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MIA! You'll turn into a beautiful women mermaid! ( so now sanji will accept you fu fu fu )


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M!A Mermaid Fem!Sabo for 5 asks cuz HOLY SHE’S HARD TO DRAW ;w;


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r you still doing rwby requests? if you are can i request a blake and sun one? sun throwing blake a surprise birthday party?

I mean, requests are closed, but I like this one.

Plus, @miss-zei needs some cheering up haha


Blake wasn’t sure what Sun was going to do for her birthday, but she was sure it was going to be loud. Everything about the boy was loud: he broke down doors in the middle of intimate talks with family members, and he yelled when she was in danger. He was going to have her birthday party go out with a bang, whatever it was.

Blake sighed and pulled her hair out of her eyes, entering her parents’ house to see who was home. She was hungry, and her father had summoned her for some tea after Sun had disrupted them the first time.

She opened the door and locked it behind her, finally giving herself a chance to relax. It was going to be nice to rest and think over things.

Per her suspicion, she was greeted with a loud, “Surprise!” from Sun.

But he was the only one there.

Blake smiled and saw that he was holding a single cupcake just for her. “Hi, Sun.”

“Happy Birthday, Blake,” he said, holding up the cupcake sheepishly. His monkey tail twitched softly when she strode up to him and took the chocolate cupcake with a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Sun. It tastes great,” she said, licking the cupcake’s frosting with a soft smile.

“There’s my birthday girl!” Blake’s father yelled, and her mother came trailing behind him. The large man swooped his daughter up in his arms and hugged her tightly, and she decided not to protest. He was her father, and this was her birthday.

“Happy Birthday, sweetie,” her mother said, kissing Blake on the cheek softly and nuzzling her with her nose.

She handed her a wrapped present with a bow atop it, and Blake unwrapped it slowly and found that it was a black tank top.

“T-thank you,” Blake said, and her father stumbled over his words before telling her that she should cover up.

“I don’t want you showing a lot of skin around that boy!” he said, pointing at Sun.

“Hey, I’ve seen a lot of her skin and it’s just fine. Beautiful even,” Sun said, staring at Blake’s face dazedly. Seconds later he noticed what he said.

“Uh,” he too stumbled over his words, “that is, I mean–”

Blake’s father was already chasing after him, shouting profanities and about “boys only want one thing”.

Her mother chuckled, nuzzling her daughter once more. “I got you something else. That shirt was your father’s idea.”

She handed Blake a smaller, more flat wrapped gift and Blake opened it with more suspicion than before.

“A new gun sheath! How did you know I needed another one of these?” Blake asked, hugging her mother softly.

“A mother just knows. Also, he told me,” she said, pointing at Sun. Sun stopped to wave and then continued running away out into the patio from Blake’s father.

Blake’s cheeks warmed, but she said nothing. He really was sweet.

The rest of the night passed almost uneventfully, but Blake and Sun were able to talk down her father and explain that he had NOT seen much of her skin.


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Kuro-puu and Fai raising their child in Suwa. Kurogane turning out to be a really cute daddy, much to Fai's amusement.

“Oi, get back here!”

Fai looks over his shoulder, through the open door of the shrine he is kneeling in, and witnesses Kurogane grab the crawling one-year-old by the ankle and pull him back before he falls off the wooden walkway surrounding the outside of the manor.

Kurogane pulls the baby up by his ankle, easily turns him and cradles his back with his other hand without much of a thought, like it’s second nature for him to hold little babies, and Fai smiles.

“If you crawl off of one of these and get hurt, it’ll just be a headache for me,” Kurogane says pointedly to the baby cradled against his chest.

He looks up and sees Fai watching him with an amused smile on his face, and Kurogane blushes ever so slightly.

“Wh-What?” Kurogane asks, and Fai shakes his head while standing up.

“Oh, nothing, Kuro-sama,” Fai says as he steps out of the shrine, sliding the door closed behind him and then walking over to Kurogane. He tickles the little baby’s stomach with his finger, and a charming laugh bubbles from little lips. “Just admiring a cute daddy.”

The flush on Kurogane’s cheeks grows deeper red. “I’m not–He’s–I’m not cute!” He yells, and the baby laughs. “I’m just keeping him from getting hurt.”

“Yes, in a very cute way!” Fai says matter-of-factly, and he wraps his arms around Kurogane’s free arm. “Don’t fight it, Kuro-sama, it’s just natural for you to be cute. And a daddy.”

“You better not teach him to call me that,” Kurogane says, narrowing his eyes.

Fai laughs and tickles the baby’s stomach again. “Oh, but that’s all we do together!” Fai says, and the baby smiles brightly at him. “Daddy will be his first word!”

“You’re annoying, and you’re going to make him annoying, and I’m never going to get any damn peace here,” Kurogane mutters.

“Probably,” Fai said, smiling up at Kurogane. “But it doesn’t matter because you love us anyway.”

Kurogane blinks, then shuts his eyes and smiles with a small, “Heh.”

He does not argue that statement.


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