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  • What Aries Likes: Loud music, parties, friends, fights, sporting events, being outdoors, action movies
  • What Aries Doesn't Like: Being quiet, waiting, not being in charge, compromises, rainy days, being bored
  • What Taurus Likes: Luxury, art, gourmet food, security, safety, money, class, lazy days
  • What Taurus Doesn't Like: Being rushed, cheap things, instability, loud people, being wrong
  • What Gemini Likes: Other people, drinking, books, travel, knowledge, children, flirting, comedy, puzzles, debates
  • What Gemini Doesn't Like: Close-mindedness, commitment, boredom, serious people, black and white movies
  • What Cancer Likes: Comfort, movies, romance, flowers, comfort food, money, being home, children
  • What Cancer Doesn't Like: Negativity, aggression, cruelty, lack of sympathy, opening up, being away from home for too long
  • What Leo Likes: Being strong for others, good food, patience, loyalty, high fashion
  • What Leo Doesn't Like: Criticism, lack of loyalty, working, dependence, boredom, quietness
  • What Virgo Likes: Advising others, nice pens, reading, writing, cult films, organization, eating healthy
  • What Virgo Doesn't Like: Being criticized, loud places and people, brutality, poor quality of life
  • What Libra Likes: Peace, happiness, fashion, makeup, relationships, romantic gestures, admiration
  • What Libra Doesn't Like: Fighting, being ignored, helplessness, making large decisions
  • What Scorpio Likes: Tranquility, silence, indulging, sneaking around, secrets, trust, mysteries
  • What Scorpio Doesn't Like: Liars, ruckus, guilt, pain, hoarding emotions, being overwhelmed
  • What Sagittarius Likes: Freedom, travel, exotic things, spirituality, old churches, knowledge, philosophy, drugs
  • What Sagittarius Doesn't Like: Growing old, feeling restricted, being chased, judgmental people, skepticism
  • What Capricorn Likes: Success, self care, ambition, logic, rationality, quietness, conservative thinking
  • What Capricorn Doesn't Like: Clinginess, expressing themselves, losing control, laziness, change
  • What Aquarius Likes: Technology, science, wisdom, travel, friends and family, surprises, helping others
  • What Aquarius Doesn't Like: Feeling helpless, close-mindedness, authority figures, prejudice
  • What Pisces Likes: Arts, sleeping, New Age, compassion, love, escape, religion, music, romanticism
  • What Pisces Doesn't Like: Stress, heartbreak, lack of understanding, rules, criticism, responsibility

Happy 4th Anniversary, Final Fantasy Type-0~! [27.10.11]

something about me

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Nickname: Ace, Cat, Lazy, Kitty 

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 171 cm

Time right now: 0.00 am

Last thing you googled: Too many cooks xD

Favorite music artist: waaah too many XD but mmm.. Sleeping at last maybe

Song stuck in my head: TOO MANY COOKS

Last movie i watched:“perfetti sconosciuti” italian film. I usually don’t like them but wow that was good xD

Last TV show i watched: American Horror Story

What I’m wearing right now: pigiamas >__>

When i created this blog: 1 October 2016

The kind of stuff i post: My art and fan arts >\\<

Do i do asks regularly: I really try to answer to everybody but not anons because I don’t want to spam people >< but when I have bad days I always go there and reread all of them to smile xD 

Why did i choose my URL: Because I’m super lazy…and I love cats >> I’m NOT lazy on things that I like tho –> drawing xD

Gender: girl 

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Pokemon team: nope xD

Favorite color: Red and black

Lucky number: 8

Favorite characters: undertale characters in general <3

Dream job: comic artist/ mangaka ;\\;

Number of blankets i sleep with: 1

Followers: 5406

aaaah I have to tag now ;\\; mmmhm.. 

