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Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)



I firstly did the entrace way as it felt too cold so I looked for flooring first as I knew I wanted a warm colour and then made the wallpaper myself! ^^

And finally after a long time saving I got the yellow tree! (I forget the name I’m too lazy and tired to look it up lol) and I meshed it with the Sylph tree! So pretty! *u*

I also saved for the Sophia Barding for a long time and now I’m poor lol ToT

Saving up gil again for the future of whatever I may need! (whichisusuallyexpenisve!!!ToT)

tmi/tid meme: [1/7] characters

Clary Fray: “I’m not an angel, Jace. I don’t return library books. I steal illegal music off the internet. I lie to my mom. I am completely ordinary.“

I can see this coming

What if the volume 4 is about a shattered team?.. What if Yang goes after Raven, Ruby trains with her father or her uncle to fight without her scythe, Weiss goes to her sister or the Schnees, and Blake goes to the Faunus areas (normal Faunus citizens not the white fang)

We will have like.. 3 chapters for each character.. We will get to know more about each character’s background and we will watch them grow stronger.. I want them to be defeated this time and I want Cinder to turn Vale into ruins just like mountain Glynn.. I want Ozpin, if he were to die, yo die like a hero.. The most epic death.. Idk maybe take the dragon with him

On the other side of the story.. Team RWBY runs away, shatters, and hides in the hope of striking back when they’re strong enough.. This way.. We will get to see Yang going on crazy adventures and meeting dangerous people .. To meet her mother.. Again.. And to understand all the secret stuff that are happening behind the walls of the kingdom..

We will get to see Ruby training and becoming stronger.. We will also learn more about Summer and the family..

We will get to see the Schnee family traditions and understand more about Atlas..

We will get to see Blake learning about the other side of the coin.. And seeing the peaceful society of the Faunus.. Maybe we will learn some things about the Faunus or even reveal Blake’s possible family member(s)..

It would be a very interesting volume if it was something like that

And if we reduced the number of episodes for each character to 2 episodes.. We will have extra 4 episodes for team JNPR and their backgrounds as well..