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Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)


A restaurant in Japan that SHINee likes, and from where Key uploaded that pic of he and Jjong eating, has dedicated their favorite table to them with a plaque and SHINee merchandise, and has renamed their favorite dish, “The SHINee Set.” They have also had photos taken of them eating in the restaurant for what appears to be the new SEEK magazine.

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- No gift is better than revenge!!!

Dark & Wild

Ok, this has been in my draft for who knows how long and I didn’t post it because I intended to make character posters but guess who is too lazy too finish that lol. So here is my plot (warning: may be cliché don’t hate me lol):

Park Jimin lost his parents in an accident when he was 10 and was sent to an orphanage. However, he got to witness something that made him believe it was not an accident, so he decided to become a cop to find out the truth. At the orphanage, he met Jeon Jungkook who was 4 at that time and accidentally saved Jungkook from being bullied once. Since then, they became brothers.

Present, Jimin, 27, actually becomes a cop in Seoul. Jungkook, 21, lives with him in a rent room and is a law student. Jimin’s only goal is to find out the truth about his parents’ death so he does everything he needs to, even negotiating with criminals for information but still gets to nowhere. He doesn’t care about doing right, he only wants justice for his parents.

Kim Taehyung, 27, is the secret child of a famous politician and he knows that but he hates his father for leaving his mom. He’s a very hot-tempered cop who believes all criminals must be punished and the fact that he’s aware of how dirty his father’s career is deepens the distance between them. Taehyung doesn’t like Jimin because Jimin is not a very upright officer but Jimin doesn’t care.

Min Yoongi, 30, is the leader of an infamous clan. He just took the position from the former leader Park Jungcheol after Jungcheol suddenly died in an explosion a year ago. As the right hand of the former leader, he’s the only one who knows the truth about the accident 17 years ago in which Park Jungcheol and Taehyung’s father were involved in. Seeing how Jungcheol died, Yoongi decides to keep his mouth shut but still collects some information just in case. Not long after he became the leader, he was betrayed by a member of the clan who used to be the other hand of Jungcheol and wants Yoongi’s position. Yoongi was framed for multiple crimes and receives the death penalty. Having nothing to lose, Yoongi demands to talk to officer Park Jimin, who he knows is the only child of the victims in the accident 17 years ago, and offers a deal: Park Jimin has to get Yoongi out in exchange for what he knows about Jimin’s parents’ death. Jimin, obviously, does everything he can to re-open the case.

Taehyung also joins the case and believes Yoongi is guilty. He doesn’t understand why Jimin insists that Yoongi is innocent while all the evidences say the opposite. They fight a lot and Taehyung falls in love at some point but Jimin pays too much attention to the case to notice, especially when he has less and less time. Taehyung also befriends with Jungkook after coming to Jimin’s rent room for the case and answers Jungkook’s questions about crimes and cases. Jungkook admires Taehyung and wants to see him more. On the other hand, Yoongi also starts to have some feelings towards Jimin but that’s not his priority right now.

Jung Hoseok, 29, is a member of Yoongi’s clan. Being saved by Yoongi, he promises to himsef to protect Yoongi forever. After Yoongi’s arrest, he works under the new leader to find proofs to save Yoongi, and at the same time, tries to contact Yoongi and they plan a jailbreak. Hoseok has no idea about Yoongi’s deal with Jimin, so he considers Jimin and Taehyung as his enemies.

Kim Namjoon, 30, is a criminal law expert helping Jimin and Taehyung with the case. Even though he’s very experienced, Yoongi is particularly smart and complicated so he needs more time than usual. He also visits Jimin’s place more than once and in one of those times, he meets Kim Seokjin, 30, the owner of the house. Seokjin, loving cooking and owning a famous restaurant, is a very generous owner who Jungkook likes a lot. Namjoon immediately recognizes Seokjin since they were close (and a bit more than that) in the university until one day Seokjin suddenly disappeared without leaving any words. Namjoon tries to get close to Seokjin again because he still has feelings for him but Seokjin keeps avoiding him. No one knows Kim Seokjin is actually Taehyung’s father’s secret assassin.


