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Happy 60th Birthday Brendan Gleeson! [b March 29th, 1955]

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DR3 AU. Hagakure got his prediction right, everyone's fine, and there was no final killing game.

A/N in case anyone forgot, it’s this scene

Hagakure Predicts a Happy Future (Foundation)

Hagakure’s predictions have a 30% accuracy and thankfully this was one of those predictions that fall inside the 30%.

There was no killing game. All those deaths and drama? It was all just an elaborate setup to prank Naegi and everyone was in on it. Everyone was very much alive and everything was absolutely okay.

“You guys sure got me good.” Naegi laughed heartily.

“We sure did. Hahaha! No hard feelings?” Gozu patted him on the back.

“None taken. I’m just glad that everyone’s okay.” Naegi flashed him a relieved smile.

“Hey, man. I know it was just acting but I’m sorry for punching you and threatening you and stuff.” Juzo awkwardly apologized.

“It’s alright. You meant well anyways.” Naegi’s forgiveness came easily with him.

“Finally! I was off-screen for so long. I was getting impatient you know!” Chisa huffed.

“Well you did “die” early.“ Naegi’s so relieved that he could joke about it now. "It must have been tough waiting it all out.”

“Naegi, please accept my most sincere apologies for my behavior. I was rough on you.” Munakata bowed deeply.

“No need to apologize.” Naegi said understandingly. “You actually surprised me. You’re an amazing actor. I couldn’t tell at all that you were just acting.”

“Hey, hey! How about me? Wasn’t I the best actress?” Ruruka hounded him.

“You were pretty convincing yourself.” He nodded.

“Thanks for following the script.” Izayoi gave him a thumbs up.

“There was a script for me?” Naegi asked in confusion. “Wait who wrote it in the first place?”

“That would be… me.” Ryota confessed timidly.

“Oh, wow. Then let me just say how amazingly written it is!” He openly praised him.

To which, Ryota just flushed in embarrassment. “T-Thank you. It’s an honor.”

(By the way, Hagakure wasn’t in on the prank because they didn’t want to risk him giving it away.
“Hey, I too can keep a secret!”
No, no he actually can’t.)

“You were great at playing along! You were a natural at it!” Gekkogahara praised through Usami.

“Well to be fair, everything was natural on my part.” Naegi joked back.

“Y-You… didn’t get hurt, did you?” Seiko asked in concern.

“Nope but thanks for worrying!” Naegi reassured her.

“It was really fun to have makeup done, tee hee.” Bandai laughed heartily.

“Those special effects were really something else.” Naegi commented. Honestly, they were on a whole new level. He genuinely believed that everything was real. “Too realistic if you ask me.”

“Haha! You should’ve seen the look on your face, kid.” Kizakura teased him.

“Please don’t remind me. It’s embarrassing…” Naegi was flustered.

“Now, now. Don’t tease the young man too much. Save some for when we watch the whole thing later.” Tengan joked.

“We’re going to watch it?!” Naegi’s jaw dropped in shock.

“Naturally. Why else would we have it on video?” Asahina smiled impishly.

“I had my suspicions but I just wished I was wrong.” He sighed in defeat.

“Don’t worry about it too much. You were a splendid actor.” Kirigiri smirked at him with mirth.

Naegi laughed weakly. “I’d feel better about it if I was actually acting.”

Hagakure’s predictions have a 30% accuracy and thankfully this was one of those predictions that fall inside the 30%.

And THEY LIVED happily ever after… in this fanfic.