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lets play a game?

because i almost hit 600 followers and i actually typed my follow forever when i hit 500 followers but my dad closed the tumblr tab when i havent saved it yet and im too lazy too wrote it all over again;“)
sooo i was thinking about a new thing. not a blograte, not a follow forever.

the rules are easy tho:
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- send me and ask with your fav emoji(s) also your name

what i will do:
since i cant answer with pictures via phone, i’ll post it instead and mentioning you (also credits to rightful owner if needed).
i will do a bullet journal pack (like the book, the utensils, the spreads, etc.) of what i think about your name and fav emoji(s) plus a site model icon of what i think about your name too!! (bc i just dang i love looking at those girls/boys theyre hella cute😍) alsoo a quote!!😁☺😊

soo i think thats it??? if this doesnt get note just forget it lmaoo if you dont want to see me playing games around in your dash please block #bilfy plays a game😊

About the Astrals

…and How Much (read: Little) They Could Really Do, And What They Gave To Do It

Okay, this started as me being pissy over all the “The Astrals are so cruel” “Bahamut is such an asshole” “It’s not fair that they made him do this they could’ve just fixed it themselves” kinds of posts. And then debating with that. And then realizing how long this was getting, and so here we are, it gets its own post.

It’s formatted a bit awkwardly and I am entirely too lazy to make this a pretty post so I’m sorry for my rambling.

And now here’s the stuff~

-Gods tend to have some rules to follow about levels of interference and also the amount of responsibility that the people have to see to their own survival and such. (i.e. the Gods give Humanity the tools but humans gotta do the work)

-There’s also the fact that the Starscourge came from Outer Space and thus could have been outside of their ability to affect, since it wasn’t of Eos.

The second one explains itself I think, so it’s only the first I’ll expand on.

Out of the Astrals, this is what we have to work with us against the Starscourge:

1. Ifrit, the Betrayer. He’s dead and he wouldn’t help anyways since he caused it.

2. Bahamut. Gifted the Oracle with the Trident and magic to cleanse the Starscourge. Gifted the Kings of Lucis with the Crystal, the Ring, and his very own magic, all tools to be used to see to the ending of the Starscourge. He then seems to disappear from Eos (?) and is seen only in the Crystal and then outside of it again only after bonding with Noct, indicating he was within the Crystal the entire time, and unable to do anything outside of it.

3. Titan. He is a little bit trapped under the meteor unfortunately, and it seems only his death is able to clear out the meteor itself and free him, as seen when Noct (and the Empire…) defeats him. So the fact that he’s trapped under the meteor for ~2000 and unable to ever free himself or be freed by the others is probably the most powerful proof of the Astrals’ inability to deal with the Starscourge on their own.

4. Ramuh. …..I hate that we know nothing about Ramuh tbh lol he’s a dead spot. Could be alive, could be dead, could be recently dead, could be 30 years dead, could be thousands of years dead. Who knows, maybe he died way back, maybe Ifrit killed him, or maybe he was just on an intergalactic roadtrip for the last 2000+ years. We don’t know, anything’s possible~! He might like humans, he might hate them, he might not give a crap lol

5. Shiva. She certainly appears to have a fondness for humans. It’s interesting that the Cosmogony supposedly tells of the 24 Messengers, meaning that Gentiana is truly a Messenger or else they would have known she wasn’t who she said she was immediately. So, is Gentiana always Shiva, or did she take her form? (…did someone translate her blurb from the Ultimania guide? does it clear any of this up? the JP is way too complicated for me x_x)

6. Leviathan. Not particularly kindhearted towards humans. Doesn’t necessarily want them all dead the same way Ifrit does, but has no attachment to them and would not likely directly help the other Astrals in removing the Starscourge. She would demand humanity work for and earn her help, so if the other 2~3 were unable to remove the Starscourge with just their power but could have with hers, then that’s just too bad so sad, time for plan B I guess.

So!! Before the crystal and oracles and everything, there were at best 3 Astrals who could deal with the Starscourge, since Leviathan hates humanity, Titan was trapped, and then of course Ifrit was never on this list.

The fact that Titan was trapped by the meteor and they all apparently could do nothing to help him out shows us that they probably didn’t have the power to take care of the Starscourge by themselves anyways.

I believe it was said somewhere that the Crystal was part of the stuff that came from outer space???? I cannot remember and I might be mixing my series’ lores, but I’m mentioning it in case it rings a bell to anyone and if there’s a source if I did remember that right. (ETA: I’m mixing up my lore on this one, disregard lol)

Now on to how the Astrals DID help us~!

