too lazy to name everyone~


- Dazai is the teacher everyone likes
- Girls confess to Atsushi, Chuuya teasing him about it
- Rumors about Chuuya and Dazai dating
- Kyouka the prettiest girl in school
- Yosano the terror teacher
- Naomi, Gin and Higuchi; cheerleading captains
- Chuuya the school jock
- Atsushi/Kyouka and Chuuya/Dazai as the two golden couple
- Alcott, the school nerd
- Kenji being friendly to everyone, while secretly being smart
- Tanizaki being teased by girls
- Fukuzawa the wise principal
- Yumeno, Lucy, Elise; school weirdos
- Mori, the dad who fucks shit up in the parent meetings
- Kouyou always driving Kyouka to and from school
- Twain always cheating his tests
- Akutagawa acing all of teacher Dazai’s quizzes
- Fitzgerald the most popular daddy in school

EXO&B.A.P reaction where you fall asleep on their shoulder


Xiumin:  “I guess i can’t move that*

Luhan: *You as a Kai* 

Kris: “But i was in the middle of my story”

Suho: “Help.”

Lay: *Does not care, he just keep watching a movie*

Baekhyun: “Let’s have some fun, guys bring me a marker ”

Chen: “Fangirling because he was waiting for this moment to happen”

Chanyeol: *Whispers* “Hey, if you’re sleepy go to bed there’s more comfy”


Tao: “I need to take picture”

Kai: “I guess now i need to play rock paper scissors by myself”

Sehun: “Wake up, there’s no sleeping when i am talking”


Yongguk: “Hey you, you need to go to bed”

Himchan: *Starts moving to wake you up*

Daehyun: *When  you made a funny sound while you were asleep*

Youngjae: “But my shoulders are sore..”

Jongup: “Well, i have nothing agains it, finally i can fall asleep too”

Zelo: *Gets embarrassed* 

Jump Phoenix 2016 (Club Routines w/ Names)

I may be missing a few dancers in some of the dances but otherwise it’s a full list! :D

Update #4: Added what adjudication/place they received! :)

Update #5: Added links to ALL the dances on Youtube! :) Just click on the title of the dance! (Videos from carmodance, JPDKaylee, Creating Artistry, TalentKidDancers, Dancy Pants, and Lovely Dancers on YT. If you would like me to not link your video just let me know!)

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