone hates us”

Alright let's stop fucking around & figure this out:

What is the Arizona x Eliza ship name?? Because I’m tired of having to use all the different names as tags, I’m too lazy for that shit but I wanna make sure I see everything & other fans see what I post. SO here’s the options:

-ARILIZA (friendly reminder this was what Jessica Capshaw herself liked best because it puts Arizona first finally)
-MIBBINS (interesting combo of the last names lol)
- ARIZONA X ELIZA (plain and simple)
- ???? Is there another more popular rogue name out there I don’t know?!

Reply and/or reblog with your choice. Hopefully this post will circulate enough for us to come up with a definitive answer lol

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