There’s a finite number of these Astrals. There’s the Six. That’s it, they’re all we got. But humans…! We propagate our species, but we have relatively short lifespans and a very small amount of magical/life energy in comparison with the Astrals.

So Bahamut gave his weapon, his trident to the Humans, managed a way to give them a magic to purify the Starscourge from each other, and a way to provide protections for settlements, so that they could survive.

And then he gave his magic to humanity, and he gave humanity this crystal which could be used to help protect them, and which would gather the power to eradicate the Starscourge from Eos.

The Omen trailer tells us about the power gathering part, in its way. The Crystal tells Regis that it has seen many deaths but only needs one more, then it can rest. That’s the indication. It’s finally at the point to move on to the next step, but it still needs Noct’s death to see it done.

The point here is that the sacrifices were never personal. People say the Astrals toyed with the humans, but they never once did. Well, not in regards to stuff done to get rid of the Starscourge. I don’t know what they were like back in the days when they seemed to interact with humanity a lot more. (Am I the only one who got that impression? That the Astrals were a lot more active in the lives of humans, until the Astral War?)

And now we get to what did the Astrals sacrifice for humanity - Since they asked that lives be sacrificed to power this, it’s only right that they sacrificed, too, right?

Well, let’s not forget how every single Astral dies for Noct lol

I think this got missed by a lot of people, but yes, the Astrals did die.

Well, I can confirm Shiva, Titan, and Leviathan.

-I assume Bahamut died in giving his power and going into the Crystal, based on some other bits I’ll get to in a moment.

-Ramuh, as I said above, we know nothing about, but him being dead in some way is likely because of what happens with the other three.

-Shiva died 11 years prior. Gigant Shiva (?) was rose up, attacked, and was ultimately defeated by the Empire a year after Tenebrae’s occupation. (I like to think Genti was pissed on Luna’s behalf, but that’s not relevant)

-Noct, the Chocobros, and the Empire do kill Titan at the Disc of Cauthess. The energy released from his death destroys the meteor.

-Leviathan is killed in Altissia and it’s when she dies and her water vortex collapses into a tidal wave that Luna summons Titan to create a breakwater to protect the rest of the city from being destroyed.

(there are news headlines and radio news clips about these things so the proof on most of them is right in the game for you to find~)

Now to why I assume Bahamut and Ramuh are also dead, considering everyone else - That seems to be part of the price of giving their power to humans.

And that’s also why they require such a heavy price from humans.

But each of them are able to be summoned after giving their favor to Noct, so they clearly all have some ability in their deaths. But it doesn’t seem as though they have full ability, y’know? They aren’t really alive anymore, they’re just their soul and no longer their body? I’m not really sure how to describe, just that they are very clearly less than they were before in order to aid humans.

So they sacrificed every bit as much as they asked be sacrificed.

They only made humanity pay the price that was necessary to get the job done.

They needed humanity’s help to overcome the Starscourge. And they didn’t ask for an ounce more than they needed.

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How to Make a Language Notebook

I’ve been using a language notebook for about a month now, and I finally figured out a format that works for me, so I figured I’d share it with you guys! Keep in mind these are only recommendations, feel free to do your own thing if you think it’ll be more convenient for you!

Okay, so to start, here’s what you’ll need:

1) Pens

I recommend three pens of different colours. I used blue, orange and black. The blue is for words/ sentences in my target language. I chose a dark colour so they would stand out more. The orange, a light colour, is for words/ sentences in my native language (or English, in my case). It’s a lighter colour because it makes the blue stand out more, so I focus more on the words in my target language instead of the English ones. The black is for titles, drawings, and words in another language that isn’t my target or my native. For example, I compare German with Spanish in this entry: 

As you can see, the German phrases are in blue because it’s my target language. The explanations in English are in orange, and the title and Spanish words are in black.

