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hi friends!! this is my very first post on studyblr (bc I was too lazy to make an intro post just yet) ft. some random bujo doodles from yesterday since summer break = no schoolwork yee :) 

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LOOK AT WHAT I DID !! pls be proud of me

Hey babes! Sooo I reached 400 followers yesterday! Thank you so incredibly much! I don’t even understand how it happened so fast but I’m grateful for anyone who comes to my blog to cheer them up or make them smile. :) I care about you guys a whole lot, and even though I said I wasn’t going to do another ff, I caved and made another bc I’m too lazy to do blog rates xD 

Also, huge thanks to you babes for liking my fics, moodboard, and my music I post on here as well as sending in lovely asks <3 Literally your support and love keeps me going and makes my days brighter, and ilysm!! 💕💕

So, for this one (because the other one was a fail) I’m not going alphabetical, and I’m gonna make sure you’re all tagged this time! (big shout out to @placebophan for helping me with that! ;)) Just tagging my mutuals I see a lot as well as interact with! My besties are bolded, and my pals are italicized 🌸

edit: I’m gonna be replying to some reblogs, so blacklist ashleysfollowforever if you don’t want this on your dash! :) 

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Sex With Post-Death Kyle [HCs]

Request: “Could you do sex with Kyle HCs, but this time with post death Kyle ;)” - Anon

Count: 19

A/N: I fixed the wifi yesterday but I was honestly just too lazy to post. Don’t be mad, please. Violet Harmon smut is hard to write.

  • Kyle is a huge sweetheart, before and after death
  • Well, after Fiona fixes him, at least
  • (Who am I kidding? He was sweet before. Just not the part with he anger issues.)
  • Before that, it was pretty uncommon for him to be gentle
  • The first time the two of you have sex, he’d be absolutely terrified of freaking out and hurting you because of what his mom did to him
  • So every little thing would be incredibly slow-paced
  • Well, until he realizes that both of you are completely fine
  • He’d gradually go rougher when you give him encouragement
  • And after the two of you fall into the groove of things, he’d still be cautious
  • The first few times are just like that, the whole process of getting him to open up and take a look around
  • It’s actually really sweet 
  • But then, it’s a breeze
  • When he’s comfortable, he’d even initiate it
  • He’s definitely a top after his revival
  • He’d have to be in a hell of a mood for him to let you take over
  • Despite that, it’s not totally uncommon
  • Kyle loves it when you call him daddy
  • You being his princess or his baby girl, of course
  • Overall, Kyle Spencer is a kinky cinnamon roll and needs to be protected

just siblings being siblings

Drabble: Stay

This one is borderline when it comes to whether or not it should be on here or on @beccaheartschrisevans​ .. I’m posting it here because I’m too lazy to post it on the other blog haha (I’m also on borrowed time… babysitting and she has been fussy and sleeping very lightly…)

Anyway, I got the idea for this story one my way to work yesterday morning and wrote most of it during my lunch break. I went back and forth about making it a smutty one, but in the ended I decided that it was better without. (Have no fear, the smutty idea will be it’s own story 😉).

It’s under the keep reading due to the length.

Drabble: Stay
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language

You slip out of Chris’s bed as you hear his breathing deepen, which is the sign that it’s time for you to leave. Crossing the room, you collect your clothes and set them down on the bench at the end of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Chris’s sleepy voice asks.

“Getting dressed,” you reply as you dig through your clothes for your panties.

When Chris doesn’t reply, you look up at him and find him frowning slightly.

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nct dream icons ♡ (asked by anons)

  • 82 icons
  • 130 x 130
  • download from my icons page
  • use ‘filter icons’ option (f.e.: ‘nct dream’ or member names) to find them faster!
  • like or reblog if taking ♡

(pls do NOT re-edit or change my icons in any form. just use them as they are. thank you.)
ps: i’m not taking new requests, pls do not send me more.

While we wait for TLJ trailer to drop, let’s look at some silly Reylo photos.😃 I’ve had these for months now, but I’ve been too lazy to post them. The quality is still terrible because I couldn’t find my camera and had to use my phone. This is the continuation of this:

So, let’s get on with the honeymoon.💜

Their first stop was Tatooine because Kylo wanted to show Rey the planet where his grandfather had spent his early childhood. Once they got there they decided to go for a romantic space camel ride.

They encountered some weird looking locals while riding through the desert.

Unfortunately Kylo was not dressed appropriately for the desert conditions. And so the heat caused him to experience some terrible hallucinations.

Rey said Kylo was wearing way too many layers of clothing. She suggested that he should just take them all off and then they could have some fun in the sun.

Afterwards Kylo finally understood why Grandpa Vader hated sand so much. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it does get everywhere

Nights in the desert can get a bit chilly, so Kylo took off his cowl and gave it to Rey.

For which she was very grateful.

They decided to spend the whole night in the desert and to sleep under the stars.

Kylo hated the hot weather so much that their next honeymoon destination was icy Hoth. This time Kylo took Grandpa Vader with them. While they were there they had to fight against a hungry wampa.

Later they took a long, romantic walk with Grandpa Vader.

Long time ago I was tagged by awesome @urkblog to make a bias moodboard challenge and by pretty @myhusbandhobi to post a selfie (u almost made a bias moodboard challenge! Yours was so soft! *O*)/ And yesterday my beautiful baby @seulgiofmylife also tagged me to do it :3

So sorry I’m too lazy to find more pics for a moodboard, so I just cut it to 4 frames. Lol hope that’s enough)

My all mutuals pls take part in a Bias moodboard challenge! It’s so fun to do and I miss you all so much!

I want to tag everyone who wants to do it and @chanyeolsdeepvoice @laybaeby @laygasm @lionbaekkie @dulcetyeoll @mapibee @letmecumbaek @the-ooverdose @fantastickpopshiptrash @fishtaeils @chanyoel @underluckystars @prettylittlexo @hydranoel @chogisad @exo-chanyeollie @amethystcat @chanyeolsabs @powerclaudi

I send all of my love to you guys!  💕 💕 💕


Holiday Challenge 4/? - Hao Asakura (Shaman King)

I have a really strong feelings for Shaman King bc it’s my fav anime and the first one ever (I didn’t even know that it’s an anime and that smth like this exists when I was watching it X"“"D).
At first I wanted to draw Amidamaru (bc I’ve never drown him before) but he is too difficoult so Hao won (in polish ver his name is Zeke :"3) ^^

And to make things clear: I’ve already failed my challenge. It’s 4th day and I’m fckn tired of drawing… This fan art should have been posted yesterday but I was to lazy to draw it. Wanted to make 2 things today but noooope~ Ends as always…
What’s more, I won’t be at home tomorrow so can’t draw anything again… Such a looser :”)
Anyway I try to draw when I will have time bc there is too many amazing people I would like to draw, and if I be lazy I won’t be able to do it till the end of the year… :“”“”“”“”“”“3