Okay that’s what I had in mind when I made the poster but I still haven’t decided if I want Jimin with Taetae or Yoongi lol

A Random L3m0n :P (M)

Summary: You, stuck at home. Him, travelling for work. Homesickness hits him hard, et voilร !

Word count: 2 760

A/N: I havenโ€™t uploaded any work in a year, sorry. Recently, I stumbled across a Reddit AMA from the guy who created Quizilla, and it made me go back to my drafts. The title is dedicated to my inner third-grader, who knew {`{~lemons~}`} were inappropriate to read at her age but still did it anyway. Enjoy :)

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r you still doing rwby requests? if you are can i request a blake and sun one? sun throwing blake a surprise birthday party?

I mean, requests are closed, but I like this one.

Plus, @miss-zei needs some cheering up haha


Blake wasn’t sure what Sun was going to do for her birthday, but she was sure it was going to be loud. Everything about the boy was loud: he broke down doors in the middle of intimate talks with family members, and he yelled when she was in danger. He was going to have her birthday party go out with a bang, whatever it was.

Blake sighed and pulled her hair out of her eyes, entering her parents’ house to see who was home. She was hungry, and her father had summoned her for some tea after Sun had disrupted them the first time.

She opened the door and locked it behind her, finally giving herself a chance to relax. It was going to be nice to rest and think over things.

Per her suspicion, she was greeted with a loud, “Surprise!” from Sun.

But he was the only one there.

Blake smiled and saw that he was holding a single cupcake just for her. “Hi, Sun.”

“Happy Birthday, Blake,” he said, holding up the cupcake sheepishly. His monkey tail twitched softly when she strode up to him and took the chocolate cupcake with a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Sun. It tastes great,” she said, licking the cupcake’s frosting with a soft smile.

“There’s my birthday girl!” Blake’s father yelled, and her mother came trailing behind him. The large man swooped his daughter up in his arms and hugged her tightly, and she decided not to protest. He was her father, and this was her birthday.

“Happy Birthday, sweetie,” her mother said, kissing Blake on the cheek softly and nuzzling her with her nose.

She handed her a wrapped present with a bow atop it, and Blake unwrapped it slowly and found that it was a black tank top.

“T-thank you,” Blake said, and her father stumbled over his words before telling her that she should cover up.

“I don’t want you showing a lot of skin around that boy!” he said, pointing at Sun.

“Hey, I’ve seen a lot of her skin and it’s just fine. Beautiful even,” Sun said, staring at Blake’s face dazedly. Seconds later he noticed what he said.

“Uh,” he too stumbled over his words, “that is, I mean–”

Blake’s father was already chasing after him, shouting profanities and about “boys only want one thing”.

Her mother chuckled, nuzzling her daughter once more. “I got you something else. That shirt was your father’s idea.”

She handed Blake a smaller, more flat wrapped gift and Blake opened it with more suspicion than before.

“A new gun sheath! How did you know I needed another one of these?” Blake asked, hugging her mother softly.

“A mother just knows. Also, he told me,” she said, pointing at Sun. Sun stopped to wave and then continued running away out into the patio from Blake’s father.

Blake’s cheeks warmed, but she said nothing. He really was sweet.

The rest of the night passed almost uneventfully, but Blake and Sun were able to talk down her father and explain that he had NOT seen much of her skin.


Thanks for asking! I hope you enjoyed!

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I want to do a thread of songs by pentagon members on twitter but I can’t remember who wrote/composed Young???? Was it Hui? Or Kino? Or someone else???
And did anyone help Jinho with Find Me or just him?

So far this is what I have:
Organic Song - Hui & E'dawn
Shinwon’s solo from the 1vs1 on penagon maker (forgot the name rn I’ll look it up later) which he wrote with Hui
You Are - Hui
To Universe - Jinho
Thank You - Hui
Never (produce 101) - Hui (+E'dawn, Wooseok)
Energetic (Wanna One) - Hui (+Wooseok)
And the stuff on Kino’s soundcloud
I didn’t include rapmaking

But I feel like I’m forgetting something lol
So if anyone can help please do~


                                         ♦  FRIENDS Nine - Nine 

                        “Officer Bing has gotta 10-100. That’s pee-pee.”