2) A notebook

Some people recommend separating grammar and vocabulary. This is an excellent idea if you have many notebooks or notebooks with different sections. If you don’t, it’s not a problem. I only use one notebook, which works for me, because I don’t use it too much (it’s mostly a space to write down stuff I like, not stuff I will necessarily use). If you plan on using your notebook in a more serious manner, but cannot afford to get several notebooks, I recommend you write everything concerning vocabulary (or grammar) in the front of the notebook, and the rest (grammar or vocabulary, it depends) at the back. Make sure to not use a very thin notebook though!

If you don’t feel the need to separate grammar and vocabulary, there are ways of dividing the topics:

3) Sticky Tabs

I have four different topics in my language notebook: vocabulary, grammar, verbs, and miscellaneous. To divide them, I add sticky tabs of different colours next to each entry. For example, vocabulary is pink, grammar is blue, verbs are orange, and miscellaneous is green.

This allows me to see what the topic is immediately, and it makes my notebook very colourful!

4) 4cm margin

It doesn’t exactly have to be 4 centimeters, but it shouldn’t be more than a third of the page. This margin (I place mine on the right of the page) is for any notes you might want to add about the entry. For example, definitions, formal/ informal forms, etc. It doesn’t necessarily have to be used for every entry, but it’s easier to trace it for all, instead of just adding it when you need it. It’s also a good place to put the sticky tabs (refer to the previous image). I trace the line with a pencil so that it’s lighter and more discreet than the rest of the writing, but that’s up to you.

5) Index/ Key

One last thing you’ll (maybe) need: an index/ key! I don’t personally have an index, because I have too many entries per page, but a key is definitely useful if you use the sticky tab method. I still haven’t gotten around to making one, but that’s because I’m lazy Just write it (or stick it) on the back of the cover so you don’t waste a page on it.

Next you’ll need to decide what to write in the notebook. If you already know what to write, great! If not, here are some suggestions:

- Class notes

- Grammar rules/ verb conjugations/ etc. that you struggle with

- Funny sayings or random slang you learn

- Tumblr posts (these are great because they are generally explained simply, but make sure to check the info, because there might be some small mistakes)

- Journal entries (these are a great way to practice what you’ve written in previous entries!)

It doesn’t all have to be useful, necessarily. I have jokes, and puns that I might never use, but that are funny anyways. I find it’s a great way to stay motivated!

If you want more photos from my notebook, you can find ‘em here :) 

So yeah, that’s all! :D I hope you guys like it, and feel free to ask me questions about my language notebook!

Prompts for 2017 Love Fest!

Hello everyone! Although setting this up has been a bit rocky, I’m happy to announce that voting is over and we finally have our prompts! The dates for the love fest are the same as last year (July 8th-15th, with the bonus day being “day 0″ on the 7th). I will be making an image containing all the prompts, but I wanted to make a post first so you guys wouldn’t have to wait too long for the prompts. 

Bonus day (Day 0): Blindfolds 
Day 1: Lazy morning sex 
Day 2: Getting caught 
Day 3: Handcuff
Day 4: Lucy on top 
Day 5: Favorite part of his/her body 
Day 6: Passionate night 
Day 7: Going commando 

Please interpret these however you’d like! And as always, the prompts are completely optional, we will accept anything you make as long as it follows the rules (rules can be found on the rules page)! Late submissions are accepted as well, so don’t worry if you cant finish in time. Please have fun! 

Hii guys! I recently hit 600 followers (!!) and today marks one year since I first started my blog, so I thought I’d do url graphics to celebrate ♥


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I used to have autofill password for FR because I was lazy to enter in my password, and I don’t log out because I’m the only one that uses my computer. Period.

Well, one day my sister decides she wants to play with the dragons too. I skip the ‘13+ you gotta be to play the derg hellhole’ rule and helped her make an account anyways, because she’s a fairly smart one that can probably handle feeding/nesting/gathering, right?

No. She sells things for ridiculous prices, ugly dragons for 20kt+, and buys anything that looks nice. Even that hoard junk in the Other tab that isn’t Swipp/Baldwin. Then she begs me for food/money/whatever because she buys overpriced things and hoardsells when she’s tired of it, so she’s always losing money all of the time. She has no sense of economy or what money is even worth, apparently, real life and in-game. I used to send her over some stuff when she was starting out, but now I’m just leaving her by herself. I keep having to monitor her to make sure she isn’t making a fool of herself by begging everywhere for dragons. She’s constantly out of lair space because she buys all the pretty dragons and then randomly sells for expensive prices, and again begs for money from me for an expansion. Like hell no, girl. Do some work instead of sitting there buying everything.

