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If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.

I might be quiet, but I eat lunch with friends, crack jokes and talk about music and makeup. every minute I spend in their presence tears at my being, but I persist, I grit my teeth and take your immaturity and stupidity, your small minded remarks. why do I do it? I do it so no one will harass me for being alone, even if that’s when I feel most comfortable. I do in hopes of it benefiting me–someone will give me cash or know someone who will help me in my career.every day my mind wavers between people being obstacles standing between me and my goal and people being tools and stepping stones I can use to achieve my goal.

“hi. i’m mr. stone, sir. my colleague is mr. wood.”

“actually,” said shadow, “i meant, what agency are you with? CIA? FBI?”

stone shook his head. “gee. it’s not as easy as that anymore, sir. things just aren’t that simple.”

“the private sector,” said wood, “the public sector. you know. there’s a lot of interplay these days.”

“but i can assure you,” said stone, with another smiley smile, “we are the good guys.”

Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

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“You’ve… used me”. — “I’m sorry you feel that way”.


Love Live Avatars // For @majiiko

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the signs as twenty one pilots songs
  • Aries: Fairly Local
  • Taurus: Trapdoor
  • Gemini: Kitchen Sink
  • Cancer: Air Catcher
  • Leo: Holding On To You
  • Virgo: Implicit Demand For Proof
  • Libra: Truce
  • Scorpio: Isle Of Flightless Birds
  • Sagittarius: Taxi Cab
  • Capricorn: Be Concerned
  • Aquarius: Fall Away
  • Pisces: Before You Start Your Day