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when you follow a mental illness blog and then they turn their life around and suddenly start reblogging nothing but #recovery and #positivity

like, i came here for memes about my suffering, miss me with that healthy optimism shit

People like to identify with labels because it makes it easier to find terminology to explain what we’re experiencing, and it opens us up to a world where we’re not the only ones who feel this way. It’s not a way to be special, it’s a way to understand and belong.

WIP Summer Palace piece. I have not drawn properly in so freaking long, please forgive my sloppiness. D; 

I’ve also not done fanart in nearly a year??? Or something??? Who knows??? ??????????? >.> it’s been a while because i suck also yes I see my anatomical errors why is Laurent’s ear that low down. I am too lazy to fix it right now but SOON. 😱

jojopretzel  asked:

Hi! Could I get some funny dialogue between element based magic users? (I.e. Light, shadow, earth, air, etc.) thanks!!

“So you can do fire without even trying?”

“Yeah, but I still think it would be cooler if I could make, like, bagels appear out of thin air.”

“So you control shadows?”


“And you’re afraid of the dark?”


“Man, that really sucks.”


“God, I wish the earth would just swallow me whole!”

“Be careful what you wish for.”

“What are you talking about? I do earth. You do water.”

“Well…. I wanted earth first….”


star: i really gotta take marco shopping 🛒💸his wardrobe is literally ‼️17‼️of these hoodies in the same color 😣😣😵😵😵

anyways this was probs one of the quickest costests i’ve ever done but i’m def gonna cosplay her properly soon i think

TEW Celebration Week - Day 3: Favourite Scene or Favourite Quote

I know who you are, Seb.
i know what you crave, what you fear.
Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I’m gonna make you do?
Poor little Joseph couldn’t.
Too bad they dragged you into this. But either way,
You’re mine. To do with as I please.

That whole scene. Ugh, utter brilliance. I didn’t ship Ruviseb until after completing the game, so it’s not really about that. But this scene just really showed Ruvik’s presence, and I loved it. So much. I’m terrible at describing but hopefully that made sense haha.

I wish there was a reblog later button separate to your likes just like ‘I really wanna reblog this but I’m too lazy to tag it properly right now and do the whole shebang’

in which sokka takes mario kart way too seriously

summary: looselydid you actually just blue shell me on our date you fucker’

word count: 1,656

pairing: zukka what did you expect

a/n: this sucks i didn’t even try. also: watch your language kids. don’t be like sokka.

Despite what many people might say, Sokka is not competitive. He swears he’s not. He’s not. He just…gets a little overexcited sometimes, is all.

Especially when he and his boyfriend are playing Mario Kart at 11 in the morning, unshowered and in their boxers and just a tiny, tiny bit overcaffeinated.

(Okay, very overcaffeinated. It’s not Sokka’s fault that he repeatedly misjudges exactly how much coffee a person should consume in the morning. Sue him.)

Anyways, Mario Kart and large doses of coffee are not a great combination for someone as…excitable as Sokka. Which is something that Zuko has yet to learn, despite being his boyfriend of nearly two years and having been subjected to the exact same ordeal many times over.

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