I’m playing FR on my computer with her on hers, and I close the damn tab to go do something. She sneaks over while I’m gone, opens Chrome, and finds that my account is autofilled for password, so the little bitch sends a bunch of PMs and one-way CRs to her account with some of my familiars and half of my food stock, plus 50kt.

I discover this when logging back on, immediately seeing how short I am on money, and why I have so many notifications that she’s accepted ‘my’ CRs back on her computer/account. She sold all of my familiars (including a sprite) for 1 treasure each. Thankfully, kind souls saw this and noted my username before buying it immediately (so no one else would). They PMed me and we worked something out (with me getting my familiars back and them getting some compensation, still thankful), but am I still so salty about this? Yes.

Recap: Never let siblings play on your account. Ever.


2017 Summer Commissions

For most recent art examples, please take a look at this blog

Extra costs:

  • black/white coloring/shading is the same price as ‘soft shading’
  • extra character = half original price
  • complex background = 2 Euros


  • Fine with drawing OCs, canon characters and OCxCanon
  • Prices in Euro, payment via paypal with invoices
  • Max 3 characters
  • Soft gore/nsfw is okay
  • Men are not my strongest point
  • If you want something not on this post, send ask to see what is possible

Message me on IM if you’re interested


Art raffle as a thank you for 100 followers, i can hardly believe this moment has come!
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The deadline is the 17 April
Good luck!
(I was too lazy to add in detail what the prize for first place is so i put a few examples there XD)

Finnlo fanart for the Knight of Ren AU.

Snoke have been overthrown by the Dark Side power couple that is Kylo Ren and his lover Finn. Kylo is now ruler instead of Snoke and Finn is the master of the Knights of Ren, in addition to leading the First Order’s troops.

Despite having their days filled with the tasks of ruling a galactic empire they still find time for romance. Kylo loves wooing his Knight Protector every chance he gets and Finn loves being wooed.

Commissioned from the lovely and talented @petimetrek as a seasonal gift for the Finnlo fandom. You helped restore my hope in this fandom, you’re all awesome. Thank you so much all.

And thank you Peti, this was everything I hoped it would be.

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  • ily all <333

ok so i was way too chicken to post this yesterday because there are so many high notes in Never Say Never i was really self conscious about posting it because i can’t hold notes at all haha but i came across the original post again and it said sing your favorite song so i decided to just post this anyway because we’re all nice here :P and i really really really like this song!!

ft. my cat Sassy! she was walking by and I decided to include her :D (i chose not to seriously sing the part where Stephanie sings the dance moves because it’s kinda weird lol)

also i just noticed that i said “can’t give up until we try” instead of “before we try” whoops

Hey guys!! I hit 400 followers!!! I honestly so shocked 400 people care enough to follow this shit blog, but thank you all! I was too lazy and skipped my 300 celebration, so I guess I’ll be including that in this as well. Credits go to Bonnie @mcgonnagal who made this amazing banner I was lazy ok? Her edits are amazing go check them out!! And now I present to you my celebration!


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I was tagged by @eatkookiie to do the bias selfie tag/selfie tag, nd also by @jiminslipgloss to post 2 selfies & 10 things (thank you so much ily 💗💖💕💓)

since I’m too lazy to make 2 posts (🙄) I’ll just combine it into 1

Rules: you must post two selfies & write ten things you have learnt/are learning to love about yourself, tag mutuals and blogs that you like

1. I like my eyes, i really like their color

2. my lips are cute

3. I also kinda like my smile ??

4. I’m learning to love my skin

5. and my hair

6. I’m trying to love my voice

7. I like my height (i used to hate it sm)

8. my sense of humor

9. I love my eyelashes

10. I’m learning to love myself

I’m tagging: @taechy @jellyfishes @poutypjm @je0n @jeonnings @silkjimin @peachesjimin