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People like to identify with labels because it makes it easier to find terminology to explain what we’re experiencing, and it opens us up to a world where we’re not the only ones who feel this way. It’s not a way to be special, it’s a way to understand and belong.


Part 2/3 of my trip to Akihabara! This wraps up my visit to the collab café. Check out Part 1 for related pics!

By the way, the café BGM is a nonstop playlist of LLS songs like “Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu”, “Strawberry Trapper”, “Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!”, “Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou”, KimiKoko, and so on.

(1) The menu! The food and drinks are pretty pricey, but they come with coasters you can take home! You receive a random one from the pool of whichever particular order you made. IIRC the order/coaster pairs are from left to right (referring to the coasters displayed on the bottom of the menu): drinks (Ep5 datenshi outfits or OG Mijuku Dreamer outfits), coffee (Aqours logo), food (MIRAI TICKET), Shiitake ice cream (Shiitake screenshots lol), and parfait (Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare screenshots).

The food consists of 9 drinks (1 for each girl), coffee (which no one ordered when I went lol), 2 food choices (risotto or neapolitan pasta), and 4 dessert choices (the Shiitake ice cream and 3 parfaits for each year group).

(2~4) My orders! I made the mistake of eating a solid breakfast because I didn’t expect that I would actually manage to get into the café, so I wasn’t really up for buying a lot of food. Probably a bad influence from my failed attempt yesterday for the “Kimi no Na wa” Ikebukuro café yesterday (the line was long af).

Anyways, the 10:30am-12:00pm slot (the first one of the day) had plenty of room for even non-reservation customers like me, so I got in right away! I ordered the You-chan drink (blue tapioca + white grape juice I think? it was delicious!!!) and the 2nd years parfait (strawberry flavor - the donut is meh and there’s quite a lot of whipped cream, but it’s okay overall). It turns out that Kanan loves me today, since I got her coaster for the Aqours member drink and the KanaMari coaster for the parfait! (apologies to ChikaYou for blocking their chibis with my coasters so that I could snap shots of Kanan;;; )

How it works is that you get a small folder (like the ones used for checks at restaurants) with a number that corresponds to the table you’re seated at. The employees will take orders and also deliver them through these numbers - so Table 1 gets served first, etc. The wait isn’t too bad - plus, most of us customers spent our time walking around and taking pictures of the place (pics are OK, videos are no good) while the orders were prepared, so it didn’t feel long at all.

(5~8) There are corkboards for each member with MIRAI TICKET screenshots as wall decs! You can also see the CM for TekuTeku Aqours ~2nd years~ (btw kudos to Chesszz for the full subs of that!) playing on one of the TVs. And as I’ve mentioned before, there’s a huge wall of the cafe dedicated to Aqours in their MIRAI TICKET performance. Of course, I had to take a pic just of the Yousoro child. also super thankful to whoever designed the wall for putting a YouChika screenshot on both sides of You’s logo god bless them

Forgot to mention, but the café employees really get into trying to make the place lively. The aforementioned employee (in Part 1) who led us in the pre-entrance cheer also did the Yoshiko and Hanamaru call and responses (Yoshiko’s was right after our orders were taken iirc, and the Maru C&R was after we had all gotten our orders and had time to dig in), haha. Kinda funny to see a group of 20ish guys plus 3 random girls trying to say “pyon~” following the “DAKARA YOHANE YO” line without getting too self-conscious.

(9) Life-sized cutouts of Aqours in their MIRAI TICKET outfits in a corner of the cafe! I 100% approve of YouChiKanan being placed together in the front row, man this café sure does cater right to my tastes.

(10) Opposite the cutouts is a huge chalkboard where you can write messages in colorful ink. I was kinda pressed for time (since I went to the cafe alone, I had to meet my cousin outside once I was done and I didn’t want to make him wait too long), so I just wrote the first thing that popped into my head. _(:3 」∠)_


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TEW Celebration Week - Day 3: Favourite Scene or Favourite Quote

I know who you are, Seb.
i know what you crave, what you fear.
Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I’m gonna make you do?
Poor little Joseph couldn’t.
Too bad they dragged you into this. But either way,
You’re mine. To do with as I please.

That whole scene. Ugh, utter brilliance. I didn’t ship Ruviseb until after completing the game, so it’s not really about that. But this scene just really showed Ruvik’s presence, and I loved it. So much. I’m terrible at describing but hopefully that made sense haha.

in which sokka takes mario kart way too seriously

summary: looselydid you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker’

word count: 1,656

pairing: zukka what did you expect

a/n: this sucks i didn’t even try. also: watch your language kids. don’t be like sokka.

Despite what many people might say, Sokka is not competitive. He swears he’s not. He’s not. He just…gets a little overexcited sometimes, is all.

Especially when he and his boyfriend are playing Mario Kart at 11 in the morning, unshowered and in their boxers and just a tiny, tiny bit overcaffeinated.

(Okay, very overcaffeinated. It’s not Sokka’s fault that he repeatedly misjudges exactly how much coffee a person should consume in the morning. Sue him.)

Anyways, Mario Kart and large doses of coffee are not a great combination for someone as…excitable as Sokka. Which is something that Zuko has yet to learn, despite being his boyfriend of nearly two years and having been subjected to the exact same ordeal many times over.

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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 1.70 or 5.7 depending on where you live.

Sexual Orientation: On the ace spectrum. 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favourite Colour: I’m in my Grey period

Favourite Animal: Those cute little fuckers:

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Average hours of sleep: Between 4 and 12 depending on my mental state

Cat or dog person: More a cat person than a dog person (proud slave-mum to 3 cats) but dogs are awesome too. I’m just too lazy to take care of a doggie properly. 

Favourite fictional characters: Too many because fictitious characters are more tolerable than real people. Rey, Finn and Kylo are definitely my top 3 at the moment. 

Number of blankets: A boyfriend, 2 to 3 cats, and a big fluffy cover.

Favourite singer/band: Oh damn, that changed so much over the years. In the 90′s, early 00′s I was massively into J-Rock, and I followed Dir en Grey’s 4 times. Since I’ve never “stalked” any other band, I guess they are by default in the top 5. Other than that: Nine inch nails, Rage against the Machine, Sepultura, but also Joy Division, The Dresden dolls (I’ve seen Amanda Palmer multiple times)

Dream trip: A world tour. Some of the destinations that are on my bucket list: New Zealand, Iceland, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Tibet, Kenya, Antartica, Peru, Mongolia. 

Dream job: Otter keeper, even if it’s not a job. More realistically, a sanctuary for farm animals?  

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i’ve captioned these photos if anyone wants to read them lmfao

anyway lmao my mouse is a little bit alive, it’d still gets disconnected by it’s own sometimes but it’s fine imma try to use it till i get a new one cause i can’t draw properly with it

however, i actually sketched this on valentine’s day cause i really don’t know i should’ve draw something nice and sweet but no i ended up drawing nightmares????? what even

it’s late in the night and im too lazy to give their infos, so maybe later?

hope ya like it! and excuse my horrible sketching don’t know what is sketch cleaner lol ok

Erwin! The idiot is mimicking me! How can I turn it off?

Levi: Four-eyes.

Hanji: Four-eyes.

Levi: You have a while?

Hanji: You have a while?

Levi: Th. It was funny ages ago you know?

Hanji: Th. It was funny age…

Levi: Stop this.

Hanji: …s ago you know? Stop this!

Levi: *sighs*

Hanji: *sighs*



Levi: I promise to…

Hanji: I promise…

Levi: …take a long bath today.

Hanji: ta-. Hey! Oh no, you little perfidious traitor!